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Idle God 3

KimberlyRuling the world is really not as easy as it sounds. Idle God 3, a simulation incremental idle game by Belgarionriva, lets you slowly build a kingdom by gathering resources... and making some difficult moral choices. Not only are you immortal, you're an immortal who may be going through some sort of existential crisis. Will your actions ultimately save humanity, or destroy it? Everything is controlled with the mouse, so just move and click as you desire. Use buildings for their various upgrades, click resources icons to mine, and watch for random resource drops to appear on the map. You can jump start things by giving your clicking finger a workout, or sit back and let the game do its thing, checking in periodically.

Idle God 3Idle God 3 is more story driven than something like Cookie Clicker, which gives it more replayability as there are nine different endings to unlock. (Keep track of your choices in the museum.) As a god you'll have to make some tough decisions on how to keep anarchists who leech resources at bay, and how will you get any monuments built without slave labor? The game does a very good job at letting you know how an upgrade will affect you, which saves you from some fumbling around near the beginning of the game. That's not to say everything is clear right off the bat. It takes time to discover precisely why something may or may not be beneficial to you, and when. Though not whimsical like many of the idle games, Idle God 3 still manages to be compelling while tackling some of the grimmer aspects of godhood, and will keep you playing for days to come.

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kathleen.indie.gee Author Profile Page March 21, 2014 1:36 AM

I wish someone would make an idle clicker type game that ran on footsteps instead of mouse clicks. a mile on your treadmill to upgrade your factory....

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I've been playing this off and on at another site for a couple of days. I also played the prior two games in the series. It has come a long way and is looking pretty good now. It could use an editor's eye on some of the writing, but even that is improved over past entries and isn't much to complain about.

Now, most of these idle games/"clicktoys" have a decent idle component from early on such that you don't spend much time clicking before you can abandon the game to automation for bits at a time and come back to spend resources on upgrades. But this game really seems to make you work to get to that point - indeed, I never really got to the point where I felt the automatic processes were significant enough to not constantly oversee the game and I flipped the story once...

The story is decent (particular for one of these games), though. There are apparently 10 endings, presumably arrived at by different combinations of Peaceful/Neutral/Aggressive choices. Getting all the endings would be a great reason to continue playing the game if the choices/combinations were tracked within the game, the story rollover point was more clearly noted, and progression didn't so quickly rise to tedious price points.

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I'd play this, but it's too large on my laptop's recommended setting of 1366 x 768- a lot of the top or the bottom is cut off. Oh well.

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Yeah, it was a bit too large vertically in the browser at 1600x900, too. It didn't bother me enough to zoom out in the browser, but at your resolution I probably would have.

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jason9045 Author Profile Page March 21, 2014 12:11 PM

I rather liked this, right up until I discovered the first ending and everything didn't reset - especially the prices for everything. Those had gotten a little absurdly high by the first ending, and I didn't keep playing but I can only imagine how much higher they were going to be by the ninth time through.

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Sadly far too big for my netbook, and by the time the page was zoomed out enough for me to be able to see the top and bottom at the same time, the words were too small to be legible! Think I'll give this one a miss...

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yunruiwatts Author Profile Page March 22, 2014 9:33 AM

@jason9045 You're right about the absurdly high prices. I edited my .sol file to give myself a ton of garnets, and found that during the ninth time through the story, the price had risen to millions of garnets per click.

Other prices rising quite high is okay, but it really feels ridiculous how high the price gets for going through the story, especially when accidentally choosing an ending you've seen before STILL increases the price. Then when you've found all nine endings, it says "Final Ending Unlocked". I'm not sure if that means "Good job, you found them all, have a biscuit" or "Now go back and see which ending can actually give you the final ending!"

It would be really nice if going through the story you only incurred a cost when you choose a story line that you have not seen before. So the introduction would only have a cost the first time, allowing players to skip through it after they've already seen it. This also means that accidentally choosing the same ending won't screw you over.

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Smoothfonzo Author Profile Page March 24, 2014 1:21 AM

Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not getting any story? Like, at all. It's like the scripting that initializes the story doesn't kick in. I'm left with a screen full of stats, that over time even advances on to chapter 2, but I'm not even getting any sense of progress or direction. This has me really stumped.

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Smoothfonzo Author Profile Page March 25, 2014 1:00 AM

Yeah, that would do it. Thanks, Kimberly :)

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bdr198524 Author Profile Page March 26, 2014 8:39 AM

The way to actually progress reasonably well and make good use of auto clickers instead of needing to oversee the game constantly is to play the stock market. Gold and minerals can go for over 1,000 scraps (I've seen >1,030), while you can buy garnets for under 10,000 (seen

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bdr198524 Author Profile Page March 26, 2014 8:51 AM

Darn it, I missed that HTML tags are turned on and that screwed up my post (should have read the notes closer). Anyway, I've seen garnets go for less than 9,890, which means that for every 10 minerals or gold pieces, assuming that you're patient and wait for the deals to show up in the stocks, you can get more than 1 garnet, which makes gold and mineral production the most profitable investment in the game short of direct crystal/garnet production. Comparably priced scrap production never gets any more profitable than that, so it's not worth investing into unless the rates for everything that can boost garnet/crystal/gold/mining production have gone up into the tens of millions of garnets. You can easily shoot through the story this way and be finished with it probably in a few days if you take this route.

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Axyraandas Author Profile Page March 31, 2014 1:16 PM

I really want to get the final ending to finish the story, but the prices for everything has gotten into the millions of garnets by now. Is there any way to access the story without sloughing through the endlessly increasing amounts of garnets? If only the cost didn't increase when you restarted the story to get a new ending or something.

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youismakingmecrazy Author Profile Page July 29, 2014 1:47 PM

Full of raaaaaaage.

Was at 8/9 endings, had been clicking 'save' regularly. Suddenly, flash crashed. Refreshed, tried to click "load" game. It asks the name of my God as if I'm starting a new game, then just gives me NaN as all my values. Like, WHAT. What happened to my save... I don't recall it saving some code to my clipboard when I'd click save. Did I just get shafted?!

I enjoyed the story and all that, but I ain't going through all that again. I'd also like to hear what happens

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