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joyeFlightless DragonsQuiet please. If you'll look this way, you should be able to see the Flightless Dragons, Draco nonvolo, in their native puzzle habitat. Note how they are unable to reach the gems down there in the corner. Yes, I know they are staring at us with large, beseeching eyes, but it is simply not ethical to interfere with the ways of physics. Look, if you can't handle this, I really shall begin to doubt if you're the right person for me to take with me on my Orcas Eating Baby Seals documentary film expedition.

You may want to click on the environment, allowing the little dragons to roll around. But let me tell you a bit more about them first.

Now, the three kinds of flightless dragon are the "round blue" variety, the "square red" variety, and the "narrow green" variety. The round blue variety is a chubby little chap who will roll away at the slightest provocation. They seem to experience some kind of dire reaction to green terrain. On the other hand, they seem to cancel out red terrain. The red square fellow can't roll at all, poor little sausage, but he can be pushed around by other objects. Blue terrain makes him vanish in a puff of smoke. He is able to burn up green terrain easily though. Beginning to detect a pattern? Why would you say that? Who's the expert here?

Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was about to say that the last dragon, the narrow green, will be burned alive by red terrain, and will destroy blue terrain without so much as a by your leave. He's also quite the slider.

Whatever their colour, their one desire in existence is to roll around in those little heaps of treasure, yet these twenty levels—we believe they may be created by an as yet unstudied creature called a "RoseDragon", but she might be a myth—keep them from attaining their desire, forlornly and cutely blowing bubble pipes or growing flowers from their heads as soothing music pipes overhead. Ah, nature, red in tooth and—

HEY! Stop! Come back! No clicking! No planning to use the least number of clicks possible! No careful feats of timing in certain levels to allow different kinds of dragons to reach safety through treacherous terrain! And no cuddling! DEFINITELY NO CUDDLING!

Oh that is it. I'm hiring Jenkins to take with me on the Baby Animals Nudging Their Dead Mothers and Then Slowly Dying of Heartbreak and Dehydration trip. I say good day to you sir.

I said good day sir.

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I signed up for an account purely so that I could laud you as you deserve, Joye.

This is the first game review that has made me laugh literally aloud, to the point where I have frightened the small animals living with me in my bedroom.

Good day to you as well, sir.

[Edited your comment to give proper credit to joye. It's VERY well deserved! :) Don't worry, happens to the best of us. Thanks. -Dora.]

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The game won't confirm that lvl 1 has been completed in the latest version of opera.

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JOYE! JOYE! NOT DORA! This is what I get for trying to compliment people!


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Asfghn, no worries. :D Your comment has been fixed.

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MmeTurbulence Author Profile Page September 21, 2010 9:35 AM

I was enjoying this game until level 20.

I can see exactly how the solution *should* work, and the video walkthrough confirms my strategy. However, after sixteen attempts, all of which failed because of milliseconds worth of timing error, I give up.

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I want to like it, but so far the click detection is really poor for me. I have to click some shapes multiple times in order to clear it. This makes even some of the easier timing levels ridiculously frustrating.

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When I click and remove the first triangle, nothing happens, the dragon stays still. This happens in FF 3.6 and Chrome 6 on Linux (Ubuntu 10.4)

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Great to see a Gene Wilder references here.

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Level 23 is a pain.

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Although I'm terrible at physics games, the great article written by Joye (who doesnt love Willy Wonka + Dragons?) made me try it and the adorable rolly-polly dragons kept me hooked. Great game, even for someone who typically avoids the genre!

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This is a nice, cute game. Any physics game I can finish is probably too easy, but nothing wrong with that. ;-)

And Rosedragon has a definite style -- I guessed this game was hers from the title and the screenshot.

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It made me laugh as well, but no animals.
I like the animations the dragons go through when the level is completed (the green dragon is...creepy...though).

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I have a really strong feeling that this review is so excellent in part because the game may be lacking in its own creativity and that Joye was struggling to make the sale. But, I'll now go check it out. Awesome job. Best review.

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