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One Button Bob

One Button Bob is a side-scrolling action-platformer that uses just the left mouse button for control. Click. Click and hold. Click to stop. Rapidly click. Click, hold, and release. You get the idea. Make it through each screen using a combination of trial-and-error and careful timing!

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That was pretty good. It was just hard enough to be fun. The boss was fairly tricky, but there is a pattern to beating him.

This was one of the better one-button games I've played in a while. I like that it mixes it up, without ever really being frantic. The only thing I disliked was

spiders that drop down right at the start of a level. It's hard to hit those.

That game, although very short and relatively easy once the patterns are learned, was quite fun. The level variations were much welcomed and the boss, how fun! I beat it in 441 clicks on my first try, I think once is enough :-)

273 clicks. Most screens, I was able to get through with only one death (at most). The boss level gave me the most, perhaps ten or so.

417 clicks... I hate those jumping levels!

Good game, with nice gameplay and great visuals, though sometimes feels a bit unfair.
At the end, Bob's question is absolutely correct, I've been wondering about this sometimes when the hero(es) found the treasure :)

What I dislike about games like this that count clicks is that not all task are equal. The frantic clicking parts spike your click count like nothing else, so it is weighted much more than a single jump.

This game is also available on Newgrounds with medals.

I can't get past the level with the boulder. Am I right that it's just supposed to be a

button mash?
I didn't have trouble with the disappearing bridge level, but this one is almost impossible(can't even make it halfway across the screen).

alaira -- you're right.

This is genius, though I found the boss fight impossible; maybe the pattern I was trying to execute took more precision than I could muster.

378. Probably not motivated enough to try it again.

636 for me. I'm not the kind of person who particularly cares about my score in a game, so that's it for me.

Fun little time-waster. Oh, and the end screen says

"Gongrats" instead of "Congrats".

And Bob's final question is a very pertinent one.

454 clicks the first time (worst so far!), but 277 clicks the second time.

excellent time-waster! 599 but it took me forever to figure out the boss...


My favorite one-click yet! This was really fun. Do you think the ending opens things up for a sequel?

Just can't get anywhere with the boss.

JIGuest -

Firstly each click changes direction with the boomerang constantly firing (you probably guessed that!)- secondly if it's helpful the boulders drop in goups of four and will drop to where you are standing (I think) so using the sound as a cue when you hear them drop try and situate yourself so that you are travelling over a stretch of ground in one direction then resume your attack of the monster. Basically spend most of your time avoiding the boulders in the above manner with an eye out on how close you are to the boss - it's tricky but do-able!!

The boss was awesome and perfect for this game.
401 on my first try. The platform jump levels were the worst.

Nice game, except for the jumping-on-moving-platform levels which were tedious. Good amount of novelty per level. 1st try, 433 clicks, 2nd 301.

Easy way to beat the boss:

Use the candles as your guide. Click when Bob gets just to the right of the right candle, then when he gets to just the right of the left candle. rinse. repeat.

Very tight, fun game. While a lot of trial and error was involved on the first run through, only rarely did I feel like the tasks were unreasonable. Many of the levels brought back the feeling of old platformers, where everything was exactly the same each time so perfect timing was required. My first score was 358, and knocking it down to 220 on my second attempt was very satisfying!

My only complaints are with some of the feel of certain tasks. The boomerang levels, for example. Rather than activating the boomerang and having your target disappear on impact, it seemed like the collision and the result were very disconnected from each other. The boomerang passes through the bat and THEN the bat disappears. The boomerang doesn't even seem to touch the spider before he retreats.

A similar issue came with the boss. VERY often I felt like I'd been killed unjustly, that I'd been nowhere near the boss when I died. The collision box just seems to large, so rather than avoiding the boss I was avoiding his Invisible Aura of Death. Much harder and much less fun.

Its the rocks that kill you, not the boss. I don't think the boss has ever hit me. Most likely the bosses collision was coded using flash's built in hit function,so if there is a hit error it is flash's fault.

281 on my second try.

Ugh... couldn't beat the rapid button mashing level where the spiked ceiling comes down. After I got over 1K clicks, I gave up.

I liked this game. But thank goodness for Dan's tip on beating the boss. LOL!

This is definitely one of those games, that after I played it, I thought "why didn't I create that?". This is by far the best simplistic, one button game I've ever played. The retro graphics are appealing, the mix up of puzzles great, and the amount of skill required excellent. Overall, excellent game.


219 clicks! and i have a screen dump to prove it!!!!!!! i think its possible in under 200 though!

i got a 277 first try my best now though is 163

only thing that's kinda frustrating, is that the boundries are really poor in this game. eg: even if there are still like 3 pixels between you and an enemy, you might die!


1234 clicks! A pretty awful score, but a pretty awesome one at that.

Done in 518 clicks.

I liked all of it except that part

where you have to jump across an huge gap and you have to land on two moving platforms; even if you fall ON the platform but not central enough you die. That was really frustrating XD

Lots of variety on one-button control, very nice.

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