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ArtbegottiThis week You Are Games features a giant challenge. Need I say more?

Yes? Okay then. As you've probably noticed, our good friend James Francis lends his artistic talents to us in the form of his Babylon Sticks comics. Every once in a while, he offers us a sketch to use, but leaves the caption for the readers' imaginations. Here's your chance to show off your punchline prowess and show us the hilarity you've come up with.

bs-contest-thevisitor.jpgNow, feast your eyes on the giant comic for you to caption. (Giant. Geddit?) What's the funniest punchline you can come up with to go along with the picture? Let us know! Post your caption ideas in the comments box below using your Casual Gameplay account (we'll use the email address attached to your account to contact you if you win). If you tickle our funny bone and come up with the best caption, it will be featured in next week's Babylon Sticks, and you'll receive a nice prize for your troubles!

Multiple entries are allowed, but remember that we love to see your captions stick to a gaming theme. Also, since this is an all-ages site, keep your entries clean and profanity-free. Plus:

  • All entries submitted to this contest become the property of Casual Gameplay.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age or older to enter.
  • Void where prohibited.

All entries are due by Monday, January 17th at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00). That's not a giant amount of time, so hop to it!


Dude, I think that extreme reality expansion pack for that RPG just got here!

Did you grow mushrooms in the garden again?

Do your World of Warcraft skills translate to real life?

No, I got him. He's only lvl 6

And Bob looked out in awe as his skills as web Troll manifested before his very eyes...

"Dude, I totally scored a hot date with NauGHtyCuTiExxx tonight! She should be here any minute now..."

"Matt, just hit the BAN button Trolls like this just piss people off."

"What!?! Damn it dude I told you to stay away from the forum posts!"

"He says his name is Throg, and he wants you to say that thing you said about his sister again."

"Remember when that discussion we had about 'karma'?"

"Hold... yeah, I know, buff, but just hold on a minute, my roommate's yelling something about a giant tank. No, I'm pretty sure he said 'Ogre', dude."

"Your mom's here."

"He said something about 'atoning for your sins' and says if you don't stop playing Final Fantasy Fourteen and start playing Final Fantasy he'll kill us both. Or just you, I can't understand his accent."

"He sees you trollin', he hatin', 'cause it's all too apparent you're just pale and flabby. I've heard worse parodies of parodies."

"He said his name is Throg, you killed his father, prepare to die."

"Hey, Dad! I'm going to go clubbin'!"


"I thought 'LFG' meant 'Looking for Group'."

Crap; no edit button. "Remember when we had that discussion about 'karma'?"

"I think you better click on him until he falls down and vanishes."


"I think you should defend this castle first."

You know... Like in "Defend Your Castle"...

"Now I understand why 'Jack and the Beanstalk X' was rated M18"

It's for you...

"I still think he won't help much with your escape game."

Remember that kid you yelled at in World of Warcraft last night? I don't think he was using voice masking.

"Why couldn't Popcap have made Plants versus Giants?"

I told you camping this guy's respawn points was a bad idea, Brian.

Edit: "THAT'S why Popcap didn't make it Plants versus Giants!"

I said summon the elf queen, but nooo...

"Those games are too violent. You should really go play outside!"

No we're all out of Bracers of Endurance +4... Could I interest you in a Potion of Beauty or perhaps some MegaDeodorant?

"Hold on ... try the mute button again ... that one made his mouth disappear!"

Dude, what did I say about feeding trolls again?

"Didn't I ask you to park him in the garage yesterday? You know he can't stand the sun."

"Hey, do we have one more slot open for the raid?"

"I am calling troll on this. Reported!"

"Oh yeah, A GIANT'S behind me, yeah, I TOTALLY believe you." *turns around*

"I told you not to bait the trolls."

"THAT's your award for completing all the achievements in 'Achievement Unlocked 2'?!"

"I'm not surprised that he holds the world record on 'Flight'; think about his throwing strength!"

Hey! BFG is asking if you have better clubs and non rippable shirts.

"He says he'd like a turn."

"The sound isn't working because we forgot to put the mouth in!"

Hey Bill! Didn't the forecast only say 10% chance of cloudiness?

"honey, he says he's selling home insurance."

There's a troll here to talk to you. Apparently your incessant raids on his cave are really starting to annoy him and he wants his gold back.

"Just ignore the troll. It'll get bored and leave."

"I found a way to make our trip to the supermarket more action-packed."

"Okay, now I know I've played too much World of Warcraft."

"Oh come on, it's more fun to play outside."

"Steve, we have another graphic glitch: that's supposed to be a dwarf!"

It's not so much a question of how he got out, but rather how he's going to get back in.

"Somehow I don't think it matters how quickly Trogdor is loading, he still won't be much help in this instance..."

"He says he wants to trade with you. Got any club upgrades?"

"See? Even the enemies from WoW are tired of you playing it."

"Jay's here... He appears to be a LOT of games!"

"You ordered the wrong BFG, but I think we can still win at Doom."

"Dude, I TOLD you not to play Pillage Your Village!"

"Mom and Dad were wrong... fresh air and exercise are overrated."

"He says he's got a message from the other guilds."

"Don't screw up my player while I'm gone! I'm a level 99 on there, capable of crushing anyone..."

"He says he doesn't NEED a password to enter!"

"Uh, I think you're about to become an expert at room escape..."


"Uh, I hope you're good at room escape games..."

Hey Frank, this guy wants to talk to you! I think it's about the way you treated his sixteen collossal friends or something!

"No need to check Jayisgames! I can just walkthrough his legs."

Hey John , I think that newest edition of

firewall you just installed was a little bit

to strong for your computer

"Hey, you've played Shadow of the Colossus, right?"


"Okay, we need a strategy. Leeroy, please don't ruin it this time."

"Where's Link when you need him?"

"It sucks to be a human. Is it too late to become an elf instead?"

"What do you mean you can't find the final boss? He's right out here!"

"Hey, the scale model that comes with your pre-order just arrived."

Beans? Uh, no, we grow corn.

Are you sure this game starts at level 1?

"No..nevermind, Stan. I think the Mod muted him."

"Great. A room escape with a twist ending..."

"Hey! I escaped your room, so it better just be a garden gnome!"

"Quick, grab the English-Orcish/Orcish-English dictionary!"

"Dude, I'm telling you, i swear i'm being followed."


"Dude, the chances of me giving you a million pounds are the same as the chances of a gaint ogre with a club falling out the sky---DAMN!"

"Dude, this is what happens when you use a walkthrough...i did warn you."

You really shouldn't troll, you never know what might happen...

"Umm Steve? You'd better level up fast..."

"I think that boss you were fighting got tired of waiting for you to take your turn."

No one will care about you looting Red Giant Castle, huh?

"John's back from trolling again."

Oh, I really like the Leeroy one.

"Maybe we shouldn't have worked so hard on escaping the room..."

Famous last words: "See! I told you we could find that hotspot on the door with TAB!"

"I don't know let me ask. Hey Dave! You haven't smelled the blood of an Englishman around here have you?"

You sure maxed out the aerator for Grow Lawn!

"I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream". Yeah, I remember that old game. Why do you ask?

"I told you not to feed the trolls"

"Well that latest app was just a giant waste of time."

"If you had listened to me in the first place, we wouldn't be in such a giant mess right now."

"i thought you said moving to the starting village would be safe..."

"you remember that one troll you banned..."

A little to the right!

Huh, I think the thirst guest of your IRL is here ...

Wow, I guess that, "Ban Hammer" is real.

How big did you say the new World of Warcraft upload was?

"Did you just ask someone to summon a War-Troll? Well, it's summoned."

Hey, that treasure you just collected... did it say anywhere who it belonged to?

Don't worry, the trolls on 4chan are much scarier than this guy.

Well, on the plus side, I think I figured out why the game server went down!

"You know, that so-called 'professional gamer'? Hyphen-equal-sign-hyphen-bracket-P-R-O-bracket-I-eat-noobs-hyphen-equal-sign-hyphen? Remember his bad spelling? Nah, me neither."

"Whaaat? He's too GENERIC? Come on, man! You're trying to make a mediocre MMORPG that people will abandon six months from now, and this brute may be our key to achieving that!"

Just ignore him. He's obviously a Troll. They've never hurt anyone.

"I told you that hacking that Virtual Reality company was a bad idea!"

"I told you Jay would get you if you said his reviews were terrible!"

"Tower Defense ace my butt! This guy's power level is STILL over 9000 after he went through your 'unbeatable walk of death'!"

"Quick! Report as spam!"

"Honey? Could you call the police? There's a giant with a spiked club outside and it's making me uncomfortable."

"Umm, I think I'm gonna need a cheat code for this one!"

"Hey, uh, the tech specialist's here!"

"Told you you should stop raiding random people's houses. He's not happy about you looking through his wife's drawers."

"When you said that you were being trolled on there, just what exactly did you mean?"

"You're -sure- there's no rules in Warhammer against models this big?"

Hey dude, he says that you've been trolling on that new realistic MMORPG and he's come to realistically ban you.

"Remember that ogre you called a dwarf because of his height?"

"Hey, Bro? I think you got another commenter on your blog!"

"What do you mean what is he doing here? He says he's here for the tournament. And no I'm not sending this one away, I still have bruises from the troll that came last week, you do it."

No he's not sleeping on my bed. I don't care that yours still stinks from the last one, he's your guest.

"Check to see if our insurance covers giant attacks"

"Hey Josh,get out here. We got another boss fight."

"No you silly woman, I said you should order a giant Loaf"

"No you silly woman, I said you should order a giant Loaf"

Umm, dear? When you joined that Bruce Banner club, did you read the fine print?

Someone from Blizzard wants to know why you deleted your World of Warcraft account!

We don't happen to have an invincibility star and a horse lying around somewhere do we?

Dude, you remember that game you started un-installing last week called "Virtual Reality Trolls"? Well, you should finish...quick!

"The Limited Edition D&D Mega Troll Figurine you ordered is here" or
"I TOLD you that the "Literal Land of the Giants" line of D&D figurines was serious!" (That could be changed a little) or "You should have considered that "World Of Warcraft is Real" article we saw yesterday before calling that River Troll a weakling." or "Are you playing World Of Warcraft on the 3D TV again?!" or "Yeah, I REALLY think you should stop using that World Of Warcraft dating site."/Um, by any chance did you sign up for that World Of Warcraft Blind Dating site?" (The "Blind" part can be excluded) (artbegotti: Any of these, if picked as the winner, could be modified, if desired)I might post more later!

"No, it's just some troll"

"Honeeeey! Your Boss wants to talk to you!"

"Ok, so WHO aggro'ed?!?"

"Are you useing the realistic game-to-reality
thingumummy again?"

"Says he's Thor and he's mad at us."

"Wow, good job Ace. I KNEW someday something bad would happen to or within WoW.

"Did you order a Korblocks Giant to fight against in Wow?"

"Ok non-applicable decriptions to fit this. . . Thingumummy from WoW?"

"THIS is what happens when you buy the modified version of kinect to play WoW!"

"And on the club was written- 'All right, you made your point, I'm sorry I killed all your relatives and your girlfriend! Now can I please have my mouth back?'
But the man answered, "That guy in the kitchen? He's cooking your mouth. Fried troll mouth, ahoy!"
So the giant destroyed the house and took back his mouth. Now isn't that a much better explanation of why he has a burnt mouth?"

"Dear God Mom, I ordered a Giant Spike Clube shirt, not a Giant with a Spiked Club!"

Ugh it won't let me edit... in the second one the "e" in "clube" was accidental!

"I told you that pirated VR consoles aren't reliable!"

(VR stands for Virtual Reality)

"Hey, does Super Scribblenauts have a Virtual Reality pack? It would help right now!"

"Are you SURE that you aren't playing Super Scribblenauts???"

"Hey, does your Ranger Styler work on non-pokemon creatures too?"

Edit: "Hey, does your Ranger Styler work on creatures other than Pokemon?"

"Hey, he says that he wants to transfer to another one of your games. Being stuck in a cave for the first 26 levels of a game can get quite boring."

"Your call, he wants to file a complaint to the moderator.

"He says he came to tell you what he thinks of what you did to his girlfriend."

"Janice says she wants you to quit playing video games and come to the book club with her."

Stay inside for now, Josh. There's some troll camping our base.

Hey, there's a guy out here who wants to know how u min 4 fish.

"Man, internet trolls are really starting to get serious!"

Fee Fi Fo Fum
I smell the blood of...virtual aliens and zombies.

"Hey, he says he wants a match with Ben 10."

-Dad says he doesn't pillage villages all day long just so you can review games on Jayisgames.

-Mom says if you keep playing internet games you'll never grow up big and strong like her.

I think your rage quitting has just catch up with you...

"I TOLD you that you would need a Kob Cannon more than the Gatling Pea!"

Edit: "I TOLD you that you should have bought the Kob Cannon instead of the Gatling Pea!

"Really, I did tell you it was a bad idea to buy a VR version of Spore."

"But the third little pig made his house of stone. He could not huff and puff hard enough to blow that house down."

Now let us sing together: Who is afraid of the big bad Troll ...

"Wow! You're right! The 3DS is really amazing!" "Um, I think thats a REAL GIANT."

"Hey, pass me your portal gun. I need it to deal with this giant."

"I told you that Smurf's Village was a better game choice than Giant's Village!"

"You're SURE that we have infinite health on this boss fight?"

"Popcap turned Dr. Zomboss into THIS?!"

"Time to leave Reach and come back to Earth!"

"JIG says that you can instantly win if you hit his belt 3 times instead of actually defeating him!"

"JIG's closed today? We're doomed!"

"JIG doesn't have a walkthrough for this yet? We're doomed!"

Edit: "JIG doesn't have a walkthrough for this yet? That could be a problem..."

He says he's here to meet "The Boss of the Internet" ?

Apparently there's an unspoken limit to the number of times you can call someone a "noob" and get away with it.

No, he's not FBI, but he IS here to talk about your pirated games...

Uh, I don't think you'll be able to beat this one in just one sitting.

Hey doug... how much gold do you have in your bank account?

He doesn't seem to understand what a "pause button" is.

Sure, OgreSlayr34 is here. Come on in!


Sure, GiantOwnr6113 is here. Come on in!

-Either your new game has killer graphics or there's a *tiny* bug on the boss level...

-A Jack In The Beanstalk MMORPG?! Are you serious?

-Press the Escape key...VERY carefully

-I think you might want to save your game RIGHT NOW.

-That "Golden Goose" you picked up last night IS a computer game, right?

-Don't look at me, it's YOUR avatar.

-Trust me, that's not the reason you can't sign into World of Warcraft.

-Soooo...does this mean you won or lost?

-Let me guess. Another "foolproof strategy"?

-Is there something I should know about last night's World of Warcraft session?

"No, really Maureen, I think we should SERIOUSLY think about buying this double glazing."

Hey, Josh! I think you forgot to renew your WOW account.

"Hey Joe, some guy at the door named Billy said you killed his brother or something."

-Oh come on, an RPG in a word processor? Next you'll be telling me there's a flight simulator in your spreadsheet.

-I'm not sure you fully understand the concept of "killer graphics".

-Awesome graphics. Gameplay needs a little tweaking, though.

-Remember that "giant easter egg" you said didn't work?

-Nope, there's definitely a bug in the magic beans.

Dude, I was just about to beat the 12th giant when you can here and made me die!

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