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Disaster Will Strike 2

Disaster Will Strike 2 is the second installment of Anton Koshechkin's physics puzzle series where you destroy prehistoric eggs using landslides, earthquakes, epidemics, and bees. Yes, bees.

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i do not claim the walkthrough is mine.
im helping just for fun.

Stage 1

Use the earthquake on the ground as directed. Done!

Stage 2

Shake up the ground under the left structure. This will break the supports and bring the ball on top down onto the next island over.

Stage 3

This time you need to use wind to achieve your objective. Activate the power and click on the right side of the screen.

Stage 4

Earthquake the ground, then have the wind blow to the right so the second egg falls off the edge.

Stage 5

Using the landslide tool, make a gap under the thin support holding up the eggs. This will bring the whole structure down.

Stage 6

Have the wind blow to the left so the two edges on the right are blown to the edge of the free-standing structure. Then start a landside under the wooden support to bring down crates to crush the eggs.

Stage 7

Start a landslide under the bomb to bring it down and destroy the two eggs on the bottom layer. That done, cause an earthquake in one of the two free-floating sections of land to drop the boulder on top down onto the last egg.

Stage 8

Cause a landslide under the crates to bring down the egg on the right. That done, cause an earthquake to bring the swinging platform down, destroying the eggs on top.

Stage 9

Get the wind blowing to the right to bring the two eggs down to ground level. Then use earthquake on the ground to blow up the bomb and destroy the eggs.

Stage 10

Create a small landslide under the wheels of the spiked cart beneath the eggs to keep it from moving anywhere. Then direct the wind to blow right so the spiked arm while crush the ice upon which the eggs are sitting. They'll fall onto the spikes below.

Stage 11

Use the swarm on one of the eggs. They'll move systematically from egg to egg until all are destroyed.

Stage 12

Deploy the swarm against the egg nearest to the line of bombs. As they're destroying the eggs up top the bombs will destroy the enclosure blocking off one of the eggs, allowing the swarm to move in and eradicate it.

Stage 13

Use the wind to blow the largest rock off of the top of the rock pile, then cause a landslide under the rest of the rocks to get rid of them. Deploy the swarm on the eggs and they will, eventually, complete the level for you.

Stage 14

Use the wind twice, once in each direction, to crush one of the eggs and remove the roof protecting three more eggs. Send in the swarm!

Stage 15

Use the fireball on the central layer of bricks to eliminate all of the eggs in one go.

Stage 16

Deploy the fireball and wait for it to clear the upper island of bricks so it can get at the lower island. Once the eggs between the two islands are hanging free, direct the wind to the left to send the mechanism with the spikes into action.

Stage 17

Create a landslide under the wooden post to release the two eggs on chains. This will destroy most of the other eggs on the stage. Then use the fireball on the brick island holding these two eggs up to destroy the hangers.

Stage 18

Set the fireball in motion and aim it to strike between the two brick islands, destroying them both. Time for some bees!

Stage 19

Create a landslide under the left-most egg. That done, set the wind to blow to the left, which will take out the rest of the eggs.

Stage 20

Start off by using a fireball to destroy the solitary brick wall blocking the path to the ice structure on the left. Create a landslide under the cart with the egg on top to drop it down to the ground so it can move freely. Set the wind in motion so it blows the cart to the right, then set it in motion again so the cart swings back to the left. This will destroy all of the eggs.

Stage 21

Use the wind to blow the cart with the egg against the right wall. Set off epidemics in both groups of eggs to destroy the lot.

Stage 22

This one requires solid timing. Cause a landslide under the crate to create a path for the wagon on the right. Set the wind in motion so the cart is blowing to the left, then infect the first egg on the cart's path (not the egg on the cart itself). The egg on the cart will carry the epidemic to the other two eggs remaining in the line.

Stage 23

Target the bricks with a fireball. Getting rid of them will bring the three bombs down, opening up the covered section that's filled with eggs. Release a swarm on their butts.

Stage 24

Use one of your landslides on the left-most square of the upper platform, where most of the level's eggs are sitting. Spark an epidemic in the right-most egg. As the epidemic is spreading, use the second landslide on the crates sitting on the bottom platform. The resulting chain of events will bring the only egg not affected by the epidemic into range of its final sickly compatriot.

Stage 25

This stage is a bit finicky, and you may have to replay it a few times depending on how your swarm does. Target the top egg in the middle of the stage with your swarm. So long as the resulting bees don't get stuck, they'll swarm past the rocks, destroy the three eggs in the middle, and then destroy one of the two eggs on the edge of the map. Use your two landslides to dispose of the remaining egg by smacking it into the boulders that fell over in the wake of the swarm.

Stage 26

Use the fireball on the overhanging bricks to destroy two of the eggs. Use the earthquake on the ground below to get rid of two more. The final egg won't survive the landslide. Tada!

Stage 27

Use your landslide to get rid of the left patch of land under the right-most egg, then send the swarm after it. This will cause a nice chain reaction capable of destroying all of the level's eggs.

Stage 28

Cause landslides under the inner crates beneath the two spiked carts in this level. They'll roll underneath the tower of eggs. Cause an earthquake under the ice tower to bring it down and the eggs will smash against the spikes, one by one.

Stage 29

Cause landfills under the two crates in this level. Use the wind to blow all of the eggs to the left, under the spikes. Finish them off by using a fireball on the brick island holding up the spikes.

Stage 30

Start an earthquake in the ground under the cart to bring the cart up against the brick wall to the left. Spark an epidemic in the egg inside the cart. Before it can spread to the top-most egg, set the wind in motion to the left. If you time it all properly, the egg on the top will become infected and carry the epidemic to the three eggs on the other side of the level.

Stage 31

Cause a landfill under the bomb on the right side of the screen. This will blow up the stuck wheel on the cart below. Set the wind to blow to the left, then, once the cart is in place under the eggs, have it blow to the right.

Stage 32

Use an earthquake on the land to the right to bring the two eggs here to the middle of the stage. Use the wind to blow the eggs on the left over to the middle as well. Trigger an epidemic in the egg hanging in the middle, then quickly use a fireball to drop it into the spikes. Properly timed, it will infect the other eggs before going splat.

Stage 33

Use an earthquake on the ground to jostle the bombs on the right into exploding. This will bring the uppermost egg done and into range. Trigger a landslide beside the rocks that also fall over, and use the wind to blow the rocks into the hole. This will also bring the left-most egg over to its doom.

Stage 34

This is a tricky level. Use the fireballs to take out the brick walls to the right of the left and middle eggs on the top. This will allow you to drop them down into the pits below. Blow the eggs to the left to get the bottom row of eggs into the pits, then blow the eggs to the right to bring the top eggs down on the bottom eggs. Splat.

Stage 35

Use a landfill on the crates to drop them out of your way. Use the fireball on the bricks over the eggs on the lower platform to get even more eggs down there. Set the wind to blow to the left, bringing the last two eggs down with the rest of them. Set off an epidemic in one of the eggs and you're done.

Stage 36

Use the swarm on one of the eggs under the ice barrier. The bees will knock down the boulder near the ice and crush the eggs. Activate the wind and send it right to crush the other two eggs with the second boulder.

Stage 37

Cause an earthquake under the ice sculpture to bring it down. Use a landslide on the section of ground under the boulder to drop it onto the swivelling arm bearing one of the eggs. Prep the epidemic as quickly as you can and activate it as soon as the egg is released from the arm. It will infect the next egg over when they touch, and it will pass the infection over to the big pile of eggs to the left.

Stage 38

Trigger the wind to the left so the cart on the right will fall onto the platform of ice. Once the wind is done, start a landslide under the smaller boulder in the top-left corner of the screen to drop the boulder down onto one of the eggs. Then trigger the wind to push the larger boulder to the right. It will land on the cart, cracking the ice and setting off two bombs above the eggs below.

Stage 39

Cause an earthquake on the ground supporting most of the level to get rid of the ice barriers. Use a landslide on the crates to drop them out of the way. Set the wind to blow right, triggering a bomb that will destroy the last barrier. Last, unleash the swarm on the top-most egg. They'll take out the other two eggs in short order.

Stage 40

Last level! Begin by blowing the huge boulder to the right, getting rid of the two hanging eggs and crushing a third. Set up a landslide under one of the top eggs on the left, then unleash the wind to the left to bring the cart on the lower level over to the left. Send the bees down the landslide hole you created to take out the eggs. Woo!

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