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Link Dump Fridays

DoraPhysics puzzles, mad painters, goo with eyeballs... that can mean only one thing! Good morning, entertainment consumers, and welcome to another edition of Link Dump Friday, where we gather together a host of the internet's most powerful games and train them to be an elite, fun-force squadron! It's like... it's like they're the Avengers, and I'm Nick Fury!... WHY ISN'T IT 2012 YET?!

  • Dead MetalDead Metal - Hero Interactive brings us this hilariously over-the-top macho top-down arena shooter about spaceships, aliens, and the blowing up thereof. If you like pouty, buxom heroines with lots of facial accoutrements, random profanity, and zipping around an enclosed space while someone pew-pew-pews rockets up your tailpipes, this just may be the game for you.
  • The PainterThe Painter - Some of us might have enjoyed art class a lot more if it were less about figure drawing and more about spraying glowing paint all over the place to try to find our way through the dark. This little puzzle platformer is about just that, and wrapped up in a silly, cheerful retro aesthetic to boot. Cheers!
  • Toys vs NightmaresToys vs Nightmares - I'd like to make fun of the kid in this defense game, but considering I was actually able to give myself nightmares just recently by thinking of the trailer for Insidious before I go to bed, I guess I can't throw stones. Use your imagination and arsenal of toys to defend your young tot against waves of incoming bad dreams in a fashion that will probably seem very familiar, but will appeal to tower defense fans just the same.
  • GoosplosionGoosplosion - Click and drag your way through this goopy, gooey chain reaction game centering around making cheerful little round balls of ooze go pop! It's easy to imagine that these must be Spewer's lab buddies, but don't let that hold you back from making them burst all over the place... they don't seem to mind.
  • Gluey 2Gluey 2 - Slurp, blorp, blooooooooop! Oh, sorry, I was just auditioning for this weird little physics game about oddly hypnotic, slippery colours and a soundtrack conceived by Dr Seuss. If you remember the original Gluey, you'll be glad to find even more mesmerizing, squelchy action in the sequel. Just the sort of thing to get your weekend off on the right foot!


I've played Toys vs. Nightmares over on Newgrounds. It's a pretty fun game, an excellent Tribute to Plants vs. Zombies... until Nightmare Mode kicks in. The Level where the Boogeyman gets introduced is literally impossible to beat.

Nightmare Mode is where a certain number of your toys are chosen at random, though it will ALWAYS give you a toy that's necessary to complete the level if you don't choose one yourself. It starts at 3, but gradually works its way up until you can only make 3 choices for yourself, while the remaining 5 are done randomly.

My strategy for that Level is to NOT BUY ANY TOYS on the way there. Seriously, don't buy anything EXCEPT for the Picture Book. You're more likely to get useful stuff if you do. As for what I choose, I always go for the Picture Book, Digger, and Double Dino. I'm guaranteed a Catapult at least, but I'm always hoping for a Baby Boom.

It's effective, but only for a little while; I simply cannot play enough units fast enough to win. If anyone can come up with a winning strategy, I would be grateful and amazed.

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Parasite Strike gets its own entry but Dead Metal goes into Link Dump... I personally had much more fun playing dead metal, with a much more basic shop system which ironically provides a more varied gameplay with ships that actually differ in play style. It reminded me strongly of Bubble Tank.

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I'm loving Goosplosion, but I CANNOT get A+ scores on 2 levels: 25 and 28.

On 28, I'm almost certain I know exactly what to do where, because I keep getting ALMOST everything, and it's different things that don't pop by the end, so I've popped everything on that level doing what I have--just not all at the same time.

25, however... good Lord. Anyone having any better luck?

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I agree about dead metal...the three-line dialogue was pretty cheesy and all, but the variety of ships, enemies, and just the sheer production values make the game worth a review IMO. Oh yea, and it was fun.

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The painter reminds me of a game. Almost the same concept. That one's black & white though. I forgot the name of it, however.

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Has anyone been able to get past level 7 of gluey 2?

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25 took me forever as well (it was the last one to get A+ on). This isn't what you want to hear, but I'm not sure if there's any trick to it - just luck of the bounce.

I'm also rather frustrated because I finally got A+ on 25, and thus all levels, yet I see no unlocked skin

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Gluey 2... played through the whole game without so much of an issue, it's good.

Goosplosion.. I have everything but level 28 as A+ at this point and I'm pretty stuck on figuring it out how to do it.

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Nevermind.. POP. Though I imagine it's pure luck on level 28.

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Finally got all A+ on Goosplosion.
Lv 25 and 28 were a pain for me too but in the end I got lucky.

As for the unlocked skin

It turns the ball yellow. I rather preferred the grey ball. I haven't been able to figure out if the colours are changeable. Rather a disappointing reward for so much perseverance

Enjoyable game, even if a little frustrating sometimes.

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Gluey 2: Got to level 11 and now I'm confused - I get to 170 of 170 blobs and it just keeps going and going until I lose. What am I missing?

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The prize is indeed disappointing, because it's suppose to be gold.

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sheepgomeep Author Profile Page September 11, 2011 10:29 AM

LLL - I'm having the same problem with level 11 :S

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jessie241 February 4, 2012 3:58 PM

the game is a bit of a waste of time.
i was stuck on getting A+ level 28 for a while and only completed it cause of luck.
more levels and a better prize otherwise, okish game

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