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Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? This Pokemon-esque RPG has you play Arche, a young boy with big dreams of becoming a Tamer, someone who can raise and train the various Beasts as you travel across the land, searching far and wide... okay, you get the idea.

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nightshadow1214 December 28, 2014 12:42 PM

I have multiple do I switch between viewing them/using them in battle/etc? I can't seem to figure it out.


once you arrive to a city you can change your beasts selections. After that you stick with this selection until next city.
How to change the selection is easy, just click the button in the center bottom to view many possible actions like buying and selling items, buying better caravans, challenging masters, ....

PS: the max number of beasts in a battle is the max number allowed by the used caravan.


I can't defeat the person in the beach.
I have 3 guardians and he has 3 mystics.
I thought that mystics are weaker than guardians but no way to defeat him.
help please.

ginny.r.brock December 28, 2014 9:07 PM

To switch beasts: while in a town, visit "Beast Care". On the left bottom will be pictures of the beasts currently in your caravan. Each picture has a little red X in the upper right corner. Click the X to dismiss the beast. On the right, you can scroll through the available beasts and press the green "Select" button to add them.

ginny.r.brock December 28, 2014 9:08 PM

For the beach guy: have you mutated your beasts yet? Read the 'Tips' in the Guidebook about mutating.


thank you for the reply ginny
I will check the guidebook for the mutation


It started out OK. But I needed to do a lot of grinding for the first big battle, and then, I evidently need to grind more to get to the next area. Or maybe I'm just bad at this game.


Oh man this thing rips off Pokemon sooooo much.

Game FreakGeek January 2, 2015 12:22 AM

Repetitive type games usually don't hold my attention, neither do I like sitting through dialogue balloons. But I have to say this game compelled me to play to the end; it was very engaging and the mutations of the creatures excited me.

Very well done.

yunruiwatts January 2, 2015 1:25 PM

Looks like the number of items you can have in your inventory is actually one less than what you would think. For example, when your capacity is 40 items, you can't travel if you have 40 items unless you discard one first.


how do you get more beasts?


wheres the best place to get eggs?


can u edit your posts? also nvm agin ^


A very well-made, entertaining Pokemon-Oregon Trail hybrid.
However it became VERY tedious about 60% of the way through. By 75% I found myself almost unable to finish from repetition and lack of challenge.

Once you have 10,000s of gold it is just a matter of training ones beasts to the maximum. It's just a click through after that. But not so fast... there are some "quests" which take you over 30 "days" just to complete one leg. I lost interest far before this point however.

The game wins for its nice graphics and beasts, and (up to a point) it is fun to complete and try to get all the upgrades and mutations. (Though I also got frustrated with mutations...after attempting about 10 turtles, snakes and birds I have still only gotten one branch of the family tree.)

That said, for a free game, it is of amazing quality.


I forgot to mention also one "bug" which was a battle I believe to be unwinnable.

Fighting a "sproing" girl near the Hidden Lagoon, she had a Vinedos beast with 14,000 HP. He had some kind of regeneration ability which kicked in after I would get him down to about 11,000 HP.

He also seemed to be able to regenerate another beast (~4000HP Jolkeaf) which I would kill over and over, only to see him regenerate every 6 seconds or so. I was playing with a Lv. 50 beast at 4200 HP.

No matter how often I hit her beasts, or how I used my Arcanes, I could not get the Vinedos below 11,000. Eventually I had to reload the game and start from the last saved day. As far as I know, such an enemy is unwinnable.


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