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  • Inush Escape 3Inush Escape 3 —June 18, 2015— Short but oh so sweet, this little escape game by Inush has you working together with a pup simultaneously to solve puzzles in order to get outside! It's cute enough to give you cavities, AND it's got two endings!
  • GemCraft: Chasing ShadowsGemCraft: Chasing Shadows —June 18, 2015— After nearly three years, the next installment in the celebrated and fiendishly addictive tower defense series has arrived. Take on challenging maps using the powers of gems that can be enhanced and combined, with new mechanics like the Talisman and the Wizard Towers helping and hindering you along the way...
  • Gnome Go HomeGnome Go Home —June 17, 2015— After a long day of slaving away in the mines, these gnomes just want to get back to their little homey cottages to rest their tired little bodies. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the vile witch who twisted and falsified some of the paths. Help them find their way back home and keep the witch from having her way in this puzzle game also free for Android!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Fruit Kitchens Escape 22: Raspberry Red
    • • RING
    • • Ghastly Asylum
    Weekday Escape N°80Weekday Escape N°80 —June 17, 2015— This week on Weekday Escape, a creepy asylum with what is likely more than its regulation amount of glowing purple orbs, an adorable gift hidden away by a shy boyfriend, and a kitchen that hides several sweet treats... if you can track them down!
  • Alone in the CosmosAlone in the Cosmos —June 16, 2015— A short and somber point-and-click story, this game puts you in the role of an astronaut stranded in space, waiting out the years while he tries to plan his escape. Explore the station and collect memory fragments so you can finally work up the fortitude to do something about your predicament.
  • Four Squared RoomFour Squared Room —June 15, 2015— Though a little rocky with some pixel hunting, Vitamin Hana serves up a short but sneaky escape game where all you have are four walls, a little furniture, and some cryptic codes to crack if you ever want to find a way out.
  • Game.init()Game.init() —June 13, 2015— You're an AI trapped within a computerized obstacle course constructed by a malevolent programmer. This developer's meanest trick? You can only double jump within glowing spheres of light! Make it through the dangerous obstacle courses by moving from light ball to light ball, carefully spending your jumps and dodging all kinds of spikes!
  • Find the Escape-Men Part 155: EM TempleFind the Escape-Men Part 155: EM Temple —June 12, 2015— A bullet train ride to a new temple strands you with a bunch of tourists and shops. Can you find the ten little green men you need to in order to escape from this snack-sized game by no1game?
  • Games Featured:
    • • Space Incident
    • • Crossing Fury
    • • The Yearning Tree
    • • FingerBoy
    Link Dump Friday N° 375Link Dump Friday N° 375 —June 12, 2015— This week on Link Dump Friday, a sketched puzzle game about a little boy looking for light, a spaceship where you're the AI trying to guide its crew, a relaxing and dreamy tree in the dark with tiny inhabitants, and the world's most dangerous crosswalk.
  • Grand Adventure!Grand Adventure! —June 11, 2015— You wake with a headache, remembering only a smiling girl, but it quickly becomes apparent that something is seriously wrong in this freaky retro action adventure that's worth playing despite a lack of polish.
  • Escape from the CatacombsEscape from the Catacombs —June 11, 2015— Pine Studios serves up a short and only slightly spooky escape, where you find yourself trapped with skeletons, an angry alligator, cryptic clues, and puzzles. Also free for iOS and Android!
  • Awesome SeaquestAwesome Seaquest —June 11, 2015— An incremental strategy game that has you building oil rigs and research labs back home to better fund your little seafaring armada. Buy rig-workers and scientists to create cash and research points, then spend it all on scout ships and choppers with which to do battle. Just don't work everyone too hard!
  • Papa's CheeseriaPapa's Cheeseria —June 10, 2015— When your instruments are stolen, you've got to become a wage slave like everyone else to earn cash for new ones... lucky for you this gourmet grilled cheese joint is hiring! Build and create food to customers' exacting orders, unlock secret recipes and daily species, decorate for holidays and much more in this fast-paced cooking simulation.
  • Playing With LettersPlaying With Letters —June 10, 2015— Short and creepy, this text-based puzzle game has you as a detective trying to crack a series of word puzzle codes in order to catch a killer who seems more content to toy with you than anything else.
  • Shonen IdleShonen Idle —June 10, 2015— Love shonen manga? Then this idle incremental game is for you! Train and unlock new abilities as you battle monsters and bosses across the globe, all with a single click of your mouse. With nods and references to iconic titles like Dragon Ball all over the place, fans of the genre will get a lot of mileage out of its simple gameplay.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Find The Escape-Men Part 154: Pic-iro Clover P
    • • Through Time
    • • The Princess Diaries 1
    Weekday Escape N°79Weekday Escape N°79 —June 10, 2015— Princesses, girls locked in towers, and stage groups all make an appearance in this edition of Weekday Escape, brought to you by the combined talents of no1game, Flash512, and Get Lost Games!
  • Sugar, Sugar 3 —June 9, 2015— Bart Bonte returns with another sweet installment of his popular, swanky physics puzzle series that's all about directing the flow of sugar to where you need it to go. With teleporters, gravity switches, colour gates and more, it's a lot trickier than it sounds, but still somehow perfect for relaxing with, give or take an exploding cup or two.
  • Cube Escape: ArlesCube Escape: Arles —June 8, 2015— Also free for iOS and Android, in this latest dark and surreal escape game from Cube Escape: Seasons developers Rusty Lake, you find yourself in a small and lonely apartment full of unfinished paintings and some unexpected secrets...
  • Hermit Crab RoomHermit Crab Room —June 8, 2015— Looking for a cute crustacean or three to brighten your day? This escape game from Sanpoman might be on the short side, but some satisfying puzzles make it a welcome treat no matter what sort of crab speaks to you.
  • Drop Wizard —June 8, 2015— Also available for iOS, in this adorable arcade game from Neutronized, you play a wizard who can only defend yourself with stunning magical blasts when you fall off a ledge, and are otherwise forced to run from the cute enemies in your path. Simple yet challenging classic gameplay and a beautiful pixel style makes this an authentic classic-feeling experience, with eighteen levels for your browser, and over sixty on the paid iOS version!
  • Sherlock Holmes 2Sherlock Holmes 2 —June 5, 2015— There's mystery afoot in this silly point-and-click adventure from Carmel Games! Most people insist they're innocent when thrown in jail, but when a man is murdered, Sherlock Holmes sets out to uncover the truth!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Antumbra
    • • Drink Beer, Neglect Family
    • • The Clockwork King
    • • Skeletal Dance Simulator
    Link Dump Friday N° 374Link Dump Friday N° 374 —June 5, 2015— Skeletons bop and dance about while defending their witchy leader, a dungeon full of death and jumpscares awaits, a mechanical madman has kidnapped your lost love, and a pint or twenty are waiting for you along with a lot of guilt in this week's Link Dump Friday.
  • No One Was HereNo One Was Here —June 4, 2015— How far would you go for a friend? Would you brave fire? Moving platforms? Fans? Giant beasts? Would you rewind time itself? This simple yet intriguing little puzzle platformer will have you raiding dangerous caves for an artifact, then trying to keep up with YOURSELF on the way back out!
  • Aries Escape: Episode No. 16Aries Escape: Episode No. 16 —June 4, 2015— You meant to meet your boyfriend at the radio station, but somehow you've gotten yourself lost and somehow locked yourself in this studio... It's Aries Escape: Episode No. 16! A charming experience for both new and experienced genre fans, it'll definitely make you want to stay tuned to further works from the author.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Girls Room No.09: Eyelash Curler
    • • Find the Escape-Men 153: Sushi Go Round
    • • Free the Dogs
    Weekday Escape N°78Weekday Escape N°78 —June 3, 2015— FunkyLand, No1Game, and Vitamin Hana come at you with whimsy, sushi and smiles for this week's exciting episode of Weekday Escape, where you can lavishly feast on another free escape game bundle and share in the fun.
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