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  • Games Featured:
    • • Hatfall
    • • Arrow Hero
    • • Annie96 is Typing
    • • Goblin Song
    Link Dump Friday N° 381Link Dump Friday N° 381 —July 10, 2015— This week on Link Dump Friday, a young man who finds himself lost in the wood without memories, a ton of hats and a sassy sense of humour to keep you moving, a late night chat session that turns terrifying, and a simple game that turns simply frantic.
  • Disaster Will Strike DefenderDisaster Will Strike Defender —July 9, 2015— Qiabo's dinosaur eggs are determined to stick around, and in this installment of their popular physics puzzle series, they're busting up all the bird eggs they find to make sure they stay top dog! Use natural disasters to clear out all the dino eggs in each level, but make sure no bird eggs get broken!
  • Sentry Knight ConquestSentry Knight Conquest —July 8, 2015— The surly marksman just wants to be left alone, but he's going to save the world whether he likes it or not in this adorable and action-packed shooter-based spin on the popular Sentry Knight series of games, filled with quests, upgrades, and more!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Fruit Kitchens No. 23: Watermelon Green
    • • Diamond Penthouse Escape
    • • Magician's Escape
    Weekday Escape N°83Weekday Escape N°83 —July 8, 2015— This week on your Weekday Escape! A pocketful of diamonds in a swanky penthouse loft, a magician's trick that goes awry to the surprise of its startled volunteer (you!), and a peppy, perky kitchen filled with watermelon... if you can find them!
  • Logical Element —July 7, 2015— To win this stylish, minimalistic puzzle game from GooDMage, all you need to do is light up all the targets to green, though with different gates with their own restrictive rules, diodes, and more, that's easier said than done!
  • Cafe RougeCafe Rouge —July 6, 2015— In this seven part free online episodic visual novel series, teenager Isis Black's first job at a local cafe takes a bizarre twist, and suddenly she discovers a dark world of secrets, danger... and maybe romance? Keep your passwords from each chapter to unlock your progress in the next, with good and bad endings for the three male leads!
  • Find the Escape-Men Part 158: Sushi Go Round 2Find the Escape-Men Part 158: Sushi Go Round 2 —July 5, 2015— You've decided to try out the new sushi joint in this cute, short escape game from no1game, but before you can leave, you're going to have to find ten little green men... and fill yourself to bursting, too!
  • Nightflies 2Nightflies 2 —July 3, 2015— Light up the night! Help the shimmering nightflies spread their brilliance by leading them to the multicolored lanterns in each stage. Nightflies can only fly straight down, so make sure their path is clear by calling in their ladybug friends to haul out any obstructions. By putting their buggy brains together, they'll make this night the brightest yet!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Blue Reef Ember
    • • Shoving
    • • Milk For the Ugly
    • • Clicker Adventurers
    Link Dump Friday N° 380Link Dump Friday N° 380 —July 3, 2015— This week on your Link Dump Friday! A turn-based puzzle game about shoving before you get shoved, a creepy interactive tale about an old woman who isn't what she seems, a clicker game full of robots and upgrades, and a little fish out to save his reef from invading jellyfish!
  • Ribbitation —July 2, 2015— What do you do if you're a frog who can't jump? Well, in this simple but satisfying retro puzzle platformer from Pixelulsar, you need to fall, climb, push, and unlock to make your way to the exit in each of the game's dozen levels.
  • Last Invader —July 2, 2015— One walking turret stands alone in this fast-paced, Unity-based arena shooter where waves of incoming robots that increasingly get bigger, meaner, and more numerous will keep you blasting away on your metallic toes!
  • Monkey GO Happy Ninjas 3Monkey GO Happy Ninjas 3 —July 1, 2015— Once again, seventy tiny monkey ninjas have gone missing, and it's up to you to track them down in this snowy landscape of a point-and-click puzzle adventure brought to you by monkey afficionados PencilKids!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Free the Cats
    • • Shoe Repair
    • • Girls Room Escape 10: False Eyelashes
    Weekday Escape N°82Weekday Escape N°82 —July 1, 2015— This week on your roundup of free escape games! A makeup routine that's probably a lot more complicated than yours, some kittens yearning to break free, and a cobbler whose business could probably run a lot more smoothly without all these fancy locks and mechanisms.
  • Blocks 2Blocks 2 —June 30, 2015— Gibton brings all their blocks to the yard, and they're like, "our match-3 puzzles are super cute and pleasant and thus as good as yours," because they're not rude and combative. Match rows of blocks to clear the screen in as few moves as possible in this follow-up to the original!
  • Marrakesh ClubMarrakesh Club —June 30, 2015— On vacation in sunny Morocco, all Joeseph wants to do is visit the Marrakesh(ch?) Club, where he's assured he'll have the most fun of his trip. Too bad he has to figure out how to make the perfect cup of tea first in this short and silly point-and-click adventure from Carmel Games!
  • Red Oz Episode 1Red Oz Episode 1 —June 29, 2015— A crash awakes you in the dead of night, and when you go to investigate, you quickly discover something is very, very wrong, and you might not be alone in this short first unsettling installment for a new point-and-click adventure series from Alice is Dead co-creator Hyptosis.
  • Sieger: Rebuilt to DestroySieger: Rebuilt to Destroy —June 28, 2015— Want more destruction? Ask and ye shall receive, as WarSpark serves up another whopping 32 levels of physics puzzle destruction by tasking you to bring down themed castles from the past 2500 years!
  • THERE IS NO GAMETHERE IS NO GAME —June 27, 2015— This is not a game. You won't find yourself playing a cleverly done point and click puzzler that will leave you chuckling and wishing more games were as innovated as this game. But it's not, because There Is No Game. (Especially not one made for the Deception Jam by Kamizoto!)
  • Find the Escape-Men Part 157: At the WeddingFind the Escape-Men Part 157: At the Wedding —June 26, 2015— Short and bittersweet, this escape game from no1game has you racing to stop a wedding... but will you pull it off? Hunt around to find your ten little green men and find out, but the outcome might not be what you were expecting!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Cat Petting Simulator 2014
    • • Little Alchemy
    • • Second Date
    • • Lantern
    Link Dump Friday N° 379Link Dump Friday N° 379 —June 26, 2015— This week on Link Dump Friday, a dark night and a woman whose path is lit by a lantern and regrets, a whole world waiting for you to unlock it one piece at a time, a date that's anything but a dream, and one of the most relaxing, pleasant simulations around.
  • Cube Escape: Harvey's BoxCube Escape: Harvey's Box —June 25, 2015— Rusty Lake returns with another of their popular unsettling and surreal escape games, also free for iOS and Android. You find yourself in a box, surrounded by a strange mish-mash of items, and to get out, you'll need to solve a variety of puzzles that will force you to think outside the box.
  • Games Featured:
    • • My First Ring Bearer
    • • Strange Cafeteria
    • • KUMA1
    Weekday Escape N°81Weekday Escape N°81 —June 24, 2015— This week on your Weekday Escape... a simple task for a wedding made complicated by some baffling clothing security measures, a cafeteria with no food but a confusing layout, and a teddy-bear that knows that clothes make the ursine.
  • Tiny TreasureTiny Treasure —June 23, 2015— Though on the short side, this puzzle platformer about a pair of heroes who need to work together to navigate areas and find treasure is cute and clever, if not exactly filled with variety, but be warned... it doesn't save your progress!
  • Strikeforce Kitty: Last StandStrikeforce Kitty: Last Stand —June 22, 2015— Deqaf Studio's wildly popular series about kittens taking on woodland foes while dressing up as characters from anime, video games, and more makes a comeback, but now that the gameplay has turned to be more button-mashy, defense-centric, some play find it too simple to get behind.
  • Merendam: Escape from Seram Isle Chapter 1Merendam: Escape from Seram Isle Chapter 1 —June 22, 2015— When a car overturns one rainy night after being accosted by a terrifying apparition, a young girl finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere, and to find her way home she'll need to deal with hostile spirits and confounding puzzles in this action adventure also available for iOS and Android.
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