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After nearly seven years, the beloved post-apocalyptic RPG trading simulation returns! You've grown up in an underground bunker all your life, but when your mentor goes missing, you're told to go bring him home... by any means necessary. Travel a dangerous wasteland, hire mercenaries, help people, and of course, make a mint buying low and selling high.

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This should help people start to rake in the cash, I hope...

Stablebrew December 9, 2014 4:57 PM

I´m an "old gamer" and have played much and any genre, so most games don´t impress me even if they are praised by people.

But Caranaveer2 is a great, fun and addicting game.
This deserves much attention and the Devs should keep the work up!

jayisgamed December 10, 2014 12:44 AM replied to Stablebrew

Have you played the original?

Stablebrew December 10, 2014 1:20 PM replied to jayisgamed

Did you?


I appreciate the effort, but it is rather fascinating that the options for female hair are dwarfed by all the male options. Try the internet a teensy bit more. It also might've been easier to use the gender options to only affect the text, since graphically it only seems to affect the portrait, and there's already an option to toggle facial hair and skeletal structure. There is the usual disturbing content in post-apocalyptic settings, though fairly expected and in my opinion not a tasteless horror show.

Don't be surprised if you spot a familiar face among the NPCs. Once you find the "Manage Containers" button, this brings out the best of the original game. It helps to understand what Escorted / Prisoners / etc. will do to your rations. Also before you do anything, find the automatic settings so you can forage while you travel, among other things. The danger of getting lost in the desert is quite real, and I like it! And I am just as bad at playing this edition, thank goodness for all the save slots. Does anyone know how to

sabotage the Kivi - Drekar negotiations? I can get the Lintu and Lois to attack, and I can get the Lintu leader killed, but I can't seem to clear that mission without the Drekar leaving. Also because I failed it, I have no idea what actually happened; all I know is the Lintu, Lois, and the Drekar are all gone without explanation.

If you get that far, don't buy

slaves only in order to free them. Your Slaver reputation will go up regardless of their liberation.

kevinsmellls December 13, 2014 2:57 PM

Caravaneer 1 was so vast and engrossing, that it's still the only flash game I ever consciously stopped playing, not because it was frustrating, but because it was so fun and there was so much of it that I knew I had to quit first.

Already a few hours into this one; caught between the desire to turn my brain into a trade routing/ goods calculating computer, and the vague notion that I have to go outside eventually.

Isn't that the greatest praise a game like this can receive though?

kevinsmellls December 13, 2014 3:32 PM replied to Shudog


About the Kivi-Drekar negotiations:

After accepting the mission to sabotage the Kivi-Drekar negotiations, I went to Drekar and talked to their Leader.

My dialogue options ended up with convincing Drekar to leave the region, or suffer an attack from Kivi, in exchange for info about Olaf's whereabouts.
(except for the "Screw You!" option, which just got me killed and sent back to the title screen)

I went back to Kivi to tell Spencer Rice that "Drekar said they'd negotiate, but they're really just going to leave" or something like that.
Spencer Rice then decided to attack Drekar with the Kivi.

I didn't go to Drekar, but instead headed to talk to Lois. The same time I left, a bunch of Kivi Warriors also left.

While on route, I got a game message that read something like "Drekar have been defeated!"
When I got to Axoul Tree, Lois was no longer there. She was now in Pullid Camp. Went there and talked to her.

Then I traveled back to Kivi and talked to the guy who gave the mission to sabotage Kivi-Drekar negotiations. After some dialogue, the mission in the log read "Complete"
I then talked to Spencer Rice again and he joined my party.

*Maybe the game conditions are different for you, but I did all of this almost by accident.
*Lois is no longer in Axoul Tree, but in Pullid Camp in my play through. Also Drekar is still on the map, with a bunch of nice loot.
*The key for me was going to Kivi immediately after leaving Drekar. Any time wasted meant that Drekar just disappeared from the map.

Hope this helps!


Could someone explain the Intelligence attribute please? I assume that Physical determines your max carry weight, Agility determines how much you can do per turn in a battle, and Accuracy allows you to hit targets farther away. Am I right?


Also, in the character maker screen, you cannot select a blue hair color. You can get it from the "Randomize Appearance" button, but the Hue+ button vanishes at 'true green'. What Gives?

jorissneyers February 9, 2015 6:12 AM

All questions and answers are given on the Caravaneer 2 Wikia site.
This wikia is maintained and updated frequently by a big group of fans. Please join us in getting everything out of this great game.


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