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ArtbegottiIt's You Are Games time again! And to add to the Awesome-Factor-O-Awesome, we've got another one of James Francis' Babylon Sticks cartoons for you to create a punchline for! And as if that weren't enough, we'll be giving the winning punchline submitter A PONY! (Made of diamonds!) (And yarn.)

bs-contest-thugris.jpgActually, I'm now being handed a piece of paper telling me that we don't actually have a diamond-and-yarn pony to give away, so I'll suggest this to you: Take a look at the cartoon to the right. Do any funny quips or bits of dialogue spring to mind as you view this unfinished comic? We want you to send them to us! Post your caption ideas as a comment below using your Casual Gameplay account (so we can contact you by the associated email address if you win). We'll peruse through everything you send us, and if yours gets picked to be the caption in the final version of the comic, you'll win a prize (which will likely have nothing to do with ponies, diamonds, or yarn)!

As usual, there are a few reminders we have to pass along to you. This is an all-ages site, so keep your entries clean and free of profanity. We also take a stronger liking to comments revolving around a gaming theme. Multiple entries are allowed. And now for some bullets:

  • All entries submitted to this contest become property of Casual Gameplay.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age or older to enter.
  • Void where prohibited.

We're setting the deadline for this competition at Monday, February 7th at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00). That's not a lot of time, so get to work, and just hope you don't get writer's block!


You're not welcome here you no-edged freak.

"Looks like the new guy isn't going to fit in!"

"Vector shapes like you aren't welcome in the 8-bit world!"

Dangit, Square! Lose the weight or we're trading you to Team Bonte.

"Tetris means 4 squares, you circle!"

"No, we don't want a spin off of tetris!"

"Tell us what you did to J now! OR ELSE!"

"This ain't Peggle Land any more, Kiddo. No magical unicorn to help you this time."

"Change back or you're fired."

"The job opening was only for tetrominoes! That means a shape composed of 4 squares!"

...and you go tell all your little Katamari friends that we don't need another annoying theme song around here...

Who you callin' a bunch of blockheads?

We hear you've been going around telling a few too many Yakov Smirnov jokes...

Not so tough without your power pellets, are ya?

You're a round peg in a square hole.

3-D is not allowed in retro gaming, 2-D attack!

Sorry fatty, your curves are too much for this 8-bit world.

"Okay, stop talking, Pearl. It's up to you if you won't match with someone who isn't the same color as you, but not everyone feels the same way and frankly you're being more than a little offensive."

"Not so tough without your Arkanoid ship, are ya?"

"So you think you got edge aye?"

"My dad says your folks killed a bunch of blocks back in the 80s"

have several ideas:
1) "This isn't knights of the round"
2) "You think outside of the line"
3) "You aren't a cut above the EDGES"
4) "Look! Do we look like new PONG paddles to you?!"

This ain't no place for you and your "square hole" friends!

My suggestion:
How would you feel after being pushed in the corner, hey?

"We don't care how hard our puzzles are. Professor Layton is OUR chance to make a comeback!"

"Oh no. What did Bowser eat this time?"

So what if stonehenge is in a circle?

You'd better shape up if you want to fit in, rookie!

Anybody remember Sesame Street? "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just DOESN'T BELONG."

"3D plugins? I'll give you 3D plugins!"

"We live life on the EDGE, kid."

"now everyone is calling us square"

Why can't you just fit in like everyone else?

"Hey, fellas, this kid doesn't even have any vertices!"

Come on guys! We've got to get it together!

We're gonna need to see some registration!

So you clam to be "The One"

The only thing we have to fear is "Sphere" itself... You're kidding right?

Something tells me this guy knows no "sphere"!

I don't care if you're a "Tetra-mining 'O'". You're not playing.

We want to believe you but it's just not coming together!

Of course you can play with us, we're playing soccer today.

Ok, I'm impressed, how the heck did you make that from four blocks....

1)If you wanna fit in with us you better shape up or else.

2)This gang is for squares.

3)The boys say you don't fit in around here, so shape up or get out.

4)I hear you wanna join the four gang, so we're gonna have to beat you into shape.

No we DON'T want to make a Peggle board for you!

"This is a tough job, you seriously have to get in shape before you can help us"

Let's set this straight. We don't want you around. You just wouldn't fit.

"We'll let you go if you give us some Pi(e)"

"This is the Tetris club! The Pong club is three doors down!"

" Yeah that's right, go run home to your pac-mamma!"

What the scalop?! Are they puting us in some kind of spin-off?

I don't think that's exactly what the boss had in mind when he talked about "cutting corners because of the crisis."

Pac-man made a poor choice deciding to strut around Tetris' turf.

for the last time we're not your missing piece

"Hey, kid, you don't -fit in- here!" Badum-psh

Fine, you can play with us. But you better not block any line-shaped holes.

"First, eh? Well I'm afraid this is our turf now...Pong, did you say your name was?"

If you're allergic to peanuts then why did you eat them?

"We coudn't CORNER you, so we've got you surROUNDed!"

Oops, didn't want to double-post, but that should say "couldn't".

"Well, well, well... I'd like to see you bust a move now, buddy."

We hear you had a part in the Breakout incident of '76.

Bowling is so last century.

You're comin' with us, pal. Da Pacfather wants to have a word with you.

(And poor little Pellet was never seen again...)

I finally, *finally* made an account, just so I could do this one:

1) "Yeah, you two got geometric differences, but the big shame would be if you didn't get married! Well, Tillie, when the #?*@ are we gonna get some dinner?"

(Don't blame me - "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was on around midnight last night)

2) "Now, you gonna re-negotiate our contract, or we gonna hafta get the ghosts ta leave Pac-Pup's head in your bed?"

3) "

"Its not that we don't like you, you just don't fit in."

You dont fit in around these parts!

(Sorry, I'm typing with a puppy on my lap - he's not helping...)

3) "Maybe you're missing the subtleties of the game, or maybe you're just belligerent, but you throw yourself at us and holler 'Strike!' one more time, we're gonna stick a lit fuse in you and ship you over to 'Crush the Castle!'"

"Well, well, well... look who just rolled in."

"You were being chased by ghosts? What pills have you been eating?"

"*Sniff sniff* Ugh! What is that pong?!"

"Get out of here! You're not part of this pack, man."

"Nobody round here calls us Blockheads!"

"This just isn't falling into place..."

"We don't take kindly to your kind 'round here, boy..."

"Seriously, what? You expect us to balance on THAT?"

"Every time we play Giant Robot HE gets to be the head. What if I wanna be the head?"

In the land of right-angles the curved are king.

"If by 'play' you mean 'hum Theme-A while we drop', then sure, you can 'play'."

"Did you even read the advertisement? We explicitly asked for another line block!"

"Well, Well. Look whose got the high polygon count."

"Hand over the Polygons and no one gets hurt."

"You just have to make the game harder for everyone, don't you Dave."

Forget the dark forest, you're in Tetris land now!

He got a real pretty mouth ain't he?

You sure do got a perty mouth. You're gonna do some praying for me boy!

Okay, here's a really bad one:

"i square he wasn't sphere a moment ago, they're all turning, it's the rhombic apocalypse!"

"Hey new kid, so what's YOUR angle on the situation??"

Singing: When you're a Tet' you're a Tet' all the way...

For the last time, we've never heard of this so-called 'Super Stacker.'

What do you mean, "you haven't heard of us?"

"You roll in and think we'll just trust you? What's your angle?"

"Maybe if you rotated left once you could fit in"

"Mark my words: You will never be allowed to Perfect Balance."

"Get lost! We already have an O-Block."

"So what if the O-Block doesn't look like an O? You still won't fit in."

"So, Brick Breaker ball, you're not so threatening without your paddle."

"It's him boys, just like the purple triangle told us!"

"We don't like your kind aROUND here."

"I'd say it's high time these bricks broke you."

"Look, man, stop hanging aROUND here and go home."

"For the last time, Pac, your game isn't haunted!"

"We told you already you can't play with us, you just dont fit in"

How many times do we have to tell you, you're in Tetris! You're looking for Bubble Shooter!

"This is the last time we break into Pac-land!"

"Sorry, we're not interested in joining the Great Round Order."

"We don't eat round chocolates."

"You never hear about what happens to us Pong paddles do you? It's called Tetris."

"Not so fast on a 'level' playing field, are you?"

"Why aren't you in uniform Bill? The games about to start."

"Sure we'll give you a chance, but we draw a hard line around here."

"Listen Fushigi, we too were popular once and, it doesnt last forever"

"So. We hear you "Bejeweled" types are trying to move in on our turf."

"When I said we dropped that ball here, I meant figuratively..."

"Just because we all have different shapes, it doesn't mean we wouldn't notice you're from a different game."

"Alright, young block. If you really want to join us, you'll have to pass a trial. Be prepared, as you'll come back VERY different."

"What a horribly misshapen block you are!"

"Thanks to your brick-breaking business, this is the only game we can work for."

"Now that my fellow blocks are here, can you repeat what you said about Tetris being outdated?"

I don't care if you are afraid of heights, You need to be on top if we are to assemble into the mighty JIGman.

"I don't think it's a good idea to make a cameo appearance in the middle of our game."

"Hey Pong, we classical games need to stick together against the rise of wireless, 3D, high-definition and interactive video games."

"Agent Ball, here is your mission: You're a bug implanted by the programmers to prevent anyone from ever beating the Tetris world record currently held by the CEO's son."

"Let me get this straight... You think you'd be an asset to our team because you really know how to "fit in"?"

What part of "undercover sting operation" did you not understand?

We'll settle this the old fashioned way: Tetris!

"Buddy... people who don't get in line tend to disappear... And also those who do."

"Yeah, well at least I'm not adopted."

"I think we've found the American spy, boys."

"Son... it's time to talk about the phase you're going through."

"Seriously...if you need us to get out of your way, just ask. There's no need to keep rearranging us."

If you're going to be such a pill about not fitting in, Dr. Mario is three doors down.

I knew it boys. I could smell that pong from blocks away

Looks like somebody's in the wrong corner of town, boys!

So, I heah you got beef wit' my cousin. Guy by de name of Pong Paddle.

"Get bent!"

"You the new kid round the block?"

"Look like someone just lost his marbles playing at Tetris."

"In Soviet Russia, Blocks break YOU!"

"We have ways of making you talk... Get the paddles."

If you want to play Tetris with us, you have to stop going out for meals with Pacman!

"Beat it. We wouldn't have you on the scoreboard."

since you're around, everyone is calling us 'square'

"Try to escape THIS room."

"The Tetris Company is trying to break into the bubble gum market."

"We're promotional Tetris bubble gums."

"We'll star in the next Toy Story movie."

"We already told you: it's not racism, it's geometry!"

Who are you supposed to be?

look, boy, this is tetris not Arkanoids.

What did you just call me? A square???

You've fallen the WROOOONG tunnel, boy!

No, it's "Be there and be square."

We don't take kindly to cutting corners around here.

"Hey fellas, check out this new guy here. Says he wants some Tetris action. What do you say, should we straighten up him a bit?"

"Look, in order to be one of us you gotta straighten up a bit. We'll help him with that, right fellas?"

...For the last time, just because we're takin' a nap, it doesn't mean you and your ghost buddies can just make a maze out of us!

(Optional continuation: We're not your personal friggin' legos!)

We didn't like what we saw over in breakout, pal.

"Watcha doin' now you aren't in you're "deep forest" anymore, ball?"

So, we match three of you guys and you all disappear? We know a FAD when we see it!

We don't roll on Shabbos!

Bob,'re trying too hard.

Get lost, kid. We don't need any Level 1 roundies here.

"Spit out that jawbreaker, or we'll have to play Facebreakers!" (Reference to 'Facebreakers', a boxing game)

(this is not an entry)

id like to see someone think of some good ones that have to do with "spin offs" as the circle can spin off a flat surface. plus: a circle in tetris would be a "spin off". just a suggestion.

Seriously? We'll never clear a line at this rate!


And so the circle was reformed into a more "fitting" shape.

"Our game, 3:00. Be there and be square!"

"Pong, Puzzle Bubble, Breakout, Pinball, Zuma, Peggle, Amorphous+, Pacman,... How come YOU starred in so many cool games and WE got stuck with Tetris?"

Hmmm...Super Stacker? Never heard of it.


"If you manage to reach the other end of the board, you will be promoted and become one of us."

"You better not be the one who keeps pushing our friends into that hole."

"Every single one of our bungee cords broke! We demand a refund!"

This ain't your casual gamer's average political cartoon, bub!

Break him, boys.

Six shapes...more than enough to obstruct any ball that moves.

"They've had enough of FIFA now! And I thought Mario was boring"

"For the last time, no, we don't want to play
'Find Dr. Cliché' - if you can't stop moaning about it, you're more than welcome to find him without us."

"So you got kicked out by Feisty Enterprises and thought this would be the next logical step in your career??"

When they said there was an Easter egg in this level, I wasn't expecting this!

"Again, you did not have power pellets for breakfast and my name is not Blinky - so for the love of Pete, will you stop chasing me around trying to bite me?!"

I honestly trust this whole "new generation" of gaming.

Hasn't anyone ever told you you're out of shape?

"I don't care whose fault it is; when you get back there, you can tell 'em to watch where they aim that Cosmic Cannon."

"...and you expect us to believe there's a factory 'round here where you'll find employment wearing a hardhat and sunglasses while flowers sprout from your chin?!"

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