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DoraHallooooooooo the internet! Anyone out there? Or are you all busy? We've got some big news for you this week if you can tear yourself away from your horse stealing and dragon slaying. With a popular developer approaching a huge milestone few ever achieve, a new installment in a popular download series, and the impending release of one of the biggest successes in indie gaming history, there's a whole lot to celebrate!

New and Noteworthy

  • Realm of the Mad GodRealm of the Mad God - Multiplayer meets bullet hell shooter meets RPG in this frantic, action-packed game. Team up with other players as you go solo in a huge world teeming with monsters in gameplay that rarely stops to breathe. Best for fast-paced, short sessions, Realm of the Mad God is admittedly rather simplistic, but immensely addictive if you enjoy the concept.
  • To The MoonTo The Moon - Freebird Games hits it out of the park with this tremendously engrossing indie download adventure game about a pair of doctors with the ability to give dying people their last wish by altering memories. While light on actual gameplay, stellar writing and a hugely likable cast combine with humour and intelligent storytelling to make a touching, captivating tale worth experiencing.
  • The Pretender: Part 3The Pretender: Part 3 - Launching Pad Games delivers the next installment in its popular (magical!) puzzle platforming series about a magician struggling to escape another realm, while rescuing the souls of his audience whom he accidentally banished in the process. Master elemental forms to bring everyone safely home across large level packs and soak in the classy style while you're at it.
  • Blosics 3Blosics 3 - Like throwing things really really fast at other things? Then you've got a friend in Igrek Productions, who just yesterday released their third installment in their popular physics shooter series. There's something oddly satisfying about sending a projectile screaming into a number of tiny stacked blocks, and doubly so when everything has been overhauled to feature cute, expressive cartoon eyes.

Steam HackPrivacy Alert! If you're a regular Steam user, then you probably know that the forums were hacked this past Sunday. Well, they're down again and Valve's Gabe Newell has posted a placeholder message that informs users that events have taken an uglier turn. A Steam database that contained a variety of user information including addresses and encrypted credit card information. There's no evidence yet that card information was actually taken or decrypted, but if you had one saved to your account you might want to keep an eye on your records anyway just in case. You also might want to change your password... you know, just for funsies. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. You can Read Mr. Newell's message in full in case the forums are restored.

Kingdom Rush StolenTheft Alert! Remember Kingdom Rush? More than likely, since the defense hybrid was well loved by our readers for quite some time. Unfortunately, developer Ironhide Game Studio recently discovered that their work has been stolen and uploaded (rather sloppily) to the Appstore by someone looking to profit off of the developer's excellent work. Apple so far has yet to respond to e-mails after nearly three weeks, and the creators are now turning to their community to help. Read the full statement and view more damning screenshots, as well as for information as to what you can do to help.

Mystery Case Files: Escape From RavenhearstPreview Alert! If you love hidden-object adventures, then you probably know the Mystery Case Files, and Big Fish Games is about to make fans very, very happy with this official announcement for the next installment. You'll be investigating the town of Blackpool, where residents are going missing and leads seem to point to the ruins of Ravenhearst Manor. Could evil still lurk within? Well... there wouldn't be much of a game otherwise, would there? It's been a year since the last installment hit, so this is great news. Time will tell if the series has kept the somewhat unpopular video sequences introduced in The 13th Skull.

Nitrome Must DiePreview Alert! Nitrome has been around for a long time, but the realisation that they're about to release their 100th game is still a bit of a shock! Right now, the only information comes from the trailer; it seems a pair of players are frustrated with the developers (perhaps because of the difficulty?), and have decided that the only way to take out their anger is to launch a full-on assault against the lofty "Nitrome Towers"... which might be a bad idea if that laser is any indication. There's no gameplay footage yet, but the trailer promises over one hundred levels, tons of enemies and weapons, and even two-player co-op gameplay! Give it a peep, and then give Nitrome a high-five for creating so many awesome games over the years... they deserve it!

MinecraftRelease Approaching! If you haven't jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon, you're running out of time to get in at a discounted price. After over two years in development and an amazing amount of success, Mojang is finally releasing their sandbox creativity game in full at MineCon in Las Vegas on November 18th 2011. Once it comes out "officially", the price will go up, so if you've ever thought it might be something you'd like, now might be the time to snap it up. You can check out our review, and I can personally tell you that while I was a late convert, many an evening has since been spent in pursuit of diamonds and babbling inconsolably in a hole in the ground because I thought I saw an Enderman outside.

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Omg, so many stuff are going on, I feel like I won't go for the next Mystery Case Files game because I felt betrayed by the poorly aspects of 13th Skull, like you say "time will tell".

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Yay! Looks like Apple finally removed the game:

"The item you've requested is not currently available in the US store."

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Not to start a controversy, but does the whole thing seem a little... fake?

It just seems like, I don't know, a commercial support. Drum up interest with a fake hatepage and then release the 100th game around in.
I mean, the pixel art on it, it isn't something some butthurt gamer would bother about.

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There is a trailer on nitrome that confirms the game, alas it's as small like many of their game elements.

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Maestro: Dark Talent> Dora A musical prodigy appears out of nowhere, but her talents are deadly, and you'll need to race to stop her before the dark forces commanding her destroy the city and your friend Kate in the latest hidden-object adventure from ERS Game Studios.  ...
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Pirateers 2> Tricky What do you do with an action-adventure pirate game sequel? Well, if it's Labu Games' Pirateers 2, you should play it, whether it's ear-ly in the morning or not! An upgraded sequel that improves on the original in every area, Pirateers 2 is a rollicking sea excursion, only slightly marred by unsubtle developer funding requests.  ...
Monsterland 4: One More Junior> elle Those kids. There's just never enough attention, positive, negative or whatnot, to please them. Quality time is perhaps overrated, at least as far as monster dad is concerned. He only wants to sleep. Which just means more fun for Junior and Jenny as they find ways to wake him from his nap in yet another installment of Alma Games' nap-busting physics puzzle. 36 more levels, including bonus levels plus plenty of achievements, are just the right level of chill and thinky to keep you alert and engaged throughout.  ...
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Goblin Sword> Dora Dodge traps, fireballs, cannons and more while you hunt for treasure and unlock relics in this action-packed platformer for your iOS! With a classic console feel and gorgeous retro style, Goblin Sword is a pitch-perfect love letter to old school gaming.  ...

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