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IQ Ball

IQ Ball is a physics puzzle game that can be summed up in one word: "cute." Use your mouse to extend a grappling hook and drag (or perhaps fling) your character across the screen. You can only attach to certain types of materials, so try to get your little purple head to the target in as few clicks as possible!

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Beat it, enjoyed it, wasn't really challenged, though.

Some puzzles, though, were intended to be beaten with finesse and skill - I found that brute-force rapid punching some obstacles worked too.

For example - the level where you need to move through a zigzag of tunnels before a wheel blocks off the exit? Still winnable after it falls in the hole.

a nice time-passer although very stuck on level 24 with the vase. I can seem to either get into the vase or the target out of it... hmmm

jimlefevre - Level 24

You can't get in, and the target can't get out so....

Break the vase

How do you break the vase? Nothing is working


I did it by herding the vase to the right, under the street pole, then pulling myself to the top of the street pole and dropping on it from as high as I could. It doesn't shatter, but it does break in half, and you can bump the two halves apart.

It's also possible to break it by flipping it onto you so you can reach the target, then pulling the target repeatedly.

"Congratulations, You Have Win!"?????

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I played a game that someone spell checked.

I like it; just wish it had more levels!

Speaking of spell checking, you mistyped conductive! You spelled it "conducive"!

[I believe 'conducive' is the intended (and correct) word for how it's being used. -Jay]

To break the vase, land on it from high up

Can anyone do level 10 in less than 9 clicks? Also, level 16 in less than 8?
My IQ is at 168, no idea what the highest possible is

Oh, what, you're supposed to minimise the number of clicks!?

There goes my afternoon!


I can't do level 10 in any less than 9 clicks either, but i did level 16 in only 5. Also I managed to do level 17 in only 1 click by grabbing the middle target and slinging myself around it. Took about 20 tries but finally managed to hit the target in one click.

My IQ is at 171 right now, i'm trying to see if i can shave any more clicks anywhere else.


I did level 10 in 9 clicks as well, can't see a way to get better than that

I got Level 16 in only 5 clicks though, and level 17 in only 1 click (took like 20 tries but eventually got it)

My IQ is at 17 now, trying to get better than that.

I'm at 193 IQ right now. You can do the first 5 levels all in 1 click if you do it right.

There are actually only a few levels that have taken me more than 3 clicks to finish -
Level 10 (9 clicks)
Level 16 (5 clicks)
Level 24 (4 clicks)

A good trick is that when you are 'punching' non-sticky objects, if you just hold down it doesn't count as multiple clicks even though you're extending the sticky thing over and over. thus on levels like #6 for example, you can really reduce the number of clicks it takes. I got level 6 in two clicks, 1 click to climb the wheel, and then one long click to punch all the rocks out of the way and then grab the target

I got 196 - I think I may be able to trim one or two more clicks off as well.

@Rick - GREAT tip, that makes everything easier.. I'm up to 190 on that. I still think a couple of these levels I could do better... Level's 14/15 I am close to getting 2 clicks each, but am stuck at 3

@Rick again - I'm up to 194, I have level 24 in 3 clicks (1 click to knock over/bring the vase near, 1 click to go up and fall, another to finish). I almost got the 'crab' in 2, and just got #14 and #15 in 2.
My guess is 200 is maximum?

The game requires me to log into Facebook to play instead of staying on JIG, so it's a pass for me.

So much fun! I think this is my favorite of this genre of game (get X to Y with physics!), and I only wish it were longer. The variety is especially fantastic. :D

Also, the end screen is a joke. Haven't you ever played retro videro games? :P

IQ 100.
I'm sure that if I got myself properly tested I'd have a higher IQ than that.
What would that game know anyway? It can't even speak proper English!

I got 190.

Levels 1 - 5 = 1 click
6 = 2 clicks
7 = 3 clicks
8 = 1 click
9 = 2 clicks
10 = ONLY 8( I will try 7...You have to up and down in 1 click)
11 = 1 click
12 = 2 clicks
13 = 1 click
14 and 15 = 2 clicks
16 = 5 clicks
17 and 18 = 2 clicks
19 = 3 clicks
20 = 4 clicks
21 = 3 clicks
22 = 4 clicks
23 = 2 clicks
24 = 4 clicks
25 = 2 clicks

Rick: Could you be more specific how do you finished level 24 in 3 clicks? I don't know how to "knock over/bring the vase near" in 1 click.

tmoney and Rick: What levels can I improve to increase my IQ?



I'm at 193 IQ right now.

I finished Levels 18 and 19 in 1 click.

I'm trying to finish Level 17 in 1 click and
Level 10 in 7 clicks...

how do you beat level 23? i can get it just that i cant either flip the spider or get under it in time. Please tell me how or show a video.


You have to fall on the hole. Before get into the floor, grab the spider and it will fall down... so you can catch the target.

IQ = 195
Level 17 = 1click
Level 20 = 3 clicks...

Got 205 with luck and skill.
You can get a free shot spamming r button and also clicking on screen and restart button furiously.

Level scores

0 0 0 1 1
2 3 1 1 8
1 1 1 2 2
4 0 1 2 3
2 3 2 1 3

@Carlos - You can do #18 in 1 click, #19 in 2 clicks, #20 in 3, #21/22/23 all in 2 clicks, #24 in 3.
For #24, If you click the bottom of the vase, it will slide back then tip/fall forwards, using the same click, catch the ball and bring it towards you. Then 2nd click you go up and fall on the vase to break it, then it should be right there for click #3

How did you do #17 in 1?

finished with IQ of 221

I used to be able to replay levels, but now I can only replay levels 21-25 without erasing my scores! What gives?


Level 17: You have to get the target in the second line(counting down-->up) in the second target (left-->right). So you get this target and up so high to get the REAL TARGET .
"hold down it doesn't count as multiple clicks" - you mean Arrow Down? I didn't make it work. =/

My scores so far:

Level 1 - 1
Level 2 - 0
Level 3 - 0
Level 4 - 0
Level 5 - 0
Level 6 - 1
Level 7 - 2
Level 8 - 0
Level 9 - 1
Level 10 - 8 [still trying to get lower]
Level 11 - 0
Level 12 - 1
Level 13 - 0
Level 14 - 1
Level 15 - 1
Level 16 - 4
Level 17 - 0
Level 18 - 0
Level 19 - 0
Level 20 - 2
Level 21 - 2
Level 22 - 1
Level 23 - 1
Level 24 - 0
Level 25 - 1

IQ 223

My final score: I think this is the highest possible score, if not please post any lower clicks possible, Thanks :D

Level 1 - 1
Level 2 - 0
Level 3 - 0
Level 4 - 0
Level 5 - 0
Level 6 - 1
Level 7 - 2
Level 8 - 0
Level 9 - 1
Level 10 - 6
Level 11 - 0
Level 12 - 1
Level 13 - 0
Level 14 - 1
Level 15 - 1
Level 16 - 4
Level 17 - 0
Level 18 - 0
Level 19 - 0
Level 20 - 2
Level 21 - 2
Level 22 - 1
Level 23 - 1
Level 24 - 0
Level 25 - 1

IQ 225

Completed game IQ: 250

I too just beat the game with the maximum score of 250 (0 clicks on every level).

To do this, you need to understand two things:

1) The game only adds to the click counter if a click was done on the playing surface. Buttons and text are not included in this.

2) As long as the mouse is held down inside the playing surface and the grapple isn't attached to anything, the grapple will continue to shoot.

Put the two together to result in a 250 score. (click on a button or text inside the game, hold mouse button down, move mouse onto playing surface = shot that isn't counted by game)

Guys i did level 24 in 1 CLICK
did it by grabbing the target and it came so fast somehow it broke and i got it

why does it say you have win?

i got level 23 in, i think 2 or 3 clicks. and level 24 in 66 clicks.

Hi every one

I cant do level 17 ... i have tried them all :-(

i beat it. lol With a little help on level 24. I beat 25 with ease. and the rest of the levels. lol Proud of me

How do you complete level 24? I can't get into the vase! Aw, man, it's hard!

how do i beat level 22. how do i get the onto the boat?

how to get past level 24

on level 24 bring the vase towards you when you are at the pole by holding onto the target. Pull yourself up the pole and fall on top of it. Slide off it and the vase will break. Then grab the target. Good luck! xxxxxxxx

Level 25 is pretty easy you just get on to the bonnet(the front bit)of the truck and jump up to the target before you get blocked.

I actually got 24 in 2 clicks one to knock it over, i hit the bottom right corner of it, i grabbed the target, and the vase broke, and never let go so it took me to the target

how do you get level 20?

I can't beat the spider on level 23.

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