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DoraThis week's Link Dump Friday theme; fear! Or more specifically, a healthy fear of things that want to do terrible things to the moist, quivering, tender meatbag you call a body. All the games herein contain all manner of beasties and terrible fates just waiting to befall you. It's like I always say; there's nothing better to start your weekend off right than a comforting sense of your own fragile mortality. Hooray!

  • Revert to Growth 2Revert to Growth 2 - This robot is trying to trick you. It wants you to think it has no interest in assimilating you or hunting you for sport. All it wants (it claims) is to use a variety of plant-based powers to solve a series of increasingly elaborate platform puzzles. This robot is lying. The second you turn your back on it, you'll be taking a dirt-nap and find yourself re-purposed into a lovely posy garden bed. Stone cold, man.
  • Hurry Up Bob 2Hurry Up Bob 2 - Chances are if you've seen an Indiana Jones film that didn't involve Shia LeBeouf you were struck by how rad being an explorer might be. But before you strap on your hat and your whip and your dubiously qualified but easy-on-the-eyes personal assistant, you might want to try this fast-paced arcade platformer to clue you in to the very real dangers actual explorers and archaeologists face every day. Like mummies. And robots. And acid. And spike traps. And jet-packs. And magical crumbling blocks. And...
  • Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid ZombiesAwesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies - The zombies need more corpses for their upcoming undead apocalypse, but the ghosts aren't having any of it, since those are their bodies, even if they have been dead and buried for years. Okay, to be honest, the undead monsters in this turn-based strategy game are more interested in wiping out each other than they are you. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't still be on your guard! CONSTANT VIGILANCE as my favourite professor used to say.
  • Pixel WizardsPixel Wizards - An entire generation of kids has grown up desperate to be wizards and/or whisked off to a glorious magic academy where they'll have amazing adventures, dreamy, broody teachers and dubious adult supervision. However, with great power comes a great amount of people trying to blast you the heck up as you'll discover in this strange arcade shooter.
  • AlienocalypseAlienocalypse - You should already know by now that ET was a lie and aliens only love you for your big, round head; the perfect size and shape to crack open and lay their glistening eggs inside. You'll be playing for their team in this real-time strategy game, however, as you man an alien invasion of planet Earth and send hordes of horrifying beasties to do your dirty work.


Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies is quite good though the difficulty doesn't ramp up until level 9. However, the AI isn't too clever and there is an easy way to win this and subsequent levels.

There are two ways of winning. The first is to win the graves. The second is to turn the screen blue. If you let the Zombies attack your grave, you can use your time to wiz over the board with a formation (read the instructions on this) to turn it blue quickly.

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Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies is, uh, awesome. It feels original, and a super cute execution. Of course, I'm hopeless at strategy games. Will have to fall back on Hell Tour

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Rad? Really, Dora? 1992 called, they want you back home.

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Really DAM? You're going to pick on my reviewers with that tired joke? Tread softly there meester for I am wielder of the ban hammer! RAWR! ;)

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Come on man, somebody should have caught that one in editing and you know it.


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It's kind of a shame about Zombies/Ghosts. As a strategy game, it's fairly interesting (other than MdB's observation about the handy winning strategy). But I had two major problems with it: first, the slow dialogue, which could be ignored except when it would occasionally cover up part of the playing field, and second, the slow ambulance animation, which is cute but seriously can I get back to my game now? I'd love it if the creators would add an "animations off" option (or at the least a "faster animations" option).

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I never edit Dora's reviews. Her words are way better than mine. xD

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Littleghost Author Profile Page September 2, 2011 4:17 PM

Is there a way to un-group your forces? Because I am literally stuck in a level and that seems like a big glitch if it's not a option.

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A very useful Ghosts/Zombies tip:

If your formation hits multiple graves simultaneously, it does full damage to each one.


You can "retreat" an entire formation by dragging it back to the staging area. This also restores the generals to full health immediately.

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Anybody get past level 13 on Alienocalypse? It seems to get hard at that point.

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Wildbreeze September 2, 2011 8:28 PM

Mad-eye Moody reference! :D
Dora, you're my favorite.
Favorite what? I don't know, but you're it. :)

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Make use of Mines. Use them to clear the ground-air units (see how many you can get with one Mine).
Then use Flying Horrors to clear air-air units.
The rest can i theory be mopped up by a single Death Bringer, however a good mix all three should get you through the rest.

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Somewhere in here is a good game waiting to come out. Unfortunately at the moment it is very unbalanced with most of the Alien types being useless.

(The animation for Death Bringer is also unintentionally funny - but that might just be my crude mind..)

The following will see you through the game if you get stuck (like I did - thanks Skjaldyr)

Levels 1 to 3:
Get the maximum number of Grunts and drop them all at once at the far left or right of the screen. Press fast forward and let the game play itself. Don't spend any Evolution points.

Levels 4 to 11:
Purchase the Death Bringer and upgrade it to max as you get Evolution points. For each level use the maximum Death Bringers and drop them on the far left or right of the screen all at once. Press fast forward and let the game play itself.

Levels 12 to 20:
Purchase Mine and Flying Horrors and upgrade to max. For each level, purchase roughly the same number of Mines and Flying Horrors plus a couple of Death Bringers (one is actually enough but it is slow). Start each level by dropping a Mine on the ground air defences - you should be able to take a couple out with each mine. Next send in all the Flying Horrors at one end as before to wipe out all the aeroplanes. Finally use the Death Bringers to complete the level in complete safety.

As I said above. It is a pity that the same technique works on so many different levels using only 4 out of the 10 (or 12) available aliens. Some rebalancing and different level design could potentially improve this game as there is much here to like.

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In Pixel Wizards I had this weird feeling it was a multiplayer game in disguise of a singleplayer campaign.. hmmm.

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Hurry Up Bob 2 is an amazingly fun game that's great to waste 10 minutes on repeatedly. Unfortunately, when playing on a tiny little eeePC, game-breaking performance loss begins occurring at about 600m for me. I'm not sure if it's due to so many enemies/objects on screen or if the game is tracking everything below as the acid climbs up, but the game just stops there for me. I should probably get a new computer.

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It's so nice to find a game with an original game mechanic and I was impressed by the ghost vs zombie game.

It has some interface problems, such as the slow ambulance animation and the speech balloons that obscure the game field, but the game itself is a lot of fun.

I hope the developer expands the game, perhaps with more maps. A player submitted map feature would be great.

The AI is weak, but AI is hard to do, and an imbalanced map would be a way of giving the computer a leg up.

Although this kind of game doesn't need a score system, I could see that as a way of motivating different strategies. Right now the main strategy seems to be to make all tiles blue, since that's easier than destroying the graves, but a scoring system could reward different types of victory with medals etc.

Great job

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So, on Bob2, what do the red and blue boxes do when you collect a full bar? My layout is loading almost exactly the same for every run (which is nice), but there's one spot where I cannot seem to jump high enough and I keep dying there. So I'm giving up, only one away from a full pack on both red AND blue. So could someone please tell me what happens?

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Anyone know how long you need to last in Survival Mode to:

...unlock what looks like the "Only Level" Elephant as a player?

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