Take Action to Escape

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Take Action to Escape

JohnBTake Action to Escape is a mobile escape game from Mobest Media (Quick Escape - Jail, Endless Escape) that wants to remind you you'll never escape unless you, you know, actually do something! Similar to escape games like DOOORS and 100 Floors, you're presented with a series of single-screen levels littered with a few objects and a door that's locked tight. By tilting, tipping, shaking, sliding and staring at your device, it's your job to uncover the key so you can head to the next level!

Take Action to Escape is a bit on the easy side when it comes to mobile escape games, and the in-game ads can be a bit distracting from time to time. It's hard to argue with the price of "free", though, and with 60 levels to play at the time of writing, there's enough to keep you busy for several hours. So go on, take action to download!

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NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the Nexus 4. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

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Stage 1

Just open the door. Click on the door to move to the next level.

Stage 2

Click on the plant pot for the key and then use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 3

Get the magnet from the stand on the right. Use the magnet on the mouse hole at the bottom left of the screen to get the key. Use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 4

Take the bucket from the right, then use the bucket on the tap on the left. Use the now filled bucket on the flames and take the key. Use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 5

Match the pictures on the wall. It's easy you just need to click the two that look the same. Take the key at the bottom left of the screen (you can actually do this first if you like). Either way when the puzzle is complete use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 6

Take the matches from the desk on the left and use them on the ball to light it up. Tilt your iPhone/iPod until the ball has rolled under the ice block above the door and keep the ball there. This will melt the ice and the key will fall to the floor behind the ball (if it hasn't moved). Take the key and use it on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 7

Level seven has one of those rounded picture puzzles. Make the image of a lion (upright) and the key will appear on the top of the puzzle. Use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 8

Click on the cabinet on the left to open it and take the gun that is inside. Then shoot at the door until it gets blown off its hinges. Click on the door.

Stage 9

Swipe down over the top of the door twice to make a light show and hit the table where the key will show up. Take the key and use it on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 10

Click on each of the squares on the wall on the right until all the red bits show up and you will have made one big heart. The key will then have appeared in the little heart on the table. Take it and use it on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 11

You need to collect the ten coins dotted around the room.

Locations of the Coins:
1) On the left golden post.
2) By the guard's left foot.
3) Top left-hand corner.
4) Top right-hand corner.
5) On top of the ATM.
6) On the bottom-right corner of the ATM.
7) On top of the chair.
8) In the plant.
9) On the far left on top of the sign.
10) Bottom right corner of the screen on the floor.

Give them to the guard (you need to give them to him individually), then he will open the door for you. Click on the door.

Stage 12

Take the rock on top of the hourglass and then put it under the tap. Click the tap to turn it on and wait for the water to break open the rock, then pick up the key that was inside. Use the key on the door then click on it.

Stage 13

Take the screwdriver that is on the far left of the screen. Use the screwdriver on the car to remove the wheel and click on the car again to remove the battery. Use the battery on the sign on the wall to make the clock work. The time should say 19:23. Click on the safe and type that number in and it will open. Take the key from inside the safe, use the key on the door and click the door to enter the next level.

Stage 14

Keep tilting your device towards you and away from you to keep hitting the rope swing against the door. Do this until the door opens. Click on the door.

Stage 15

Take the paper clip from the right side of the screen. Take the paper from behind the chair. Put the paper under the door. Use the paper clip on the door handle, then click on the paper and you will receive the key. Use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 16

There are eight squares on the wall and you have to press them in the correct order.

Counting the squares from left to right on each row, press the squares in this order:

Take the key from the top of the door. Use the key on the door. Click on the door.

Stage 17

Take the detonator from the bucket on the right and take the dynamite and coil of wire from the toadstools on the left. Use the dynamite on the door and connect the wire to the dynamite. Then connect the detonator to the end of the wire and push the detonator. BOOM!! Click on the door.

Stage 18

Keep clicking the clock on the wall until the door opens. As your doing this notice the sky outside the window change from night to day. Click on the door.

Stage 19

Take the paper clip from the bottom right of the screen. Use it on the box on top of the drawers. Take the stone that was inside and use it on the vase. Take the brick that was inside the vase and use it on the glass case that is holding the axe. Take the axe. Use the axe on the wooden case and take the bazooka from it. Use the bazooka on the door. BOOOOM! Click on the door.

Stage 20

Click on the light switch on the far left of the screen. You will see a tile puzzle on the wall. Turn the tiles around until you have made a star. Turn the lights off and on again and the key will have appeared on the top of the table. Take the key and leave.

Stage 21

Take the towel. Take the pickaxe from the left side of the screen. Use the pickaxe on the window and use the towel on the now broken window. Jump out the window.

Stage 22

Take the magnifying glass from the right side of the screen. Open the curtains. It's night, so click the clock on the wall to change the night to day. Use the magnifying glass on the log pile and not only will it burn the log pile, it will also burn the door down. Go through the hole in the wall.

Stage 23

Some simple maths. Work out what each fruit is worth and put that number underneath the matching fruit on the right.

The answer is...


Take the key on top of the skull on the right. Use the key on the door and exit.

Stage 24

This puzzle is the same as level 16 only bigger.

Counting the squares from left to right on each row press them in the following order;


After you have pressed the 8 buttons needed to continue the key will be on top of the helicopter. Take it and leave

Stage 25

Take the pizza from the guy's hand on the right. Take the money from the box on the floor. Take the drink carton from the floor on the left side of the screen. Click on settings at the bottom right of the game and turn the music off. Give the pizza to the worker. Give the money to the woman. Give the carton to the cyclist. Take the key from the box on the floor and use it on the door. Leave.

Stage 26

With one finger, press and hold down the bottom-right light and with the other take the hammer. Press and hold down the bottom-left light with one finger and with the other use the hammer on the glass case holding the key and take it. The last bit can be tricky. Place you device down flat and then try and hold all three lights on together. At the same time use the key on the door an leave.

Stage 27

You have to put the right flags in the right areas.

The first flag is Canada (red and white with a red leaf in the middle).

The next flag to the right of Canada is America (stars and stripes).

The flag to the right of America is the UK(red white and blue flag with a read plus sign in the middle).

The one to the right of the UK is Japan(white flag with red circle in the middle).

The flag underneath Japan and the UK is India(orange, white and green striped flag with a blue circle in the centre of the white flag).

On the bottom row the first flag is Brazil(green flag with a yellow diamond in the centre and blue in the centre of the diamond).

The flag to the right and up a bit from Brazil is Italy(vertical green, white and red stripes).

The one to the right of that is South Africa(black, yellow, red, blue and green flag. The green part is a sideways y).

The last flag is Australia(blue flag with a Union Jack in the top-left hand corner and stars.)

Take the key from the top of the globe on the left side of the screen. Use it on the door a leave.

Stage 28

Four squares on the wall. You have to make what looks like an elongated key.

Square 1) Half a circle.

Square 2) The other half of the circle with a line coming out of it.

Square 3) The line continues but this one has a little bit sticking out on the bottom.

Square 4) The last square has a sideways 'f' in it.

Take the key from the top of the windmill, use it on the door and leave.

Stage 29

You have 8 drums.

In numerical order tap:
1 - once

2 - three times


4 - once

5 - twice

6 - twice

7 - twice

8 - three times
(You can see lines to the front of each drum except number three. These tell you how many times to tap that drum. You have to start in numerical order though.)

Take the key from the top of the door use it and leave

Stage 30

There are 12 buttons on the wall.

They are numbered like this on the left:
1 2
3 4
5 6
And this on the right
7 8
9 10
11 12

Press square 1 nine times
Press square 2 five times
Press square 3 four times
Press square 4 eleven times
Press square 5 six times
Press square 6 two times
Press square 7 eight times
Press square 8 seven times
Don't press square 9
Press square 10 ten times
Press square 11 once
Press square 12 three times

Take the key, use it on the door and leave.

If they update with more levels I will update this walkthrough.

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