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The monkeys are in Swampville in this latest installment of the popular point-and-click adventure series, and they're hunting for a special talisman... but to get it, they'll have to crack a few codes and help some of the weirder locals out.

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Bluemoons March 6, 2015 10:50 AM


First, you want to start off like a boss, so pick the grandma because she is a complete boss. Ya herd?
Once you start the game, look all over the screen for as many coins as you can find, they'll come in use for later. Don't doubt me, never doubt me.
Go to the left, where you'll see a hungry hungry (hippo) elephant. Grab the metal tail behind the staircase, then click right twice! TWICE! LISTEN TO ME.
You should see some sort of ship thingy. Drag the metal tail on to it, it should swim away. Oh look, a key! Wonder what to do with that...

So, you'v got the key I guess. Well, if you have it (the purple key) go back to the house, click left twice. Drag the key on to the door, and break in like the boss you were meant to be.
Get that umbrella, then click right four times. Oh look, a ladder and an umbrella! Like every other game.. Drag the umbrella on to the ladder to pull it down.
Click the machine with the three dots on it. The order of the color should be: Purple, Yellow, Black. The click the red space underneath. Get that ticket, son. Go back to where you first started off at, and give that handsome fellow the ticket.

I'm assuming you're on the other island now. Well grab that fan, then all the coins and click right. Go up the ladder.
This is kind of hard to explain, but look to the left of you a little, you should see some sort of branch thing sticking up suspiciously, click it to reveal a key (Or just click all the branches until you find what I'm talking about)
Go back down the ladder and use the gold key on the door with the gold lock. Of course.
Grab that random marble.

Go back up the ladder, and drag the marble in its rightful spot-that hole above the house. Snug fit!
Go inside that house, you should see a fat cat.. And another machine with tickets! Click it
The order of the coloring should be: Yellow, White, Purple.
Then click on that square thingy hanging on the wall.
Going from left to right, the coloring should be, Black, yellow, yellow, black, yellow, purple, purple, yellow, black, yellow, yellow, black, purple, black, black, purple. Then click the space and get that thingy inside, the gas knob.

Go back down the ladder, and give all your money to that ghost. Now you will give a ghost book and take over the world! I mean, a ghost should give you that, right? Nope, you get a ball of yarn. Give that yarn to the friendly cat up and get peanuts. Go down the ladder, and click left. Then give your ticket to that ship thingy guy and go back to that island you started off with.

You're on the right track now, young grasshopper!
Click left, and give the peanuts to that elephant guy to give a talisman piece, then go back click left inside the house. Drag the gas knob on to that urn thingy with a fire symbol on it to get a test tube. Click right five times, and click on that circle underneath that elf guy with that thing on his nose, forgive me I have no names.
If you clicked the right thing (if you can even find it) drag the fan on to it. He should drop a peg, steal it! Click left and give it to that male. Oh look, another talisman piece, get it! Go back and get another ticket, then go back to that other island.

Click right, and go inside the house far down. Drag both of the talisman pieces into the left tube, then drag the test tube into the slot to the right. NOW BRING HIM TO LIFE! PULL THE LEVEEER!

Grandma should break out some intense dance moves, and now your life is complete because you beat the game, WOO!



thanks bluemoons :)

bearharry March 6, 2015 12:21 PM

The least coin you need to get the ghost away is 20


thanks for the tip bearharry.


Wait why does he ask for 33? Does something special happen if you have 33? Because I was short by two and spent a bunch of time trekking back and forth before checking the comments and finding out I could just give him less.


I gave the ghost 33 coins and it didn't do anything special. I think him being happy with fewer than 33 is a bug.

By the way, I finished this without hints or walkthrough. But I was very lucky in trying the umbrella on everything.

Reply March 6, 2015 6:24 PM

Can someone explain the method behind working out the 3 colour code from the picture in the lab on the far left?

I looked at that thing for over an hour before I just said "screw it" and watched the damn walktru where he didn't explain it either.

lynnehammar927 March 6, 2015 8:57 PM

Same with me, I gave the ghost 28 coins and it ran off with them.

Thanks for the umbrella clue! I was stuck until I tried it on everything in every scene.

Love Monkey GO Happy!!


@ • March 6, 2015 6:24 PM

RE: three button clues to get tickets
The first ticket:

In the mad scientists lab the six symbols in three colours combine at the safe where the ticket is held.

O I 'triangle' is yellow
I X 'triangle' is purple
C I O is black
place the same colour symbols on top of each other to determine colour order.

The second ticket:

Much easier, just push the button in the transporter lab and follow the coloured lights.


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