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Light Up 2 is a physics/puzzle game from the creator of the original Light UP. This chill, relaxing game is all about moving circles around the screen to light up dark orbs, hence the name. You do this by turning neutral orbs into colored orbs that reflect certain types of orbs, creating a little bit of controlled chaos that will (hopefully) settle in to a fully-lit arrangement of circles!

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Either I'm playing it wrong or it's much more reflex-oriented than the first one.


I don't like physics puzzles where the physics don't work consistently.


Where is the music from? It is wonderful. Game is great too.


I thought it was easy, and if *I* think it's easy, it's DAMN easy.

Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. :)


What's the deal with games that only let you control the sound while you're playing a level? Put the sound controls in the menus!


Was this game running excruciatingly slowly for anybody else?


No troubles for me, David. The physics at play here do cause the balls to fall rather slowly, sort of dreamlike, but I wouldn't call it excruciatingly slow. If you're playing in a browser with tabs or other open windows, try closing them to see if that helps.


@David, yes the game is ridiculously slow. My machine is also very old and underpowered.

Level 22 is messing with me, I can't get all three balls to fall down in the correct side, can only manage 2 for some reason. It wouldn't be so frustrating if the game moved faster, wouldn't have to wait as long each time to see if I picked the right order.


Ahh, the wonderful power of posting. Level 22 is but a fading memory now.


Hi jay i found that you can post mutiple accounts on the same email and i decides to make a new one. So those of you out there my old acc name was Fanticforgames. Besides this game's very easy the only lvl i needed help on was lvl 28 good game though

Anonymous August 31, 2010 3:35 PM

Yeah. I can't figure out level 22. It seems no matter what you do, one bulb is always going to bouce to the wrong side.


I'm with Riley. Does anyone know where the music is from?


Hey, You might want to remove the macwinlinux tag from this one as, sadly, it relies on use of the ctrl key, which are immovably bound to context menus on mac.
Shame, I was enjoying it up 'til it needed it.


I liked that though I did find it a bit easy. I didn't have any problems with the physics nor relied on luck. My feeling was that if you needed luck, you were doing it wrong and hadn't found the correct method for solving the level.

Anonymous August 31, 2010 7:51 PM


Command works instead.


Not here it doesn't :(


It really should work. It works for me, and ALL games made on a P.C. running on a Mac use [command] instead of [ctrl]


This game would be more enjoyable if it registered the ctl & shift keys better. Don't know if it's my keyboard (wouldn't doubt it), but i'm inclined to believe it's at least partly the game's fault. When the cursor hovers over the orbs, they don't always glow like they are clickable. I need to wait it out, or click frantically for it to register.

Slightly annoying bug, but overall, a decent game.


Nya. I'm stuck on the last level. I swear its mocking me so I really wanna beat. Suggestions?


i need help on

level 14


I think the music is a song by Eric Clapton. Or something very similar to his music.


what algorithm is used in this game? thanks.


mMusic from this game is a Footprints - Tommy Emmanuel


Music from this game is a Footprints - Tommy Emmanuel


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