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Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 10

elleAs soon as you click past the opening title, you realize Lo.Nyan's Room Escape 10 is an escape game in more than one sense of the word. First, in the most basic sense, the premise—you are locked inside a room and must use your wits and logic to work your way out. Added to that are gorgeous surroundings, a generous suite poshly appointed in modern décor, and you know your experience here has turned into a mini-break: an escape from the standard milieu. You suddenly feel you have won a contest you didn't even enter, one in which a funny little cat and very nervous toy robot whisked you away to a seaside sanctuary, and think to not bother solving the puzzles set before you. Yet every surface invites exploration and, as you explore, you find clues tempting you to open locks and discover more swanky scenes.

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Interactive Puzzle

DoraNEW VERSION UPLOADED 2014-04-24 with a new drag and drop mechanism which should not affect other tiles during the moves.
Francis Davidson Paul knows you're a discerning sort when it comes to puzzle games. One only has to look at your multiple monocles, spats, and Instagram account of all your food to know you demand games that are smoother. Sleeker. Swankier. That's why Interactive Puzzle is such a pleasure to play. Despite its simple and somewhat familiar concept, its gorgeous presentation and easy drag and drop mechanics make it the perfect break style game. In each stage (with levels available in easy, medium, and hard flavour) the goal is to recreate the animated image by dragging and dropping tiles in the correct order. The catch is most images have some sort of element that responds to your cursor, allowing you to use it to help determine where tiles should sit. You can click "preview" at any time to see the way the image is supposed to look, and you have ten hints for the entire game that, when spent, will mark whatever tile you're supposed to place from left to right, top to bottom, in first place, second, and so forth.

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Stealth Bound

DoraLet's rip this bandaid off quickly... Yuri Shapkin and Vladislav Kim's puzzle platformer Stealth Bound is not a stealth-themed Earthbound, which isn't even a thing I knew I wanted until I found out I wasn't getting it. Instead, you play a scruffy looking fellow who's been imprisoned in a jail that seems at once both insanely overboard in its securities and also painfully lax since they're happy to leave all the things you need to scramble around each level to freedom just lying around. Using either [WASD] or the [arrow] keys to move and jump, with [Z] or [L] to interact, your goal each stage is to avoid detection by the guards while making it to the exit as quickly as you can, which usually involves a lot of sneaking, switches, key cards, and so forth. While you can sneak by some guards unawares, others you'll need to deal with in a more hands-on way, by which I mean pummeling the snot out of them when their back is turned with [Z]. Just be careful, since it's game over if you're spotted! While it looks simple, Stealth Bound winds up getting surprisingly complicated in its sneaky mechanics. Once you knock an unarmed guard out, for example, you have to stow his snoozing body somewhere his coworkers won't spot it, and you'll need to use cover to hide from enemies who aren't susceptible to a knucklin'.

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Puzzle Legends

Johnny123 Unique among retro-style puzzle games, Nazo Systems' Puzzle Legends manages to hit you right in the nostalgia zone without feeling derivative or cheap. You're not a warrior in Puzzle Legends. You're not here to slaughter your way to the top. You're a hooded traveler trying to climb to the top of three increasingly difficult towers, collecting their coins and treasures. While enemies can be dispatched in some of the puzzle rooms via careful maneuvering, the game won't give you full completion unless you let your foes carry on unharmed. Simply use the [arrow] keys to move and push blocks and press [X] to activate switches. You'll get very familiar with that "retry" key by the end, but if you're a fan of puzzles you'll love it all the same.

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Froog and the Mysterious Spider Tower

JoelyBeanRule number one: Do not swallow poison. Seems pretty basic, right? Well, when you've got cannons, giant rotating cogs and an army of hungry red arachnids chasing you, poison is among the least of your worries. Meet Froog, a quiet video gamer (much like yourself) transformed into a cute lil' froggy. To return to normal, Froog has to jump through fifty floors of creepy-crawly spiders to reach the only princess who can deliver that all-important smooch. Tapping the screen will launch Froog across the room, so you must ensure your reflexes are quick and your aim is true. This fairy tale isn't just pixie dust and sunshine—the only way you'll survive is by following the rules, and there are plenty of 'em to remember. This is Froog and the Mysterious Spider Tower, a lovable (and completely free!) action adventure from developer Louis Rigaud.


SatoriContrary to popular belief alchemy isn't about turning lead into gold. Its focus is more on refining people into a pure state of perfection and self-actualization. But in this new title from Mosiakov Viacheslav, Linchenko Sergey and musician Kevin MacLeod we also learn that alchemists can only eat light, and that when it starts disappearing they have what's known in the biz as "A Major Problem". Clearly, this calls for delegations of adepts to research and study the phenomenon. High-level summit meetings to formulate a collective plan of action. Or, you know, they could all just assign the task of restoring the light to you while they stand around blocking your progress and imperiously issuing fetch quests. Take a wild guess which — and then set all of civilization to rights yourself in this gorgeous metroidvania platformer, Alchemist!

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Be Alien

KimberlyIn a different twist on the old human being abducted by aliens motif, you play a resilient little green alien who's been stolen away from its home planet by bigger and meaner green extra-terrestrials in Be Alien, a cute and simple point-and-click game from Be Gamer and Functu. You've got to use your head (sometimes literally since you don't seem to have hands. Or arms, for that matter) to escape the enemy ship.

Weekday Escape

elleGrab a snack before you sit down to relax and enjoy this week's trio of free online escape games. They might make you hungry, either for curry dinner, bright citrus or perhaps sustenance of a more cerebral sense. FunkyLand beckons you to gather up a bushel of juicy oranges while No1Game sends you grocery shopping. Meanwhile, if you're still hungry for mental stimulation, Story House's debut into Weekday Escape provides a light repast of logical puzzles in a lucid, one-walled scene.

Find the Escape-Men 96: The Super MarketFind the Escape-Men 96: The Super Market - All you wanted was to pick up some stuff for dinner, but in No1Game's supermarket, before you can checkout, first you must finish the "Time-limited Escape Sale"—finding 10 escape men and completing your grocery list. This will appeal more to those who love purely searching out hidden objects, with the usual pixel hunts and tricks typical of the EM series. It's light on challenge; the hardest part is finding not only the covert green guys but the two coded areas. Even so, if you can bear the clicking-around-anywhere-everywhere gameplay, the quirky humor and colorful setting make the search a fun one. Stick around for the ending because, like In the Library, the story is sweet and entertaining, an ample reward for your store patronage.

Fruit Kitchens #03: Navel OrangeFruit Kitchens #03: Navel Orange - Here's another escape where the fun is in the setting more than in actual puzzle challenge. In this case, it's by FunkyLand, whose fruit is just as scrumptious as candy...but it's a bit easier to find. All around this sunshiny bright room, juicy oranges are hiding—either in plain sight or behind puzzles and contraptions. Can you find all 7 spherical citruses and escape the room before the exceedingly chipper music makes the corners of your smile twitch deliriously? Those with trouble differentiating colors are most at risk here, otherwise the quest is rather straight-forward, so it shouldn't take too long before you have oranges enough to buy an exit key.

Story Room 4Story Room 4 - This comely little one-walled scene by Story House is surprisingly polished yet uncomplicated. A bit of exploration, some piecing together of clues and practical use of elements will readily turn up the code that unlocks the door. Albeit somewhat lacking in the personality and beauty departments, the game comes out of the shadows with its logical puzzle progression. While not maddeningly difficult or complex, it at least provides some quick mental stimulation for those who are starving for it after the grocery shopping and orange picking sojourns.

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Lori.h Threes and 2048, there's a new logic game sweeping over our phones and browsers. Logical Cell brings us their new creation, Concentric Holic. Eliminate the color squares by placing the matching colors next to them. Once a layer of the square is removed the next color layer is active setting off a chain reaction. The premise sounds simple enough but it's anything but when you find chain reactions you didn't even spot tearing through your colors and leaving you stuck. All I can say is thank goodness for the Undo button.

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Easter Joy

DoraA few days late, maybe, but never a buck short when it comes to an escape game by TomaTea. Easter Joy has everything you'd expect from a tried-and-tested TomaTea title... the soft colour palette. The soothing music. The house you're never going to be able to resell after all your costly and curiously specific holiday themed puzzles and locks. Just click to navigate and interact, and a little glow at the tip of your cursor will typically let you know when there's something worth clicking. Click the tiny "i" icon that appears when you highlight an item in your inventory to view and manipulate it up close. Like a lot of TomaTea's games, occasionally you'll find yourself presented with something the game will claim you have no idea how to solve, which usually means you haven't "seen" the solution or clue to make said solution yet. You can flip over your desk and yell, "YOU DON'T KNOW ME. YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE." Or you can roll up your sleeves, and search high and low and everywhere in between for the clues the game demands you look at first.

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No Name Room

AllyWhen you think about it for a bit, being stuck within a perfectly white room with almost no ornamentation and no visible exits does not sound like fun. It sounds like, "OK, which psychological-horror movie director did I manage to tick off this time?" Even the title, No Name Room, sounds a little bit eerie. But once you walk straight into the giant patch of crayon scribbles on the wall, it becomes clear that this room is a lot friendlier,and wackier, than it initially seems! Quite thankfully, practice is often different from theory, and Yonashi manages to turn this seemingly-nightmarish scenario into an escape game that's as charming as they come. There are charming puzzles and bright colors all around in this little nameless space, if you only stop to look for them!

Myosotis Chapter 4

DoraIt began with a letter, when PI Rick follows a letter from a woman he hasn't seen in years asking him to come to a hotel, and quickly took a turn for the surreal in the Myosotis games from Alice is Dead developer Mike Morin. Now, over a year after the all-too-brief third installment, the tale continues in the mystery driven point-and-click adventure game Myosotis Chapter 4. Since it explains very little about the previous installments, don't expect to understand it if you haven't played the rest of the series. As it opens, we find Rick at a familiar place in a familiar struggle. It seems like he's right back to where it all began, when it all began, and this might be his last chance. To play, just click to move and interact. As before, Rick must make his way through a series of cryptic rooms and locked doors, figuring out puzzles to open each one.

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kyhThis game received a rating of O for infrequent profanity and pixelated blood.

In a distant future, humans have abandoned the polluted ruins of Gaia to live peacefully among the handful of alien races out in space. But when a renegade group of humans bust out of a space station and steal some ships to commit what can only be dastardly crimes, it's up to their former companions to save the dignity of humanity and find out what's going on. Discover what a sticky situation alien politics can be as you control Maddock and his eclectic crew through Matthew Ashworth's free indie science fiction RPG, Incitement.

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Doyu Hexcontrol

drstrosySometimes a simple puzzle game gets under your skin and challenges what you know. It's why we love tonypa... his games are unexpected, they make you think, and yet they are excessively simple in design. Welcome to the party Doyu Hexcontrol by Doyu Games, a game that's is easy to figure out and challenging to master, to say the least. Built on a hexagonal grid, you and the computer or another player take turns making moves. First you place your color on the board, and then you can either take another space, or fill one of the dots in the space you've chosen. Each space has 2, 3, 4 or 6 die-like dots, which are a part of the strategy. As soon as you fill the dots in a hexagon, it explodes, conquering all the spaces around it. As you take over a new hexagon, you automatically get one more dot than was in that space to begin with. So, if the space is empty, you receive one dot; If it has one or more, whether your color or your opponent's, you gain one more than it held before.

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Circus Level Pack

AllyLadies! Gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! Step right for the grrrreatest show on earth: Meetreen Games' Circus Level Pack! Witness the death-defying derring-do of of the fearless... erm... monster-clown-stuntman-guy as he braves the dangers present within 30! Yes, count 'em, 30 levels of physics-puzzle action! And he needs you, ladies and gentlemen, to lead him through this gauntlet of peril with only your mouse cursor, as you place the objects and gadgetry he needs to reach the safety of his pool! This is not simulated, folks!

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