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Here is another mouse cursor game that is nicely put together. Simple, minimalist graphics with levels of increasing difficulty, 20 in all. Guide the mouse cursor to the goal, however the control of the mouse is reversed. Simple and straight forward, Reverse is yet another short little diversion to cleanse the palette of your brain. Created by Moba...

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I went up to Level 8, tried it a few times... then I gave up! It was quite an intense workout for my little brain and some intense mouse actions... heh!


Ha! I know what you mean, though I was able to finish all 20 levels. It took some time with a couple of levels (I think 13 was an unlucky one). =)

It's good to hear from you Robert. I have been very busy with graduate school, with little time to get 'around' as much as i used to. Thanks for stopping by, and if you come across any cool games in your travels, think of me won't you?

Turn the mouse upside down? =)

Of course that's cheating. Besides, it turns the game into, well, not much of a game. So, what's the point?

I Completed all 20 levels believe it or not heres a tip turn your mouse upside down!

i hate my touchpad :(

i got 2 level 19 but coulden't get through the tiny gap without my hand shifting.

i completed da hole lot it was pretty ard but 1nce u get usd 2 it it's really easy

reverse is brilliant

they didnt disable right-clicking :P

i beat it, it was eazy.

easy game finished it really fast and if you want to do it just turn mouse upside down and then it is like the mouse is normal

I worked on this for awhile and got really good. Then read all these comments and tried to turn my mouse around. Believe it or not, my brain has imprinted backwards and I can't do it the normal way!!! This is a great time waster!

A nice challenge. Got through all 20 without turning the mouse around. :) 18 was the hardest.

I found a way to cheat... too easy... since the mouse position is inversed, just alt+tab after clicking start, move the mouse to the opposite corner as the goal, then alt+tab back, move the mouse a little and you get the goal.

A few of us play this game in our 4th hour computer class and havn't beat all 20 levels yet. Its a good game though.

Ok, for those of you who think they're something else just because they can cheat at this game, that's just sad.

To actually beat all 20 levels straight the way the game was meant to be played, it's awesome to finally beat it.

I had the most trouble on levels 16, 18, and 20.

Man, is this awesome! =)

It is kind of a cool name, but i (of course) have beef with it. It kept calling me a failure! ~sniff~ Hehe nah this is really good and helps relieve a little stress.

alrite everyone, i no im sad - but ive actually found something im good at! - REVERSE! timed myself, with three ppl as witnesses - did the whole game in 3 minutes 52 seconds. Challenge? :P

This game is way too easy. All you have to do is turn your monitor upside down!

I am sorry, but I gave up at level 6. :(((
I did not cheat :)

Haha good one... did you actually turn your monitor upside-down? Easy schmeesy, I beat all twenty lvls without turning mouse OR monitor :)

um, maybe it would be fun if I had a mouse and not a touchpad ;) you know what's fun, playing tetris with your left hand instead of your right.

OMG OMG!!!!!i can not believe it!!!!i completed all 20 levels without cheating even though it took me literally 24 hours!!!! my bum hurts now from sitting down too long but man it feels good to beat the game!!!!

Even when turning the mouse upside-down, your hands still shaky.the best way is to remove your ball from the mouse. opperate the mouse with your hande inside the hole. Some like lev 13 however won't work cause u need to make a fast turn

This might be great help to people who has titch's problem.

finally i beat it
this game ticked me off like you wouldnt believe

the whole mouse upside-down thing is a good idea... but it is annoying when changing levels.

I DID IT!! YAY!!!!
Dude.....that was hard...

I gave up on level 5! Actually I had difficulty of using the mouse oready (b'cause I am a left-hander), this game even makes me more frustrated!
But the idea of the game is good.

I don't think the link works anymore.

[Thanks for reporting this. Link fixed! -Jay]

Hmm.. I dont know if that worked with the old link but there is a major bug: You dont have to go around the obstacles, instead you just click on a spot and the blue square jumps around. I reached level 16 in like 2 minutes. kind of ruins the fun...

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