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Dolphin Olympics

Ever watched Flipper and were jealous about all the tricks he could do? Now you, too, can have the charm of a sea-based mammal with Dolphin Olympics. This flash game by Alan Rawkins puts you in the role of a dolphin in an infinite blue ocean. Build speed, leap from the water and perform tricks to rack up a high score and boost your speed for the next jump. It's a surprisingly simple idea that borrows elements from a number of games yet feels fresh each time you play.

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The game seems a little buggy. If I could actually follow through, I would get the mother of all scores :) Definitely fun though.
I could really get into it if there were more objects to interact with.

work your way up to where you are jumping slightly above the moon. On your next landing, just barely skim the ocean floor. The Dolphin will keep moving horizontally but will be curled up. Aim the Dolphin straight up, and you will shoot out of the water without any gravity. I passed the moon, passed mars ("Mission To Mars!"), left the stars and kept spinning and flipping for awhile. Eventually "Hail Mary!" shows up in your trick combo list. The only problem is you can't get back down. The timer hits zero, but because you haven't landed the game doesn't complete.
I haven't tried aiming the mega jump more horizontally yet. I am a little dolphin'd out for now.

Fun, but I'm hitting the same bug as Tinesthai. Hence, asdf has the longest and highest jump so far...

85596. Very cool game, very Tony Hawk with the combos and earnest for a higher score.

I just wish I could get Nice Entry more often, I can get it about 75%, but sometimes I swear I should get it and didn't, and sometimes I keep my momentum but don't get the bonus.

Ah well.

I agree, this follows the Tony Hawk formula. Limited variables and simple controls allow for rewarding results. So far Im under 100k but its just fun to play. Wish there was an unlimited time mode to just fool around in. :P

1.8mil so far...

chaining tailslides is the key to big scores

sweet, on the leader board with 3.28mil

so long and thanks for all the fish!

I like this game a whooole lot, but I don't really know how to get such a high score? can anyone help me?

Just managed to pull 1.7 mil.


pull off a trick with a "nice entry" and immediately leave the water and do more tricks. Repeat. This'll keep the combo chain going.

Not sure if that really qualifies as a spoiler, but better safe than sorry.

to get higher scores, you have to chain all your jumps together, as well as getting higher and higher jumps each time

-each time you're in the air, press down and side arrow to do twisting summersaults

-there are two ways to gain speed and therefore get higher jumps: turning or tailslide. Usually you get higher each jump because you gain speed when you turn around after plunging in the water, but this is the slow way to get speed. The better way is to chain tailslide. After initiating a tailslide, press a side arrow immediately to pop into the air. When you comedown after the trick, chain into a tailslide again and repeat. You'll gain height faster this way. I was able to get the Mars bonus in under a minute, and got 3 or 4 more Mars bonus with the remaining minute. Watchout tho, the dolphin will reach ridiculous speeds and you'll have very little time to turn around in the water.

ok... I dont get it. How do you tail slide?

hitting the down key just spins you....

For me the tail slide worked if I hold the down and up keys pushed while I approached the surface with high speed at a very low angle. Then just before the surface I released only the up key. In that way the dolphin won't jump from the water because you don't accelerate any more. However, the dolphin starts to slide on it's tail. Just keep the down key still. You can slide till the speed ends if you wan't to try tail slide record. Or yo push the up key again if you want to jump and continue.

If you're still having trouble with the tail-slide:

If you are pointing a little up from horizontal as you reach the surface of the water and are holding down, you will tail-slide. You have to be going fast, too. So if you come out of the water, go back in with a nice entry to keep your speed up, do a tail-slide, jump, trick, get another nice entry etc. you're racking up a high score. By 'low angle' read 'a little above horizontal'.

Lovely game!

Just to clear up, you can only tail slide when coming out of the water, right? So you approach the surface very flat and hold down as you break through, then hit up to flick yourself into the air (much faster than just jumping straight out of the water) - the trick being not to go too far down when you re-enter the water, to keep the chain going...

Apparently my dolphining is an affront to both man and God, since all I can get the thing to do is flail about helplessly in the water and frighten fish.

Stupid dolphin.

Just made a personal tail slide record: 190.94 m :)
I took speed from Mars and started the slide just few seconds before the time ended. So, the dolfin won't stop after the time limit if only tail is in water.







lovely game, i listen to http://emusica.dyndns.org:8080/ while im playing!

very nice, my status is 370.000 point!

what a beautiful little game! addictive, eye-pleasing, and the review is quite right - still new and fresh after several plays, if a little frustrating!

Crap! It's frustrating that top scores seem to be down (not surprising after the bugs that were discovered last night), because I just scored 6.6 million!

Wow, this is so cool.

I played this game several times through-out the day, and the time of day in the game changes too as you mentioned in your review Jay. It's dark and starry outside, and same goes for the game :)

Feels really nice.

Wow - I feel like a complete moron. I don't find these controls intuitive at all! The dolphin is swimming left-to-right across the screen, and yet the "forward" button seems to be the "up" arrow. I would much prefer that "forward" corresponded with the direction of travel of the dolphin, that is, the right arrow key. My dolphin often got caught on the bottom of the screen, and the best I could manage was a simple jump into the air. :(

Also, I don't like that you can't mute the music. Nice graphics, though! I'd like to watch someone who understands the controls play this - LOL!

I totally sucked at first, but now I'm getting better..

My top score was 40,000. Five or six games later, it's 800,000. I love this!

THANK TOY Jay for bringing this to us.

TerrorByte, this review is written by John Bardinelli ;)
Thank you John for the review =)
Thank you Jay for making this all possible =)

Oh, and thank you Alan Rawkins for the game!
It's very relaxing game to play.

Jared!!! 18,532,734

That's me!!

And who's jayisgames.com?;)

Hey, I'm on the leaderboard! Thanks for the tips, Kaeser -- couldn't have done it without you! For what it's worth, the secret (though I've only been able to do it once, the run that got me on the board) is to do your final tailslide at the end of a really long, unbroken chain -- the tailslide doesn't increase the multiplier, but it increases the base score enough that the final multiplier goes through the roof. (I imagine that the folks with higher scores managed to never break the multiplier the whole round, which I wasn't able to do on that run.)

Sweet! It even saves personal score when you close down the browser and open it again later!

Oh, heh, well sorry then.

The game's down for a couple hours... Nooooooooo!

BTW, high scores chart was up again?

I also am the one with the entry for www.jayisgames!

Thought this excellent site could use a little free advertising :)

You are, of course, awesomeness incarnate, spun00! =)

oooh... I was doing the thing I do best, (scaring away little fish) when

the dolphin ATE the fish, giving me a nice little "gulp" bonus after my next jump.

Also, I haven't been able to get any score above 60,000

Carpal Tunnel, meet Hand.

Damn, this site (jayisgames, that is) is like crack. Really really good crack. Keep it coming! :-)

Woah... 137033... and all I did was

link together nice entries

very fun. once i figured i could go higher and higher it got interesting.
but those sound fx got really repetive. fast.

not really a spoiler but it got your attention.
i found out that if you change the time of you compter if changes the thing in the game.

i found that there are four:

morning: 5-12 a/pm
day 12- 5-6 ish
dusk 5-6 ish - 8 ish

I found something crazy when i played for a while:

When you keep your speed and jump high and reach the moon and the stars, you can keep jumping higher and higher and reach a weird white scren with a creepy red circle...

I have the key. I got 4 million

Well, you get speed and then you have to crash with the sand. Quickly return to the surface and you'll go higher and higher without gravity. You will stay there and won't be able to return. BUT!!! if you press right click button and select FF at menu, the game will finish and you'll see your infinite record :)

So, what's the best score anyone can get legitimately?

You can get infinite points using the scrape-the-bottom method, which clearly doesn't count.

I've got about 1 million just by chaining normal jumps, and 1.9 million using the tailslide method with plenty of tricks. How can I do better?

What are the most valuable tricks?

And what does it mean when you get a Hail Mary?

This game is quite addictive... I've been playing it almost nonstop for the past few days. Right now, I'm still getting pretty low scores, but I finally got tailslides to work and it's giving me much better results.

No cheating: 6,2 million. I suppose using zero lenght tailslides for gaining speed and height isn't cheating?

277,591. I haven't been able to match it sinse... But I'm attempting, And yeah, whats the hail mary bit all about?

amazingly fun game, my best score yet is 2.3 mil

I think you get a Hail Mary when you do a lot of flips or something. A set number I think.

The game is ruined :(
I think that there's some updates done. Now the game is just uncontrollable fast so that you (or at least I) don't enjoy playing it any more. Moreover, the game gets stuck very often when you try to open a new game.

Over 900k, beat that! :p

if u press shift-w when in air it gives you automatic high score

I can't use it on my linux machine. Adobe only has FP 7 for Linux. This needs FP 8.

Hopefully FP 9 will be out soon (early 2007), and then all the linux tags for games that require at least FP 8 will be correct.

Tagging each game with the Flash Player it requires would be a logistical and administrative nightmare, and would require more time than I have available to devote to such a task. My apologies.

Call me sad, but I've played this game at least once every day since I first saw it on Jayisgames. It's highly addictive, especially after you get good at it! Anyway, here's a list of all the tricks I've found. If someone wants to pipe up with point values, please do!

Tailslide - Approach the water nearly parallel with the surface and hit 'Down'
Front Flip - While soaring through the air, press and hold the right arrow key until you do a full revolution
Back Flip - Same as above, except press and hold the left arrow key
Nice Entry - Enter the water smoothly (think dive rather than bellyflop) **The best way to do this is line up your body, nose down, with the angle of your star trail!**
Backside Rewind - After doing at least one backflip, let off the left key and press and hold the right key until you complete a front flip
Frontside Rewind - Same as above, but start with a front flip and switch from right to left key.
Corkscrew - While in the air, press the down key until you do complete rotation
Hail Mary! - Appears after you fly a considerable distance horizontally
Celebration! - Appears after you fly a considerable distance vertically (during the day, this is just past the blue to black transition)
Mission to Mars! - Fly high enough to fly about half a meter above the top of the red disk of Mars
Gulp! - After gaining speed, catch a fish (eating it)
Gullable! (NEW!) - While flying through the air, hit a seagull (knocking it out of the sky)

How do people get such high speeds? I can only go 30 mps , even when i chain slide becuase it come out at such a high angle

Been playing this for a few days and it keeps getting better and better. A few hints/questions/suggestions:

Don't bother just diving up and down to get speed/height. Rather, use the tail slide and pop out of it as soon as it starts.
Also, I was just barely breaking 1 million until I started alternating between front and back flips in the same jump. You get a lot of points for this.
A few people have mentioned a technique where you 'cheat' by crashing into the bottom, which propels you up at some ungodly speed. Does anyone know what this is all about?

Yep, I'm addicted. I've only hit about 2.5M, but I'm glad to know what that big red ball was that I saw occasionally ;). Probably got 'Mission to Mars' and didn't notice since I was watching my sparkle trail. A somewhat lame but effective point-adder is to just hold down the down button the entire time so you're constantly corkscrewing.

I am addicted to trying to best my records...Though I can't figure out how the high scorer bested my highest jump by 1000m. I am doing zero lenghth tail slides but my highest jump is only 655. Can anyone add anything more?

This is all I get when I click PLAY....

You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.
If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the www.dolphinolympics.com home page.

Hi, Jay. I love your website.

Do you know what Alan Rawkins is up to. I tried going to his Dolphin Olympics game and received the following message:

You don't have permission to access /games/do/index.html on this server.


I'm also getting the "cannot access" error message....


I'm going through withdrawls....

I am in the process of trying to reach Alan about this. I will update the entry once I hear from him. Thanks for the alert. =)

I happen to know that Alan is travelling right now, but he'll likely (hopefully) be able to fix the problem tomorrow. I'll let him know in person and the bases should be covered =) I too am going through dolphin withdrawal!

i only got to play it once and i immediatly bookmarked the page, but now i cant seem to get access! i hope this problem is fixed soon cause i cant wait to play it again. please hurry!! im also having dolphin withdrawls! ToT

Dear God, somebody please get this up and running again. I need my dolphin fix!

Phew, it's back.

Now, don't everyone go there at once at crash the site!

hey can any of u tell me efective bugs i got 1 mil on my own but i wanna beeat the hiscore

OK, been playing the game for a week now and have been able to get 400,000+ but seem to have some problems.
1) How exactly do you "chain" tricks together, regular tricks or tailslides, ie to gain speed quickly?
2) U have tried to jump above the moon and graze the ocean floor but I either miss it or slam into it. WTF? How do I pull this off?

Love this game, its addictive. These tips will help, though I figured out most of the stuff already. Not that it matters much, but how do you conciously eat the fish instead of scaring them away? This eating them actually give you anything?

I can't seem to control whether I gulp them down or knock them out.

Hi Jay! Per usual, thank you SO MUCH for all that you do to provide thousands of us with an array of entertainment daily. I wish you had an inkling as to how loved you are; I read as many comments as I can on each game, whether I'm interested in that particular one or not. I'm never surprised at your ever-increasing "fan base" and the way you somehow find the time to diplomatically reply to all, even those that just can't be pleased.
Anyway, I appreciate this game so much. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm only up to around 25,000, but it's relaxing and fun. As you so aptly state in response to those disappointed in point and click endings, I've learned to just enjoy the journey and I owe you for that. Those of us who know and love you have been taught what should be a valuable life-lesson...it's not the final result as it is the path involved along the way. No matter what any of us are going through in our lives, we have your site and games, but most importantly, your refreshing attitude about getting pure enjoyment and release from a game. You're also a teacher, and I thank you for the lesson I've learned. Sorry for the novella; bottom line is that I just enjoy playing around with this game and the score isn't a factor. It's just precious! Much gratitude to you for being who you are.

Hey Jude! =D

When people like you leave me such awesome comments such as this, how can I just sit idly by without a shout out?! This site has been an amazing experience for me because of all of the love in the JIG community! It really does make the thousands of unpaid hours of effort each year seem worthwhile. ;)

But seriously, it's a labor of love. I love what I'm doing, and I enjoy sharing what I love with others (who doesn't?!) It's a win-win situation, and I guess that's what's it's all about. =)

Oh, where was my head?!
And of course I wouldn't be able to continue doing what we are all doing here without the dedication and support of my team, the contributing Casual Gameplay authors! While it used to be just me here, it's really not that way anymore.

So, as much as I love to hear your praises, they must be shared all around. Cheers! =)


When your in the air if you hit a seagull and get a nice entry after, you get the "gullable" thing. I think its for extra points but I'm not sure. Try it out!

yeah, i still can't do the hail mary, i slam into the ground and just stop, i can barely get to mars. not enough to get mission to mars tho.... i dont know, send me a video totial or something.....

????? dude i got hail mary but i have no idea, i was messing around and it just said it.. but i didn't fly up in the air, i just kept going????

It looks like this game has been updated!! Previously, I have gone pretty far past Mars, but it was just empty sky... Now I have seen a Nebula bonus and I think Jupiter? Just FYI - and I love this game!

Very fun..still cant break 1,000,000 by very much but still.. cant get the no-grav cheat to work ethe...oh well still one of the best game i've played. Keep 'um comming!!!

P.S. remindes me of ecco for the saga :)

Ive got past mars, the past the nebula, the past jupitar but no further...is there another planet after jupitar???

I FINALLY got some daily high scores and its not being put on the list!? This happen to anyone else?

got me 8 mil so far :)

We've passed Jupiter too, but seems there isn't nothing far away.. Can anybody confirm if there are more planets?

I love this game SO MUCH. Thanks for posting it!

How do you do the antigravity thing? Whenever I curl in a ball i just stop...and then nothing happens? Is it a fast skim on the bottom or do you go down and line it up perfectly? Thanks.

I can confirm... there are no more planets, at jupiter if you go past to about 268 meters there stars end, they just sort of stop, kind of interesting... took me awhile to try to get this high tho but yeah the stars just stop

I only got about 31,000 but that was only my 3rd try sooo I still have time!

Yeah this game is great
when I first saw it, i actually laughed thinking it was just another flash game..but after playing it this game is really addicting. So far i got 2 million...the way to do it is just go higher and higher and make sure you dont lose your momentum when you get in the water....
Good luck

Plz, can someone tell me how I can do the Anti-gravity thing? I can only go up to about the moon before time runs out...

Does the "no gravity" cheat actualy exist, or did he just make it up, because I tryed it for hours and still didn't do it. And everyone else who's comented on it havn't done it.

just got 26 million personal best

i got 24mill and theres still some guy with 23mill for todays high scores!!! his name is fabio...boo whats up with that

I'vf gotten 7 mil and past mars is a planet called nebulous and past that is forgotten star

To get really high and get high scores u have to tailslide then press up and u get high but the thing is to keep the combo going and at the end do a tailslide, and just keep holding it till u just fall. It will double or triple your score!!!

Can somebody PLEASE explain the crashing into the sand and flying up thing? Also, how do you gain speed with tailslides?

hey i suggested that!!

didn't i? hope i get credited for suggesting?? :)

great game, great site...

www.rawkins.com also has a great pool game!
also shows some of the messages poste by the owner... and would probably found the 11 million video (posted by a user)

you can have a LONG tailslide by PRESSING down and press up if you want to do another trick

enjoy! :)

Well I guess all the highscores are just done using some sort of cheats. I mean a mission to mars gets me 60m and the highscore highest jump is 600m. Very fun game though, 2 million is my highest and I dont know how I could get higher.

Well I got lucky once and found that you can go higher then Mars. I havent seen it on videos on YouTube or anywhere or heard about it, but somehow it happened. (PS: my high score was 1,682,661) I copied someone's list and reposted it, adding on my extra two.

Tailslide - Approach the water nearly parallel with the surface and hit 'Down'
Front Flip - While soaring through the air, press and hold the right arrow key until you do a full revolution
Back Flip - Same as above, except press and hold the left arrow key
Nice Entry - Enter the water smoothly (think dive rather than bellyflop) **The best way to do this is line up your body, nose down, with the angle of your star trail!**
Backside Rewind - After doing at least one backflip, let off the left key and press and hold the right key until you complete a front flip
Frontside Rewind - Same as above, but start with a front flip and switch from right to left key.
Corkscrew - While in the air, press the down key until you do complete rotation
Hail Mary! - Appears after you fly a considerable distance horizontally
Celebration! - Appears after you fly a considerable distance vertically (during the day, this is just past the blue to black transition)
Mission to Mars! - Fly high enough to fly about half a meter above the top of the red disk of Mars
Gulp! - After gaining speed, catch a fish (eating it)
Gullable! - While flying through the air, hit a seagull (knocking it out of the sky)

Semi-new ones
Nebulous!- When you fly past Mars, you will past a multicolored...thing- a shape sorta like an hour class (I never got a real good look or a pic.) Pass maybe in the middle of the object.
Wandering Star!- Jupiter, and you can easily recognize it. Again I dont know how high you have to go, but its after the Nebula and its big. You probably have to pass halfway though the planet as well.

hey! check out this video, 25 million !OMG

no cheat for highest jump, just quite a lot of practise

im so bad at this game my top score is 70,000 im so ashamed

how do people get so fast?... i mean i'm fairly decent but i can't get better than 8.5 mill. I just know that if i was faster i could do better.

Any tips?

This game isn't too bad, I've gotten over 14 million (but I got jipped and it didn't show up on the highscore table >.<)

Anyway, here's the secret:

If you tailslide before EVERY jump, you get much, much MUCH more height than you would from a normal jump! So much so that I've actually jumped high enough to not see even stars anymore.
But the *true* secret to getting a high score is this... use the tailslide trick to rack up a large multiplier. Than when you have less than 20 seconds on the clock, use all that massive speed you've built up from your jumps to tailslide until you stop moving. This will boost your base score by somewhere between 250,000-500,000 and with a high multiplier.. well, I think you get the picture :P

ok, so when you're creating a massive combo for at least 2 mill points, it takes too long to approach the water parallel to add a tailslide to the combo and if i try it, i lose the combo...how do u add tailslides in combos without losing them?

Try this:

When i have big combos like that i try cutting up right after i hit the water, then i cut parallel(to the surface) just as i approached it...in others words don't slowly approached the surface, it takes way to long, you have to cut some of your water time out if you know what i mean.

so i went up for a jump, hit the celebration, then space, then milky way, and adventure to mars.. i ended up getting well over a million points but i couldnt come down!
i was floating in space!
and i wish i could of recorded that amazing score!

Although I find this a fascinating game, I need to take a break before the APSCA catches me for Dolphin Abuse.

Poor thing keeps getting concussed on the sea bed floor...

I was floating in space and I thought I had like gotten stuck. luckily I was building up my score for awhile but then I came on here trying to figure out what was going on. I ended up getting 4.4 mil cuz it finally ended!

I wish there was some sort of free mode where there was no timer or highscores, just being able to mess about a rock up massive combos without worrying about the score would be very fun and relaxing ;)

Me want sandbox mode!

Ha Ha! I never knew I like dolphins this much...
(I still don't have a hang of the game though. I just love watching the dolphins twirl around in circles!)

i got 25 million today, the key is to go tail slide to tail slide the whole 2 minutes, not missing a tail slide once and not ending a combo. it takes a while to master but you'll get there i assure you.

Ok I can get 25 million on a perfect run and thats it- how did "trav" and "srx" manage 41 and 42 million???

ok I'm looking at this game and watching those youtube videos... they seem to do tail slides & good entries with ease and theyre able to put it in they're combo... achieving millions. i try and ****, doesnt work... what the hell are the doing?! maybe they typed something, but all I know is that impossible

I got 27 million today and very happy

Seems like dolphin olympics 2 is released yesterday, your review links automatically to it. The graphics are definately upgraded, I'm not sure if the lag I encounter now sometimes is because of those graphics too. Anyway, since this game is such a popular game (not that I don't like it :)), also under the readers here, it might be a good idea to give this its own review?

there is also dolphin olympics 2 its well good you can even do a thing called a freeswim and a star slide its so cool

ohhh today i got 7 521 679
my personal best
but i'm trying for a much higher score
Any suggestion?

i got 75 million... my video is on youtube if you want to see.

dang, 2.6 000 000 is my best after like 10 minutes

well theres a glitch that if you hold up and down and go up then you will do tailslide combo without tailsliding

I got my highest score yesturday: 36,071,187. You do this by jumping at an angle at all times. Start off jumping in the air and back down two or three times while doing as many corkskrews as you can (pressing down while in the air) then after that press the down key for a tail slide. Always hold down for only a couple sec or so, then when you are suspended in the air do as many tricks as you can, filps, reverse flips while changing direction and corkskrews. Always land at a slight angle-this builds speed. You want to start starsliding at the last 25 sec approx. This is when you see a stream of stars, usually past the moon. While doing flips hold the down button at all times until you hit the starslide and it makes the dolphin noise then press the up botton as quick as possible which suspends you in the air and as quick as you can press the down key again (you can still do flips while you are doing this) and just repeat the process which gets you very high-my highest is wizars eye, and do that everytime you hit a star slide and your score should def improve.

Lol, you all got the wrong idea .. Look at youtube.com, and see a 245.000.000 point run - thats all you gotta do..

My personal is 92.147.364 points ..

do you know how to score such billions in the new chart ? is it cheat ?

I can't get the second version to load?

Question: how do you get out of a Tailslide without just falling on your back? ive done 8.6 mil once, but i never fig'd out how to do that

Great game just got 1.9mil
Got to wondering in space
Gotta get tailslides and good combos
also try getting in the boosters but don't really go out of the way
will slow you down

Does anybody else go to Dolphin Olympics 2 for all three links? It's sad, I kind of want to play the original for some reason.

i got a score over 4 million and the highest i got is nebula!

all you do is do a massive chain and do loads of tricks like corkscrews and front+back flips

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