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El Papel

Ally If you've ever seen a luchador movie before, you'll know that luchadores are made of pretty tough stuff. When they're not wowing fans in the arena, they fight off mummies, zombies, and vampire women with nary a thought! But even they are only human, and in killabunnies' El Papel, the mighty luchador El Macho finds himself humbled by the most embarrassing of necessities: A potty break. Specifically, his rival Diablazo has stolen his toilet paper. Nooooooo! Luckily, El Macho is a master of the legendary "Quetzalcoatl" technique: Using only the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, he can stretch his muscular neck out just like a rubber band! He'll quite literally go to ridiculous lengths in search of el papel in this puzzle game, as he snakes his head through the cactus-and-piƱata-infested ceiling above his wrestling arena. The only limitation of the Quetzalcoatl technique? He can't cross his neck over itself, so he'll have to be very careful about which parts of the ceiling he coils himself through... El Macho isn't the first game protagonist to be stuck in a situation that can only be solved with Hamiltonian paths, but he's certainly one of the weirdest and most vibrant! Collect colored bats to bash open the matching gates, and pick up stars and tacos for bonuses. The catch is that while you can retract your neck, it means you'll drop most items you picked up in the space you're backtracking from, so you'll need to plan a path that catches everything in one long line.

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Freeway Fury 3

TrickyIn Freeway Fury 2 and the original, you controlled a man who beat up people and aliens and drove cars very fast. In Freeway Fury 3, the latest in the arcade driving series from Serius Games, though, we dive in to the serious and complex motivations behind our protagonist. His hidden angst, his secret dreams and aspirations. Spoiler: Turns out he wants to beat people and aliens up and drive cars very fast. In addition speedboats, jets, and laser-spacecars. Okay, maybe complex is an exaggerated description of Freeway Fury-Dude's psyche. But as you're leaping from limo to semi to motorcycle to school bus, trying to stay one step in front of the law, you won't mind that Freeway Fury 3 keeps it simple.

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Red Remover Blast

Cute as a button, and now with kid-friendly explosives, Gaz Thomas's Red Remover games are back with the latest installment in the popular physics puzzle series, Red Remover Blast. Your goal is to figure out how to get all the scowling red shapes off the screen (don't worry, they want it) without knocking any green ones off, and this time, you've got some dynamite on your side! Just click to release explosions anywhere you want, as often as you want, but be careful. Though it starts off easy, soon you'll have to be a bit more thoughtful about where and how you drop the boom. When you're done, make your own levels with the level editor!

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One Scene 7

elleThe world is black and white, as basic as that. All you see is a black directional arrow on a white background. With a point-and-click you try to get a bearing on your surroundings... but there's naught else to see. Are you too focused on that one scene in front of you to make sense of what you're meant to do next? Well, there is more here than first meets the eye. Of course there is. If there's nothing else you can expect from a Robamimi escape game, it's that you can expect surprises. So play around a bit more, "make full use of the mouse," and as you do, more ways to explore will open up to you. That is what One Scene 7 is all about. Solve the sneakily simple puzzles in order to find, and open, the door to escape. Then do it again to have both endings, because life is really more colorful than you know.

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DoraMichael Shirt's free platform shooter Tess is one of those weird little indie games that always makes you feel just a little out of it when you play... but largely in a good way. You control the titular Tess, a sad little girl who apparently didn't have a very good day yesterday, though nobody will really come right out and say why. A letter from her friend Milly asks her to come to a certain spot, promising her that it'll be worth her while. Sounds fairly simple, right? But there's something decidedly off about this whole thing, from the distorted yet still musical soundtrack to the masks everyone seems to be wearing. Use the [arrow] keys to move, [Z] to jump, and [X] to shoot, while [spacebar] will let you interact with things. Tess' health is in the upper-left corner, and can be replenished with the hearts enemies sometimes drop, or by using the big S-shaped save points. When you destroy an enemy, they'll drop a glowing white spot, and if you gather enough of them, you'll gain an extra heart.

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Gravi Jello

KimberlyA jiggly child and dog happily play on planet Jello until evil aliens steal away mom. And if there's one thing I've learned, is that it's never a good idea to mess with Jello kids. They might look like cute little blobs of sugary goodness, but they always get revenge. Always. Help exact this revenge in Gravi Jello, a fun new match-3sliding block puzzle game from Spruce Mobile, free in your browser or on your mobile device. Rotate the playing field by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the screen, or use the [arrow] keys on your keyboard. You've got a certain number of moves to clear the blocks from the screen. The jellos with faces will fall with the gravity of the board. Those with dots are fastened to the wall and are unable to move or be removed. When you've got at least three of the same color adjacent to each other, click to remove them from play.

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Johnny123 A land full of light has been plunged into darkness. The Sun Gem has been broken in two. "Perhaps these hopes were misplaced," laments the narration. So begins Soluna, a platform game with a retro aesthetic that oozes artistic mastery. The creators at Diestware prove they know how to set a mood in this minimalist narrative, using simple controls and a simple color palette to tell a story that sneaks into your head and stays there. You play an unnamed warrior who must reunite the pieces of the Sun Gem and bring light back to your darkened home. Use the [arrow] keys to move, jump and cling to ledges, and use the [S] key to attack the foes you find along the way. You'll also encounter friends holding spears that you can speak to with [A] who give you hints and nods at a greater mythology of the Soluna universe. All of this adds up to an engrossing browser experience.

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TrickyThe ants went marching one by one, two by two, three by three, and frankly, in all the numerical configurations you can think of. The war against the giants from the sky was hard fought, with grievous damage done to both sides. Queen Antoinette lead the way in producing the uneasy armistice that now governed relations between the two people. Today, the ambassador from the sky kingdom is arriving, and if they make a good enough impression, peace could last for generations. You are that Antbassador. Or rather your finger is, and man, doesn't it just look dapper in that top hat? Antbassador is a QWOP-styled physics platform game by Kevin Zuhn and his team that has been declared the winner of the Ludum Dare 30 72 hour "Connected Worlds" game jam, and it has more than its fair share of ant-tics to show.

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Rating: 4.7/5 (116 votes)
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Strange Little Searching

DoraKamotokamotokamo's escape game Strange Little Searching may look simple, but it's simple in a way that makes you go, "Oh. Oh. Oooooh. I see what you did there. Clever girl." You're trapped in a room that appears to be mostly featureless apart from a bit of furniture and some boxes propped up on tables, and unlike many escape games you may notice that this one doesn't appear to have a door, which is typically essential to the whole "escaping" part of the formula. The cursor will change when you can interact with something, but you'll still want to search everywhere since some items or viewpoints are very well hidden. Click an item in your inventory to highlight it, and you'll be ready to try to use it wherever you want. Though the room may appear mostly empty, a little bit of experimentation will reveal some pretty big secrets...

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Alice House: No 4. Mushroom and Blue Caterpillar

DoraI'm late, I'm late for a very important game! It's time for more Funkyland with their latest Alice in Wonderland themed escape game Alice House: No 4. Mushroom and Blue Caterpillar. Which is... very green, despite the title. Huh. Regardless, you're trapped once more, and this time you're looking for five caterpillars... or, well, five caterpillar objects. The cursor doesn't change, so it's up to you to search everywhere and figure out what you can interact with, but you'll need a keen eye as well to spot clues to solve puzzles. If you find an item, you can click it in your inventory to highlight it, which will tag it for use so you can try to, um, well, use it. Sometimes the caterpillars will be in plain sight, but others will be more cunningly hidden behind locks. At least one item you'll need to find may fade into the background a little, so keep your eyes peeled and get hunting.

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9 Clues: The Ward

DoraPlease note that this game deals with suicide. Players who are sensitive to the subject matter should be aware.

Tap it Games and Artifex Mundi's hidden-object adventure 9 Clues: The Ward begins with a frantic phone call that brings you, a private investigator, and your partner, a guy who always looks like he suspected you farted and is disappointed in you for it, to remote, self-sufficient Mnemosyne Asylum. Only when you arrive, the director insists nobody has called for help... a statement that seems a little dubious when a body goes hurtling out a window right behind her mere moments later. The victim is Doctor Crow, a therapist, and notes on his body point to a slipping grasp on reality, as well as rambling indications of some vague sense of guilt. It quickly becomes apparently this old asylum has its share of skeletons in its closet, but the more you investigate, the more you begin to suffer strange... lapses. What's going on in Mnemosyne Asylum? What secrets are its staff and patients hiding? Who seriously hangs paintings like that on their walls?

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Rating: 4.5/5 (51 votes)
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DoraAdorable anthropomorphized candles in danger from evil shadow creatures? It sort of sounds like something you'd expect from Pixar, doesn't it? But the demo for Candlelight, the upcoming platform adventure by Pixel Maverick Games, is all indie. You play the lone surviving candle in a world that's literally going dark as ominous shadows have been snuffing out all the other candles and light sources one by one. This is no time to stand around quivering in your wax, however, as it's up to you to find and relight the candles strewn around the windswept world. Use the [arrow] keys to move, hold [A] to run, use [S] to roll things, and tap the [spacebar] to jump and double-jump. At the top of the screen is your wax meter, which slowly depletes, so you'll need to find and collect wax droplets to keep it fill and your candle alive. Avoid water and gusts of wind, naturally, since it'll tack a big whack out of your wax meter, and if your wax runs out, you'll be booted back to the last camp you activated.

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ArtbegottiYou see a handful of cards haphazardly strewn across the table, with vague descriptions around the edges. You're either looking at amateur night at the tarot house, or Pokergrams, a card-based logic puzzle by Ronald Stewart. Your goal is to place all of the extra cards into the grid so that each row and column form poker hands whose best possible ranking is described at the left and bottom of the grid. There are lots of ways to shuffle the cards around, but there's only one solution that matches all of the criteria!

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Matchstick Memories

ArtbegottiMatchstick Memories is a curious text adventure-esque game by CH Buckingham where you gather fragments of memories while wandering around a strange and forgotten land. However, instead of typing "N" to go north, you've got to reassemble the proper fragments to perform actions in your search for elusive matches and matchboxes. The combination of an intriguing (if ambiguous) story and samegame and other puzzle elements makes for some surprisingly compelling and tactile gameplay.

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TrickySnakes are such fascinating creatures. They smell with their tongues! Their ears are internal! And, as any Nokia owner could tell you, as soon as they eat something, they instantly gain another segment of an ever lengthening body. Okay, that last one may only apply to virtual conductive snakes, the kind that stars in Coil, the tiny puzzle platformer that's the latest in Nitrome's initially-icon-sized-but-enlargeable series of games. And, like Flue, Turnament, Ice Beak, and J-J-Jump before it, Coil is sure to have you wrapped around its little finger. You know. If virtual conductive snakes had fingers. And good thing they don't, because we probably wouldn't have the pixels for 'em here. Coil takes the concept rules of Snake and gives them an electric side-scrolling twist. Move your snake wire with the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, attempting to get to each level's goal.

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