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The latest from Bloons creators, Stephen Harris and Ninja Kiwi, Hotcorn is a game about popping corn... with heat. You control a smiling sun avatar with the mouse, moving it over kernels of corn on a top-down game board to pop them into some kind of exploded corn substance. Pop enough corn before time runs out and you win the level, simple as that.

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yay, more from the Bloon peoples. I actually liked this. It's one of those "ahh, that was satisfying" when you figure out how to do something and see 300 kernels explode.

I just gotta say... that is a killer screenshot!

But anyway, the game. The first few levels make it seem like more of the same... object collectors, mouse avoiders, etc. But stick with it, and you'll be rewarded! I'm up to level 47, but this one could take a while. And if I recall correctly, the final levels for other NinjaKiwi games have just been brutal!

Oh how do i get past level 34? is it just a matter of being faster without hitting the

green ones

. seems crazy hard.

i don't know about anyone else, but as soon as i click 'start level' it slows way down and gets really choppy and hard to control :(

Allegra - make sure you don't have any other Flash games open or visible in any browser window when you play. Even the banner game on JIG can cause performance issues with games if you try playing another Flash game while the banner is still visible. Try scrolling the page down a bit, or switch stylesheets.

You can also try using the following link instead of the one from Ninja Kiwi since NK usually has several Flash ads running concurrently on their game pages:


I can't see how to get past 37. I got past 34 with patience, but 37 seems fairly impossible.

The ninja gaiden of casual games - eek! Perhaps we should reduce the required target by a few for each level?

We figured making it too easy could see all 50 levels passed in 10-15 minutes.

Thanks for the review!

34 is absolutely ridiculous. I tried about 100 times to beat it and just keep coming up short no matter what. As a veteran FPS gamer who has played everything from tribes to counterstrike to quake even i'm baffled by the amount of control that level requires. He needs to rebalance some of the levels even up to 34 because some of them are very very difficult, and then that level 34 brick wall just makes it that you close the game and say "no thanks, thats enough for me".

Another thing that needs to be addressed in this game is the boundaries. So many times you are moving around so quick, especially around the edges that your mouse goes outside of the play field and you lose time. Can the game be programmed to NOT have the mouse cursor be able to exit the playfield without hitting say a menu\pause\quit button? That would help alot in saving those fractions of seconds.

Overall the game is pretty neat with a cool theme and concept. However it needs to be better balanced and that cursor problem needs to be addressed.

cool, but i dont like the red mouse cursor they use... its a lot slower :/

Well, I was liking this game until I got to level 16, where no matter what I did I could not make it, and I don't even see how it is possible. Obviously, it is possible since others are up to levels in the 30's, but I hate games like this, where no matter how many times you try it there is no possible way to do it.....not casual and not fun when you get frustrated and you arm hurts from being so stressed out!

The "Yellow Gel" and "blue gel" is actually sticky butter, and water, it says so right in the instructions page.

Level 34 isnt that hard, it just fools you into taking the powerup to go through blue gel.

try melting the rocks...

34 was hard, for sure, but I'm going to have to put this down for a bit after looking at 48. Holy cow, that one's going to be tedious. It's like Pac-Man, but you die if you brush against the walls.

Fun game, though.

About the difficulty: I think it would be nice to have some choice about what level to play. It is really irritating to reach an incredibly hard level and not be able to try anything else until you've beaten that level. Maybe have an Easy, Medium, and Hard path, or just have the levels branch out like a big web or a pyramid. Something to give players an option when they get stuck.

WooHoo, I win. Level 50 is a real pain. I managed to beat it by

grabbing all the blue orbs right away then popping the kernels.

Ok, 48 is not possible...

I'm stuck on 37. help?

well, stuck on 38 now

Nevermind, it was possible...

Also, does anyone know what all the trophies are? I have all but the bottom left corner three...

41 anybody?
geez, my mind has just went mush.

I cannot get past level 37, please help me!

it also should really show you hard data (total number of kernels and total time for the level) as well as how many you got on the last try

i know some of that info is on the banner when you finish a level, but it should be on the bottom as well.

Didn't like it very much. Too repetive and extremely buggy at later levels. Some kernels are INSIDE the ice things and its nearly impossible to get to them.. Got up to about level 47 and got mad and stopped playing. Collision box is too huge..

@Camron: Bottom-left trophy:

Fat-free: Avoid touching butter for ten levels in a row.

I don't know what the other two in that corner are, plus I'm missing the third one down on the right.

Well the highest I've gotten was level 50, I was trying the dumb way by going around the blue things, even though I don't have a grip hand. I found level 24 a little hard as well but everything else, a little breeze.

Spoiler for 37:

Part of this level is just being really fast on every step, there's no way around it.

Start out going right and popping the kernels on the top row. Then get to the red ball as fast as you can; if you can't make it in time, try going down and then right on the left puddle instead of straight down.

I feel dumb but the sun character isn't showing up for me at all, and when I start the level nothing happens. Am I missing something?

Level 37

After you go tight get inside the brick wall while you are still frozen and pop the popcorn on your way our after you unfreeze. If you wait to unfreeze before heading into the enclosed area you will loose too much time

Incomplete list of awards:

Fast Learner Award (gold A+): complete a level on the first attempt
Hotshot Award (aviator glasses): pop 100% for five consecutive levels
Nick of Time trophy (0:01 clock): finish a level in the nick of time
Clever Clogs Trophy (golden clogs): pass 10 levels without using retries
Fat Free Prize (golden torso): don't touch butter for 10 consecutive levels
Supreme Trophy (gold trophy): beat all 50 levels
Order of the Gold Corn (gold popped kernel): collect all shiny (golden) unpopped kernels

Speedy lightning bolt : for popping 100% in under 1/4 of allowed time.
I got in on lv 18

Efficiency award (gold ball): Get exactly as many kernels popped as you need (not on the levels where you have to get them all, I think)

Efficiency Award (sphere at top right): popping exact number of kernels required (ie, minimum requirement to pass level).

Is it sad that I can't beat level 2?

top left - A+ - fast learner - pass level 1st time

left = Clever clogs - pass 10 levels without death

left = Gold corn - collect all gold corn kernels

bottom left - shirt - fat free - don't go in the butter

bottom - ????? - guess it's pass all levels 1st time

Top Right - efficiency - collect just enough to pass.

right - speedy - finish level in 1/4 of time

right - hotshot award - 100% in 5 consecutive levels

bottom right - nick of time - only just win with 1 sec.

bottom right - supreme trophy - complete all levels.

Does anyone have some advice for getting 100 % in level 25 and 48? I can't even seem to get enough corns in level 48.

Sam, I think the missing reward might also be from completing each level with 100 %.

Whooo-hooo. The Supreme Trophy!!! Didn't get many other awards, though. Score was 47390, but that's probably a pathetic score because sometimes if I got the required number, I just let my poor hand rest till the time ran out. :) Those ones that relied on speed were a bear, especially the one with the gas tanks all in a row and you had to pass the water barrier for the 15? kernels. Ouch!! And the one with the water maze. Blech! Overall, though, a fun time waster. And that is, after all, what I'm at JIG for. ;)

Oh, also, I don't know if anyone else experienced this, but I always had a delay after pressing start before the sun appeared. That was a little annoying.

For some reason I always find these guys games easy, My wrist must be attuned to their game mechanic. up to 48 in half an hour. Very nearly did it on third attempt. Got to start work now. Finish it later.

Level 46. It's hard. Please help. Brain melted.


First off I want to say that I just got done beating it. Took me about an hour after I got past 34, which btw thanks for that tip about popping the rock to blow the gas can, that worked for me.

This game needs 3 things to make it both more enjoyable and more importantly more accessible to more players so they dont give up in frustration:

1) more accurate response and mouse control. too many times, especially when going thru butter, the lag caused by it results in the character making unwanted jerky movements when it comes out of the gooey stuff. also it needs to track alot faster and be more precise in the ay it follows the cursor.

2) rebalance the levels. an extra second, 5 less kernels, remove a green corn, add an extra powerup etc.

3) this goes especially for level 48, the infamous "pac man" level, reduce the glow of the guy so you can better see where exactly it is positioned. it is very very difficult to accuratley see the exact boundary of the player due to the glow and this causes you to hit walls and other obstacles like the green corn that much more resulting in a wipe. this is very VERY frustrating.

overall, as i previously stated, the game has a cool theme and a very strong mix of both skill and strategy\logic. will it be as popular as bloons? probably not due to the fact that the precise mouse control is simply out of reach of most "casual" gamers. hell, on some levels (48 ;p) even having a cup of coffee before you try it will make your hand too jittery to even attempt it hehe.

i rate it a 7\10 but with some tweaking it can be a 9\10 and very enjoyable for a bigger majority of people.

kiwi if you come back to read these comments i just want to say i really liked bloons td, now that was a fun game. :)

i can only get to level fourty three. i kind of gave up then. i mean, i knew how to do it, i'm just not fast enough! i'm gonna die of frustration playing this game.

Can someone help with level 43?? they only give you 3 blue bubble when there are four rooms and you dont stay blue long enough to make it to another room! HELP!!

i can't figure out 24. i feel stupid. lol. can someone please help me? do you pop the gas can and then go thru the water? because when i do that i die because it takes too long to get thru the water

Dawn - You have to be fast, try going straight from the

top left room to the top middle room without grabbing another blue orb.

Missa -

Blow up the can, go back and get the blue orb, then go across the thinner part of the water. DON'T touch the butter or water on the way to the thinner part. It'll probably take a few tries to get through it.

Hey guys thanks for the comments it's great to get such comprehensive feedback. We are doing a followup to hotcorn and will look at it as an expansion and redevelopment of the first 50, so potenitally 100 levels with some of the tweaks mentioned here.

Thanks again for the feedback!

BTW a new version of Bloons TD will be out before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

I think I have to disagree about the difficulty level. I really like that this game is so challenging! There are so many games out there that are easy to beat in one sitting. Sometimes it's nice to play a game that takes a few tries. I know I became a bit frustrated with it around level 43 yesterday, but when I came back today I managed to get it done. With all the great advice out there, I find it's really not that bad after a while. Especially when you know it IS possible (Man, for a while a could swear 48 was some kind of mean joke!)
I still haven't managed that clover award though. I wonder what it could be?!

Well, I think there's something to be said for supporting multiple difficulty levels to appease casual gamers as well as the hardcore.

When I play a game, and I find this to be true more often as I get older, I don't want to struggle with it and be frustrated. I want to have fun. And fun, to me, is having success with a game, not failing with it.

I think a one-size-fits-all gameplay experience is a rarity, and therefore it can serve to broaden your potential audience by providing an Easy and a Hard mode, at least.

I can't get past level 14. Help?

I think the game-difficulty complaints are uncalled for:
Ninja Kiwi, imo, did a great job figuring out exactly the amount of time required to complete a lot of these levels. So many times, I'd have a single kernel or two left to pop when time ran out!

Anyway, what do those golden kernels do?

Oh man, level 50 is ridiculous. I see no way of beating it because things are so close together its impossible to actually get through. Maybe I'll try later.

I just beat it. Awesome game, as demonically frustrating as it was, here and there.

It's funny (or perhaps just a sad testament to my stupidity, considering the game is all about control) - I played most of the game (up to level 37 or so) sitting on my old hardwood floor, using my optical mouse on the floor. And I was doing pretty well. But I still had the same issues with the game's control that a lot of the other commenters have been expressing frustration with. When I normally use my mouse, I use a variety of ridiculous surfaces beneath it, everything from books to my leg to my couch. So I didn't really think about the fact that I might be sabotaging myself in terms of control.

Anyway, I happened to move my laptop to a perfectly smooth wooden table, and suddenly everything made so much more sense, in terms of controlling the flame. I literally raced through the last 12 or 13 levels and finished the game.

All I'm saying to the people who are really struggling is that if you absolutely maximize the control you have, you'll find that the game becomes much more playable. If your mouse is dirty, or crap quality, or on an uneven surface, etc., the difficulty of the game will be dramatically affected.

That's probably really lame and obvious advice, and didn't really need to be said. But if it saves one or two people from smashing their computers to bits, then I've done the right thing by saying something. Hahaha.

Great game.

I really need help on 38!!!! anyone?????


not sure if this helps, but for 38 i went to the right, right away, through the lightning ball in the centre and then down to the gas container in the lower right corner. which takes care of the kernels bunched up in that area.

then it's a really fast counter-clockwise run, through the annoying little butter circles, and ending just below where the centre lightning circle was originally.

if you build up your speed slowly, it'll get easier each time.

Make that 40! how do you get to the blue thing with out blowing it up???

oops. sorry, forgot to use a spoiler tag.

guess i just didn't see it as much of a spoiler, just a random technique that i used. it's certainly not the only way.

apologies, regardless.

Now I need help on 40! I've played it like 150 times! uuurrrgggg!!!!

Thank you for the tip Revenge02...but i have come to learn that this game is evil!! I'll keep at it though. I'm just not quick enough i guess... :)

kingkael ,.too funny,.i only made to 3 meself.so sad ,.and i ADORE BLOONS.Theres a GREAT satisfaction in "popping" the heck outta them!!! "LOVES IT" but this game,.Popcorn,.the controls are freaky,mouse wont go where you drive it.but,.I DID LOVE The few levels i did play."I wanna play MORE" :( .
oh well.maybe a new mouse.lol.
HEllO EVERY:)NE..new poster.but have been visiting Jay's awes:)me site for a while.
gotta say,"y:)u all are GREAT"

46 anybody? its like omega hard

hey uum so i can't get past level 16....dont judge me haha XD
to those of you in the 30's...help....
thanks guys

For level 43

go to the bottom right with a freeze first
get all corn in bottom right
get freeze in bottom right and immediately hold your mouse on the path from the water to get out of bottom right to go into top left
you have enough time to make it if you aim your mouse in the right spot

easy money after that

Can anyone give me some help with level 25? Please please please!

stuck on 43 somebody help! :p

now stuk on 28....too tired...going to bed....
do help with it but
k thanks

I was going back and playing all the levels and I just happened upon the green clover. Here's where and how I got it

It was in the top middle room on level 43. It just appeared and I got it. I actually didn't even beat the level after I picked it up so I thought I had lost it, but then when I beat the level a few times later, it said that I had found the hidden four leaf clover. Pretty cool!

I NEED 34.
i been trying it for like an hour now.

HELP!!!! with level... 41~~~ plleeezzz.!

does anyone wanna help me with Water World? =D

Level 49 made easy:

Who won, the tortoise or the hare?

Level 48, water world:

Take your time, you won't run out. First use the top-left blue pill to go over the water to the top-left corner. After clearing it out, use the blue pill inside to get back to the middle. Next, clear out the entire middle area except for the blue pill. Finally, use the blue pill to get to the bottom-right corner. You can't get back out of this corner, but thats OK because you're done! You need almost all the kernels in this level, but not every last one.

Okay now im down to begging. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME WITH 41:OVARTAKE

OMG I never thought i could beat 41 but I did and now 46 is soooo hard! any advice?

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this or not, and I am too lazy to read all the posts again....but it would be nice if there was a reset button so you could start the level over again when you turn green instead of having to wait until time runs out when you know there is no way to beat the level. Obviously I got past the frustrating part of level 16 and am now on level 34, although there are still some times when I just get so frustrated, say a few choice words and have to quit and come back the next day, but there is a learning curve and you get better each time. I am begnning to really like this game, although I wish it wasn't so frantic at times. The good thing is that you do not have to start over at the beginning, whew!

There IS a reset button at the bottom left it says "level reset"

Does anyone have a list of levels so we could go back and play a few favorite ones when we have time to kill??

this was fun... but i found some sort of a glitch that isn't really helpful but might need to be worked on later, and that is that on the levels with the floating ball that seeks out all kernals and goes through everything bad, if you start the ball going and reset the level, it keeps going and popping through the next level. just an observation

I am really stuck on level 40, could anybody help? I just don't seem to have enough time to get the required amount..!!!!!

I also need help with level 40!

forget level 40 its 47 i can't get passed..!

Help with 46

Need help with level 24 please! Thanks!

For Level 40

Go towards the far left gas can first, and along the wall hitting the other gas cans, but NOT the last one on the right (Or else you will destroy the lightning/fire balls). Quickly slip through a hole in the wall (it will always be in the same place, so you can run through once, put a post-it or your finger where the wall is, and be able to get through much faster the second time). Grab the lightning and fire, then finish off all that corn!

Besar, for 24...

quickly zip past the butter ball, to hit the gas. head back over to the blue orb, and hit it, then go back past the butter, continue right underneath the river, and go across the lake as high up as you can. Really move your mouse right, and you should make it across in time. A few tricks are to remember that only the sunshine will get stuck in the butter. If you're a blue guy, you will move quickly past it, so when you're blue, and moving through the butter/water squeeze on your way to get to the water, stay closer to the butter , and you'll zip by. Also, when you explode the gas can, you only need to touch your side to it, then start moving back asap. Don't wait for the explosion to finish. Hope this helps!

i cannot get past level 49


i need help!!

number 49!!

ive been doing it for like an hour!!



Number 49...

You are racing the hot ball, but you have to trick it into thinking you're not going for the gas can, or else it will try to get there first, will win, and blow itself up. Hit the ball, and wait at the top right corner while the hot ball gets the top corn, then as soon as it heads over to the bottom right hand corn, quickly zip down to the gas can and wait. The hot ball will eat the corn in the box too.

Hahaha.......hot ball.

Does anyone know how to get the 4-leaf clover trophy? I tried what Brian did but it didn't work. I've got all of them except that one, so I want to know how to get it. Help, please!

46 I finished exactly as it appears. Go to the far end and collect all (nearly all) of the corn while avoiding the powerups. Do the same coming back to the entrance before grabbing the ball, which should snag the remaining corn past the wall. It took me so many tries I was sure that wasn't it but in the end that was the strategy that worked

Hey, please help me before I am officially, certifiably insane. What's the trick to 41??? I just am not fast enough and the flash from my insane-o gas cans blinds my ability to see the ice ball. Help!

How do you beat level 41 Overtake I can't overtake it

Lv 48 is where this game officially goes from "Fun" to "Tedium". I know exactly what's expected of me, and can perform the task in theory, but not being able to see the acutal hit detection boundaries of my heat source makes the infamous "corner clip" nearly inevitable. And that's to say nothing of the occasional minor twitch or mouse hiccup causing yet another restart.
It was disappointing too, because whereas there is a place for "pixel perfect" games, they're not my cup of tea and I felt a twinge of betrayal having made it so far through the game before being blindsided by this level.

First, thank you Shmeeg. You rock my world.

Now then, if anyone can offer advice/help for level 41, I'd appreciate it muchly.

All I have to say is that everyone needs to just stop whining and keep playing. I have beaten this game twice now. Yes, it takes some time, but if you just keep at it you can do it. If I were going to tweak anything about this game, it would be to show how many kernels have been popped so I would know how close I get to the goal. The game play, time limits, or number of kernels should not be changed at all, unless you want this game to be like every other easy game that can be beat in an hour.

I can also say that I got the four leaf clover on the first time through, but have not been able to get it the second time. I don't know what I did the first time (it didn't say like the other trophies do), so if anyone else has gotten this and knows how and why, I would love to know!

Alright guys for 41 Overtake-

As soon as you start get the lightning power-up and go to the far right. You won't be able to see yourself due to all the exploding but the idea is to follow the path of the exploding gas tanks and beat the explosion to the water power-up. So hit the lighting power-up and in one smooth curve, loop around to get the water power-up and into the blue stuff. It may take a couple tries, but it will work.

Also, I still need the 4-leaf clover trophy. Please help!

ANy tips for #50. Seems like there's not enough time to try and go slow and steady.

And with the 4 leaf clover, I think it just randomly appears on levels after a while. I've only seen it once.

OK I'll try just looking around. For 50:

Get all of the ice powerups all together first then wait for them to run out, then get all the corn

I can get the power-up but I run out of time before I unfreeze

I can't beat 46 i keep running out of time

I can't pass 47 it's impossible

i can't seem to get through lv 37 (leaky roof) help please?

This is probably a really stupid question, but can anyone tell me what the power ups are and what they do?? The golden piece of corn for example?


Level 50 isn't too bad actually. Just collect all the ice balls, wait for it to wear off then just follow the trail that ur supposed to follow!

Finally I got the Four Leaf Clover award

It just (randomly?) appeared in level 24 for me. I went through all the levels at least 4 times to break my own highscores.
And suddenly there was the clover. If it was really random then it is a bit disappointing for me.
The message afterwards:
You are awarded the Shamrock Leaf for picking up the rare four leaf clover in this level

And how can you have it?

I don't know how having the last trophy snif

does anyone know how to beat level 31 on Antoher Box of Hotcorns

-_-; is stuck on level 45....

Im totall stuck on level 25, it drives me insane. Please help

i stuck on 35>< its haaaaaaard!

Hotcorn 2 is out (known as "another box of hotcorn").

I just beat it, and it is somewhat easier than the first. Same awards, still no luck with the clover.

HEy i am totally stuck on level 38!!! can you help!? pretty plzz!?

help on 23 please

finished with all but the clover and bottom left corner trophy!!!!!!! XD

I'm stuck on level 16! HELP PLEASE!

ok, I figured 16 out now I need help on 25! Please

Level 37

Ok, first you go across the water and pop the long LINE of popcorn, then get the freezy thing and go across and into the compartment to set off the little thingermagiger that pops the popcorn for you.

I can't get passed level 16,can anyone help?

Level 37

Grab freeze

go East across vertical water

go to dead end of top 'maze'

when unfreeze, pop line coming out of maze

grab freeze

go West across vertical water (lower part near wall)

go South right side of water (left side too long)

activate ball which pops rest of kernels, if enough time is left

Level 38

You have to be very fast and very accurate. If you miss any kernels on your path you do not have time to go back.
Head due East, pick up Lightning
Loop around counterclockwise, with butter dots acting like slalom gates, ending with gas can in SE corner

lvl 46 anybody?

Does anyone get stuck on 34? I mean, I always get stuck in the bad seeds and when I don't, I don't get the seeds next to the bad seeds.

Level 50: I think it's best to get ALL the ice things FIRST, then get all the kernels.

Finally beat the game, and got all the awards except 2: Order of the gold kernels and the other one which I don't know. Jesus level 48 took patience.

Level 25: You have to be VERY quick. Get right to the first ball thing, and stay a little below the level where the ball is. Then, after it has about 3 kernels left, move immediately to the next ball. Do the same there. And if you did it right, you should have enough time left.

Level 16: Get through those first zigzag paths QUICK. Do not get the bad kernels at the beginning. Get the last two at the end, then pray you get all the kernels you need for the bottom passage.

Hope that helps.

Okay i am completley stuck on 47...
i know the basic concept but is there a quick shortcut kinda way to do it???
oh and for 47 you havta go in and get all the seeds then come back out and get the ball

Heyy! Can someone help me with 16 please =]]!

I'm stuck on level 31 (3 little pigs). Can anyone help please!!!

I need help on level 43:]
Can any help me please...?

Does anybody have tips for 31??

AHH! I reallly need help with Another Box of Hotcorn level 46. Shortcut 4. Help please, it is GREATLY apppreciatedd. =]

how do i beat lvl 41??

Anyone who can help me on level 36???

I think that game is really fun until... 48...

Although lvl46 was annoying because of speed, that one's really frustrating. You're almost done and you just get to loose for half a second inatention. Try again haha

well done though, I love the second box of hotcorn too

You're right about the controls, and it's especially evil on a laptop's touchpad- I don't have a mouse, and without one I can't even get past level two.

This will sound pathetic, but any help with level 14? I'm completely stuck!

Can anyone help on Level 34 please? I can get across the water ok and avoid the green corn but I just run out of time!

Um am i the only one stuck on 33? PLEASE help me!!!

From my observations of this game and the Bloons series, I think I can safely say that Stephen Harris absolutely HATES players, with a passion.

Please help me on 27... I simply CANT figure it :(

Actually, level 46 is not as difficult as one may think. It may take a few tries, but...

Avoid hitting the ice balls, and carefully get all the corn in the first three rows, head back to the left and hit the little helper. There should be plenty of time left for the little helper to get the last two rows of corn.

I'm stuck on level fifty, and it's so hard! I'm determined!

I can't get past 41! Any tips?!? :o)

on level 38 it wont let me pick up any kerrnals

to pass level 14: this is what you do

click to start then place your curser directly above the opening of butter (the yellow stuff)so that you get the little freeze ball(this will help you get through a liiiiiittle faster) then while your frozen cross the water (the blue stuff)and pop as much as you can.

Someone help me with Level 16, please!!!!! I get very close but just not close enough :(

[Edit by Kayleigh]

Level 24! :(

i am on level 47 on Hotcorn and i am about ready to give up. I always run out of time! If anyone would post a walkthrough for me please it would be a great help

^ ^
0 thanks

this game is GREAT!! it's way fun, and the bloons games are fun too!

I read someone's tip and I still can't get past 24.
In addition, please make a complete walkthrough!! There is none anywhere on the internet that I can find.

How to win level 26? It seems impossible!

im stuck on level 34. i know to use the rock but its the green seeds that keep slowing me down. any helpp? thankyou ( :

OMG level 41 is so triky any tips plz

I am soooo upset coz I cant get past level 14!! Help please!!

Can any one help me get pass level 25?

I am pretty young and LOL I c=got pat 1-16 in TEN MINUTES! I JUST NEED HELP WITH 16

I think this would be better on something like the iPad.

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Submachine 9: The Temple

Surgeon Simulator 2013

The House 2

Papa's pastaria

Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple


The Royal Trap

Loren the Amazon Princess

1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum

Magical Diary

Heileen Series

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