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You Don't Know Jack №2 More than just Dis or Dat questions, the quiz show with attitude has recently gone through an upgrade to feature complete rounds similar to the You Don't Know Jack CD-ROM games. Expect strange topics, off-beat humor and tons of backtalk from our favorite narrator. Brought to you by Jellyvision.


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Categories: browser, flash, free, game, jellyvision, linux, mac, puzzle, quiz, rating-y, trivia, windows, youdontknowjack

This game is rated :o for content, click through for an explanation
The popular desktop quiz show game makes the leap to the Web with You Don't Know Jack online, containing all the top quality entertainment that is packaged in the CD-ROM games. Each day a new DisOrDat puzzle is featured with full narration and some really wacky topics. Brought to you by Jellyvision.

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