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DoraOne more day, you guys. One more day. Aaa. Aaaaaa. Aaaaaaaah!... what? Oh, whatever. Have some games and stuff. Aaaaa!

  • Chicks Hide and Seek 13Chicks Hide and Seek 13 - How wondrous must your life be that your day revolves not around paying bills or housework, but on playing hide and seek all day with tiny baby chicks? On a cuteness scale of one to ten, this one is an oh em geeeeee you guys for sure. Yuuri's latest is a bit on the easy side as you click around and try to find all the chicks hiding behind/under/blending into things, but a few clever puzzles balance things out to make for a sweet and tasty distraction to start your day with.
  • Bell Park, Youth DetectiveBell park, Youth Detective - It's not exactly difficult, but if you grew up with the stuff like me, Brendan Patrick Hennessey's silly, snarky interactive fiction title that effortlessly skewers and celebrates the "child detective" concept is well worth the read. When twelve-year-old Bell Park is called in to help solve a mystery, she quickly discovers she might be a bit over her head, and that the truth may be stranger than fiction. The ending is a little unsatisfying, but if you like 'em well written and funny, this one is worth the play.
  • Dino Run: Enter Planet DDino Run: Enter Planet D - Created by Pixeljam Games to promote their Dino Run 2 Kickstarter, this little arcade game puts a weird spin on the Dino Run you know and love when the end of the world starts to get a little crazy. As before, you're racing to outrun fiery doom, dodging obstacles and nomming up eggs and smaller dinos for DNA to spend on upgrades, but can you handle bizarre floating space blobs? How about flaming pterodactyls?
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary DoodleDoctor Who 50th Anniversary Doodle - Currently only playable at, here's an adorable little point-and-click puzzle game for all you Whovians to celebrate the Doctor's 50th anniversary. Dodge Daleks and more as you travel through time hunting down letters with your favourite Doctor... uh, possibly Doctors if you wind up getting zapped. The whole thing is unbearably adorable, and should help tide you over until the special airs this Saturday, even if I think they should have just made Donna Saves Everyone: The Game.


Chicks Hide and Seek: I have 8 fuzzy yellow cuties and a color clue. No idea how or where to use that clue.

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Look out the windows, and notice the colored circle decorations on each wall.

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Chick Hide and Seek (partial)

You start facing the wall with the red disc.

Zoom in on the three panels.

Click the panel on the right: CHICK #1

Zoom out.

Go right.

You're facing the wall with the blue disc.

There is a chick in the window on the upper right, but you can't get it just yet.

Observe the design down the left side of the wall.

If you zoom in on the design, you see a screw.

Zoom out.

Click on the tall, narrow door on the right side.

The solution is in the dark bars on the design.

Bottom, Left, Top, Bottom, Right

Click the bar to enter the code and the door opens: CHICK #2

Now you can reach CHICK #3 and get a KEY.

Zoom out.

Go right.

You're facing the wall with the green disc.

Click the yellow curtain.

Click the round window.

Hiding in the curtain is CHICK #4

Zoom out.

Click the bottom cupboard on the left.

Click again to zoom in.

Click the panel to get CHICK #5

Zoom out.

If you click the top cupboard, there's a 4-button sequence code.
Click "close."

Go right.

You're facing the wall with the yellow disc.

In the yellow disc is CHICK #6.

Click the round window to zoom in.

Click the round window again.

Get CHICK #7.

Zoom out.

There's a door on the left that won't open and an up-and-down code to its left.

Go right.

You're back at the red wall.

Click the KEY in your inventory, then click the cupboard under the lamp.

Click again to open the unlocked cupboard.

Get CHICK #8 and a WATER.

Zoom in on the three panels.

Select the WATER in your inventory, then click the panel on the left.

This reveals a color code.

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.

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Chick Hide and Seek (the rest of it)

(credit to Lucie on this one)

On each wall, note the color of the disc and the pattern of the railing and knothole.

On the red wall, the knothole is in the 1st position.

On the blue wall, the knothole is in the 3rd position.

On the green wall, the knothole is in the 4th position.

On the yellow wall, the knothole is in the 2nd position.

Combine this with the color code to get the following:

1 4 3 2 4 1

Go to the green wall (the one with the flower, the curtain, and the frog).

Click the top cupboard.

Click the buttons in order according to the color code/knothole clue.


Go to the blue wall (the one with the zig-zag design and the ladder).

Click the zig-zag design to zoom in.

Select the SCREWDRIVER from your inventory and click the screw.

Click the panel and get CHICK #10

Go to the green wall.

Click on the bench to zoom in.

Pay attention to how the CHICKS are staggered.

Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down

Go to the yellow wall (the one with the bookshelf and the door).

Click on the up-and-down puzzle to zoom in.

Click the up and down arrows according to the clue the CHICKS gave.

Click the bar to enter the code.

Zoom out.

Click the door.

You're out!

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And here I thought you were referring to the MLP season 4 premiere tomorrow...

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Thanks for the walkthrough, ray9na!

And trust me, I'll be waiting for pony tomorrow too!

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I would totally play "Donna Saves Everyone: The Game"!! But as it is, I am thoroughly enjoying my Doctors, even if I got Matt Smith as my first replacement. I made sure to get him zapped as soon as possible.

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Let me also add that I personally thought the ending to Bell Park was pretty funny, but that's because of my obsession with "The IT Crowd":

"Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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Can someone please tell me if the Dr Who game has any spoilers past s7 e14 "The Name of the Doctor"? A simple "Yes, it does" or "No, you're clear" is all I need. (I passionately hate spoilers.)

Thank you.

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The Doctor Who game contains no spoilers.

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Thank you, yatajd! :-D

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vulpisfoxfire Author Profile Page November 22, 2013 6:44 PM

@yatajd Hmmm. This is why we'll never get a Dr. Who racing game--people would go insane about the spoilers.

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