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Technology has advanced all walks of life but every now and then I'm sure the primitive colonial side of you craves a chance to go back to a more simple time. A time when warfare was fought with rowboats and planes that needed a passenger to fly itself. Well today is your lucky day for Colonial Wars is available for you to sink your teeth into. Break out your maps and strategy books because you'll be the guiding force behind entire fleets and it's up to you to take ownership of every island you see!

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jasper.a.visser January 20, 2013 2:51 PM

The game is incredibly easy for the first 23 levels. But level 24 just seems impossible. You start with 18 ships vs 130 ships of your three opponents, no capturable islands nearby and only 2 ship gained per second vs 4-7 ships gained per second by your opponents. If I send my ships out in any direction, green captures my starting island immediately with a superior force. Seems like Kobayashi Maru. :)


The levels don't start until you make the first move, which sucks. I agree that level 24 seems impossible, since you basically are forced to throw away half of your stating population, and then instantly have 70 ships coming at you.


I managed to pass level 24. I sent my troops on a suicide mission to one of the neutral islands, then I just sat on my one island for a long time while everyone else ignored me. When I had a large force built up, I started attacking blue while ignoring the others. Blue was beating them pretty badly by that point. I got zero points.

csmithpub January 20, 2013 6:06 PM

terrible, terrible example of its kind. No innovation - slapping in a half-hearted and incomprehensible number-fiddling system doesn't even slightly count - and as of level 10 it seems that sometimes aritificial stupidity is the only way of winning.


24 is broken, broken, broken. If I had one more island, or enough ships to fend off that first attack, it might be doable, but I just can't get past it.
I liked the music, and I enjoyed the game, but ten tries later and it just isn't fun.
The addition of a 'START' button would be an idea, too. Moving first, or hitting the start button, would start the level.


24 Was very difficult.

I took the top of the two untaken islands. Then let the other two players fight for my base (it has no regen points so who cares).

Then I waited until a player sent off some troops, and I took their island.

Level 25, though, seems rigged as well. I had an island with over 700 units! Oh well.

Cool game overall.


Half the levels were obvious copies of Tentacle Wars. Not very good game IMO.

jasper.a.visser January 21, 2013 2:51 AM

@dimzi That strategy doesn't seem to work for me. I can take one of the two untaken islands. Have to send two groups of units to it. The first group gets the island down to 1, the second group captures it. However, when the opponents see the island going down to 1, all of them send a superior fleet towards it. :(


So. i send out an attack force of 55% of my islands 18 toons. They take an island. Which instantly gets taken by green, and simultaneously my main island gets captured by 138 purples.


Methinks that last level needs some work.


Here's what I did for the last two levels;
Level 24, started by taking enemy island next to island. Waited for starting island pop to drop, then retook, then took remaining islands one by one in S formation.
Level 25, took over empty island with one troop batch, waited to regain pop while no one attacked, then took over remaining bottom islands, top two islands and 0 pop island last to be taken.


Level 24 is actually very easy.

1. Send planes as fast as you can to the island on your left. You have to conquer it before a large ship attacks your initial base.

2. The big ship will capture your initial island. Wait for other teams to attack it. When the count is low, attack your initial island. You'll have automatically 100 troups.

From there, it's pretty easy. Conquer the chain if islands on your left, then use them to attack the larger islands.

I've done it 4 times in a row, and won each time.


Jonathan's strategy works for 24, but I still have a problem with it: that's the only strategy that works for 24. I don't like strategy games that require you to find a certain trick. Strategy games should be about outwitting your opponent, not the level, IMO.

jasper.a.visser January 21, 2013 3:25 PM

Well, I suppose the solution for level 24 could be considered a strategic one. It's just that there's nothing in the levels before it that prepare you for it. Levels 1 through 23 are so casual, I figured I was just a bit older than the intended audience.

Also, some of the game mechanics that you need to exploit to win level 24 go unexplained. The island that you leave has 0 income for other players, but 4 income for yourself. Huh?


I barely managed to beat 24. I had to buy the income boost from the shop to beat it. The only way to beat it otherwise is luck.


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