Elventales: The Arcanery

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An army of elves stormed a deep and deadly labyrinth, and now you're the only soldier left alive. In this action-adventure RPG, infused with a touch of roguelike, you must brave dangerous monsters, avoid fearsome traps, and find your way to the exit! Forge powerful equipment, master mighty arcane magics, and learn and exploit your enemy's weaknesses to survive the dungeon!

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I beat this on AG.com, and I found it buggy. You can die randomly on floors 4&5 w/o any warning. You never learn the identity of "The Poet", though (s)he tells you many things about the game. The achievements and the forge are cool. 3/5 stars.


Ok, I'm all for traps dealing damage randomly, that tends to keep you on your toes. But the lightning trap has always killed me so far, even from full health with almost maxed out gear. To me that seems... cheap. So-called fake difficulty (Unless there is some sort of trap indication that I'm missing). It'd be a good game for its genre, but that one issue does more harm than good, in my opinion.

LightWarriorK September 11, 2014 4:25 PM

Agree with Furipu.

This game rings of a "well-done first effort." There's a lot that's done well here, but nothing too original, and then the parts where it isn't done well seems like the dev's inability to properly balance the gameplay. Game is too easy? Random traps.

I'm also not a fan of how the melee works. Very unpolished.

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone September 11, 2014 11:38 PM

It looks great, the graphics make me want to keep trying. But the random hurt is bogus. I got stuck on the same save point over and over because things randomly explode or throw rocks under me, and the save point is surrounded by mobs. I can't get off that one spot! Balance is indeed the issue.


Same as others have said. I keep getting killed by treasure chests of all things -- I'm on level three with all items in supposedly the best armour tier, and chests keep killing me.

The cool-down time on even mid-level spells means I also spend a lot of time tabbed out, since a couple of the monsters are literally unbeatable without a specific spell class. Maybe that's intentional, but it has the feeling of a hobble.


If it were only chests... the traps seem to trigger when randomly walking, with no chest in sight.


Could have been a great little game. I got through the first 3 floors without dying, and just nearly got to the end of floor 3 when I died. I had to start over from the last save which was back at the begin of floor 3, no problem...

I loaded up my save, and now, enemies and situations that were giving me no problems at all in my first run through, were killing me instantly time and time again.

This turned what I thought was an amazing little game, very well built and tuned, into something maddeningly frustrating and actually unplayable.

I would have preferred the original pacing it was on, before my first death to continue, rather than employing "fake/cheap difficulty" in order to lengthen the experience. Hell, if it weren't for this bad taste/design, I would have gladly purchased a sequel or well made level pack to lengthen an otherwise great experience.

Frustrated and I'm done with this.


I'd say it scales pretty well and is of exactly the desired length... except for the random instakills. That's just ridiculous. Get rid of the insta-kill traps and it'll be really nice.

Basically, same as the rest of the comments. Not much more to be said.


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