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JamesPush and PullLove is like a gravitationally void room, filled with spinning razor disks. Being in love is like being an astronaut, charged with crossing such rooms. Having your heart broken... well, it's also really the same thing, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that Push and Pull is also a metaphor for the first date, first argument and when your tax audit arrives.

Push and Pull, from Alexander Shen, is a very interesting take on... well, I am not entirely sure what that would be. It incorporates a lot of the hallmarks of a gravity game, but with a good dose of pattern-solving stirred in. Every level is a room, with your astronaut on the one side and the exit temptingly placed at the opposite end. Standing in the way of such release are razor-sharp spinning blades, either happily rotating in one spot or moving along invisible tracks at varying speeds. When you tap [space], your astronaut pushes forward into the room and towards the exit - the obvious goal is to have him reach that without smacking into one of the blades.

Push and PullBy manipulating lights at the bottom of the room, you can change the gravitational character of the vertical span above a light. Blue pushes the astronaut up, Red brings him down. Green and Yellow accelerate and slow down respectively, while Purple inverts the effects of the previous two colors. The rest is simple: find the pattern of colors that will guide the astronaut through the gauntlet and onto the exit. It's a process of trial-and-error that is surprisingly calming and definitely not something that will have you claw at your keyboard.

Okay, it has a little frustration in store for you, but this goes away once you understand how important timing is. Hitting [space] a second time will instantly restart the astronaut's run, so finding the right time to launch is often just a matter of tapping a few times until you get it right. Discovering the pattern is a bit more involved, but Push and Pull never establishes a tug-o-war of wits and lateral thinking.

So, what's love got to do with it? Push and Pull is about a guy trying to find his love (then finds her and has to deal with the aftermath). Strung along with a melodramatic soundtrack that borders on the melancholy, it works very well. It's just... space is a strange place to be when you are looking for your lost love. What the game does and why it exists are two very different things. But the story is non-intrusive and at times quite endearing.

Yet Push and Pull doesn't rise to its full glory. What you have here is a great game; a very short great game. It takes roughly an hour to crack all the sequences – that might seem like a lot, but it hardly scratches the surface of what this game can do with the bag of tricks it has in hand. But it's well worth firing up this love-story-meets-Event Horizon and completing it. If the developers release a lot more levels with some advanced challenges, it will be a big hit.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Push And Pull Walkthrough

Note: Many puzzles require the correct timing - sometimes just random luck. Several of the solutions in this walkthrough will get you killed time and time again. But they do work.
Level 1

Just go straight

Level 2


Level 3

Level 4


Level 5

Green; Yellow; Green

Level 6

Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue

Level 7

Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Blue; Clear; Clear; Clear; Red; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear;

Level 8

Red; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Blue; Clear;

Level 9

Blue; Blue; Clear; Clear; Red; Yellow; Red; Clear; Blue; Clear (up to end);

Level 10

Green (all lights);

Level 11

Red; Blocked; Clear; Clear; Blue; Blue; Green; Red; Clear(up to end);

Level 11 (alternative)

There appears to be two different levels for 11.
Purple; Blocked (blue); Clear; Clear; Red; Red; Green; Red; Green (up to end)

Level 12

Red; Red; Red; Red; Clear; Clear; Green; Green; Clear; Clear; Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue;

Level 13

Green; Blue; Blue; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Clear; Clear; Clear; Red; Red;

Level 14

Blue; Clear; Blocked (blue); Clear; Blocked (yellow); Green; Blocked (red); Red; Clear; Blocked (purple); Blocked (green); Blocked (blue); Red; Green;

Level 15

Green; Green; Blue; Yellow; Green; Blue; Green; Green; Blue; Green; Clear; Clear; Red; Red;

Level 16

Green; Blocked; Green; Blocked; Clear; Green; Blocked; Blocked; Yellow; Green; Blocked; Green; Blocked; Green;

Level 17

Red; Red; Blue; Blocked; Blue; Red; Blocked; Blocked; Blue; Clear; Blocked; Red; Blocked; Blue;

Level 18

Red; Green; Green; Blocked; Green; Blue; Blocked; Blocked; Red; Green; Blocked; Blue; Blocked; Green;

Level 19

Green; Green; Red; Red; Red; Red; Yellow; Clear; Clear; Green; Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue;

Level 20

Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Yellow; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green;

Level 21

Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Green; Blue; Blue; Green; Green; Red; Green; Green; Red;

Level 22

Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue; Blue; Clear; Clear; Clear; Clear; Red; Red; Red; Red; Red;

Level 23

Just find the right time to launch.

Level 24

Green (all);

Level 25



I can't get past stage 10

The one with the circling blades.

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Bard, for level 10 you can

turn all power blocks to green to speed through safely

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Fried Taters13 Author Profile Page December 23, 2010 8:07 PM

For some reason, I can't get my little astronaut to go down far enough to get past Level 9's

first set of vertical blades

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Game does not work on OS X (10.6) with Safari 5. Pushing spacebar does not launch the astronaut, or in fact do anything. Clicking the astronaut is all that works, and not even then. I try to complete the first level by clicking and waiting. The astronaut reaches the exit, but the apparently slams into the wall and turns into a ball of flame. I can't restart the level, because there's no astronaut to click, and the quit button refuses to respond. My only choice is to reload the page and try again.

I also tried to start out on the epilogue, thinking that maybe it was just the first level that was bugged. Something even more odd happened, though: the astronaut flies forward, hits a sawblade-thing, and bursts into flames. But he KEEPS GOING, completely un-phased, and hits more and more sawblades, until slamming into the exit and flying off of the screen. Then, I have to reload the page.

I feel like this could be a good game. I really do. I just wish I could play it.

[I'm running Mac OS 10.6.5 with Safari 5.0.3 with Flash Player 10.1 r102 and pressing space works as it should. Try updating your Flash Player and disable any browser extensions you may have installed that could be conflicting with Flash. -Jay]

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This is super hard from about level 15 onward.

Currently stuck on 18.

For the last few levels, even with (what turns out to be) a correct laser configuration, there's a massive amount of trial and error getting the timing right.

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Interesting game. I like the concept, the music is nice, and overall it is presented really well. It feels unfinished, but maybe that's just because I haven't finished the game yet. I'm stuck on level 18. Though, I can get to the middle, but not past, with the pattern

green, green, green, red, blue

and the right timing.

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