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Llama Adventure

What you think is irrelevant, in this text-based adventure/interactive fiction by John Cooney. The man behind the mirrored glass tells you that you are a llama and if you know what is good for you, you will believe him. Following any and all instructions given to you is also not a bad idea if you enjoy things like breathing and not being dead.

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Very enjoyable game!

I wish I knew what to do in the last room? Or is that it?

What do I do with the extra code I get?

Honestly, the end is a bit lame.

It sort of makes you think that jmtb02 jumped into the firepit in Portal and didn't think there was any other ending. I can take a joke and all, but come on.

Also, I don't really like the fact that you can't use short commands x for "examine/look at" or g for "go". And you will definately sympathize with me when you find out that you can't press the up arrow key to bring back the previous command.

But don't let my criticism drive you away from this great game :D

Very cute game. Reminded me slightly of Portal though... Which is a good thing.

Huh. It doesn't seem to be working for me.
At the bottom left, it has "Level 1". In the bottom right it says "Your level name will go here." And in what I think is the blank where to type stuff in, it says, "this format fekwlf tensido alkem". Oh, and it says Llama Adventure at the top. Otherwise, I have a completely black screen for the game. Anyone have any idea what is up?

I love Llama Adventure. I've never played Portal (yes, we exist) so I just appreciate it from the snappy writing angle. Some people are going to be annoyed at the ending, some people are going to just take the '50s Dad route and sort of wag their finger, smiling ruefully. Boy howdy, you sure got me there, champ!

Give it a play if you're one of those people who don't take yourself (or your hobbies) too seriously, but don't forget to go outside to graze every now and again, too. Llamas are sociable creatures! (If spitting is your idea of a social interaction, anyway.)

Great review, Kyle. I always enjoy getting a look at someone's reaction to a game when it's different from mine.

How come I can't see ANYTHING other than a llama, some dots, and words on the bottom of the page? Has it even started yet? Please help me!

Good so far, but mine seems to be stuck.

in room 5, I type "look room", but I don't get any response, not even that he doesn't understand the command

is this a glitch or am I missing something here? I've tried refreshing the screen to no avail.

Fascinating. I'm using XP, so that shouldn't be a problem. I use Firefox by default, so I switched it over to IE. Upon doing that, I still had that gibberish message at the bottom, but now I had a Submit button that did nothing. I could delete the gibberish text and type something else there to no effect, though. I think I'm just going to have to pass on this game.

Cyndane: are you running FP10? if not, try it?

To others... there also happens to be 2 easter eggs in the game. one is about your friendly video making kender and his blindfolded puzzle solving friend; the other is about mr cooney's favorite feline.

You can watch my video, in-game, which tells you what to do to see the easter eggs. It's right near the start.


Hm....I can't even get past the first room. These frustrate me.

Can't figure out the third rooms first question.

What is the first question?

Personally stuck on the fourth question to said third room...x.o I know it's simple... but it evades me.

Is thehoodie trolling, or

is there really an extra code ending? I don't get anything at the ending except booted back to the beginning (ha ha).

Also, speaking of

codes, did anybody have codes to enter in room 3 under option 2, "other"? Curious as to what happens.

And, as a final cranky old man comment, you would think that people would proofread and grammar check a little more thoroughly when writing a text adventure. Just sayin'.

level 7:

is it possible to win is it infinate loop?

Stopped playing after I realized I'd have to type "look around" every time I should have been able to type "l"

D'uh..found it.. -_-

I like it so far, but I wish you could type in funny commands and get amusing results. I love doing that in text adventures.

Nevertheless, it's pretty good.

So far, so good! I've been electrocuted, left to starve, blown up by a bomb and broken the fabric of time. Nice going for a llama.

Putting the game aside for now, I'm going for the sidequest:

In the very first room, there is a shelf with some books. One of them is called "Computering", and mentions a lock that requires 5 codes to be opened. This can actually be found at the third room, as option "2. Other" in the computer.

The first code is for the game "Elephant Rave", and was quite esay to find:


The next code can be found in "TBA 2", so I'm going to look there. Might take a while to find all the codes...

Any help in this quest is very appreciated!

Hint for the sidequest:

The code for TBA 2 can be found on the game's main screen... So you don't have to play through it all (like I did...)

See that tiny rock on the lower right? ;D

Ok. I'm stuck on room 3. Maybe it's just my lack of sleep, but could I get some help from anyone?

I know I'm going to feel so stupid for this but what do I do in Room 5? I can pick up the sofa cushion but I can't get the remote....

Maybe you should just try getting it?

Hooray, another code down!

The third one was at Hedgehog Launch, very well hidden in the ending screen.

The first three codes are up ahed. Sure you want to do this?

Oaky then. So far, the codes are:

Elephant Rave -> 18293
TBA 2 -> 33820
Hedgehog Launch -> 11249

Next up is Dark Cut 3, in my opinion a bad game to hide a code. Graphical violence isn't my cup of tea. But I've got 3 of 5 codes already, and I'm going to the end of this...


I finished! Should I make a walkthrough?

Ok, I did the sidequest, but can anything be done with the code you get at the end? or is that going to be in a future game?

The code for DC3 -should- be 29121, but the game rejects it as incorrect.

29121 is found be clicking on the barcode in DC3.

Most frustrating.

I'm too horrible at darkcut to find the code, anyone mind helping me on that (for the sidequest).

I'm puzzled. This is the last thing I expected to find.

Found the Dark Cut 3 code (which was awful to understand, since there was absolutely no difference between the 1s and 7s) , and headed to Maverick for the final code.

Which is actually the error message at the end!

I input all the codes, and there it was... A new code! But I'm not giving this one out... Why spoil all the fun?

Thanks for the great time I had with the sidequest, jmtb02!

By the way... Has anyone tried to type "jmtb02" in the game? xD

the in-game walkthrough has both text and video... the video has both easter eggs and the full side quest.

some of us have been collecting jmtb 5-digit codes for over a year now. silly metagaming.


Well, I found the code in Dark Cut 3, but the game says it is incorrect...


Nevermind, power of posting.

I believe there was a walkthrough linked in the game itself; the video had all the codes in it ;)

Um, Donut, you know tasselfoot already made a walkthrough that includes all the codes, right?

What an interesting and user-friendly game.
It really doesn't take that much work to type words properly, this isn't one of those super long detailed dungeon crawling text adventures.
The grammatical errors, however, have no excuse.

Interesting. I only died once; the rooms were pretty easy. The ending... well.

I figured at first that it wasn't an infinite loop, but that there was something that would change, or that I'd missed. Once I realized it was infinite loop, I was kinda annoyed. It feels like a copout.

How about a walk through from those of you that have managed to finish the game =?

the game gives you a walkthrough. look at the top where it says "walkthrough"

Just wondering but,

How do you get to the penthouse? The walkthrough has a section for it, but I have no idea. I typed in the 6th code at the start screen but that didn't work. Anyone know?

Hahahaha! Nice ending

I'll probably give this game another shot later, but I got annoyed and quit in the second room.

I'll take your word for it, Kyle, that this game is highly accessible to IF newbies, but to an old-hand at IF it's ironically very UNaccessible, IMO. It got very annoying having the game react with confusion to what I thought were very obvious requests. I felt like I was constantly trying to figure out the precise syntax the game wanted me to use, even with the keyword highlighting and all that.

To me, this game felt like a perfect example of why it's better to build IF games using an extant authoring system rather than coding one from the ground up.

But I like the look and feel of it, and the humor was good, so I'll give it another shot tomorrow and see how it goes.

the ending was great. I got really confused for about ten minutes just now, wondering what in the heck I was supposed to do, until I realized about the ending everyone's been talking about. The comparisons to Portal I think are apt and I laughed as loudly just now as I did playing that game. Great game, sense of humor and ending and I appreciated the accessability of this IF. It made the game fun rather than a chore for someone as dim as me. Cheers jmtb02 for makin' the game and JIG for putting it up so I could find it.

The Dark Cut 3 code is not:


It is actually:


thanks Donut.

What to do with the sixth code? (I'm so bad with maverick... took me hours and an awful lot of lives to finish.)

On last room when I

use keyboard
use computer
it'll restart


look computer
don't work


Hm, an odd thing happened in room 6:

The dog started off being called Penny and ended up being called Cindy. Someone forgot to proof-read his game ("cassarole", anyone?)...

Paolo, considering the game and the maker I think that was on purpose ;)

I had a laugh when I saw the ending.

If you guys want to know, the secret code is (and yes, the code is in here):

spoiler maze!

keep going



keep going

keep going


keep going



keep going

keep going


keep going





it was ok. i think it would have been better if the state changes were reflected in the text. if i have a key in my mouth and look around, it should not still be on the table. this could be problematic when playing around in a room and not remembering what has already been done. cute litte game as is, but i wouldn't want to see anything larger done in the same style.

Where is the input of the final code?

Also maverick code is a pain to get, however

the code is 44009

okay, i played through to the end, and i stand by my earlier comments. the sense of humor of the game i found cute but not exactly hilarious. i found the ending pretty lame. and i continued to be annoyed by the games inability to handle abbreviations of commands or respond logically to different ways of wording a statement.

I have the same problem as Cyndane. I have a mac, and I've tried the game both in Safari and Firefox.

From what I've gathered, the main reason this text adventure is restrictive and annoying to people who've played lots of text adventures before is that they're used to open exploration, with plenty of trial and error in open environments. Here, there are point&click style puzzles, as well as the whole theme of restriction and patronization.

(Say there, do you like immersive settings with a full inventory of items and multiple ways to use them all to solve craftily thought-out puzzles? Of course not, all that stuff is too complex for a llama like you! Ha-hah, like you thought you had a choice!)

It is a good introduction to text games, though, thanks to all the reasons of accessibility mentioned in the review. I'd call the ending a cop-out if it wasn't expected, thanks to the general tone and theme of the game.

Oh, and Post Script: there goes the Llama's Rights Movement.

How do you access the penthouse area? I did get the secret code for the computer *other* area, but have no idea where to use it.

Does anyone know what to do with the 6th code? I'm stumped.

Also, the game is missing this response: xyzzy. That HAS to be in all text adventures.

I'm having the same problem as JC. Get into room 5, listen to all the initial spiel, try to LOOK ROOM....and I get zip!

Did it glitch, or not load, or what?


Doesn't work for me.
Whats wrong with ArmorGames?!

Totally working now.

I love this game, great sense of humour, the puzzles are actually logical to work out and best of all, there's no pixel hunting! ;) I read that some people are disappointed with the ending, but I actually laughed pretty hard. Mainly at how inevitable and obvious that was! It fits in perfectly with the whole feel of the game, and I guess it's just my kind of humour. I'm sending this game to a friend of mine, he'd really love this too.

Great game! I liked the ending.

Although a very easy game, the style and presentation is 'unique' for an escape the room type game. Best of all though, is the humor.

How do you start the game? It won't start for me. Help!

Along the lines of the glitches posted earlier, I once got this up:

Llama: Do you know what's on the other side of that door?

Me: A green pasture of freedom.

Llama: No, you're wrong! It's a green pasture of freedom!

He should get that sorted out.

I guess the last code will be used in a future game. Most likely to get yet another code.

The game is kind of cute, but it seems like somewhat lazy programming. The whole charm to me of text adventures is the illusion of it knowing what you were going to type and predicting your answer by having a prepared response.

The author should put a bit more time in and allow for different permutations and the use of abbreviations in answers. Also, there should be more varied responses to what you input.

I got the 6th code. What do I do with it?
How do I get to the penthouse?
What are easter eggs?
And donut, where do you put jmtb02?
Please help me!

got all the 3 room codes

First = 18293
Second = 33820
Third = 11249
Fourth = 29721
Fifth = 44009

The game than display this code = 95616

You can pick up the keyboard at the end

Ah. Type JMTB02, and it just says "That's me!"

Rather dissapointing.

And I bet I'm not the only on who started typing "Bash door" on the seventh room.

OMG the penthouse level is so difficult, has anyone gotten to the part when

the drinks on the kitchen are all messed up and you have to order them

I cant get past that part

has anyone tried picking up the hammer and bringing it with you for the 7th room.. does that work?

Found a major glitch. At the last level, I made an infinite loop by typing tasselfoot, joey, and muffin. Then I typed use computer, which took me to the main screen, but it was blank. I then typed continue which brought me to the 7th screen, blank again.

Everyone! Hunt down Noom! He got to the penthouse level!

No, seriously, if he (or if you're him, you) would give us a hint, that would be very nice. Because I've played this game 58 (going on 59) times, and still looking for suspicious stuff. Like the vent. And the kite, matches, lunchbox. And 'Computering'.

Just finished playing Warp Shot, and there was another code:


How do you open the lunchbox?!

Whoa-ho! My name is John Cooney too!

Seriously, is there a way to get to the penthouse? It's really bothering me. Noom, if you are joking, that's really mean. Loved the game, but if that is really the ending, I'm really dissappointed.

open computer makes you restart, too!

Happy Llama, Sad Llama, Mentally Disturbed Llama, Super Llama,Drama Llama, Big Fat Momma Llama, President Obama Llama.

Like "jmtb02", typing "john" also prompts, "That's me!" Kind of funny there. I can't reach the penthouse, though. Help!

Grrrr... I HATE the last level! SOO FRUSTRATING!LOts of people are tyoing "look room" and not getting anything. You type "look around" to look around the room.

This game is like Portal, Which was A TERRIFIC GAME! I agree the end was like "john" Didnt look for another ending and just let himself die in the firepit. :(

Easter Egg

type in "tasselfoot" , but be prepared to restart your game...

in the penthouse, you have to

look at the bookcase. in the "large yellow book" there is a section called "green pastures of freedom". it will describe through metaphor how to organize the drinks. the drinks are, in order

vodka, sno cone, apple juice, syrup, mysterious majenta fluid, milk, nitroglycerine, feta cheese, pond water

however, i havent been able to get past

when you open the window, over the green pastures of freedom, the burgler alarm goes off, and it says that "Security gets you and detains you Llama. Restart?"

any ideas?

say "no"

How do you get to the penthouse?

Are all of you people saying you got there just kidding with us?

and the code isssss


Wow, the feedback is terrible.

First room, I did the right thing, and the game just told me that the item i used "vanished".

What that really meant is what I did had achieved the desired result. What terribly clueing.

The sixth code you obtain from the sidequest is the following


(because I will forget this someday, and search this up again.)

entering 95616 in room 5 with the remote control (in various different ways) doesn't seem to access the p room either

SOMEONE needs to write up a walkthrough for this game. There are questions that need to be answered, like

what, if anything, do you do with the secret code 95616 from level 3?


is there really a secret penthouse room, & how do you get to it?

The following concerns the penthouse.

I am also having trouble getting out onto the green pastures out of the window. I tried to pull out all the books on the bookcase to see if any were a secret passage but none of them worked. Not even the "Small suspicious black book"

ANOTHER CODE! For anyone that still plays this game:

You sure?



find the easter egg in 'I Hate Traffic', as in

click in the center of the 'A' on the title screen. It gives you an achievement and says

"Muffin says THANKS FOR PLAYING - remember 66591"

I think this is a good concept, but stretching it out has made it outlive its time. Cross-game codes are smart, but the game was (and still is) practically unsolvable without waiting for all the games to come out and doing TONS of research. It would have been better to roll out the codes beforehand and give cryptic hints on the blog every now and then.

How do you get to the stupid penthouse?!!!!! Also, who is Joey?

I just noticed an earlier comment about the penthouse, posted by … guess who? Me! It's actually been almost a year since then, but, honestly, why doesn't anyone want us in the penthouse? I think that must be it.

Hey, if you enter "muffin" in the 1st room, the narrator says nothing but Meow for the rest of the game :D

@Tasselfoot where do I use the code I get from entering the 5 codes?

@Jayke, I'm pretty sure someone's already said that. Try typing "joey" and "tasselfoot" (or is it just tass?)
@doggielover, though I'm not Tasselfoot, we're all wondering where to use that code.

At the end, I typed in muffin. it started saying meow,meow etc. but in betwen, it said "suceed:try();" I have no idea what that could mean. someone who knows?

So, I typed in 'muffin' in the beginning, and then I typed in 'joey' as the response to the next question. It is now glitching out saying,Mr Rubix SHUFFLE! >->-> ^^>->, Everybody DANCE!!!!!!!!, and succeed = try();
Very interesting game though. Stupid infinite loop.

Please, how can I get to the Penthouse?
Please answer :(

typing all that works on the last level too

try typing in travel.

i'm beginning to wonder if the penthouse level is just a practical joke made by the game makers, who, logically, could've also made the walkthrough.

you can type and do something when you are in the muffin loop! i could escape the room too... but is there anybody who knows where to use the code?

this game makes me happy

OK, there are three options-

1.There are no penthouse, it's an april fools joke.

2.A secret verb or noun at one of the levels

3. something to do with the books\your name\favorite food\what do you think awaits behind the door

typing in muffin when it asks for your favorite food makes it blue instead of red.

Did anyone else notice that in room 6 if you look at the dog it is called Penny but later on she's called Cindy?
Strange, huh?

By the way the codes are

and the last is


Guys, I figures out that there are more secret codes. Look around the comments! More codes! Penthouse!!!

In the penthouse, you have to

look at the bookcase. in the "large yellow book" there is a section called "green pastures of freedom". it will describe through metaphor how to organize the drinks. the drinks are, in order

vodka, sno cone, apple juice, syrup, mysterious majenta fluid, milk, nitroglycerine, feta cheese, pond water

however, i havent been able to get past

when you open the window, over the green pastures of freedom, the burglar alarm goes off, and it says that "Security gets you and detains you Llama. Restart?"

any ideas?

Posted by: zapmunk | February 21, 2010 5:48 PM

If we work together, we can make it to the penthouse!!! LET'S DO IT!!!

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