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Letters In Boxes #17

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Letters in Boxes #17

ArtbegottiLetters In Boxes, Letters In Boxes! Time to get your Letters In Boxes! Time to get your crayons and your pencils! Or your printer and your markers. Or open up your preferred image editing software, if you choose. However you go about doing it, this week's Letters In Boxes challenge is waiting to be solved.

Below you'll find the first puzzle in this series. Click on it to open the image in a new window. Once you think you've figured out an answer, move your attention to your browser's address bar. Change the filename (in this case, "seventeenagain") to your answer, making sure to keep the same file extension and staying in the same directory. If you're right, hey hey hey, you're onto the next puzzle! If you're wrong, you can always try to spy another solution.

Letters in Boxes #17 - Puzzle 1This batch of puzzles contains four puzzles to solve. On the fourth puzzle, you'll find the email address for sending your final answer. We'll hand out a prize to the first correct entry we receive, plus one additional randomly-selected correct entry. Please include your Casual Gameplay account display name with your entry. You must be at least 13 years of age to enter. Only one submission per participant, please. Offer void where prohibited. Your deadline for submitting your answers is Monday, October 10th at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00). Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to the following winners! :D

  • thomstel ...First!
  • Outside Lime
Both winners were given a choice of prizes. Congratulations and thanks for playing with us! Look for another Letters in Boxes again soon!


Rushed successfully through puzzles 1 and 2 and got stuck at puzzle three... Well, I'll figure it out eventually.

I'm stuck at 1. ill get there move on soon enough :)

Got 1, stuck on 2

any guidance for #1? just a push in the right direction?


the numbers are just placeholders, also, don't overcomplicate it, revert back to some of the first LIBs

As rushafx mentioned, the numbers are there to NOT be letters.

There's words in that there puzzle! When you put them together they make sense.

I'm so proud of myself! This is the first LIB I've ever solved on my own. Happy day!

Any hints for #2?

Question about #1:

Do the numbers just not matter at all? Could I replace them with blank spaces and still get the same answer?

I solved #1 but I don't know why it is the answer.

I just tried all the words I can make out there and one of them was correct...


Yes, you could replace the numbers with blank spaces and get the same answer.

#2 is neat.


Using the same technique as #1 will get you nearer to the answer.

The hint tells you what to do to the puzzle.

Bigger hint:

Start in the bottom left.

@donhuando: In regards to #1:

Did you notice how you could go straight from the last letter of a word to the first letter of another word?

and how, if you followed that chain around from one end to the next, it made a sentence?

Stuck on 3, but at least I understand #1 now.

Hint for #3:

More like HTML brackets mark the spot.


Need help with #3:

I filled in the letters to make real words.

i tried to make lines between the parts on the right to those on the left and see if it makes any X's but it really depends on where i start and end the line.

I noticed that two pairs of 4 word endings are switched around. does this have anything to do with the solution?

Nevermind about #3.
Solved it.

Was number 4 really that easy or did I miss something?

@ajslama I was going to ask the same thing

I think I solved #4.
but like ajslama said, it seems too easy.

Still stuck on #1.

Am I supposed to be adding letters to the grid, or are the words I need to find already there?

I must just be having a stupid day today.

I'm having a bit of trouble with #2.

I understand the hint and I found all the words. But I don't understand what to do with them, how I'm supposed to derive an answer from that.

Arrgh. Not getting it on #2

i feel like the words im coming up with for 4 don't work. any other hints?

Hrm. Got #2, but not sure why it's that one.

@ jiffypop,

Look at...

the shape that each word makes.


You need to find the message.

start by looking for clue words.


Take the caption seriously

Look at the result.


first step is obvious

now think big


use google/wiki for solving

if you don't know some, don't worry, you will get assistance.

OOOOOOOOOOH! Oh, I get it now! Wow, how did I not see that?

I think I'm brain dead too, though I'm not very good at these sort of puzzles anyway. I can't figure out number one! I see a few words, but none of them make sense. :(

@Themepark, if you have all of the

words, draw a line that goes from the first to the last letter of each word.

See anything?

@grander, try writing everything on paper, then

rearrange to make a coherent sentence.

on #4

I've got 4 of the 5 answers, but there's only 1 coherent word im making out of all of them (even though i'm missing a word) and it doesn't seem to be right/ on the right track

need help with 3#

at fist it seemed simple but I should have known better... i see a big X from where i drew lines and tried that but nothing

I'm pretty sure I have the answer to #4, but like some other people are saying, it just seems too obvious.


If I do that, all I get is a big X whose center is in the exact center of the grid. Doesn't ring a bell though. Already tried with x as the answer.


There are two parts to the puzzle. Look at the X again

Sorry Themepark. I forgot to say my previous hint was for puzzle #2. Sounds like you've moved on to #3?

For #4, how do you start to fill out the puzzle?

Thanks zoz, but I think I need an extremely explicit hint!

The only words I see are not, bold and die, but they don't rearrange into anything meaningful.

At this point, I think it's just my brain that's the problem! I think that maybe I should just admit defeat!

grander, about #1:

Try making a chain, and remember that chains aren't always straight lines.

Still need help on #2...

so i got the x from the words, but what on earth does the "divide by 4" mean?!?!?!

Another hint on #1

The numbers on the paper aren't really in any kind of correct or even remotely helpful order...think of them more as blacked-out squares. Still stuck?

Go play a game of Snake for a while.

Nerdypants -- you're lovely for giving me another hint, but at this point, I wish someone would just give me the answer so I can work backwards because my brain really is dead. I don't even know if I have the right words! And onyxmouse -- there are so many snake games that I fear I'll only confuse myself further!

C'est la vie!

I honestly have no idea for #2. The hints obviously aren't helping

Is it just me, or does #2 give you the next clue in Parseltongue?

Possibly a blatant giveaway to #1:

Start directly under the 5.

Then trace a line through every single lettered square, going up, down, left, or right, never crossing your own path or returning to a square.

The letters, in the order you went through them, will spell out the answer.


You can find some words in there. Again, they won't be in a straight line. As for the number and length of the words, well, follow the directions.

I'm still stuck on #2... what am I missing?

I don't get #2 either... so far I have

four 9-letter words, and they form a spiral looking shape... so I tried 'pinwheel', 'whirlpool', but they aren't the right answer...

Stumped on #3.

Following zoz's hint, mayhap I need graph paper and a ruler to get X's that mean anything, but the current mess of X's I have is meaningless. I suspect each X should mark out a letter that would give one 8 letters to make a word?

About #2:

Each of the four nine-letter words/string of letters makes a shape that roughly matches what one of the words is.

OH! now I get it... Thanks, Tenzhi! :)


For number 3, you do not need graph paper. As the clue states: X marks the spot. Keep in mind that there are two different parts of the puzzle.

the given portion, and the portion you fill in.

Now find the answer

I finally got #3!

draw an X somewhere!

and An Onyx Mouse's hint helped :)

Ah, thank you snowmoon for highlighting An Onyx Mouse's hint further up. I missed it.

no prob! :) on to #4 now... but I'm pretty much stuck (and wondering why people above say that it 'seems too easy' haha!).. I don't think my brain's working well today XD

oh. got #4! I was stumped earlier on because I couldn't figure out how to fill in the letters... so if anyone else is stuck...

the words go in a U or inverted U shape, so that each word overlaps a bit with the next word

For #2

If you've found the 4 words, then you've already found the next clue. Just pay attention to what Tenzhi just posted. Don't waste your time with the other stuff.

For goodness sake, don't

spend forever trying to divide things up and rearrange them into groups of 4. Unless, of course, you have nothing else to do . . .

Your hints for 3 really did help. Figured it out pretty quickly after them.

is there a check for #4 this time? (like i can put my answer in the url and see if im right?)

It would be awesome if they put a final "you're right" gif on these things as a matter of course. Heck, I'm not even interested in failing to win a mysterious prize, I'm just doing these for fun.

Tenzhi -

I agree with you. (And your 4th)!

#3 is giving me fits. I have no idea what the clue wants me to do. So far, all I've done is

use the bits off to the right to fill in the blanks and make words

but I don't know where to go from there. Am I at least on the right track? I know people have said,

"Make an X somewhere," but where and how big?


Make the biggest X you can.

Got #3, finally. Amazing what a good night's sleep can do.


Ah! A-ha!

@An Onyx Mouse:

Your hint, in combination with the patiently repeated clue (and everyone has been so patient!), is gold.

Truly it is the journey and not the destination.

Am I the only one who found #4 ridiculously easy? The only hard part was figuring out how to fit all the words in. >_>

About #4, could anyone give me a hint about clues 1 and 2?

Clue 1

These can also be found in your mouth.

Clue 2

I'm willing to bet you also have one of these, though probably it's in your pants.

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