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Factory Balls

Factory Balls may be the most immediately appealing entry of JIG's Casual Gameplay Design Competition #4. Maybe it's the elegance of the core concept and the out-of-the-box thinking it provokes; maybe it's the simple awesomeness of making ball-people with rabbit ears. Either way, Factory Balls is a great, albeit short, game that displays the clean design and quirky sensibility that I've come to love in Bart's work.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Walkthrough for all 14 levels:

Level 1-

Orange Paint, Black Tape

Level 2-

Orange Paint, Spotter, Blue Paint, Spotter Off

Level 3-

Green Paint, Pump, Pump

Level 4-

4th ? Paint, Spotter, 2nd ? Paint, Spotter Off

Level 5-

Green Paint, Pump, Blue Paint, Pump, Green Paint

Level 6-

Black Paint, Goggles, Orange Paint, Goggles Off, Plunger, Plunger

Level 7-

Yellow Paint, + Paint, Pink Paint

Level 8-

Orange Paint, Spotter, Blue Paint, Blow Torch, Spotter Off

Level 9-

Green Paint, Half Orange Paint, Pump, Half Green Paint

Level 10-

Green Paint, Second Plunger, Second Plunger, Blue Paint, Goggles,Yellow Paint, Goggles Off, First Plunger, First Plunger

Level 11-

Yellow Paint, + Paint, Cyan Paint, Spotter, Yellow Paint, + Paint, Pink Paint, Spotter Off

Level 12-

Half Orange Paint, Spotter, Pink Paint, Half Yellow Paint, Spotter Off

Level 13-

First Plunger, Goggles, Blue Paint, Second Plunger, Pink Paint, Buzz Saw, Goggles Off

Level 14-

Blow Torch, Light, Spotter, Blue Paint, Spotter Off

You win! Enjoy the credits!


this is fun
i am up to level 7, and i like the little puzzle each round produces :D

What a cool game! I got up to lvl 12, first try.

Neat little game. Not really hard enough though. With all those neat permutations I'd like to see a random level generator.

Unless that's not how you coded it, of course :p

I found the ball tumbler in-game to be more annoying than anything, keeping you from clicking the balls by having them move out of your reach.

Regardless, It was fun, and not too hard. Beat it on my first try (with no lives left, but hey)

I broke the ball tumbler almost immediately, but hey; that wasn't the game was it?

cool game.. finished it on my second try...
however, it could of been more comfortable to play if there were shortcuts, for example if instead of draging the ball to the first circle it was possible to press the number 1 button, and for the second circle pressing 2.. just saying, maby for a sequel..

Now this is a clever game!

Kind of reminds me of the grow games but with lots of mini puzzles instead of one big puzzle. Very fun working out the combinations and it certainly has a lot of replay value due to the fact that completing it on your first go is going to be almost impossible.

I've got to the second stripe puzzle (the one with two orange pots and two green pots, forgot what level number it is) so far =).


Woo! Finished it, that was awesome! I remember seeing a couple of games in the same style why back in my Apple
IIc days... but had completely forgotten about them until playing this :-)

It was fun to figure out what each of the various "tools" did. (Sadly, there are only 14 levels. The last one is neat.)

You see, it's games like this that make me LOVE these game competitions. Who would have interpreted "ball physics" this way? Fantastic! I loved it!

My only gripes are that it's far too short, and sometimes it's a bit unclear as to what each thing does. I realize it's sort of exploration but the

glass blower thing

was really confusing.

Still, fantastic game.

Nice one! With level 14 tricky enough to want to come back for more.

Kay, I beat it. If you wanna know what happens:

He goes on with this long text about...the game. His next game will be a point 'n' click, but it won't be based in a room.

Nice game! The only criticism I have is it was kinda short, and the puzzles were pretty simple. Very enjoyable while it lasted though!

I think this game is just begging for some more 'tools' ... aaaand ... USER-CREATED LEVELS!!! Seriously, that would be beyond awesome.

Im stuck on level 9, Can anyone help?

I found this game very fun to play. The only thing I see wrong is a few of the tools could be explained like the tool that makes the ball shine. I lost a lot of balls on the level where that tool is first given. Other than this I really enjoyed the game and wish there were more levels to play cause it is just so much fun.

Hey, Mr. isgames (aka Jay!) could you do me a huge favor personally?
When you upload each entry...could you put the time (Eastern, or whatever, just note the time zone I guess?) that you uploaded it? The reason is so that I (and maybe other people) could gauge how much time until the next game is uploaded. If you don't want to do this that's fine, it's just a suggestion. No matter how much I love each game, I always wait in anticipation for the next one. I can't help it.
Anywhoo just a suggestion!

fun game.. very fun :D

I beat it after my second try. with all my balls left too ;)

thanks bonte!

btw bonte, i am being stubborn and will keep this window open until i have seen all of the text...
i am up to

"undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined" etc...

I LOVE this game.
It's has a great Increddible Machine feel to it, but in a creative new way.
I agree on the too short, which is a compliment.

That was really fun. I love how almost every level, there was that moment when "the lightbulb went on". That's such a thrilling sensation.

My favourite was

putting the large ball into the bucket to paint only the bottom.

Very ingenious interpretation of the theme. It was super exciting to think that way for a moment, it would have been good to have more tools that played off this "physical" aspect of the balls.

nice game. Entertaining and challenging (with the no describing what the tools do) but not too challenging. I loved the ending text though "is anyone still reading this?" hilarious

Very nice game, I loved the comment from someone else about a Random Level Generator. The game is horribly short for how well done it is, and a random level generator would not be that hard to implement if he coded it in a decent way (i.e. he used matching at the end rather than comparing the permutations, not that it couldn't be done with the other way.)

Interesting game - like posters above, wish it had more levels! Very unique and interesting interpretation of "ball physics"!! The only annoying part were the spinning "bucket" of balls. It would have helped my concentration if they had been lined up at the bottom! But, maybe that's their intent! Good game from a regular.

Scramble - I reserve the right to vary the number of hours between entries (aka I have to sleep sometime!). :)

I really enjoyed this game. It's definitely really interesting. I'd love more levels.

Awesome. Just really creative and fun. I got a big goofy grin on my face when I first

painted the bottom of a ball by jamming it into a too-small bucket.

And unlike some other folks, I really enjoyed the tumbler. It gave the balls a nice physical springiness that would have otherwise been lacking. Sound effects are aces. It really does need more levels, although the ones that are here are arranged wonderfully, with the various different design elements developing in parallel. And the final level is a lovely payoff. Excellent game.

This game was great. I think most of the physics had to do with the tumbler to the side and the ball at the end when you were finished, but it was neat figuring out the 'puzzle' for each ball.

Lovely game. The music is repetitive, but good enough that it's not annoying. If found the ball holder to be kind of fun... I easily got distracted and played with the balls, throwing them around and whatnot :) One gripe is the 'shiner' tool, which actually seems to do two things:

1) Make paint shiny/metallic and 2) make the ball surface transparent (on last level) so light can shine through

The only other thing is the replay value... Now that I know how each level works, what's the incentive to play it again? Like above posters have said, having a random element of user-created level would be welcome, but I lean more toward increasingly difficult random levels.

AWESOME!! I love all of Bonte's games, and this is no exception.
There are no instructions needed. You can experiment wildly, but then you'll need to replay the game. Like everyone else, I'd like to see more levels, or maybe this as a minigame in one of Bart's other games.

I'm only on level 2 and i love it. Great work, Mr. Bonte =)

fun with the bonus ball tumbler:
removing the balls doesn't always work. If you add and remove balls for a short while, they start to pass through eachother (though they still hit the walls)

Other bugs:
when a ball pops due to overinflation/overextrusion/overshining/overwhatevering, it'd be nice to have some sort of popping animation (I don't have the sound on much) cause it kinda looks like the balls just vanish.

it looks like the second circle in the menu interface should *do* something, perhaps once you've beaten the game.

It'd be really nice to be able to return to the menu from the ending screen, to either play again or go into the tumbler.

Here's my little blurb: An entertaining creative interpretation of the theme, a little too simple and/or short for my liking, but the overall experience was great. User created levels would be great, like someone previously said, and maybe a little more interactivity with the balls.

Love love love it!

Does anyone know what the line in a different language means? sheesh, i don't even know what language it is lol i was just reading the text for as long as i possible could (until that bouncing light filled ball drove me near insane) and that was the last line i got to.

OMG!!! Love this game. Perfect for the artist in me.

fun game, fun to discover stuff. little to no replay value though.

I was really impressed with this entry. Ok, it could have been a little longer, but it was just long enough for my attention span.

As with all your entries, good clean graphics and neat sound effects make it look very professional.

Can't wait for your next game!

Love it! Love it! Want some more of it!

Kudos, this game was a lot of fun :)

A great little entry - a unique and fun concept - that made me smile.

At the risk of sounding like jumping on the bandwagon of the previous entries this game would be fantastic with more levels or better still random challenges on each level to improve the shelf life of this game -otherwise it is just a neat way to spend 10 minutes solving the puzzles.

Theme: The "Ball Physics" theme seems to be slightly stretched. The tumbler of balls is a nice way to implement it without adding unrelated gameplay mechanics, though. The "Extra Tumbler" really didn't interest me, and seemed to really have nothing to do with the actual "Game". This is probably the least important aspect overall, though.

Graphics: Graphics are simple and there is not much need to add or remove any details. Right where they need to be.

Sound: The music is simple, doesn't get old, and seems to loop as long as you need it to. The sounds are non-intrusive, and make it clear what you're doing to the ball, even if visually you're not sure, such as inflating it. Right where it needs to be.

Replay value: The game is fun for a single run through of the "Puzzle" mode. I could see a person playing through a second or third time to goof around with the tools, but not much more than that. A "Freeform mode" where you have access to all the tools and a bottomless tumbler of balls would be tremendously fun, and greatly extend the life of the game (A mode with freeform that allows players to create balls and challenge others to mimic them would immensely improve the life of the game).

The "Extra Tumbler" mode really didn't interest me, however, and I didn't feel it added much, if anything, to the overall presentation.

Overall: EXCELLENT game, marred only by a weak adherence to the "Ball Physics" theme. It left me feeling like the ten minutes it took to beat it were well spent. I enjoyed it much more than your previous titles, like Bark in the Dark.

Good work, Bonte, and good luck!

This game is great! It reminded me of grow but it's not overly similar as there's an obvious logic to the process which I love, as that is something which always confused me about grow games. I agree with the other comments in that user created levels would be a great addition.

But I'm having troubles with level 8; the one with the shiny thing. Any hints?

Nice game man :) I really enjoyed it. It took me two tries.

I ran out of balls at level 10 the first try. The second try I had just enough balls to finish level 14

What a great game. Got Stuck on Level 14. Cant wait to finish em.

I liked the puzzles on this game. I thought the game was too short and maybe a tad too easy. I think maybe the game could have had double the amount of levels; perhaps more examples before adding a new element into the mix? Perhaps more elements to through into the mix; suggestions: a splatter brush, a spinning wheel (like for tie-dyed shirts), injecting fluids into the balls? I also think to ramp up the difficulty, perhaps only give us an amount of balls equal to the number of levels. That way only those that are perfect with the puzzles (those that don't pop a ball, etc.) get to the final level. And don't add a "skip to this level" feature. Normally I would say add it but it adds to the difficulty and increases the concentrating when you know you cannot waste a ball or else suffer starting at the beginning.
Good game.

this is SO unfair. ball physics (and physics in general) is one of my favourite genres (spelling? it sounds like 'jhaanrahs', I think thats how its spelt) and I only just found them at 10 past midnight with only half my homework done.

Curse you, JIG.com, for making me want to fail my English GCSE just so I can play games >_

level 8:

orange color


blue color


remove spider-thingy

Nice! I want even more levels!

This is a really cool idea for a puzzle. The only thing I would change is the game-play. I had trouble dragging the balls. I would much rather just click on the tool or bucket.

Also, I think it would be interesting if the puzzles all shared a toolset (maybe one that grows on itself to introduce new elements, lending further replay value (let's say you had a set of possible balls to make, each worth varable game currency, and they are all presented from the outset. You could spend the "money" earned on new tools, unlocking the possibilities of making further balls)) - rather than creating a new one each time.

That's just a thought, not a criticism though. I think that the concept is excellent, though, and I think that it works in the theme really well - making the player try to intuit the physical nature of a problem.

the first thing i must say is: it's the first bonte game i've been able to finish without spoilers of any kind. i really like puzzle games like this!

Great game, Bart. I love this type of game. But as several others have said, you need a randomization/arcade mode. You could put it together by randomly doing a paint then process for several repeats.
Other than that, the theme was weak, but the game was great.

Bart Bonte is my hero <3

to all those people saying the theme is weak, just because it is not what you expected does not make it weak. we don't want 50 pinball entries.

Great job Bart

Lovely little game, greatly enjoyed it. Bonte certainly appears to know his stuff.

It's pretty simple, and although it has balls, and physics (blowtorches, colours, lights etc.) I'm not entirely certain it has ball physics. Nonetheless, good little game.

This is a really good casual game - engaging, fun, some trial and error, and i thought the sounds were just right.

I'm glad Bart spent his 2 months producing a smooth and polished feel rather than add more levels, but then again i'd also love to see more/user-defined levels in the future :)

The only thing i would say against it is the weak implementation of the theme - ball-physics is only a sideshow here, not the main dish.

Some have said it lacks replay value - maybe so - but if the theme of this competition had been replay, i'm sure Bart could have given us only one ball and had us start from the beginning again if we made a mistake, as per some games in the last competition.

Good effort!

I loved this! Normally I play the competition games for a few minutes, and then move on, but I just had to beat all the levels. It became very challenging at the end, and it was enjoyable to play from start to finish.

I have used numbers instead of words to erase confusion. The options are numbered clockwise, starting from the left-most tool.





























Enjoy Bart's comments on the game!

Very nice game. I share everyone else's complaint that it's too short, but that only reflects positively on the game! It's a surprising interpretation of ball physics, but my ironic side actually loves it.

This is going to be tough to beat (for my vote)...

I actually quite like the bonus Tumbler - it's a tidy little physics toy. A slider to control friction would've been nice, but as it is it's quite a bit of fun. You can use it to demonstrate, for instance, why the "good" nuts always rise to the top when you shake a can of mixed nuts, leaving only peanuts at the bottom. (Counterintuitively, when a collection of objects of various sizes is agitated, the larger ones tend to rise.)

Loved this game. Fun concept. I'd love to see more.

Dearest Bart, how great thou art.

Not much of actual mechanical physics involved in the game, but I like how he managed to use his style of game in a creative interpretation of the theme. Fun game overall!

I almost didn't try this one because I've tried a few of Bonte's other games and found them too frustrating to be enjoyable. But I'm glad I tried this one because I really liked it. As others have pointed out, it doesn't use the Ball Physics theme all that well, but I enjoyed it more than the other two entries that are up at this point. I'd like to see a longer implementation of this idea. The puzzles are just tricky enough to make you think without being frustrating. They're logical. The only ones that annoyed me a bit were the color adding and subtracting ones. I've always had difficulty with those, not being an artist.

Great concept, great execution. Very original, very fun. My only complaint is that it was too short. Which, if you think about it, is really a compliment.

I was worried about a few things with this competition:
1 - that it would just be a bunch of games where balls bump into other balls.
2 - that Bonte would make a really fun point-and-click that didn't use the theme, or that he would make a game that used the theme, but wasn't all that fun because Bonte specializes in point-and-click.

So, this game really was a pleasant surprise. It bent the theme without breaking it, in my opinion, and it was fun even though outside your usual specialty.

My only suggestion would be to add maybe a few more tools, and then to allow randomly generated, and user-generated levels.

This one is fun to puzzle out. If the levels were randomized to keep the mental cogitations going, that would be a neat thing to do after the competition is over, btw.

I enjoyed the trial and error with the mystery of trying to figure out how things work, but the bonus tumbler didn't seem to have anything in common with the main game. Or maybe I'm missing something?

I agree that having a way to jump back to levels you stopped at would be good since I flubbed the last level on my second try. boo.

Its a really fun game, I'd love to see it with more balls, options and levels.

Delightful. Planning out your moves and creating the right kind of ball on your first try is very satisfying. I ran out of balls in one of the later levels because I wasted some at the start.

I feel like the tumbler was just Bart's way of saying "Yeah, I can do physics. I just don't wanna."

When people are calling for more levels you know you have a good game concept.

Yes, it stretches the "ball physics" theme a little thin but still...

MORE LEVELS dangitall! :)

I really enjoyed using the different tools to manufacture items to the specification of each level. What would be cool is using a similar mechanic, but needing the final piece to serve some purpose in a bigger game: like you need to create a couple of different blocks to put together a bigger model, or else you need to create something that fits somewhere else... that's a little vague but maybe somebody will know what I'm talking about. This would make a great minigame in a Bonte point 'n' click... like maybe you have a set of tools on one side of the room, and you find a block somewhere else, and you need to use the tools to turn the block into a key or something that you can use somewhere else.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think the most exciting thing about the game is the in-depth interaction with the object.

I have played nearly every Bonte game and it is hit or miss. Loved some, not so big on others, but this game is fantastic. Please, oh PLEASE make more levels. I am addicted for sure.

Really enjoyed this one!

Has the potential to start an entire genre, really (not necessarily just with balls).

OK, that was very fun while it lasted. Managed to beat the game with my last life on my first try. If that's not a perfect difficulty curve, then I'd like you to do better.

I was impressed!

A very cool little game. I'm sorry that there is no real replay value after finishing it the first time, but still really cool.

It would have been neat to see the balls roll under the differnt factory tools and create the finished ball in a sort of assembly line fashion, that would have made the physics a bit more obvious to see. An awsome bonus would be a free level at the end where you could make whatever balls you want.


Excellent game. I have a feeling that this would be great for kids to play.

Totally incredible game. Very fun, requires just the right amount of thinking. That said, the ball limit was basically unecessary.

Nice take on the "casual gameplay"! My only complaint was that it was way too short, it would be fun to be able to experiment and create our own levels. Plus, I'm not sure about how to use the lightbulb in the last level, I won that one mainly by trial and error. Still, this is an outstanding entry.

Well, I always have to give points for taking things the wrong way, so this is a great idea for a game. I finished it on the first try with only one discarded ball, so I found it rather easy, but I think it is easily open for additional levels. I understand that the tumbler can only hold so many balls, but perhaps you get so many balls to finish so many levels, and then you get a refill? That would offset a large number of levels. I'd love to see some harder puzzles for this.

Fun game! Alas, on my first try, I made it TO level 14, but not THRU it ;)

For an old-school (hands on!) graphic arts person, this game made complete sense.

The tool some folks couldn't figure out is actually an

air gun - used to spray paint, or just air, to create different effects. Or in this case, explode fragile balls if used too much!

Thanks Mr. Bonte, for a great game that reminded me of what graphic arts used to be - ink on my fingers and the smell of acetone in the air!

Wow...this gets my new vote for best game (and I've played all of them up to this point (brownie motion is the latest as of this posting). Tremendous. I agree that it's too short, but that's not as much of a complaint as it is a comment on how great the game is.

Oh, I can't pick a favourite! I really enjoyed this one as it was challenging but not so much as to make you frustrated and give up. I wish there were more levels!

Very original, very fun, could use some more levels. Best game so far.


First hard puzzle game i beat without a walkthrough on my first try.

I didn't even wast one ball!

I hated this game. Then I played for a few minutes and fell in love. Excellent work, I love the logic behind this!

if you stay on he will talk to you at the end it will keep going until it says undefined. anyways good game

Most of what there is to say has already been said. Overall, it is nice to see Mr. Bonte branching out to a different style of game, and if I do say so myself (and I do), doing so quite successfully. It is also nice to see a puzzle game that even I (that's right, even me) can solve without a walkthrough.

All of these suggestions have been mentioned above, but I think these ones would be the best additions to the game:

1) User generated levels

2) A Freeform mode where you can just fool around

Randomly generated content seems like it would be very difficult. More levels is obvious, all it needs is more time. Also, could you have the text at the end go faster?

This is my favorite Bonte game so far by a long shot -- probably because most point-and-click room-escape games do nothing for me. But this, I like. A nice bite-size little game.

Definitely my favorite of this competition.

Great work!

I think this is golden as far as the concept goes. The growing and paint dipping and so on are totally based on ball physics - or at least how spheres interact with other objects.

That was SOOOOO much fun!!!! My only regret is that it was too short - add more levels PLEASE

Wow. For a change, I don't actually want to break all of Bart's fingers and toes. I loved the concept as soon as I worked it out (a Bonte game that makes me feel clever instead of stupid? Inconcievable!), but I agree that its replay value could be increased by allowing users to create levels.

I only got up to 8 before I ran out of balls, so obviously I'm not THAT clever. :P

i like it! easy i mean really easy. and fun!
what's:"salu en de kost en de wind vanachter"?
54321 i am bored yes. 12345

Fun game and a very original concept!

Strange though that on level 8 my ball seems to have disappeared after I tried to finish it with a shine-treatment... Is it a minor bug or should the really just vanish for a reason i haven't yet disovered?

Very good game. I agree that there should be more puzzles, more tools and some explanation on some of them. Also, user-created puzzles would be great. The tumbler seems kinda unfinished, if you start changing stuff and adding balls, it flips. But since this is about the game I will ignore that and give it a 4/5.

This by far my favorite with event horizon a close second I tried about 8 of them

sweet original gameplay ideas which are very well executed, too, one of my favorites so far :)

Nice game, though rather than the extra tumbler mini-almost-game, it'd be cool to have a mini-almost-game with all the tools and paints and just be able to create weird little ball-shapes. That'd almost double the playtime of this.

This was a lot of fun! My biggest wish was for more and harder levels. I could have kept playing for ever.

As it was, I beat it on the first try. If I hadn't, though, I think I would have found it a little frustrating to have to replay all the earlier levels in order to get to the new ones. Some way to save, or balls that regenerated if you earned them somehow, or having only a certain number of balls per level might have helped overcome that problem. As it was, it was not a big deal though.

heyy i loove this game! it was really fun and engaging. my fave of all the competitions!

W00t, got to nr. 13 on first try, and did the hole thing on second time xD
And best thing (about the game) was that I did it without looking at the walktroug xD


1.Orange with Black Stripe

Put it on the Orange Paint, then strap it with the Electric Tape.

2.Blue with Orange Polkadots

Dip it on the Orange Paint,than put the Polkadot Suspenser, then put it on the Blue Paint, then return the Suspenser

3.Large Green Ball

Put it on the Green Paint, than put it on the Inflator twice.

4.Orange with Blue Polkadots

Put it on the 4th Paint Bucket, then attach the Polkadot Suspenser, then place it on the 2nd Paint Bucket, then detach the Polkadot Suspenser.

5.Large Green Ball with Blue Stripe

Paint it with Green Paint, then use the Inflator, then dip it in Blue paint (it's in medium size, so it only covers the bottom.), then inflate it again, and dip it on the Green Paint.

6.Black Eyed Pinnochio

Paint it with Black, then use the Glasses, then dip it in Orange Paint, then remove the Glasses, then use the Plunger twice.

7.Red Ball

Paint it with Purple (it's more pinkish than Violet), then use the Add Paint Tool, then place it on the Yellow Paint.

8.Shiny Blue Ball with Un-Shiny Orange Polkadots

Paint it with Orange, then use the Polkadot Suspenser, paint it with Blue, then use the Shiner/Transparifier, then remove the Suspenser

9.Medium Sized Orange Ball with Two Green Stripes at the poles

Dip a ball the the Small Orange Paint Bucket, then paint the top with Big Green Paint Bucket, then use the Inflator, then paint it using the Small Green Paint Bucket.

10.Blue Eyed Rabbit with a Green Right Ear and a Yellow Left Ear

Dip it on Blue Paint, then use the Glasses, then dip it on the Green Paint, then use the Right-Facing Plunger (second plunger) twice, then dip it on Yellow Paint and use the Left-Facing Plunger (first plunger) twice, then return the glasses.

11.Red with Green Polkadots

Dip it on Green Paint, then use the Add Paint Tool, then mix it with Cyan to make Green. Use the Polkadot Suspenser, then dip it on Purple Paint, then use the Add Paint Tool, then add the Yellow Paint. Remove the Suspenser.

12.Yellow with Orange Polkadots on the bottom and Purple with White Polkadots on the top

Dip it on the Very Small Orange Paint Bucket, then use the suspenser. Dip it on the Purple Paint, then dip it on the Very Small Yellow Paint Bucket. Remove the Suspenser

13.Smiling Purple Alien with a White Right Ear and a Blue Left Ear

Use the glasses, then use the Right-Facing Plunger (1st one), then dip it on the Blue Paint, then use the Left-Facing Plunger (2nd one), then dip it on the Purple Paint, then remove the glasses. Use the saw

14.Blue Discoball

Use the Shiner/Transparifier on the ball, then use the Lightbulb. Use the Polkadot Suspenser, then dip it on the Blue Paint. Remove the Suspenser

So far this has been my favorite game, although I don't really get where the "ball physics" fits the competition rules. But aside from that I though it was ingenious! I absolutely LOVED this game, and I am totally addicted to it. I am peeved that there were so few rounds, and I figured that the designer could have come up (or will come up) with many many more rounds. I love the suggestion of user created ones too, that would add a lot to an already cool concept. Oh and I do have a gripe, with the color "mixing" you should at least make that accurate. No two colors mix to make primary red, thats a fact, and I had a real problem mixing magenta and yellow to make red. I appreciate that it is a puzzle, but I think it'd be cool to try and mix more complicated colors - but to keep it realistic. But so far it's my favorite game!! Thanks!!

Really clever take on Ball Physics, actually physically changing the ball. Very different from other Bart Bonte games. Cant decide between this or Osmosis, but as I managed to finish this one I guess this is my favorite.

Thanks everyone for your really nice comments!
Well it seems a lot of you agree on the fact that there should be more levels :)
There aren't more levels in the game, because I 'lost' a big amount of time in finding an original ball-physics game that wouldn't be a remake of an already existing ball game.
But I might do a Factory Balls 2 with more levels. So if you happen to have any ideas for new tools or new levels, mail them to me (bontegames@gmail.com) and I'll credit you in the game (or leave a comment on my new site www.bontegames.com).
I'm really enjoying this competition so far. It's great to see what other developers did with the theme. My personal favourite so far (about 25 entries were released now) is 'day of the bobteds'.
Oh, some people also wonderer what the one non-english line in the endscroll of factory balls means: well it's a way to say goodbye in dutch. That being said: byebye!

Excellent! A very satisfying game and as with everyone who has posted so far, more levels please!!

I really enjoyed the puzzle solving (as I did in the alone in the Bark) and it had a good learning pattern.

Ideas for more tools? Let's see....

Well done anyway Bart

Great game, I like this the most from all the entries. But you need mooooooore levels! I hope the positive feed back will encourage the creator to make a bigger game *hope*
Great work, keep it up!

Okay, I feel terrible, I've been playing all these games this competition, but as I didn't have an account, hadn't provided any feedback, so here's me rectifying this.

This game easily had the potential to be one of the best, except, where it kinda falls down is that it is a little short. Gameplay is based upon decision making, and it is a very simple you made the right decision or the wrong decision, so once you have solved the puzzles, there's little reason to continue playing.

Thus, I would recommend one of two, or maybe both things. Obviously, an editor or something to allow for player designed balls would be great, or another would be a mode that would allow for the player to create whatever ball s/he wanted to.

As it stands, this is a very fun game until you beat it, and after that, there is very little incentive to come back and play again.

Agree with all the people who say that it is way too easy, too short, and WAY too addictive!!!!!!!!!

I beat it on my first try, with 1 life left over, and am thirsty for more.

It is games like this that make me love your site. Note to the creator: PLEASE make a version with a random level generator, and also it might be really fun to have a freeform mode, where you have access to all the tools and can make all the balls you want. Perhaps put up a gallery of some of our masterpieces. That would be sooooooooo great.

Great entry, Bart Bonte!

This one is a great game!

Oh i loved this game it was sooo!!!! fun!!!!

At first I did not grasp the concept of "painting" the balls, then it just *clicked* The game went by very fast... Until level 14, Pfft... There went my game, I came here for advice! On a 1-10 scale I give you a...
♥ PERFECT 10 ♥

Rating Reasons:
I ENJOYED the game
It had a PROBLEM...and a SOLUTION
I had to WORK to win
It was EASILY enjoyable

I am stuck on number 7. :S

Awesome game. For once I was able to win something by just playing around with things and without getting frustrated at all, yay!

I'd kind of like to know what that object is that makes the balls shiny, though.

I got to level 14! but i couldn't pass it. post "HELP" if you want the spoilers. dont look at the spoilers up there. i tried it and it didn't work! (unless i did it the other way around. i tik one of them doesn't work.

i got stuck on number 7 too, but if you look at the wlkthroughs above then it will tell you what to do.
i wanted to play that game again and again!

I loved this one when it made its debut here. My only real complaint is that it was too short :)

A definite 5-star rating from me.

"The game spans 20 levels of increasing complexity"

I count 14? Where's the other 6??? (want more!)

After losing on the second-last stage, I was forced to slow down and plan each step out, and finished without screwing up once.

It's fun, challenging, has to do with physically fiddling with spherical objects, but my one disappointment was that there was not a single stuffed animal to be seen. C'mon, isn't that his signature theme or something? I played through the game hoping to find out all the balls were for some stuffed penguin's beach volleyball party or something.

I got to level 13 the first time and beat it with one ball to spare (meaning I wasted one) the second time.

The puzzles that got me were the ones where you had to remember to leave part of the ball white!

I LOVE this game!!! Almost as much as I like your room escape games! Keep up the good work!!

This was by far my favorite game during the ball Physics contest

I'll sign, Jess!

This was a fun game. I played it a number of times back during the competition, and made it all the way through the first try just now.

The first time or two I played it, I did have some trouble. After the third try or so, I kept making it to the same level and just couldn't figure it out. My greatest disappointment, when I finally did figure it out, was that I had been stuck on the last level. I was so exited to see what possibly could be next . . . only to have there be nothing left.

Dark, I just finished it for the first time, as well, after playing several times during the competition. I agree. I was just starting to feel challenged! Wish there were 14 more levels.

Bart's games are always my favourites, and this one was no exception. I can see why some people might say the link to the theme was a bit tenuous and can understand that's why it didn't win but it was by far my favourite of all the entries.

This was a great game!! Please tell me that there are more to come!!!

Cookie (no idea if you'll read this after all this time): the last line is in Dutch and means something like 'see you later, and good luck', but it's more a 'slang' way of saying it.

I really loved the game. Why is everyone talking about the theme? It is about the physics of balls, right?

I want an extension too! Go Bart!

that language at the end of the end is dutch and as far as I can translate (thank you online translators) it is "the cost and the wind behind you". I couldn't figure out what 'salu' was though.

Bart, are you thinking about a sequal? And, my advice,
try that "freeform" suggestion mentioned earlier. ;-D

If I don't get more levels or a level creator, I might go mentally insane.

HELP! please? with level 14. i feel really stupid for not being able to figure it out..

Please help I got up to level 5 and im stuck!

I have not gotten past leval 19 on Factory Balls 2. It is very hard. but i love this game it is one of my favorit games

Walkthrough for all 14 levels:

Level 1-

Orange Paint, Black Tape

Level 2-

Orange Paint, Spotter, Blue Paint, Spotter Off

Level 3-

Green Paint, Pump, Pump

Level 4-

4th ? Paint, Spotter, 2nd ? Paint, Spotter Off

Level 5-

Green Paint, Pump, Blue Paint, Pump, Green Paint

Level 6-

Black Paint, Goggles, Orange Paint, Goggles Off, Plunger, Plunger

Level 7-

Yellow Paint, + Paint, Pink Paint

Level 8-

Orange Paint, Spotter, Blue Paint, Blow Torch, Spotter Off

Level 9-

Green Paint, Half Orange Paint, Pump, Half Green Paint

Level 10-

Green Paint, Second Plunger, Second Plunger, Blue Paint, Goggles,Yellow Paint, Goggles Off, First Plunger, First Plunger

Level 11-

Yellow Paint, + Paint, Cyan Paint, Spotter, Yellow Paint, + Paint, Pink Paint, Spotter Off

Level 12-

Half Orange Paint, Spotter, Pink Paint, Half Yellow Paint, Spotter Off

Level 13-

First Plunger, Goggles, Blue Paint, Second Plunger, Pink Paint, Buzz Saw, Goggles Off

Level 14-

Blow Torch, Light, Spotter, Blue Paint, Spotter Off

You win! Enjoy the credits!

Level one is easy!

orange paint, tape.

Whenever I click the link to play a competetion game, everything comes up off center so that I can't see the whole sceen. Also, do you guys (Jay and the crew) read all the comments alot to see if anyone has a problem?

[Edit: I'm fixing it right now. In the meantime, just drag the bottom right corner of the the pop-up window to make it larger. -Jay]

Great game! I don't like how you play until you run out of the factory ball things, though. I think that factory balls 2 has unlimited amounts of the little ball thingies lol. Way better. This one is cool though.


I'm stuck on level 14, can anyone help?

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