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Generation Ship

TrickyLight years from Earth, a ship sent to explore a new exo-planet has drastically malfunctioned. Oxygen, food, and energy systems are at critical levels, and all non-essential functions, including the snark-inhibitor of the on-board AI have been disengaged. You, Engineer 34 (aka "stupid meatsack"), have been awoken to deal with the problem manually, and what few options remain might only make the situation worse for those left in cryo-stasis. Still, there just may be a way out of this... Generation Ship is a Unity sci-fi adventure game developed by Shide for the Ludum Dare 72 hour "connected worlds" competition, where a solutions to the cold equations needs to be calculated. Possibly with rabbits. Move around the various rooms of the ship with the [WASD] or [arrow keys], interacting with the various consoles on the ship with [E]. When a console is activated, it will offer choices that can be implemented with [1-9].

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Tiny Tower Vegas

DoraIf you love piling things on other things and then selling things out of those things, Nimblebit has you covered with Tiny Tower Vegas, free(mium) for iOS and Android. Though functionally mostly identical to Tiny Tower and its Sith-ier follow up Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, as the name implies, this installment has you building your very own tower in Vegas, which means casinos, lounges, and minigames, naturally. For those unfamiliar with the series, it's best described as an idle game of sorts, with some light simulation and resource management. You don't necessarily play it as much as you ensure it can keep running. You build new rooms when you have enough cash, hire employees to staff stock those rooms (ordering more merchandise when items run out), and perform mini-missions for your guests like tracking down items or booking rooms for their friends. The two main currencies are cash and "bux", both of which are generated/earned in game, as well as a new type of currency this time around... the chip. You earn chips either by completing missions or through random tips, and you spend them on playing the various casino minigames you unlock as you build your tower, which can in turn earn you some sweet, sweet cash. Think of it as a Tomogatchi... your interactions are limited, but you can't leave it alone forever either.

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Caves Online

Johnny123Cave diving seems to be all the rage in the virtual world these days. With Minecraft and Terraria tearing up the indie scene and wacky titles like Bazooka Boy 2 eating up our bandwidth, it looks like digital spelunking is here to stay. It was only a matter of time before someone turned into a multiplayer online sport. Well luckily, Caves Online is just that. (You need to create an account to play but it's a quick, simple process that won't require an email address or any such nonsense. Just choose a name and password and you're done!) It's a fun arcade platform game that has you competing against dozens of "ghosts" of other players who've run the course before you. Use the [arrow] keys to jump over obstacles and pits, collecting gold to spend on upgrades and powerups and keeping pace with the ever-sliding view. Die, and you'll need to start over from the beginning. If only real cave diving where this fun.

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Lori.hEver had a mysterious phone call from a suspiciously familiar voice, warning you not to do something in the imminent future? It's probably best to listen, unless of course, you're a extremely busy genius who was just about to eat your lunch and check out the latest invention in your lab. Then you're probably okay. Primary Max, by Keybol, is just that, and while most of the game doesn't really have much of a story line, you're still playing as Max as he messes around with his clones in this puzzle-platform game. When you first touch the clone box it records every movement you make until you run over the box again. Then a clone of you takes off to do what was just saved in its memory. Following in the steps of Time Donkey you have to use your clones to get to where you need to be, standing on their heads and using them for a leg up, only Primary Max is a lot more easier to navigate with its platform style of playing.

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Manor Memoirs

Starchild The thing about inspiration is that it sort of sucks. You could be halfway through your adventure fanfic mashup of Harry Potter and Spongebob and bam! your inspiration leaves you staring helplessly at the screen in the middle of the Krabby-Patty-cook-off-on-broomsticks scene. This is pretty much what happened to Scarlett (minus the fanfic). She is the protagonist of Manor Memoirs, Playrix's new hidden-object/time-management hybrid – a bestselling author who just can't get herself to start working on her next book. So she takes the only surefire cure for writer's block: she buys a sinfully expensive mansion in the country and moves in. Having neglected to visit the place before buying, Scarlett realises the manor is almost in ruins and in dire need of renovating. This is where you come in. You are an expert interior designer and the perfect person to conduct a series of garage sales to raise the money for the makeover.

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History Museum Escape

DoraIn Just Pine Games' History Museum Escape, also available free for iOS and Android, you're up to some 1980s teen-movie style shenanigans and find yourself locked in the museum overnight. Because you don't have Donna Noble with you, you can't just boot the door open (or does that only work in libraries... ?), so you'll need to hunt around for a key if you want to escape, and let me tell you, the person who designed this security system must have been shooting for a "Most Convoluted Award". Just click around to interact and pick up items when the cursor changes, and white text will usually display to provide you with descriptions. If you want to try combining things, or just using one object on another, click one item in your inventory, then the next you want to try to use it with. You'll want to experiment with this a lot, since you'll need to come up with more than one handmade tool before you can find your way out.

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Letter Monsters
Doubtlessly you remember Threes!, the addicting swipe-puzzler which gripped us all and influenced the mega-hit 2048. And hopefully you remember Triple Town, the unique match-three game with cute bears and an abundance of trees. These games were so popular and successful for a reason—they demanded attention and required some real planning. But let's play around with these formulae, shall we? Take the basic movement system from Threes!, throw in the rules and obstacles from Triple Town, and stick the grid in a series of finite levels... voila! The outcome is Letter Monsters, a well thought out and deviously cute combine-three puzzler from Presented with cute, colourful monsters labelled from "A" to "Z", your goal will be to combine sister letters to build your alphabet as far as you can. Three A's will make a B, three B's will make a C, and so on. Immovable obstacles and black holes will provide challenges, but certain special monsters, along with eight essential types of boosters, will help you out and make for some exceptionally fierce strategy. Playable both online with the [arrow] keys and on iOS or Android with the swipe of a finger, Letter Monsters brings a fresh aesthetic and a variety of new quirks to a now-familiar gameplay style.

Weekday Escape

elleIt's nice to be lighthearted, social and full of smiles now and then, but you constantly upbeat extroverts can really try the nerves sometimes. I'm just saying. There needs to be more appreciation for grumps, I say. Without us, who would you happy people have to focus all your cheer-ups on? How else would such poetic phrases as "Turn that frown upside down!" be born? So our first two free online escape games from Self Defiant and No1Game are a wee bit dark and morbid, what with being locked in an asylum or buried in a pit of sand. But, for you happy-go-lucky do gooders, take heart: a cute little duckling from Minoto should provide ample opportunity to tilt head to side and say, "Awwww, so adorabs!" Read more about our Weekday Escape trio...

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Bottle Rockets

TrickyBottle Rockets is a downloadable indie sci-fi platform game by James Earl Cox III set to the song "Alberto Balsam" by Aphex Twin. It is a short, artistic work that's worth going into unspoiled, but suffice to say it is about an astronaut deep in space, aboard a station where things have gone seriously wrong, a daughter with a message for her mother, and the wide range of emotions in-between. Its been rated quite highly in the smattering of Game Competitions it has been submitted to, including the Nar8 Storyteling Jam, the GameJolt GlitchJam, and the "Women Are Too Hard To Animate" Jam, so expect a compelling plot, a whole lot of graphical flickering (epileptics take note), and smattering of X chromosomes to keep things interesting.

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Skip Around the World: Finland

DoraIn Skip Around the World: Finland, the first installment of Carmel Games' point-and-click adventure series, Skip, as you might surmise from the title, is a world traveler who winds up in Finland. And hey, visiting Santa's Village is fine, and sure those Northern Lights are all breathtaking and whatnot, but what Skip really wants is to meet Oiva Vasta, the "sauna guru", who apparently shares Skip's passion for sitting around wearing towels and sweating with strangers, which is basically my nightmare scenario. To find his hero, Skip will need to travel around and see the sights, solving puzzles and performing favours for the locals as he tries to find someone who knows where Oiva might be. Just click to interact when the cursor changes, and click an item from your inventory to pick it up so you can try to use it somewhere. And hey, you might actually learn something about Finland in the process!... sorta. Maybe?

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DoraGridland is from Doublespeak Games, creators of A Dark Room, which as you know means that a) it's a really clever and interesting game, and b) I can't really say too much as to why and how without spoiling it for you because of the way the game slowly changes as you play. Superficially, it looks like a simple match-3 puzzle game. Click on two adjacent tiles to swap them, and if they match, the resources they represent will be collected. The game is turn-based, and while time marches on, it only moves when you make a turn, so plan you moves to get the most "cascade" matches possible as other tiles drop to replace the ones you removed. Initially, it seems both too easy, and, well, weird. You'll need to figure out on your own what's happening and how you figure into it, since the game offers no help or direction whatsoever. During nights, planning your matches becomes even more important, and the thing to remember is that while everything else happens automatically you don't need to rush, and in fact frantically making matches will work against you. You'll need to experiment and really choose your moves carefully... especially when the sun goes down...

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Sweep Miner

DoraMike Salyh and Cynic Sama trapped a bunch of kids in a mine full of explosives, not because they're villains in an old Lassie episode, but because it's the puzzle game they made in a week, Sweep Miner. In each level, using the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, you move the miner around the level to rescue the minors, who will follow him when you walk over them, and all you have to do to win is get them all to the exit. The twist? The floor is covered in deadly explosives, and the only time you get to see where they are is when the level first loads. As soon as you take a single step, they all vanish from sight, but they'll still send you sky-high whether you can see them or not, so you'll need to memorize the layout. In addition to occasionally having to rescue more than one wayward tot, you'll have to deal with colour-coded warp ladders that will zap you back and forth around the level. All of which sounds like a lot of trouble for kids. I mean, can't you just, like, make more?... what? Oh, so now I'm a "heartless monster" instead of just "practical". I see how it is.

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Ice Cream Nomsters

kyhIf you have fond childhood memories of chasing out the door after a musical ice cream truck in a crazed desire for the sugary, cold treat, have I got a question for you: what if, instead of chasing after the truck, it came directly to your house and delivered the ice cream straight to your door? Well, this mind-blowing premise is the foundation behind Firedroid's free mobile game, Ice Cream Nomsters. Available for those who sport either an iOS or Android device, this time management title has you controlling a neighborhood ice cream truck in its delivery of its precious sweet cargo to each home as it is requested. Be it of the green or red variety (pistachio or cherry?), you've got all palettes covered.

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BLACK IV: Time of Revenge

TrickyYou're a stickman! You have a lot of guns! There are a bunch of goons in that building that want to kill you! You should kill them first! You've got a battle suit that allows you to slow down time because it has technology or something! Maybe at some point you'll pick up a chainsaw! There's really not that much more to say! Black IV: Time of Revenge, a top-down action shooter by Modern Boys Production, is a continuation of a series that first made its way to the internet back in 2006. Move with the [WASD] or [arrow keys] and aim/fire your current weapon by clicking the mouse. You can enter into a Bullet Time mode for a recharging period of time by hitting the [spacebar], and again to exit it. Change weapons by clicking on them or by pressing the corresponding number key. You can use [Q] to switch back and forth between your two most recent weapons, and [R] to reload. In the top right corner is a menu that lets you select your current special weapon, like grenades or remote-detonated bombs. You aim your current special weapons by hitting [F], then set it by clicking. Defeating enemies will cause them to drop cash and grant you experience. Use these to unlock weapons upgrades and customization options using the menu in the lower left. You can also search cabinets and computer terminals for extra cash, ammo, and health packs by standing by them and holding [E]. Beat all the enemies, bosses, and Da Final Boss and you win! It's that simple!

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Alice House No.2: The Pool of Tears

elleDown, down, down the rabbit hole Alice went after the white rabbit, never thinking about how she'd get back out. Now the frustrations of a morning that has not been very accommodating to young ladies who chase bunnies and fall a long ways lie in a large puddle, and here we are likewise trapped in this very stately, and quite strange, hallway. So comes your next curious assignment in Alice House No.2: The Pool of Tears from the ever whimsical Funky Land—find five dodoes and unlock the door so you can escape. The dodoes appear in a variety of forms: pictures, silhouettes, and...other things, some in the open, some needing to be unlocked by a code or item. To navigate, point and click on an area you'd like to view more closely; when you can back up, a grey bar will appear at the bottom of the scene as you hover your cursor there. It is a good thing to keep in mind, especially as you'll need to back up to swing open certain cabinet doors, otherwise there is no changing cursor or directional arrows to aid your explorations.

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