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DoraOrange Gravity 2The life of an orange. Pretty miserable, right? Some jerk rips you off the thing that gave life to you and you either get all your fluids crushed out of you for consumption by some monstrous flesh creature, or get all your flesh peeled off and your insides consumed... if you aren't left to rot in a bowl. So many oranges deserve to be the stars for once, and Tommycred seems to agree with the release of physics mouse-driven puzzler Orange Gravity 2.

Your goal is to move the orange around the screen to collect all the floating yellow fruit, and then into the portal that opens up after. If the orange falls offscreen, or has a run-in with a hazard like spikes, it's game over. Luckily, this orange tethers itself to blocks as it passes that can be manipulated in various ways. Each block has a different effect that will only impact the orange if its tied to the block itself, and you can click and drag your mouse through the cord to sever it. Click and drag on pink squares to slide them and attached fruit along tracks, for example, while blocks with arrows on them will cause the orange's gravity to shift in that direction when it attaches and remain that way until it hits another switch. T-shaped levels can be spun with the mouse to raise or lower the tether, and certain large platforms have buttons you can click to turn a repulsing field of gravity on and off.

It's hard to do an original physics puzzle these days, with it being one of the go-to concepts for everyone looking for a few guaranteed plays, but while Orange Gravity 2 definitely isn't completely innovative, its clever concepts and interesting gameplay make it stand out from the pack. It looks great, offers a few clever twists on familiar concepts and plays... mostly well. I personally encountered a bit of glitchiness on level eight involving teleporting fruit, but my fellow reviewers assure me they were able to play it fine, so I'm left to trust their word while muttering darkly to myself and shooting them suspicious glances. You know, like always. Orange Gravity 2 isn't perfect, but it is a fun, vibrant little game that seems to be trying to challenge and entertain you rather than just keep you busy. We thank you, noble fruit, and will surely reward your efforts by supping on the flesh of more of your brethren in the days to come. Muahahahaha!

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josemfdez Author Profile Page October 5, 2012 9:42 AM

I think I found the same glitch in level eight, a flashing brown square in the background. In that level I just can't get attached to the lower left block no matter how close I get to it.

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Bit infuriating at some points, particularly if you're using a trackpad, but pretty fun overall.

Final score for me: 15243...2,898 points too many. :[

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csmithpub Author Profile Page October 5, 2012 5:01 PM

Straight up will not load; with latest flash player in chrome, just shows the background and sits there.

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Walkthrough101 Author Profile Page October 7, 2012 5:08 PM

It works fine for me, even with flash player 10 and chrome. Is it maybe somthing wrong with the browser.

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply Author Profile Page October 8, 2012 9:55 PM

I've got Flash 11 (actual latest version) and Firefox. Is not working. No loading, just the background.

[It must be something else you have installed that's blocking the loading, because the game is loading just fine in Firefox with Flash Player 11 on both Windows and Mac OS. -Jay]

Score: 0 (0 votes) Vote up Vote down Report this comment Reply Author Profile Page October 18, 2012 8:04 PM

Still not loading, not even after Firefox updated.
And I tried Chrome. No luck there, either.

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marshalljpeters Author Profile Page March 19, 2013 5:42 PM

Won't load for me, either. Flash Player 11.6.602.180, Firefox 19.0.2.
Tried IE, the load bar filled up, but nothing else happened.

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I'm sorry it's not loading for you, but the game loads for me. I just double checked it in Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 on Windows 7, with Flash Player 11.6.602.180.

When Flash games don't load or play correctly, look to see if it's something that you have added to your computer, or an extension in your browser, that could prevent the game from playing properly. We test all the games we host here prior to publishing.

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marshalljpeters Author Profile Page March 20, 2013 2:57 PM

It was an ad blocker. Disabled on that page, and it works now. Not sure why it didn't work on IE or Chrome.

[Free content is ad supported, which means we depend on those ads to pay us for what we do on a daily basis. Ad blockers cause our visitors lots of issues when trying to play our games. They cause us time and effort trying to figure out what the problem is. AND we make no money from your visits when you use of them on this site. We spend many hours playing and evaluating the games we feature, I pay my staff to write the thoughtful reviews and walkthroughs that we publish here for you to access whenever you wish. The least you can do for us in return is to disable your ad blockers when visiting us. If everyone used ad blockers you wouldn't be reading this on this website right now because we wouldn't be here! -Jay]

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