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  • Weekday Escape N°127 —June 30, 2016— Weekday escape has a special five-in-one deal! That's right. Click right now and get five escape games in one post...
  • Escape the Cake Café —June 29, 2016— Have you ever started an escape game and wondered, why am I trying to escape this place?...
  • Little Jolly Boy Escape —June 29, 2016— "Schoooool's out for summer...." Ah summer vacation. We didn't know how good we had it as kids. ...
  • 6 Doors Escape —June 27, 2016— Are you ready to go door to door to door to (well, you get the idea!)?...
  • Weekday Escape N°126 —June 23, 2016— Here are three escape games to help cool you off if you've been dealing with a heat wave or just need some refreshment!...
  • Love Chase —June 23, 2016— So you just got fired and dumped by your girlfriend and need a new apartment!...
  • The Happy Escape 11 —June 13, 2016— Tesshi-e is back in a locked room again! In The Happy Escape 11, you are locked up in a music room, with nothing but music instruments and clever puzzles inside. Can you open the mouth of Mr. Hippo? Can...
  • Vortex Point 7 - Waddington Swamp —June 2, 2016— Events rarely unfold as you'd hope when you're stuck in a swamp, and that isn't about to change in Carmel Games' Vortex Point 7 - Waddington Swamp. If you live in the UK it probably won't have escaped your...
  • Subject 26Subject 26 —April 28, 2016— Subject 26 is a quiet and strange man who lives in his own little world. This doesn't stop him however from trying to leave ours.
  • MazeEyeMazeEye —April 27, 2016— ReFall has brought us a new puzzle game. The goal is to slide across the map to collect keys to open the exit. But the journey to the destination is the real riddle you'll have to solve.
  • Games Featured:
    • • The Aviator Escape
    • • Fly the Sky
    • • Marble Escape
    Weekday Escape N°125Weekday Escape N°125 —April 27, 2016— This week on Weekday Escape! Primera locks you up somewhere tidy with a soothing widdle place for your widdle head. Esklavos sends you off to stop a mad scientist, provided you can start the plane first. And no1game eschews the little green men for a challenge that's no less enigmatic.
  • Icesters TroubleIcesters Trouble —April 23, 2016— In Peter Achberger's physic puzzler Icesters Trouble these ice cubes jut want a normal life, sitting on the cold, frozen ground, and preferably not melting. While they are not the only inhabitants in their chilly world but to us they are the only ones that should matter.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Butterfly Garden
    • • Rabbits and Magic
    • • Escape the Island 2
    Weekday Escape N°124Weekday Escape N°124 —April 20, 2016— This week on Weekday Escape! Vitamin Hana pulls off a butterfly garden on a budget. Esklavos proves that magic and the common cold probably don't mix. And a second dose of your daily Vitamin (Hana) drops you on a desert island once more.
  • Alice House 2 No.09: Alice's Dinner PartyAlice House 2 No.09: Alice's Dinner Party —April 17, 2016— What kind of a dinner party is it if you don't use pictures of yourself for decorations? Find the five items bearing the image of Queen Alice to find a way out of this short and whimsical escape game from Funkyland.
  • A Normal Lost Phone —April 17, 2016— In this simple interactive narrative created for the Global Game Jam 2016, you find yourself fiddling with a phone, trying to figure out not only who it belonged to, but where they've gone. A few clever codes and puzzles serve to help you unlock new information as you dig through a life some may find hits too close to home.
  • Tsure Game 6.3Tsure Game 6.3 —April 16, 2016— A freestanding sink with a leaky faucet greets you in this escape game from Lu-taru. Though it may be a little mystifying at first, determined repairmen will find clever puzzles await if you can find them.
  • Zombie Society - Death after Death 3/3Zombie Society - Death after Death 3/3 —April 16, 2016— Detective Zombie Margh is running short on time. With a list of missing people, a crazed lunatic ranting about "zombie aliens" and a brain shortage will the Detective be able to figure all of it out in time?
  • Another Pretentious GameAnother Pretentious Game —April 14, 2016— A simple but evocative (and maybe a little blunt) puzzle game about the games we play with the people we love from Keybol. Draw lines to connect the coloured dots while dancing around obstacles, using direction and momentum to get there.
  • Firefighter EscapeFirefighter Escape —April 14, 2016— Firefighters who let their place of work go up in flames are generally looked down upon, so if you don't want your career to burn out, you'll play this escape game from Pine Studio... also free for iOS and Android!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Spring Room Escape
    • • Mis.Dramatic
    • • Shoe Polished
    Weekday Escape N°123Weekday Escape N°123 —April 13, 2016— This week on your Weekday Escape! MayMay can't keep their footwear clean, and now it's your problem. Amajeto gets pink and green, but that's a good thing. And Detarame Factory is... well, SOMETHING weird is going on.
  • Cube Escape: TheaterCube Escape: Theater —April 11, 2016— Rusty Lake takes you to a theater of the mind in their latest entry in their beautiful but bizarre and unsettling escape series, as a very special performance is about to begin, and a myriad of puzzles await. Also free for iOS and Android!
  • Bond Breaker 2.0 —April 11, 2016— Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a proton? Step right up and try this clever and entertaining educational puzzle game about physical chemistry. Find out more about cool things like lasers and fusion and how to make your own hydrogen atom! Learning doesn't get much more fun than this.
  • Absorbed 2Absorbed 2 —April 8, 2016— Have gun, will travel, especially when that gun can absorb and spit out everything from zombies to TNT. A fun and bouncy platformer that gets appealingly chaotic, though one whose slippery movement and familiar elements could have used a little tweaking.
  • Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2Monkey GO Happy Ninja Hunt 2 —April 8, 2016— Tiny ninjas keep popping up everywhere, and another mysterious puzzle box has appeared! Find the 30 mini monkey ninjas hidden in each stage of this point-and-click puzzle game from PencilKids to figure out how to unlock the final one once again!
  • The Storage Shed EscapeThe Storage Shed Escape —April 6, 2016— Tesshi-e's Mr Y wants you to come over to see his newly remodeled shed, and that can only mean one thing... a new escape game to play! A deceptively tidy and rustic atmosphere conceal some cryptic clues in this satisfying collection of puzzles.
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