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Dino Run

The fine folks at Pixeljam have really managed to outdo themselves, bringing us an outlandishly retro, high stakes, mad multiplayer dash for survival called Dino Run. Although there are three modes of play, the idea is basically the same: run as fast as you can! What we love most about Dino Run is neither the perfectly captured retro feel, nor the immense replay value, but the total interactivity your dino has with its surroundings.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Top Speed -


Mega Jump -


Super Strength -


Goodbye Doom -


Low Gravity -


Boulders = Balloons -


Lights Out -


Meteor Storm -



Unexpectedly fun as hell.

Do multiplayer and single player have any bearing on each other? If I level up in single player, will I be better in multiplayer too?

This is really good. Not knowing if you have enough time to go out of your way to grab more pickups creates a neat tension.

Bah. Can't find that damned Bronto egg.

Anyone know?

You have more time then you think.

I was in the cloud of "death" and then some how got ahead of it and it said I "doomsurf for 125 seconds"
I think it has to more then half fill the screen to at least be the end.

Simple and delicious. I love eating those snakes.

THIS is the game I always wanted to play on my Atari. The retro doesn't bother me a bit.

@cpinyan: That means that Pixeljam has succeeded. :P

I've been playing this all through the beta and I have to say it's addictive and fun. I wish my internet worked properly so I could do multiplayer.

I LOVE Pixeljam games. ALL of them!!

This is just incredibly playable! I love it, well done Pixeljam for this instant classic!

Please delete Sever_the_ties's post on spoil passwords. Those came from the playtesting, and shouldn't have been shared. there are alternate ways of getting them in game.

[Edit: Done. -Jay]

Anyone know where to get the Bronto egg?

I've searched everywhere...

Sorry about that, Jay and everyone.

Does anyone know where the Diplo and Bronto eggs are?

Also, what is the statues third from the left at the bottom? It looks like a skull and crossbones to me.

What a beautiful and cool and awesome game. What an apocalyptic scene, as the levels progress! And what a nice ending. :3
Very cool features, too. I'm impressed.

I believe the Diplo egg is:

On top of the volcano in the last stage.

The skull and crossbones trophy is

a 10+ second "doom surf," which is when you are right on the edge of the cloud of doom. My longest doom surf was 15.5 seconds, which nearly gave me a heart attack, thank you very much. :P

What difficulty does it need to be on? I don't see it in Normal. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place?


It's on the last level. Whenever you start heading up the volcano you have to jump over an opening or else it will lead you inside the middle of it. Once you jump over the opening you will climb all the way to the top. Jump in the mouth of the volcano and it should be on your left.

Never mind, found it. Now to search for the Bronto x.x

Do the levels differ much depending on difficulty?

I think they do, but it's hard to be sure.

i love this.
does anyone know what specific things give you dna? i need moar.

Can anyone post a screenshot on how does the Wall of Doom look like? I'm not gonna take my chances.
Either way, great game :)

Ummm... take your chances. It's not THAT big of a deal. Do it on the first level if you're really worried then just start the game over.

Besides, unless you're super awesome or playing on easy and not exploring at all, eventually The DOOM is going to catch up with you and you'll see it. That'll get you running as fast as you can, that's for sure.

Awesome game, love the retro feel. Nice intro! 99/100

Anyone tried riding the Parasaurolophus all the way through the fifth (I think) level? It'll run and jump when you tell it to as long as you don't get knocked off..

Hey, why won't it load?

The game seems to be loading just fine for me. Try updating your Flash Player.

I wasn't very excited about this at the start. You hold left and tap up or shift once in a while? What fun is that? BLEH! However, I've played it through several times now and I'm in love. It's beautiful visually and audibly but still manages to be addictively fun in it's gameplay as well.


Ok, I'll admit to feeling a little silly. I can't find the 'super eggs'. Every other run through 'Out to Pasture' will show that I've missed a super egg. Can someone help me find at least that one so that I know what I'm looking for? Thanks!

I've played this game loads, have almost 4 out of 5 on every stat, and yet still can't find half the eggs!

For those interested, they are giga, rinch, diplo, bronto.

There's one egg on an early level that I can see, but need to max jump before I can reach it - it's an underground one.
But where are the others?!!!

What Are The Cheats

does anyone know where the bronto egg is...I NEED IT DESPRETLY!!! I only have the bronto, alien and rinch egg left!

can someone post the passwords?


Does anybody else's game not work? I can't get any buttons to work on the menu at all.

jade the location of the alien egg is...

inside one of the big meteors. you have to be travelling to the left to get inside it, sorry i can't tell you which level, but i think you'll soon find it.

Alien egg is

in a grey meteor with a hole in it

Is there a way to voluntarily dismount from the Parasaurolophus? As it's no faster and steps on all the eggs, it doesn't seem very useful.

The Bronto Egg is the only super egg that's difficulty and game mode specific. Your dino is going to have to be in tip top shape to get it.

Insane Challenge

At long last, I've found the Bronto egg. I'm so proud of me.

It's inside the shelter at the end of Challenge mode on Insane difficulty. Don't press Escape until you've picked it up, it'd be a shame to miss it after all you've just put your poor little awesomeosaurus through.

And while I'm posting: what the heck is the milestone directly to the right of Eggs Saved? Be easier to get if I knew what the heck I was trying to get, see.

I'm guessing that it might be Dactyl Eggs, since its shape is basically a larger egg. Pure speculation, though.

Also, can anyone tell me where to find the T.Rex egg? From the way other people aren't asking about it, I'm afraid it might be something really obvious that I'm missing, but I've played through Challenge five or six times now and I can't find it.

Is it just me, or is the Diplo (?) egg impossible to get even with max jump? Do you have to have max speed and acceleration too, or is it some trick with the triceratops?

Excellent game, played it for hours. One major complaint: DNA collection in single player is not scaled to difficulty level. Numeric score is, but who cares about score?

This problem creates a bad game dynamic where playing at low levels to farm DNA (at one's leisure, more or less) is more rewarding than playing at high levels where you don't have time to collect everything.

There is a similar problem with multiplayer play - playing higher level races does not give more rank points on a win, so it is more rewarding to play low level games where you can win easily.

Tester here....

That egg gave me serious problems ensoul, and eventually it was a fluke jump from the right that got it to me. That was before that Triceratops was there however. Once your jump is high enough you should be able to get it from its back.

Many times super eggs will be on difficult-to-find alternate routes, but they're all findable, none except for maybe Bronto are really difficult to locate, and looking for them is a lot of fun, so I'm loathe to give out hints myself. Especially since the game notifies you when you've missed one.

Turns out that milestone I was asking about was

the super egg collecting milestone. It just didn't trigger until I finished a level AFTER having collected the final super egg in a previous level. Fancy that.

i think the alien egg is in level 4

the chris: these are good points. we'll take that into consideration when we make our next major update... which may not be until the end of the month though because i need an enormous break from these pixelated dinosaurs that have been running amok inside my head for the past half year.

Does anyone know where the Rinch egg is?


Top Speed -


Mega Jump -


Super Strength -


Goodbye Doom -


Low Gravity -


Boulders = Balloons -


Lights Out -


Meteor Storm -



those passwords were not meant to go public yet...

but oh well... please dont spread them around. we are going to release them one per week or so.

miles - from my experience, you just cannot suppress information on the Web. I could delete them, but they would (and probably already have) just pop-up again someplace else.

yeah i know :) serves us right for being so anal.

have fun with the cheats!

Guys I've got a problem, I got that Magma Egg but the Doom Surf came and died. How can I get without getting killed? Also guys that Magma thing is maybe the 6th or Apocalypse level, I think ya jump and then there is going to be an platform, get the Magma Egg AND RUN FOR FRIKIN LIVES! HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!

Also those rare eggs attract the DOOM SURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know what the last trophy is (in the bottom-right corner, next to the skull-and-crossbones)?

Anyone know how to get it to load?

Where's the Rinch and Diplo egg?

how do the cheats work? i typed them in on the startscreen and while playing. but nothing happened. are they still working at all?

Neddo - the final trophy to the bottom right is

a secret character you must find. I think it is in apocolypse/level 6, after the volcano, there is a flat area with a hole in the ground going into some sort of lava cave. Go down and quickly run all the way to the left, tere will be a bouncing brown thing. Touch it, you will get some points (can't remember how many)and then leave quickly.


On the main menu, choose Options, then click on "Cheats and Mods" at the bottom. Type the passwords in the blank, then click to enable the cheats you want. Remember, though, that the cheats that really help you won't let you add to your score or achieve milestones while using them, so they're really just for fun.


If you're trying to reach the Magno ledge from the bottom, you're doing it wrong. c;

@Neddo: It's kind of a feature of pixeljam games... find the mascot! Just like any other critter. And no, I'm not gonna tell you where he is.

I have the mascot trophy, but it must have been in the chaos as I didn't notice doing it!

= not much fun :(

How do I unlock Planet D?

Planet D:

You need to beat the game on Insane, and it unlocks. Tip: it unlocks even if you are using all the cheats! I'm not good enough yet to beat insane.

Rinch Egg:

It's in the Planet D level! I'm using the DNA from the Rinch egg to build up my stats to try and make it to the Bronto egg...

miso: complete Challenge Mode on Insane. It's a harrowing experience.

Where is the t-rex egg?

Wow! Awesome game!

I finally have the golden crown! If you think Challenge mode on Insane is difficult, try the Speedrun level Twin Peaks on Insane... Yikes! I had to play it quite a few times before I managed to beat it.

I really love this game, so any complaints I have are about making this wonderful game even better.

I found the dino's response to the controls a bit erratic. Sometimes it won't jump. Sometimes it speeds up in midair. In a way, it feels a bit realistic - like the dino has a mind of its own - but it can be frustrating when you have the wall of doom behind you.

Also, I found a few bugs. The first one may not be a bug, but I find it a bit weird - when you run in a cave and jump up and hit the ceiling, the dino's legs will start running in the air, and you get a speed boost. The second bug is that when playing on Challenge mode, after running off screen in the end, instead of showing the finish screen, the dino "fell off the ledge". I had to pause and quit and restart the challenge. Lastly, I have seen quite a few objects moving around *inside* cave walls, and one time, my dino itself got trapped inside a cave wall.

That's all I can think of right now.

About the egg on a ledge with a triceratops below it - I was frustrated by having trouble reaching it even with all stats at max - but I later found out that the ledge is easily reached on the Planet D stage.

any one know what the hat code is

@yjhghtfh; Hats are unlocked upon donation of any amount to pixeljam. They do good work.

Miles: Thanks for responding - I hope my suggestions are helpful. I've had a great deal of fun (and sometimes sheer terror)playing.

Thanks ensoul, okay I have 4 eggs and I hane no clue where the T-Rex,the Giga,the Spino, and the Iguano is?

Anyone who knows gets a pebble.

:) Hehehehehehee hardeehar!

anyone knows how to "save a dino"? i have the silvier save a dino trophy but i have no idea of how i did it!

also if you complete hard or insane chalenge whit night mode you can enter a cave inside apocalipse volcano, on top left and enter in an alternative ending.

sorry for my english, im chilean.

"save dino" is if you reach survival

play a lot of speedrun and get that number up fast.

I've mostly silver and gold trophy now, silver crown, only missing bronto egg, but working on the insane challenge.

So, who else has found the HIDDEN survival in level 7?

(take the lower entrance into volcano, go up and turn left, jump into the left wall)

Bruniusest - to save a dino, just reach the shelter. You get one point every time you successfully complete the Apocalypse level in Challenge mode, or any single level in Speedrun mode.

bruniusest: Every time you beat Challenge mode you 'save a dino.'

Just the rinch and bronto eggs left for me... *sigh*

I'm having a hard time finding the Giga egg.

Some volume control in the options would be nice.

The T-Rex and Rinch eggs are in challenge level 3.
For the T-Rex egg, always take the top paths, and you should find it near the peak a hill.
The Rinch egg is on a high ledge in one of the underground paths. It's easy to spot, but not to get, as you have to have a high jump level and go onto the back of a triceratops to get it. As you have noticed, the generation of the challenge levels is semi-random, and depends on the difficulty setting. For some reason or another, the Rinch egg has never appeared in my games at the medium challenge, but only at the Easy, Hard or Insane settings.

I get this message just after the game loads:

(yes, the grammar is wrong)

Any ideas on how to get the game to work?


[Edit: I cannot reproduce the problem, the game runs fine for me, so I don't know what to suggest. -Jay]

I got this error once (from both domains, xgen and pixeljam).
I somehow got around it by clicking madly at the error message. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Where is the T-rex egg?

The Giga Egg is

on Rainin' Lizards - but only on the Easy setting - won't appear on Medium and I haven't seen it elsewhere. It's at the bottom of a huge cliff about half way through.

hey can someone post a list of all the milestones and how to get them?

I get the "You cannot has dino run" message too :(

I tried clicking on the message a lot too like cohanou suggested.

i love it but how you get bones for the shop and how do you get hats??????


I was getting this on IE6 when I was playing at work, err... during a break, obviously. :) Anyway, I was able to get it to run when I brought it up in FireFox.

Same Flash version as far as I can tell, which is weird. If you're getting this error, I would suggest updating Flash first, then if that doesn't work, try another browser if you can. If you are at work or something and can't install a new browser, try using FireFox Portable (after installing Flash to it) on a USB drive... assuming that your computer folks haven't locked you out of your USB ports.

Whats The Code For The Hats!?!? I Must Find Out! I Will Not Stop Till I Do!

what is the code for the hats? i must find out! tell me im broke! please!

aye any one know what the secret is for running fast in multiplayer every one is always faster than me. i use sprint but it has no effect. (so it would seem). sryisly. does ur stats in single player effect ur ability in multiplayer?

Where i can get the Iguano and the Dloro eggs?

When I spend my bones to get the stuff it can't load the page, and it still takes my bones, anyone else have this problem? and if so how did you fix it?

More for the walkthrough, guideline for the achievments. some of the golds I don't have yet, still working towards them...

Eggs Saved
Bronze: 500
Silver: 1000
Gold: ?
Secret Trophy
Collect all Super Eggs.
Runners Eaten
Bronze: 200
Silver: 500
Gold: 1000
Birds Devoured
Bronze: 30
Silver: 75
Gold: ?
Lizards Chomped
Bronze: 200
Silver: 500
Gold: 1000
Worms Slurped
Bronze: 100
Silver: 200
Gold: ?
Fish Gobbled
Bronze: 75
Silver: 150
Gold: ?
Dinos Saved
Bronze: 10
Silver: 25
Gold: 50
Dactyl Chain
Bronze: 2x
Silver: 3x
Gold: 4x
Boulder Riding
Bronze: 3 seconds
Silver: 6 seconds
Gold: 10 seconds
Doom Surfing
Bronze: 10 seconds
Silver: 30 seconds
Gold: 60 seconds
Secret Trophy
PixelJam's mascot! He is hiding in Level 6, on the left side of the lava pit/cave after the volcano.

Now, all the eggs seem to be not on specific lvls, but on specific maps, so kinda wierd to note specifically where they are... except for

the bronto egg, which is

at the very end of the insane challenge

ok, thats annoying... in preview that was formatted perfectly...

Whats The Code For The Hats!?!? I Must Find Out! I Will Not Stop Till I Do! i must find out! tell me im broke! please!

glich sometime rock and or food animals fall thoguh the ground

the worm mascot is in the 6 lvl in a whole from a meoteor hit. when inside go left and u will find it.oh and i played insane got to the last lvl theres a huge egg, but i used cheats. i didnt get a thing! XD

Seems to be stupid but, the only thing that REALLY change something is the network speed, like my internet is awesomly fast, so i always finish first. Simple yet VERY annoying

Does anyone have any hints for beating the Twin Peaks speed run on Insane? Because it doesn't seem to matter how many dactyls I do or don't catch, what the terrain is, how many dinos/rocks there are/aren't, I always lose in relatively the same place.

Where is the giga egg? Ihashonor is hat cheat btw

Anybody got any hints for beating insane challenge? if so, please comment.

if you need help for insane twin peaks, try this-

Play it with no doom wall


so you can familiarize yourself with terrain and make new strategies and when you think your ready, LETS DO THIS THINGY!!!

Seriously, twin peaks should really be named a long boring stupid'o'run

hey anyone got tips for beating insane challenge on these stats?


Plus,i also already got the rinch

I must get bronto EEGGG!!!!!(i mean it dude.)

I keep seeing extra hats; A samurai hat, some dreadlocks, and some other things that don't seem to be part of the secret hat or the 50 other hats, what are those for and how do you get them?

I go on pixeljam.com/dinorun/ and it wont load.. I dont know why. And I try going on the xgen game and it lets me log in but then wont let me go to the lobby. I had internet explorer, so i changed to google chrome but the same thing happened, and now I've got firefox and it still does the same! I dont know what to do.. does anyone know whats up?

nevermind guys.. dino run is working again :3

oh and btw, I spelled my name wrong on the other comment x.x oh well hah


Want a tip to get the rinch? complete the insane mod with the cheat "explore"(no doom wall)on. when you complete it , you unlock planet D.go into it with the easy setting.there you jump VERY higher. go to the rinch part and get it. its very easy!

PS: the bronto egg is on the survival part of the insane challange.

How do you get Planet D? I've been playing on the same account for about 6 months, and still don't know how.

The Dinorun hat code is


My game doesn't save, why? I had all the eggs, except Bronto and Gigolo, but when I played again it hadn`t saved :(

How am I supposed to get the huge eggs on Easy? I can't jump high enough to reach them...

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