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Looking for some old-school flavoured shooting action? Load up Mutantleg's Doom-esque first-person shooter and blast your way through a lab filled with secrets, pick-ups, destructible scenery, and, of course, evil mutants and demons.

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Since it's not mentioned up front anywhere, yes you will need to attack the boxes to open them, but you get a knife (?) so you won't have to waste ammo to do it. There's also no mouse control for the game proper as opposed to everything around it so I hope you've played Wolfenstein 3D or Doom without the aid of modern launchers to make the transition from general WASD & mouse less awkward. Also also there's no open button, judging by the 'secret' on level 1 outlined by a shadow you walk into secrets like you would a door, and they're likely about as obtuse as Wolfenstein 3D secrets as well.


Ah, one thing I forgot to mention. You know how in Doom your health starts at 100 but you could get up to 200? Yeah, that's in effect here as well, but your health will go down by 1 point every second that it's over 100. Also you can walk backwards into doors and they'll open, which is good to know since I found a second secret on level 1 which confirms the secret aesthetic is on par with Wolf 3D. At least I only have to walk through every tile and not literally rub against all the walls...


Nice little game, reminds me perfectly of the good old days indeed. However, maybe I'm careful with my ammo by nature, but I had no issues at all with my ammo. I had plenty, even with the bigger guns. So, in short, this game was dead simple, although, admittedly, I died once and died halfway about twice, was a bit to overzealous.

Oh, about the secrets, you might want to rub up against the walls a little bit, as opposed to what says. Most of the secrets only open up when attacking the wall. But, again, it's simple enough to skip the secrets altogether :P


Yeah I only found out about walls opening on attack after playing again after commenting twice in a row. Goes to show what I get for trying to pass judgement too quickly/trying to be too optimistic (I don't like the Wolf 3D secrets that aren't behind portraits or otherwise made obvious that much).


I don't like FPS games (I get far too dizzy and motion-sick), but I just noticed (and bring to attention):

Don't get too trigger-happy since you have limited menu,

I think you meant ammo or mags.


A fun throwback to fps's I played in the 90's. One complaint: Why did they set cntl as shoot? I totally facepalmed myself and giggled a little when I tried to walk forwards and shoot at the same time, hitting ctrl+W and closing my browser tab. Thankfully you can also use "Y" to shoot, so not really a big deal. The arrow key setup is probably the better configuration to use (and more appropriate for a retro-style fps) but I'm more wired for awds controls.


I'm stuck at Level 6, I have an ID card, but I can't figure out how to open the locked door? Any suggestions?

waxedmush December 13, 2015 11:43 PM replied to waxedmush

Nevermind, found the other ID card :P


Am on Level 15. There are boxes labeled 'Bullet Proof Glass' that I cannot seem to interact with and aliens that overwhelm me. Any ideas out there?


Nevermind. Figured it out. Move fast.


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