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This simple and elegant Flash game looks like a work of art: minimal design paired with maximum gameplay. While not an original concept, Gridlock features classic sliding-block puzzle gameplay that will surely exercise your brain. A well-executed game in the genre, and a very beautiful game to behold.

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jay, when I load the game I can't see the whole screen because of some ads

Thanks, Gryph for the note. It's fixed now. =)

Very cool game. :)

This is a brillient game that gets harder and harder, just like I like them, you should put more games like it on the site jay!

Help. I can't stop playing!
Some levels I can see the solution right there infromt of me. Other levels I would not be able to tell you just how I got that crazy block through that hole!

By the way: on expert mode the board spins.

im stuck on lvl 24 help

Hints on level 31, anyone? I'm totally stuck here.

I can only get the blocks to move up or down, not left or right.... what's up with that??

I've been stuck on level 34 for a very long time now. For a few months, I've tried mindlessly moving the blocks around, trying not to think about it too much or just trying to plan out the entire execution beforehand. It just seems impossible. I keep ending up at the same places no matter what I change.

i am stuck on level 8 someone plz help!

Hints on 33

I'm stuck on level 34 :( Can somebody please help me? =D

Stuck on 11..:-( a little hint?

Just wondering about this. I am stuck on level 34... has anyone here beaten it??? I don't think it's impossible, but i am starting to wonder...

There's an IRL version of this game semi-designed for children, with big plastic cars and wheels that fit on a grid, with the game basically working the same way as this.

I never got past like... level 25 of this one. Very tough.

For those stumped by level 34, here's a screen shot of the ending. Hopefully this works a hint...


Sorry, link didn't work to well. Here's a screen cap of the final set-up:

Hi. I'm stuck on level 35. Really hard to pass... Game is great :) Will be there Gridlock 2 ???? :D

I am really stuck on level 38, do you have any hints to help me get through it?

level 13...please help me!!!!

heres a hint guys (JUST MESS ABOUT WITH THE BLOCKS) u will get them eventually, im up to level 35 now by using the hint.

i hope its helping u guys.

I'm on level 35.
Just wondering has anyone beaten all levels?
how many levels are there?

For those stuck on the lower levels, especially starting on level 8:

You can move the blue piece before the puzzle's done. This was throwing me through a loop on level 8. For example, if you have room, scoot the blue piece closer to the edge so you can start moving other pieces to clear the way.

I just completed all 40 levels! Well that took me a good couple of hours.. Great game, would never want to play it on expert though.

can someone help me with level 37??

help stuck on level 21

I just completed all 40 levels in about an hour and a half =D

help on level 25 im stuck the first 24 were easy but this is too hard

need help on level 22!!!!!!

ARGH! I cant even get past 11!

im stuck on level 20 i've done it before but now i forgot lol

good game...stuck on level 17. anyone got the solution?

Please help...Im stuck on level 26...I found a walkthrough but I think its incorrect...and ive been stuck on this one for a couple of days now...help as soon as possible please.....thanks

help on level 22!
stuck on it for hours
its impossible

hi, im stuck on level 24, can you help me out , its dead hard. no matter how many times i shuffle them they end up in the 'exact' same place and go round in circles.
please help me.


yah i remember seeing this game before somewhere... but this one wins best design :D

when i click the link to open the game,

the pop-up opens but i just get a white screen and nothing happens =/

i've tried it with both IE and FF and neither work?

i beat this game before, but now i'm stuck on level 13. any hints for beating level 13? i'm messing with the blocks, but its not really helping

never mind. i beat level 13 after 516 moves. but 16 is sort of hard.

@Jay - I have the same problem that SAM did. It appears that the link has problems.

@SAM - I was able to Google and find it on a number of other sites though. This one worked just fine:

ther are 40 levels. my older sister has beaten the game, but every time i play i quit and forget to come back before the save data has been erased lol
i WILL beat it this time tho! im at lvl 28 now, which is not bad i guess since i just started 1/2hour ago

Ok. I have gotten to 40 and am about to die. Hints anyone?

who ever said level 16 was hard.. i did it in 47 goes!!!

i love this game i am really addicted but i can't get passed level 15!!! any hints? well i hope i can figure it out!!

ok level 25..... how has ANYONE passed it. iv been on it for HOURS!!!!!!!!!! help

help on 29?...? Please!anything's appreciated?!

i got to "lvl 41 please dont tell me thats it!!!!

there nothing there, just a blank box !!!!

I'm on level 40 and I think it is impossible to beat. Help me!

I am stuck on level 40 and I cant seem to got in the twenty minutes before my cheereleading at a basketball tournament so did anyone finish before twenty minutes?

Just won. 63 minutes, but I beat it.

i need help with level 19 please

13 is well hard, I keep draggin it round, but there's none to actually drag. Please help!

i'm stuck in lvl 16, please help me!

Stuck on 24. HELP./:

Took me 3 days to beat this game, too bad it only has 40 levels

Cool! I finished this game already!

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