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Grow Island

The latest Grow game from On of Eyezmaze! Need we say more? This is without a doubt On's greatest work-to-date, and in it he embodies an optimistic philosophy. Following the correct order of things will lead to a society where men and women get along happily, the environment is protected and technology is harnessed to discover the secrets of the universe.

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Walkthrough Guide

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I see some of you asking for spoilers, so here's the order I used to solve the game.

  1. Mechanical (Bolt)

  2. Civil (Pickaxe)

  3. Architectural (Logs)

  4. Aeronautical, etc (Steering Wheel)

  5. Environmental (Smoke Stack)

  6. Electrical (Battery)

  7. Computer (Chip)

  8. Chemical (Beaker)

Update your walkthrough here because I'm proud to present the ALTERNATIVE ENDING (and it was very hard to find):

  1. Automotive

  2. Civil

  3. Architecture

  4. Computer

  5. Electrical

  6. Mechanical

  7. Chemical

  8. Environmental



thanks for adding it, jay!


I've been waiting for a new grow game for a long time!

No review?

I have a love-love-love-dislike relationship with Grow games. I love love love them but I dislike how it's pretty much just trial and error to figure out the correct order. But how I love them...

Review is forthcoming. Didn't want to hold up posting it. Besides, it's a Grow game, what more can we say that we haven't said already about these games?

Yes, it is a bit of trial and error, but as usual with On's games, the error can be as delightful as the winning. ;)

This made my day. I love On's games.

my best so far is all maxed except logs and miner. harded.

whoot! new grow game go! nice diversion from the (still) perplexing banner game

Yay I cant wait to play it! I love Grow Games ;D


So cool, yet so hard. I've been at it for 30 minutes and am so close! ARGHHHH!

is this solvable? because i think i am close but when i do the order that seems right the game just stops after i click all the panels...it won't tell me what level they got to. am i bound to ponder this endlessly??

I'm a little disappointed, but it seems that the game still has some glitches.

A small graphical glitch is that when you reset the game:

The chest on the far island may not close if you opened it last game

But what's worse, it seems that some combinations do not let you get to the "status screen" where each grow tile is rated on what level it reached.
One that I have found is:

Steering Wheel
Computer Chip
Glass Beaker

The animations and music just continue endlessly :(

I'm not so good at the trial and error Grow games, but even my failures are entertaining. I just can't get my brain around which order to go.

I eagerly await the spoilers! :)

@chappy: I got to that point, too. It looks very promising and could well be (one of) the correct solution(s).

Maybe Jay can ask On to have a look?

Oh totally, I like losing from time to time...
However I am with UB. I want some spoilers here! :)

Urgh after 2 hours of trying i still cant get it. I can get the battery the car and the robot to MAX but URGH help me please?!!? Email me if you don't want to post spoilers

Also, I successfully maxed out everything but Civil Engineering and Applied Science (the pickaxe and the little beaker thing). I think there are more things to select once you get those, if you hit the little arrow in the upper right hand corner after (probably) losing.

Frustrating but sooo entertaining.

and now i post that i solved it on the fourth try! that is by far the fastest i have EVER solved a grow game :) great and cute animations, yet again. a hit, as to be expected. thanks for posting this jay :D

There is a neat little glitch involving that treasure in the upper left corner...

If you get to the point where the ship goes out to get it, and you reset the game, the chest will stay open.

First grow game I've finished on my own! Quite a satisfying and fun game.

There is an ending with a "Congratulations!!" message and all tiles are maxed. But I'm not sure it's the only ending because I feel like some of the drawings On made still haven't been used, and there is nothing special besides the message. I'm used to seeing a whole animation sequence start up when you win. Not to mention the

"other" tiles depicted in the pop-out window that's full of Japanese. I was hoping more tiles would become available...

Ah well, I will not give up yet. More combinations to try!

Am I the only person who is revolted when the lava creature comes out and stuff comes out of its ear?

I can never beat these things.

Bring on the spoilers!

I got all except the minder and the logs. But it looked like it should've been the correct solution.

Click 4 Times

Do you really want to know?










Does anyone actually have a completely correct solution

I managed to max everything out on my second try. Not bad.

Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Aeronautics/Marine/Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Chemistry.

I hope I didn't mess that up.


I see some of you asking for spoilers, so here's the order I used to solve the game.

  1. Mechanical (Bolt)

  2. Civil (Pickaxe)

  3. Architectural (Logs)

  4. Aeronautical, etc (Steering Wheel)

  5. Environmental (Smoke Stack)

  6. Electrical (Battery)

  7. Computer (Chip)

  8. Chemical (Beaker)

I solved it after much trial and error, but I was a little disappointed, only because I had hoped the additional icons would come into play once you got the first eight icons in the proper order.

If you click the small red triangle in the upper right corner, you can see additional icons for System/C Engineering, Materials Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Image Technology/Acoustic Engineering, and Applied Physics.

Anyone know what these are for?

Darn, beaten to the walkthrough!

Cute ending though.

Ah, love.

Ahh, thank you chibidani, I had 2 things out of order, right next to each other. That's a satisfying ending. I'm still a bit confused about the other little boxes at the very end though.
Still, a masterful game. Thank you once again On!

Guess, I'm the first to post FINISHED! The animals at the end are a nice touch.

I think i may have found the right combo

bolt, logs, pick, steering wheel, smokestack, battery, computer chip, beaker

Unfortunately as Sethum noted, this is one of the combos that locks up before it finished.
I love the themed aspect of this game. It makes the trial and error process toward a solution much less arbitrary, and therefore much more streamlined imho. On fails to dissapoint...or succeeds to please...or a combination of the two.

The boxes through the red arrow at the end are just speaking about other fields of study in University. If you toggle english and japanese a few times, the language will correct itself to some broken english where it makes sense.

Got it! Here's a walkthrough:

1. Mechanical Engineering (bolt)
2. Civil Engineering (pickax)
3. Architecture (logs)
4. Aeronautics, Marine, Automotive Engineering (wheel)
5. Environmental Engineering (smokestack)
6. Electrical Engineering (battery)
7. Computer Science (microchip)
8. Applied Chemistry (alcohol burner)

To those who are confused about the other buttons: it appears this game was sponsored by Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo. The other buttons, as well as the ones in the game, are all course descriptions. It's a pretty neat way to advertise the school!

I maxed everything out with this:


Doing this instead:


made civil only reach level 3, BUT the potion turned into a strange brown thing, and instead of saying "Lv.MAX" it said "Lv.UFO"
Any idea if it's possible to max out everything AND get the UFO? I'll keep trying :)

I don't know Japanese but I believe the

end screen with the Japanese text and extra tiles

is not for game play but simply to explain the available courses at the Shibaura Institute of Technology, who On made the game for.
Also On, from his Eyezmaze site, asks players to "please find some amusement in it and try to find that there may be hidden ending or not."
The only ending I've found displays:

"Congratulations!!" and shows

the family eating at the picnic table and has

the computer-robot cat make 3 different animals

The way to get this ended is:




Steering Wheel,



Computer Chip,

and Glass Beaker

Alternatively, one of the many dead ends does have a different "flavor":

If you let the family grow without building the Chimney (Environmental Engineering)...

the father will turn evil and chop down the trees, which lets the lava cover the road, and then the mother will turn evil, and the father will send a computer virus to the computer.

But I haven't seen anything special beyond that.

To read the Japanese in the pop-up box, click the arrow, click the Japanese text in the lower left-hand corner, and click on "English". It worked for me.

The Eyemaze website hints that there may be a hidden ending...

I know what text at the end of the game says thats in japanesse or what ever it is

are you sure


Did you have fun? If you did you are the person for engineering study.
Plan, do, check and action. this simple method is the foundation of engineering to develop technologies for making
future. This PDCA method is also considered as a ideal cycle for business industry, however in engineering industry,
you can see the actual changes by those effects. Like this game, felling of success will appear in real shape. This is
the thrill of engineering.
The barrier of fields has been cleared away.
In the past, electronics technologies expanded its territory onto making cars, which used to be the major field of
mechanic. Biomedical materials were born by joint efforts of material engineering and biotechnology, which now made
big advancement in medical fields. Taking example of those, collaborations between specialitist of each engineering
field are getting increased. This means now time has come to choose what you study from many fields for what you
want to achieve with products you make in future. Engineering is getting freer.
Learn to know how to make the future.
In 2006, Shibaura Institute of Technology transferred to Toyosu, where has been newly developed as new Toyko bay
area . To practice engineering education which is matching each period, we are making effort for various revolations.
That all comes from our will of presenting the best envitonment to young students pursuing engineering. Shibaura
Institute of Technology is the place to learn how to make future.

Man, my brain is in knots. If I get the man and woman to fall in love, then the road doesn't get paved...that beaker seems to break no matter what I do...the forest gets chopped down if I don't mix in enviromental enginerring early...

Brandinat0r: Your solution causes a volcanic disaster and deforestation. Try again.

aaargh. I like Grow games as much as the next person, but when the loading of the game takes 5 minutes to get from 11% to 12% I don't think I'll manage to stay awake long enough to play it >_>

On the red arrow, for English simply press the Japanese(?) button and then press the English button again for the English to appear.

It merely contains a longer explanation of the purpose of the game and buttons on various areas of engineering.

I love the character logic in this game. "I have no convenient way to dispose of this trash bag! AARGH! I'm gonna chop down a forest and destroy the internet!"

Absolutely phenomenal! The logic behind each discipline makes the trial-and-error aspect much less cumbersome, and all the animation is beautiful. A feature that I would like to see on these games is the ability to preselect the order of the items, and then just press a run button, so you can watch everything unfold at once.

These games are wonderfully fun for young and old alike. Love that I can play and send the link to my nieces to play as well. They love the ON series.

Found another glitch. With only

Environmental Engineering

left, when the

UFO appears and settles on the volcano

, you can't select the last box, but nothing else happens either.

aanh! so cute! best one yet. i <3 grow!!

T'was awight

A bit alternative ending and one more bug:

If you choose the things in the following order:

Bolt, Pickaxe, Logs, Wheel, Battery, Smoke Stack, Beaker, Chip

you'll get alien settled at chemistry, and all family will sit at the table, but the "congratulations" message will not appear, because the levels achieved will be shown BEFORE the action finishes :(

i've always loved the Grow series, and this one doesn't change my mind one bit. Thanks for adding it, Jay!

I love how in the end, computers and chemistry create life

Awwww! It was over too quickly! :(
It seems like I've been waiting forever for a new GROW game. They are just so flippin' delightful! :D

Oh golly I don't normally like video game music but this final song is so addictive.
Best parts of the latest Grow:
--the little romance between the architect and the engineer
--Mr. Volcano (of course that's what a volcano looks like!)
--the lil' mecha sequences

Best of internet, without a doubt.

Wow... beat it on my third try! I've never beaten a Grow so fast! However, there was a definite logic to this one--it does make a kind of "real world" sense, the order the items go in.

I didn't get the alien, though. :(

The little alien is a play on the "little prince" .. a french story of a boy who lives on a desolate planet, and his adventures on it. They made a cartoon of it. Maybe it was "le little prince" or something.. it's been years since I've seen it. But that's what the little alien on the planet is a reference to.

I just love the ending music! I know what I'll be singing tomorrow! *Hums tune* LOL!

Another great Grow game - thanks so much for posting this one!

Yet another fantastic Grow game with an all new concept. I finished this one quite speedily, only taking 3 or 4 tries, cant recall. But still a thrill to play.

However, I dont understand one thing, what it the point of the volcano bunny pouring lava(?) down the cliff?

I wish I could come up with neat original ideas like that!


The "volcano bunny" pours lava, but

the forest stops it from running down into the traffic circle. If you don't have the Environmental in time for the Dad to throw away his trash, he'll cut down the forest, and the lava will stop the car.

Yay, I actually managed to solve it on my own! thats a first for me and grow games! (apart from that mini grow game) :D Thanks Jay!

Dear Flash authors,
please keep those of us on alternative, minority, disenfranchised, browsers and platforms in mind when you design your most excellent games. On Firefox on Linux using Adobe Flash Player 9, the English text takes up too much width and is partially unreadable due to being off the right edge of the text box. This is for the rollover explanations of each tile.

Le Petite Prince is fabulous!

He's STILL all over in Paris, all these years after the book was written. Quite a delightful childrens story, I'd reccomend reading it sometime no matter what age you are.

The little man is the little man from Grow RPG.
And the propeller is from Grow 1.

They are in the exact same positions they're in on their respective games.

After playing through this game a few times and trying out the different combinations on the discussion here, I have to honestly say that I am impressed and disappointed at the same time. On one hand, it's a new Grow game and it tells an interesting story. On the other hand, the ending is contrived. Even though by checking different combinations, it seems that there SHOULD be multiple ways to reach the ending, the game does not permit it to occur unless you enter the EXACT combination they decided on in the first place. Note that these combinations differ from each other very slightly in the middle of the game, but follow the exact same pattern on the last two. Because the results are the same before these last two, there is no excuse for only letting one combination succeed ex post facto.

Ive found a way to read the Japanese click on the Japanese letters in the lower left corner then the English "AT THE END" to see the second row of boxes, and what are the boxes useful for a part.2???

when you finish the game click on the little arrow at the top. it will show up with a screen full of japanese. click the button at the bottom which is next to the english button. then press the english button and the writing turns into engish

Sadly, I had to use spoilers to finish the game.

Now for the game. I experienced glitches (bugs), mainly that of the pink robot not constructing the road, forcing me to restart. But for those who are frustrated with this, please understand that it is not in the least bit easy to create a game with 40,320 possible combinations and expect no bugs at all.

Why couldn't I finish the game? I got it correct, but placed the

Electrical before the Environmental. Just as ieronim said, I was able to obtain the same final result, however they showed the levels of each item before the man went to the table with his wife and kids, giving me Level 3 civilization.

Otherwise, it maintains its high standard of cute graphics, hilarious wrong results

eg. man not being able to give flowers due to environmental

, and its polished interface.

I think I know how do get an alternative ending, (well, the theory anyway)
You can get the potion to "UFO up", and you can sometimes get a UFO to fly down at the end, so I think If you do both at once the the UFO lands or something and then theres an alternative ending.
Anyone think so too?

How do you get the UFO to fly around? I've gotten the

"Lv.UFO" for the Chemistry

but that's all...

This comb makes a ship appear, but only at the end.

Screw wheel pickaxe battery chip environment chem logs

sometimes yo see the UFO on the bottom of the planet when

You go into space


the lava comes out the thing's ear

When the ship comes down

it 'looks' for a landing space. I think the landing space is the Lv. UFO

Update your walkthrough here because I'm proud to present the ALTERNATIVE ENDING (and it was very hard to find):

  1. Automotive

  2. Civil

  3. Architecture

  4. Computer

  5. Electrical

  6. Mechanical

  7. Chemical

  8. Environmental


Great work Danaroth! Loved that ending even more than the congratulations one! Thanks for posting it!

Love the alien circle dance! So cute.

I love how hyper the little guy gets when he sees the other person. <3

A million tnkx Danaroth! Freeeaaakyyy!!!!!!

"Alternatively, one of the many dead ends does have a different "flavor":
If you let the family grow without building the Chimney (Environmental Engineering)...
the father will turn evil and chop down the trees, which lets the lava cover the road, and then the mother will turn evil, and the father will send a computer virus to the computer." How do you get that? I wanna know.

"Without a doubt On's greatest work-to-date"? Here, I have a doubt for you: there's no way this is On's best game. Chronon was more innovative and had a better story, Dwarf Complete was less dependent on luck, Tontie was more devious in its design, and personally I enjoyed the other Grow games more, though I can't put my finger on why.

i agree with sidney, although this game is nice too. i got the solution on my 5th try. i personally liked chronon better, but it could be just me.

I hope On fixed the 'ending' for placing the battery before the enviromental (as the latter is only needed just before the dad comes out of the house again)

Mainly because this was the only good solution I found by myself *rolleyes*

TheNeverFortuneSeeker - you simply just do it like the walkthrough says, but select the chimney as the last. Then the man will send a computer virus.

Haha...Got the first solution, the second one is really interesting!

I wonder if there are more for the other grow games

I agree with Nathanyel. This can be counted as one of the best of Grow series (but I enjoyed Grow RPG more), but Chronon and Drawf Complete were better in terms of puzzle solving and fun aspect.

Thanks so much, Danaroth - I liked that even better than the "correct" ending!

yay I got it in 6 tries i guess~ very cute!

Oh, you're welcome; just happy to have helped you all (and solved the mistery around On's words when he posted this game) ^.^ Actually I was pretty surprised to be the first one posting the solution (even if only a secondary one) of a game that is part of a very well-known series as Grow is, since generally people here are so fast. My efforts were very rewarding this time *.*
About the quality of this game compared to other On's games: I also think this isn't his best game so far (I think CUBE is an unarrivable masterpiece and I also enjoyed Galves' adventure more) expecially because the cause-effect relationship isn't so clear compared to the other GROWs; however I'm relieved he didn't use anymore that horrible format showed in Grow ver.1 and I think it's awesome that he 's always adding bonuses in his last works.

I don't get it!!! Is there a bug??? I think I am about to complete it but then it just stops! For instance:

when the little rodent robot is done drilling a hole, the next stage he turns pink, when I click the chemistry bottle (last icon i use), but then nothing happens. Only once he turned pink and flew and the little man parachuted done..but thats it. Now nothing. what am I doing wrong? is it the game? My computer?

what a goooden of a game
thanks for the spoilers mateys (Y)

I love the Grow series so much and every time a new one comes out it's time to play the old ones again. Usually I remember some of the steps but I've forgotten enough to make them fun again. Chronon is my favorite so far. I think my love for them stems from my days playing the old Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry games on an old Tandy.

I love the grow series!

Amazingly, I got 5 Max levels on the first go, pretty good guesses ! and then I solved it in only 2 more attempts. I have NEVER done one that fast before. I used

Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Aeronautical, Environmental, Electrical, Computer, Chemical.

I am now going to try one of the alternative endings.

Keep them coming please On, they are fun to play and beautiful to watch, thank you!

please post the solution(s) here. we've tried many combinations but it didn't work at all. best was 6 at maximum, but we've never made it to finnish the game.
how is the exact order to finish this really nice amusement?

[Edit: Try the walkthrough above. -Jay]

I love the grow series!

Amazingly, I got 5 Max levels on the first go, pretty good guesses ! and then I solved it in only 2 more attempts. I have NEVER done one that fast before. I used

Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Aeronautical, Environmental, Electrical, Computer, Chemical.

I am now going to try one of the alternative endings.

Keep them coming please On, they are fun to play and beautiful to watch, thank you!

that was the funest one yet (grow island)

i have heard that there is another extra ending...

[Edit: There is an alternate ending. Check the walkthroughs above for both known complete solutions. -Jay]

i need help to understand how to get on the website with all the grow games but i know how to get the UFO ending and normal ending.

[Edit: All the Grow games are listed here. -Jay]

Can someone tell me how i can finish the game?

can someone help me to finish the game?

[Edit: All the help you need is in the "walkthrough" section above. -Jay]

Neat. Not as good as the other ones, though... It really made no sense, making it almost excessively hard.

great game!!!
it took me forever to beat it
but it was fun!!!

this is osm! thanks for the walkthrough, everyone!

This is my 4th grow walkthrough and my 4th walkthrough=

Mechanical engineering

Civil engineering


Environmental engineering

Aeronautics, Marine, Automotive engineering

Electrical engineering

Computer Science

Applied Chemistry

ufo up... comical

grow island is awesome. Congratu-alien-s ha ha ha that's funny and the aliens dancing around the pyramid have you guys played grow cannon yet its pretty funny

hey guys i just got a account i have played all the grow games and completed them with the help of this website

One good clue...

1st is Bolt
2nd is Pickaxe
3rd is Logs

Walkthrough Normal

5.lego piece

the ending to the game looks awesome!

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