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Azada 2: Ancient Magic Walkthrough

We have just finished a massive walkthrough guide for Azada 2: Ancient Magic. This guide will help you through any of the books should you get stuck while playing. Be warned: This guide does contain spoilers, so proceed with caution and use only as a last resort!

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I played the demo. It's fun & addictive. Kinda easy. It doesn't feel like it's an Azada2 though.

I'm used to playing adventure games like URU and Myst. The graphics were so nicely detailed, the music so perfectly matched, that the fact of it being not as deeply involved puzzle-wise didn't bother me in the least. I really enjoyed the game. Totally.

I played Azada 2 and became very frustrated by the flower puzzle in the secret garden. no matter what configuration I put the flowers in it still didn't fit.

show me the solution for the creature mini game. i'm stuck there.

I'm also having trouble with the creature minigame. I've reunited the coloured squares, but nothing happens...

For the creature minigame use the two brown blocks in the top middle to stop the red block from moving, while you guide the blue block to the others. And then have the red bock that you can move join tohether near the bottom where it will join both of the larger red blocks together.

I am stuck on the world of Oz.....I am doing the mini game and it's like my tinman is stuck and won't go anywhere, no matter what I try. Any suggestions? I have tried getting out of it and starting over but the game won't let me.

Is he stuck right at the start or in a corner or something?

Try using the magnet beside him to get him to walk.

If nothing seems to work you can use an orb (bottom right corner beside titus), and skip the puzzle.

Could someone help me out with the potion puzzle in "The Legend" book? I can't seem to get the 3 colors to turn brown and also connect to the bottle....


Laura, unfortunately the puzzles are randomized each game so there is no way for anyone to give you a set solution. But you can always use an orb to skip a puzzle you have having difficulties with.

Thank you so much for the excellent walkthrough! Helped me out A LOT!!

Thank you, for your kind words!
Greetings, Kayleigh

Can anyone tell me what the code is for the safe behind the picture of Titus in the library? I think I was supposed to remember it from the last game, but that was a little too long ago for my memory. I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

I loved Azada 1 and have waited a long time for this sequel. I was not disappointed. Enjoyed this new take though. Can't wait to see what the next installment brings!

I'm stuck on the castaway book (specifically the crystal puzzle). I know it's random but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I love the first Azada as much as this one but I couldn't have done without your help. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your kind words!
Greetings, Kayleigh

Where is the oily rag in the Last Book, I cannot find it anywhere. Can you give me a screenshot, thanks!

I just love this game, however they need to have
better explanations of some of the puzzles. I am horribly stuck on the secret garden puzzle. can any one help me out? I know it's a random puzzle, I just figure out what they want me to do. Thank you in advance for any help

I cannot get the marble through the maze in the Invisible Man book, can anyone help?



Help I'm stuck in Detective, cannot get foot print or hand print from work man.

you are a star, Kayleigh. Tried everything but that. regards Sue

Help in the Detective I can't get the finger print from the workman in the kitchen what do you click on, tried his hand

Please read the spoiler for Sue, two posts above yours
Greetings, Kayleigh

I am stuck in the Descent book. In the professor's office, I used the magnifying glass on the secret message before I had collected all the items from his office, and now I cannot get back to the office. I cannot leave the decoding page because I don't have the 4 items needed. Help, please.

I'm having a problem with the traveler the cube mini-game. Show me how it works. Do you have a spoiler for it?

Stuck on the telescope mini game, the one with the gears turning, any hints would be great, i have no orbs left to pass on this, thanks in advance jo x

the cube mini game,i did it! i did it!
thankyou for your help.

I'm stuck on the Secret Garden, and I think it might be a glitch...

I solved the flower puzzle, but no apples appeared in the secret garden page.

I tried using a hint orb, and it circled a spot that's not clickable, just some random leaves. There's nothing clickable in that page at all, nothing I can use my items on... If I try to get a new hint, it just keeps circling the same spot.

Somebody help! I am on my last book, the invisible man. (I have even done the bonus book). I cannot figure out how to get the ball in the center of the mini-game and I have no more orbs left. Please don't tell me that I have to start from the very beginning again! Argh! What can I do? How do I get that ball to go in the next groove? It's driving me crazy lol.....I love this game but not enough to have to start all the way over again. I thought maybe if I re-did some mini-games it would give me another orb :( no such luck! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Donna

For anyone who needs the code from the first Azada game, here it is.

Magic Book

Ok the creature game is killing me! I got the comments about using the brown blocks to keep the red ones from moving ..but I have found that to be impossible (for me)! AHHH!

I cannot get past signing the Rx0does it have to exactly match what is there or is there a trick-I have tried 120 times or more

I'm stuck in the diamond puzzle in the Dive level. I try about4 hours and have no idea. Can anyone help me?

greetings hiwo

Kayleigh, Thanks for the wonderful walkthrough.

I also have tried to write the prescription dozens and dozens of times. I have arthritis and this is hard (though I did the symbols in Azada 1 with great success). Is there any bypass for this? The game is ruined for me if I can't continue.

I am stuck with the Dracula. I used garlic to move him to the left, there is daylight that he covers his eyes from, but I cannot cut the book. Got the knife, and can't break the boards on the window. What`s happening?
Thanks, Lina

I found that on the prescription, all I had to do was trace the very large initials at the bottom. Not the whole thing.

As I said, I have traced the large initials dozens and dozens and dozens of times. I cannot seem to get it to take. As I said above, I have arthritis and it is very hard for me. There are no (visible) shortcuts past this and so I am stuck here, simply because I have arthritis. This is NOT fair.

I need help at the level "The Baron". I can't finish the mini game with the gears.
Could anyone give me a screenshot???
Greetings Hildegard

Edit: Sorry, Hildegard, the solution is always diffrent, so I cant help you with a screenshot.
You have to make sure, that the gear, that is turning around the other side is not connecte

Headless horse man.
I am in the Cementry and lit up the 3 symbols but no card appears. What am i doing wrong?

This game is really good!
Nice graphic and sound and game play. : )

make sure that you lit the three symbol twice

Having trouble with the mini-cube game. I understand the rules, but when I click on the cube it shows me a pop-up that looks like a wooden wall and a silver disk in the middle with the game instructions. I click off the instructions and all it gives me is a mini set of colors while on the silver disk. I click off the pop-up and back to the cube and it gives me the pop up again. Is this happening to others also or is it my mac? I only have the card to get to finish this book. Thanks for your help. Amy

I am also having trouble with the mini-cube game. When I click on the cube, it shows me a wooden wall and a silver disk in the middle with the game instructions. When the instructions clear, it gives me is a teeny tiny block of colors that are useless while on the silver disk. I am also using an imac.
Please someone help

on the traveler,

the handle is in the drawer on the RIGHT SIDE

Please help me! I am stuck on the Invisible Man book. I knock on the door to get the innkeeper to come out but by the time I turn back to the previous page to retrieve the items, he's back. He comes back too fast no matter how many times I try. Is there some secret to this? I can't progress beyond this point. Very irritating!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Interesting game. I played the demo and bought the game and started over. I got stuck on the Secret Garden. The apple seems to be missing. I don't recall that having happened in the demo and I am not sure how to correct it. I have clicked everywhere and my garden is in full bloom and my items left to me are the key, trowel, whistle and another item, which escapes me. I have tried them all in every conceivable combination. Any clever thoughts?

I noticed someone left a question on here (back in Sep. by Jo) about The Baron - Selentine page's Telescope Gears mini-game and never got a response to their request. That person's question was: how do you to defeat this mini-game without using an orb. Does anyone have any tips, instructions or screenshots for defeating the game? I would really appreciate the help since I have no more orbs left. Thanks.


I'm stuck in the book with Dracula...
I can't get the caard and the key. When i open the curtains, adjust the clock and put the garlic on dracula, HE WON'T LEAVE.
What to do?!
greeting Marjolijne

I am where the tin man is walking thru maze - I can get thru all of the holes and water - but when I get to the last hole the boards don't work - he won't go over them? HELP PLEASE :) I will be forever grateful!!!

Thanks, Elly

The apples from the secret room are MISSING! They do not appear! Is it some kind of bug?

Anyone have crash issues with this game? I'm on a Mac Power PC (non Intel) running OS 10.4.11. I'm through with Level 13/The Detective and now anytime I start up the game it starts to load when I click Resume, then quits and boots me out to my desktop. Really frustrating! Thanks!

I am playing Azada Ancient Magic and did not use the correct sequence. Now I'm stuck with the decrypted message and cannot access the radio room. Any ideas?

Thank you,


I, too, having a freeze problem. I am running OS 10.5.6 and can't get back into the game. I think I only have 2 books to go. Everything is fine when I begin, I click on play, then resume then I am returned to my desktop. This is very frustrating. Any solutions out there?

i am also running os 10.5.6 and getting the same crash problem! the game worked fine up until the last few books on the shelf... then CRASH! everytime i click on resume game. anyone know what to do about this?

[Edit: Please contact Big Fish Customer Support. They are extremely helpful. :) -Jay]

I'm on a slow Mac, 400mghz, and stuck because my computer takes so long to turn the pages I can't complete the action.

I'm on the hot air balloon episode with the Reform Club in it. You have to ring the bell and then go back a page while the maitre'd looks out the front door.

By the time the page has turned I have only the barest of split seconds, it's really quite impossible. Is there a way to tell the game to go on?

Hi Jean - Are you playing in Windowed or Full Screen mode?

If full screen, try windowed. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to eke out a few more seconds that way.

All games should give you the option to switch from full screen to windowed in the Options menu.

Good luck! :)

I am stuck on the diamond minigame puzzle in the Dive book. No matter what i do i can not get all the diamonds green. Can some one help me.

So I'm playing the game now, and I like it so far but everytime I try to play the invisible man story the game shuts down on me and will continue to do that till I erase all my history and start all over. Does anyone know why it is doing this? Thanks! :)

[Edit: Please do not post your email-adress. And with technical issues in a game it is always a good idea to contact the support of the page, you purchased the game from :) ~ Kayleigh]

I loved this game! I've already played it twice! I can't wait for the next game!

for the prescription signature, i too have arthritis. I tried writing it backwards and it worked.

I liked the first Azada a lot more because of the variety of puzzles. This one has some mini-puzzles but I think the replay value of this one is a lot lower than the replay value of the first Azada. I give the first one 4 1/2 stars and the sequel 3 stars.

This sequel was also a lot shorter than the first one I thought. I'll try a demo if/when the 3rd one comes out and decide then if I'll get it...

I am stuck at the numbers puzzle - I get really close, but then loose a row or column when I have to change a number somewhere else. Does anyone have the sequence and can share it? Thank you a million times over!

After we solve the creature book, is there anything else to do - i would have expected the credits or something but once ive made frankensteins monster it just .....ends.....

I am stuck in the Dive book. has anyone got a screenshot or something of the solution to the mini-game? The shapes won't go green! Thanks a lot

I also got stuck on tin man puzzle. He is by the hole, water, whole area walking into bush. I have used up all my skip a puzzles. any suggestions please.

i am totaly addicted to the azada games but im stuck on the detective book i cant figure out the encrypted message any ideas will be greatly appreciated thanks

Many thanks for all the hints without which I couldn't have completed Azada. Just knowing there was a walkthrough available with screenshots made a difference to my enjoyment of the game. Looking forward to the next challenge.

i am stuck at the detective. i cannot find a way to click on the worker's fingerprints at his hand. everytime i click on the worker, a dialogue comes up. what do i do?
please help.

I like spider-man;
and Dr. Octopus,the Sandman,the Lizard,Electro

It is of no importance,a citizen who has learned of something. protect ourselves...

how to solve the cryptogram?
I can open the walkthrought above here...thank youuu

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