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Limbs Repair Station

satoriDuuuude. Have you ever really looked at your hands? Or dismantled them, added in a scanner, blowtorch and transmitter, and put them back together? That's just what you'll be doing for your clients in this Papers Please-inspired cyberpunk time management game by talented musician and game developer Rezoner of QbQbQb fame. In Limbs Repair Station you work at a cybernetics repair center, accepting the orders of irate customers whose robotic hands no longer work or need modifications for some reason. You're in charge of disassembling the items, diagnosing what's wrong with them, replacing any broken components, and choosing and installing any new parts to meet the specs.

Limbs Repair StationYou'll have some clients with specific professional requirements, and you'll then have to consult the manual to determine just what parts they'll need installed. Other times a customer's specs will involve optimizing for just the right amount of hand grip and precision. Those two qualities are a tradeoff, and parts that add to one will typically reduce from the other. As with the rest of the game thoughtful analysis, reasoning and attention to detail is a must if you're going to get it right — but you're also getting paid for each order you successfully complete, and you're on a timer that ends the game when the work day is over. Mark a job as complete when there's something you didn't get quite right — or managed to miss completely — and it'll get sent back with a jeer from your manager. Fortunately it'll also include an itemized description of just what you missed, so the only thing you'll lose is time. Which is money! Oh, and don't forget to make sure the product is covered under warranty. That means not only making sure its warranty hasn't already expired, but also verifying that it was purchased from a retailer whose products you service — as well as verifying that the bar code on the circuitboard matches the one shown on the warranty. It's a tough job but you didn't think they'd just hand you a paycheck, did you?

This game succeeds in a lot of ways beyond its unique premise. It's more than just a standard time management title because instead of just filling orders to a demanding schedule you'll have to carefully prowl around for a plethora of different things before you can call an order good, and that means it will engage more of your aptitude and strengthen any weak points. It was also made color-blind, and by that I mean it can be difficult to tell Asian skin tones from Caucasian ones. Because you'll need to make the hand you're working on match the complexion of your customer, that can trip you up until you get familiar enough with the palette used to be able to match the skin tone on the customer's ticket. But Rezoner is still frantically grafting new parts onto his latest creation (mad scientist laugh optional), and is conspiring to have a Kickstarter and some new hands hired on for this, so if any of this piques your interest you should definitely check in on him. Just... you know, to make sure he's doing alright. As a friend.

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seems like it could be a fun game. just seems to be wildly 'random'.. on wether something is eligable for warrenty or not. one time, I would repair a hand on 'x.x.x' date of warrenty expirey, and it says 'not eligable'. next hand exact same date, but is eligable. So confusing.

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ThemePark Author Profile Page March 23, 2014 3:56 PM

Ashiel, there is much more to a warranty than just its expiry date, as the manual states.

Specifically, you can only accept hands from four companies, and you must make sure that the barcode inside the hand matches the barcode on the warranty.

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kainfury Author Profile Page March 23, 2014 6:56 PM

Is there more than 1 level at the moment?

At the end of the day, it says "Press accept to retry" ...

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shjack180 Author Profile Page March 23, 2014 7:28 PM

I really like this game. I'm bad at getting the right precision and grip, at times, because I am so bad with mathematics; but I find this game to be quite relaxing and diverting. I am curious as to the point of the game though. I am unsure as to whether or not I lose or win the game (if either is possible). The most hands I have fixed in one day is eight.

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kainfury, the game you're playing was thrown together as an entry into a recent cyberpunk game competition. The developer is getting quite a reception for it at the moment, and is planning to expand it into a full game.

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That's what I thought. The game has a tremendous potential, especially if there is a back story like 'Papers, please!'

We need more of these games!

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This reminded me SO much of Papers, Please in the absolute best way.. I hope this gets expanded!

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There's a lot of random in that some jobs take longer than others but you get paid the same regardless, but that's ok.

I had a good day just now where a string of "clients" were trying to rip us off with parts out of warranty or from disreputable suppliers, so I was able to complete 11 tickets and probably only had to service 5 hands. On the other hand, replacing bones is really fiddly.

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merchantfan Author Profile Page March 25, 2014 9:49 PM

The skin tone thing isn't too hard-- you just have to check the manual to see what each of the avatars is catalogued as.

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You're right merchantfan, and I did get the hang of it eventually, but since it took a bit of patience to memorize which client tone meant which hand tone, I thought it was only right to prepare readers for that ahead of time. =)

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moosej76 Author Profile Page March 26, 2014 5:33 PM

i dont understand why the skin needs its color changed. if i'm sending something in for repairs under warranty id be rather torqued off if it came back a different color. maybe i wanted an asian hand.

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Don't play this on Firefox, it's horribly bugged there

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Thanks for letting us know, Bjorn! What version of Firefox are you using? I played and reviewed this on 27.01 without problems. Could you let us know what you're encountering, and whether you have Add-ons installed? Those can sometimes cause conflict, and Limbs Repair Station isn't a Flash game so a few snaggles there are more likely than with a Flash game, since those are run in their own separate thing.

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