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Storm Casters

DoraGet Set Games' iOS title Storm Casters is essentially a very casual roguelike action RPG mixed with am arcade-style shooter. You play either a young man or woman who sets off to rescue their fellow villagers from the monsters that pillaged your town and winds up getting a set of really sweet magical abilities to enact your revenge. Helpful, since the monsters have holed up in a massive dungeon. Oh, and the dungeon's floors change every time you enter them. Oh, and each set of floors has to be unlocked by defeating multiple bosses. Oh, and the portal to each floor only stays open for a set amount of time, and if it runs out, you're teleported back to the level hub whether you've cleared the floor or not. But hey, at least you can find and unlock some really sweet upgrades and special powers... oh, but they're randomized every time you die, too. You know, I don't remember Dresden ever putting up with this.

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad Air. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

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Bomboozle 3

DoraSometimes you wake up and you just feel like blowing something up. But, like... in a cute way. On those days, Megadev's aggressively adorable and addictive match-3 puzzle games Bomboozle and Bomboozle 2 are there for you like old friends, and now there's Bomboozle 3, also available for Android and iOS. The game has a few different play modes, but the basic mechanics remain the same. Click groups of three or more coloured blobs to remove them from the board, and remove a certain number before the board becomes unusable to move on to the next stage. Rainbow blobs are wildcards and can become part of any colour chain, while skulls, which appear any time you match a mere three blobs, can only be cleared by double-clicking a nearby bomb to blast them (and any surrounding blobs!) away. To make sure you get more bombs, make matches of five or more... you'll need them to blast open chests to increase your score. In the top-left corner is a gauge that fills up as you make matches, and when it's full, you can click the icon when it cycles to the colour you want to clear the board of all matching blobs.

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Money Movers

DoraYou know what they say. The family that's imprisoned together, must solve platforming puzzles to escape together. That was my grandma's favourite needlepoint pillow, and it's the plot behind Meowbeast's Money Movers, where you must control two brothers at the same time to help them reach the exit in levels full of lasers, switches, moving platforms, guards, and more. We'll call them Biggun and Littlun for writing coherency's sake. Biggun is, well, big. He controls with the [arrow] keys, and while he can't move fast, which means he'll trip laser alarms, or jump high, he can pick up and toss objects with the [spacebar], push heavy things, and so forth. Littlun, being smaller and faster, can jump higher, squeeze through gaps, and race through laser alarms without tripping them. Both brothers can provide a platform to help the other reach a higher place in a pinch. They both need to reach the level's exit in order to win, and while the three money bags scattered around each stage are optional, you'll need all sixty of them to open the game's bonus level!

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Strike Force Kitty

drstrosyThe Princess Kitty has been captured by evil, foxes...and the Kitty King has sent you, his strike force, out on a rescue mission. Strike Force Kitty is on the job! This adorable new action arcade game by Deqaf Studio (makers of Dangerous Adventure) takes the familiar mechanic and turns it into a completely unexpected (and seriously amusing) geek fest. As you travel, you'll meet a cast of strangely recognizable characters, from V to Freddy to a certain tomb raider. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of wacky references. As your fox nemeses are banished, you pick up their costumes and weapons, outfitting yourself as all sorts of funny folks with special buffs ranging from critical hits to healing, and which can improve your health, attack, or stamina. So choosing your equipment and placing your stat points, granted from leveling up, is the key to success. Fortunately, the payoff in this game isn't just the rescue of the princess, but the game itself which is just plain fun to play. Leveling up is dependent upon gathering fish which count as points in the game, and winning an entire outfit from a fox requires multiple battles. But as you move through the new maps that open up after every boss is defeated, you'll be able to make more decisions regarding your gameplay.

Monkey GO Happy Sci-Fi

DoraMonkeys really are just like us. They like to spend time with friends and family, hurl their own poop to unwind, and every once in a while, they just gotta have something sweet. In Monkey GO Happy Candy, the latest installment in Pencil Kids' Monkey GO Happy series of point-and-click puzzle games, there are eighty gummy bears hidden throughout a sticky, gooey, syrupy sweet candy world that would make Homer Simpson frolic with delight. They're big and red, and while some are sitting around in plain sight for you to click on, others could be in trees, under bushes, or in even odder places. To find them all, you need to explore and solve puzzles in addition to shaking down everything in the environment to see if it might be hiding a chewy treat. Once you've clicked an item to pick it up, you can just drag it from your inventory to wherever you'd like to try to use it onscreen.

Weekday Escape

elleWelcome back to another thrilling episode of Weekday Escape! On last week's show, our hero escaped from wild mangoes only to be stranded with a magic book and recalcitrant new employees. Meanwhile, a hunt for the perfect bikini befuddled a few fans while others blissfully sung odes to vegetation. What could be lurking beyond that next locked door? Will our hero solve the devious three color stars code, rescue all the green men, recover the lost candy and escape? Stay tuned to find out...

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Tiny Tower Vegas

JohnBOh good, we were just wondering what we were going to do with every spare moment for the rest of the summer. The original Tiny Tower first started mopping up our free time in mid-2011. Since then, Nimblebit has branched out into a few other simulation genres, including Pocket Trains, Pocket Planes, and the RPG-like Nimble Quest. With the announcement of Tiny Tower Vegas, it looks like things are going to go back to the old formula. With casino-style slots and card games, of course!

Tiny Tower Vegas has been teased a little over the past few weeks on Twitter, but the recent announcement makes it official. Unlike Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, this one's being developed entirely by NimbleBit, so we're hoping it stays a little closer to the original game's format. The Star Wars themed game was a bit... disappointing. It was great seeing all those Star Wars characters and set pieces pixelized into a tiny mobile world, but there were some performance issues and the in-app purchasing system felt like it was unfairly rigged.

Tiny Tower Vegas is coming soon to the iOS or Android device currently sitting in your pocket or on your desk just to the left of your keyboard.

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Escape from NAGOYALAND

SonicLoverLast month, the amusement park NAGOYALAND opened its doors in Japan, taking its name from the Nagoya cultures it reproduces. Whether or not the evil warlocks that dwell in a secret base in the park are part of that recreation is unclear. As Fairie Princess Satomi— because we all know that Japanese fairy princesses double as secret agents— it's your mission to sneak in, locate their secret base, and then, well, Escape from NAGOYALAND. (Ah, the obligatory title drop... ahem... where was I?) Perhaps this retro point-and-click puzzle adventure by Arata Takeya has a slightly absurd premise, but that's probably to be expected from a Japanese developer.

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Droid Team

KimberlyTeamwork. Cooperation. Partnership. Whatever buzzword for working together you prefer, you're going to need it in Droid Team, a unique puzzle platform game by Mike Romero. The goal is to direct the cute cubic droids to collect the glowing orb on each level. Use the [arrow] keys, or [WASD] to move your robot, and the mouse to select which robot to control. If you'd like, you can control the whole game with the keyboard by holding down the [spacebar] and using the arrow keys to select a robot. Hit [R] to restart a level, and [M] to mute the music. Step on a switch to activate the gate of the same color, and bust out your brain power. You're going to need it.

Killer Escape 3

DoraIf you're the protagonist in a Psionic Games title, things are probably not going very well for you, and your savings are going to wind up entirely devoted to some serious therapy. After all, in Killer Escape, you were kidnapped by a mad serial killer, and you escaped him only to run into a demented murderer known as "The Tooth Fairy" in Killer Escape 2: The Surgery. Now, in the point-and-click escape game Killer Escape 3, you're still trying to find a way out after the gruesome ending to the last game, but things are going to get weirder (and grosser) before they get better. Click to navigate and interact with things, using the icons and text that pop up as you mouse over things as a guide to figure out what might be useful. Most puzzles you'll encounter won't have instructions, but they will usually have clues to their solutions hidden around the area, so keep an eye out for any strange markings or anything else that might be useful. Click the arrow icon in the top center of the screen to open your inventory where you can examine notes you've gathered, and click on an item you're carrying to try to use it somewhere on the screen. If you like high scores, be on the lookout for optional items to collect and cameras to smash, and try to find a way out as fast as possible! Not everything you can examine is immediately obvious to the naked eye...

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Lexicopolis: A-B-City

JoelyBean "Oh no," you groan, staring unbelieving at your computer screen. Your favourite city building game has contracted some sort of strange glitch, preventing you from seeing the list of buildings and features you can choose from. The large plots of land before you remain empty, just waiting for paved roads and condo developments. What is there to do? You'll need to rack your brain and remember all of the buildings yourself, of course. This is the unique challenge you are faced with in Lexicopolis: A-B-City, a strategy and city simulation game like no other. Originally made for the 2013 Experimental Gameplay CONSTRUCT competition, Lexicopolis has remained well loved with consistent updates from developer vampirewalrus. The game is controlled with the [arrow] keys, as well as [Q], [W], [E] ...well, the entire keyboard. You see, you won't be using traditional money to fund this building project; your currency instead is the alphabet. Faced with a vast green field of letters, you are able to collect the letters which you've placed buildings upon and type out the features you want to build, from "apartment" to "zoo," in the style of Scribblenauts. Put on your thinking cap, because this open-ended word game has an impressive 300+ words and phrases in its lexicon.

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Mobile Monday

pinkhour-pPink Hour now on iOS (for free!) - Just in case you haven't blasted enough construction moles in Kero Blaster, Studio Pixel has released the game's "prequel" teaser Pink Hour to iOS for free! It's a simple platformer with a hard focus on shooting enemies and landing pixel-perfect jumps, but it's definitely worth downloading. The virtual touch buttons are surprisingly good for a game that places action-heavy demands on the control system. Not perfect, but, you know, workable!

Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

JohnBA licensed game that isn't terrible?! Way to go Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville! The free-flying platform exploration game from Radiangames brings Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup back to save the citizens of Townsville from the evil Mojo Jojo. There's just one tiny little hitch: they can't remember how to use their powers. It's so bad, they don't even know how to punch or fly! Crummy situation for them, but a perfect set-up for a power-up collecting ability-unlocking robot-smashing metroidvania game!

Calabash Bros

DoraIf you're addicted to cutesy tower defense games like Kingdom Rush and Demons vs Fairyland, Leyougames' Calabash Bros will be right up your alley. You control an army of tiny, adorable warriors defending their land from monsters who are invading because... well, as Zefrank would probably tell you, that is how monsters do. In each level, your goal is to keep the enemy forces from reaching the end of the path, since every time they do, you lose hit points. To stop them, you click on the platforms alongside the pathway and place towers with the gold you earn from defeating your foes. Each tower is different, such as the Barracks that spawns soldiers who will attack anything that comes near, and the Magic Tower that can quickly zap enemies from a distance, and each tower can be upgraded during a level for even more power and abilities as well. If you want to help out manually, you can even cast spells on enemy units, such as fireballs and lightning. When you win a level, choose "back" rather than "continue" and visit the upgrades screen from the level map to spend your golden gourds on permanently enhancing your defenses. Looking for a challenge? In addition to your standard difficulty modes, Calabash Bros also allows you to play levels on "random" after winning them once, which chooses and places towers for you... completely at random!

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Squid Skid

AllySquid Skid tells a tale of two brothers just like any other: Sometimes they're the best of friends, sometimes they drive each other up the wall, and, naturally, the younger of the pair believes himself to be a squid when he is very much an octopus. What, don't all little brothers do that? But a bunch of squid-napping sailors have scooped up the smaller, slightly silly cephalopodian sibling and trapped him on their fishing ship. Good thing he's got his big (very big) brother in his corner! You'll have to release the Kraken! to, well, release the Kraken in this sliding block-flavored puzzle game from Wingon Studios. Rock the boat with the might of Big Bro's enormous tentacles, powered by the [arrow] keys, and slide Little Bro's cage to the key. True to the game's name, he'll keep on skidding until he hits something. And if you want that key, he's got to land dead on that sucker! Heh. Sucker. Get it? It's an octopus joke. Squid Skid has a lavish and eye-catching attention to detail, from the way the whole playing field tilts when you take action, right down to the adorable squid-shaped cursor. It's a pretty coat of paint, but thankfully, it's more than just camoflage for an everyday Sokoban game.

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