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  • Monkey GO Happy Sci-FiMonkey GO Happy Sci-Fi —June 12, 2014— The mini monkeys have been monkey napped! It's up to you to solve puzzles and save them in this short but sweet sci-fi point-and-click adventure from Pencil Kids. Deal with crabby aliens, force fields, coded robots, and more.
  • Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 11Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 11 —June 11, 2014— Playing a Lo.Nyan's escape game is as much about being inside these gorgeous rooms as it is collecting clues and solving puzzles in order to leave them. Actually, who'd want to leave when the serene setting beckons you to curl up on the bed and read a book, never glancing again at the outside world. But the puzzles are too irresistible to not solve and, quicker than you'd like, you'll be out the door. Luckily, there's a second ending, so refresh the page and play again!
  • Super Battle CitySuper Battle City —June 11, 2014— In this modern re-imagining of the 1985 classic, upgrade and defend your tank against seemingly impossible odds over dozens of levels filled with power-ups, turrets you can capture, destructible terrain, and much more.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Avalanche Escape
    • • Candy Rooms No.11: Sycamore Natural
    • • Find the Escape-Men 104: Trial of the Love
    • • Escape from the Room with Windows
    • • Chicks Hide and Seek 18;
    Weekday Escape N°27Weekday Escape N°27 —June 11, 2014— Another weekday escape means five more escape games selections lined up for you to enjoy, already sorted out so you only get the best. Here you'll get more whimsy in FunkyLand's candy-strewn room, show your devotion by collecting No1Game's little green men, play hide-and-seek with Yuri's adorable baby chicks, enjoy puzzles and a view from Yomino Kagura, or escape from Aztec Game's snowed in cabin in a rather unconventional way.
  • Bazooki-pocalypseBazooki-pocalypse —June 10, 2014— When you wake up after a bazooka-juice mishap, you discover the zombie apocalypse started while you were out, and you'll need to work with limited ammunition and your environment to survive each level of this silly, charming physics puzzler.
  • Blue CageBlue Cage —June 10, 2014— It's a beautiful day outside with the birds singing in the trees, but you're stuck inside... literally, since the door is locked! Search for clues and items to solve puzzles in the latest relaxing, lovely escape from veteran developer TomaTea.
  • Key & ShieldKey & Shield —June 9, 2014— Freedom! Rescued from your cell by a somewhat unmotivated guardian angel, it's up to you to release the rest of your friends in this utterly surreal, cute-and-cuddly chibi platformer.
  • Mystery TempleMystery Temple —June 9, 2014— Match-3 meets sliding block puzzle in this game, set deep in the heart of an ancient temple. Place colored blocks that slide in the direction of the arrows upon them. Match them to the sparkling jewels of the same color in order to collect them. Grab all the jewels and make it out before the board fills with blocks!
  • Artie's DreamsArtie's Dreams —June 8, 2014— Fly, float, swing, and sling across Artie's imagination, using help from unique creatures to get to his pillow to find an end to his fantastic but challenging dreams. It's a surreal and colourful physics puzzler with a great sense of style.
  • Escape from Jay Is GamesEscape from Jay Is Games —June 6, 2014— Here it is, dear JayIsGames community, fan fiction made by the creator for you. As resoundingly requested, Mateusz Skutnik's remarkably immersive artwork, full of atmosphere and imagination, rendered into an escape-the-room game that's accessible to all. Take your time in the strange-yet-beautifully surreal scene; you may be out before you're ready to go but it's no less enjoyable while it lasts.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Morningstar
    • • The Blue Beanie
    • • The Dead Case
    • • William and Sly 2
    • • Gretel and Hansel
    • • Chibi Knight
    • • Castaway 2
    • • The Trader of Stories: Bell's Heart
    • • I Have 1 Day
    • • How to Raise a Dragon
    • • Friendship is Magic: Story of the Blanks
    The 12 Best Adventure Games You Might Not Have PlayedThe 12 Best Adventure Games You Might Not Have Played —June 5, 2014— What's in an adventure game? Not just point-and-clicking! In this list of twelve great adventure games you might not have played, we cover everything from ponies to foxes to dwarves, monster collecting, tiny woodland heroes, and more!
  • Demonic FlowerDemonic Flower —June 5, 2014— A tower defense game without the tower. Plant your units on the field of battle, upgrade them, and watch them do battle with wave after wave of tiny, adorable monsters, all to get a series of trinkets for some princesses who have rather unique desires.
  • Liquid Measure: Crystal Water PackLiquid Measure: Crystal Water Pack —June 5, 2014— The water is clear, but the solutions need some powerful brain work. A new level pack to the Liquid Measure series to quench the thirst for all physic puzzle lovers out there.
  • Last Legacy: Null SpaceLast Legacy: Null Space —June 4, 2014— After being thrown through a wormhole while fighting an evil creature, you find yourself stranded in an unknown universe. You must fight your way through hordes of enemies and use your unique powers to change the land beneath your feet in this clever and ambitious platformer.
  • Phobi JonesPhobi Jones —June 4, 2014— Who wears a dashing hat, carries a torch to explore ancient ruins, and strikes fear into the heart of jungle creatures? Phobi Jones, the hero of this unique puzzle platform game. Use the items from your bag to scare lions, elephants, and bats so you can make it through each level, collecting artifacts along the way.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Find the Escape-Men 102: Secretary Section
    • • Find the Escape-Men 103: The Balcony
    • • Fruit Kitchens No.06: Blueberry Violet
    • • Bremen Town Musicians 2
    • • Such a Duck Search
    Weekday Escape N°26Weekday Escape N°26 —June 4, 2014— This week we have five games from FunkyLand, Minoto, Yomino Kagura and No1Game to help fill in those empty spaces between less escapey moments. Whimsical rooms, strangely quirky adventures, plainly logical puzzles or hide-and-seek with a dash of humor—each playable in a five minute break. Whether you haven't met your escape game quota for the week or just need a distraction from waiting on bigger ventures, you've come to the right door.
  • Sticky Ninja MissionsSticky Ninja Missions —June 3, 2014— It's a ninja's greatest foe... crippling student debt! In this clever physics puzzle platformer, you play a ninja with adhesive feet who must leap and smash his way through levels, knocking out thugs for bounties and gathering treasure.
  • Wolfgang Fights the FutureWolfgang Fights the Future —June 2, 2014— It's Mozart vs. Mecha and an army of soldiers from the far-flung future of 2014, in FlashChaz's new platform beat-em-up Wolfgang Fights the Future. A fun a frantic little brawler with enough flipping and dashing and bashing to make one forgive the padding before the climactic boss fight.
  • Escape from the Tatami Room 3Escape from the Tatami Room 3 —June 1, 2014— All you wanted was a quiet meal in a Japanese-style restaurant, where you could relax slowly and take it easy. But in Tesshi-e's world, open doors mean food on the table, so if you want to eat, first you need to escape. As always, the clever whimsy and beautiful presentation makes solving puzzles in the tatami room one of pure enjoyment.
  • Egg KnightEgg Knight —June 1, 2014— Transported into the past, young Kiev must unite the Egg Knights to stand against the Dark Army in this grindy but silly strategic RPG. With great pixel artwork and a pun-tastic story, it's a solid fit for a relaxed afternoon of casual gameplay.
  • BotiadaBotiada —May 31, 2014— If bots could be zen, then this little puzzle would be where they lived. Connecting your bots will make them happy, but lining them up over the lightning bolts on the floor will really give them a charge! Each level can be passed as long as all the bots are connected. The real challenge is finding your way through the obstacles to reach all three chargers in each level.
  • Wanna Oranges?Wanna Oranges? —May 31, 2014— Do pandas eat oranges? Probably not. But in this game, you've got a little cub that's awful hungry, and oranges are the only way to feed her. Click to destroy ice blocks and set the physics in motion, moving the erstwhile fruit to the hungry little bear.
  • Tales of the Adventure CompanyTales of the Adventure Company —May 30, 2014— Tales of the Adventure Company is a casual RPG that works like a puzzle game. The tile-tapping exploration mechanic will be instantly familiar to anyone who's played Dungelot (or had an advent calendar), while the enemy grid formations will feel similar to the animal rescuing sections of Disco Zoo. Put it all together with quick combat sessions and a little bit of party-based strategy and you've got your next roguelike obsession!
  • Dangerous AdventureDangerous Adventure —May 30, 2014— What do you get when you cross a turn-based dungeon-crawling RPG with a match-3 style puzzle game? A combo-building, special move-deploying, strategic, upgradeable fantasy adventure, that's what! Click runes, build your magic, and defeat hordes of monsters in pursuit of gold and glory.
  • Games Featured:
    • • The Fancy Pants Adventure
    • • Tri-Achnid
    • • The Tall Stump
    • • Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple
    • • Armed With Wings 3
    • • Shift
    • • Enough Plumbers
    • • Great Dungeon in the Sky
    • • Hello Worlds!
    • • K.O.L.M.
    • • Give Up, Robot
    • • Loved
    The 12 Best Platform Games You Might Not Have PlayedThe 12 Best Platform Games You Might Not Have Played —May 29, 2014— Love platformers? We've reviewed all kinds, and today we're taking a look at some of the best. A lonely little robot whose squabbling parents don't have his best interests at heart. Proof that fire and water can go together. An epic journey to stop a demon lord. And a whole bunch of fat guys in blue overalls.
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