Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker 2

JohnBPoker. You're either hopelessly addicted to it, or you can't tell a flush from a straight. The word itself conjures up high-stakes games in Vegas, dusty saloon matches between cowboys, and crummy online games played with real money. Fortunately for us, Youda Games has brought back its casual poker-meets-simulation game in the delightfully accessible Governor of Poker 2. No matter if poker scares you or excites you, this game's got something great in store for you.

Governor of Poker 2More than just a simple card game, Governor of Poker 2 strings together a light storyline that gives you an excuse to leave the table and explore the land, spending your cash on buying buildings or at the general store. The governor of Texas has declared poker illegal because it's a game of chance. It's your job to show him it takes skill to win at this game, not luck, sending you on a romp through the state, visiting towns and flaunting your skills in a number of saloons.

The story doesn't matter all that much, though, as you'll be spending most of your time at the table staring at cards. Governor of Poker 2 presents a solid game of Texas Hold 'em against a table of computer-controlled opponents. For the uninitiated, Texas Hold 'em deals each player two cards with a set of community cards in the middle. Anyone and everyone can use these cards to complete hands, making the real strategy of the game watching the other players and trying to determine if they're bluffing or are holding a valuable pair of cards.

Before and after each game, you'll get a chance to wander around each town, talking to townsfolk, visiting stores, and purchasing real estate using your earnings. Each building you buy nets you a certain amount of income each day, allowing you to keep a little cash coming in even if you're unlucky in cards. The meat of the game is in poker tournaments, though, so be sure to enroll (and win!) at the saloon each day of gameplay.

Governor of Poker 2Analysis: Youda Games has a reputation for cranking out simple but well-implemented casual games that are just slightly to the side of the norm. Games such as Youda Safari, Youda Camper, and Youda Farmer utilize a different perspective on seasoned game styles. The result is an experience that's familiar enough to be attractive, but different enough to keep you reeled in.

The Governor of Poker series is no different than other Youda releases in this respect. Even if poker scares you with its intricate rules, this game manages to tear down part of that barrier to allow casual players to come inside and play. A lengthy (and optional) tutorial will introduce you to Texas Hold 'em basics, walking you through each step as many times as you like. You can even peek at a cheat sheet to see the highest value hand you can make, allowing you to learn which cards form which hands.

Of course, the most difficult part of translating Texas Hold 'em to the non-meatspace is getting opponent tells onto the screen. Even though you can't see the faces of people in Governor of Poker 2, players often give clues if they're bluffing, if they're frazzled, or if they're about to be in trouble. You can start to pick up on their personalities after some time, allowing you to call opponents out when you know they have a habit of bluffing. The subtle tells aren't a huge part of the game, but they're there, and poker fans will definitely appreciate it.

Adding the light simulation aspects was a good choice by Youda, taking the game out of the saloon and into the dusty streets of Texas. It breaks the action up at just the right times, creating that more casual atmosphere we love to experience. You can, of course, just play poker (even doing a quick round from the main menu), so don't worry about getting your fix!

Governor of Poker 2 is well-made, highly accessible, and surprisingly addictive for all kinds of players. It doesn't offer a world of difference when compared to the original game, but for poker fans and casual gamers alike, you'll find something to love in this game.

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This game is pretty good. I played the online demo a few days ago.

It's pretty slow but then again, it's a card game, not an action shooter. You can speed it up but anything higher than 2 makes you lose the voices.

The AI is challenging compared to most flash poker games out there. Sometimes I feel like they know what you're holding as bluffing does not work.

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Don't get pulled into a hand with weak pocket cards. Fold immediately! Anything decent, check or call if you're the small blind or player. A good hand, raise.

Don't try to bluff!

Buy property! If you own a lot of property in the beginning round, even if you lose at the coal mine, you'll have more than enough money to try again.

bluffing works, depending on the cards on the table. the risk of someone holding a royal is 2 great to be ignored, you can bluff them all and most if not all will fold.

Hint for the Coalmine

In the coalmine, you get to play against two other players who swap during the game. They play very differently which you can use to your advantage.

The top one plays aggressively and bluffs a lot. The bottom one plays conservatively and doesn't bluff

The AI could use a bit of work. I'm not playing on pro, but still... They raise it by 221 and then I raise it by only 30 more, yet they fold. Out of the 600$ I hustles from the Coalmine, I only had 1 good hand that would have actually beaten them.

I enjoyed the first Governor of Poker, and the second one seems like a fun sequel. I think they have improved the AI a bit. There is one thing I just don't understand though. If the governor of Texas has outlawed poker because it's a game of chance, why is he the most notorious poker player in the state?

So, im a bit of a newbie when it comes to poker but sometimes in this game the pot will split when ive just beat the pants off everyone! What the heck? can someoe explain why they are getting some of the money i just won?

can someone tell me, if you finished all the towns where the train is coming, how to get to the other towns???

"So, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to poker, but sometimes in this game the pot will split when I have just beat the pants off everyone! What the heck? Can someoe explain why they are getting some of the money I just won?"

I think it's because if you win you are given a portion of the total amount that YOU bet.

Example, if you bet all in with 20 chips against someone who went all in with like 700, you could win maybe 50 (I'm not sure how the ratio works)

The split pot:
If you go allin with 20 (because you don't have more) and other players do ahve mroe chips.. and player B will bet 50 and player C will call that 50.

When you win you can only win the amount you betted from each player, so you winnings are your own 20 + 20 from player B + 20 from player C = 60

The pot had 120, so 60 is left.
Then you have to check if B had better cards then player C. If so.. the 60 left is going to B.. or if C has better cards the cash is going to C.. or when they have the same cards(value) they split the pot.. and B and C get 30 each.

You have more complicated ones with mroe split pots:
Player A: Allin with 20
Player B: Allin with 30
Player C: bets up to 50
Player D: Calls the 50

If the best cards are given to A, then B, then C, then D ..the following would happen:

-PlayerA: would get 20 back, 20 form B,C and D = 80;
-playerB: won't get 30 from everyone.. because you have to withdraw the winnings of player A.. so he get's 10 back and 10 from B,C,D = 30.
-playerC:only had 50-30=20 left.. so he get's 20 back and the 20 left of playerD.
-PlayerD get's nothing.

Hope this explains it all.. and hope you all like the game:) .. thanks for the great review!


Any cheats yet?

i own all yellow towns but the guys who will play for a wagon wont play me until i get all yellow towns does any one know how to play them and win the wagon.

So, I own all the houses in Texas and I'm ready to play against the Governor. I didn't like it in GoP1, when winning the Governor meant the end of the game. Is it the same in GoP2? Does winning the governor mean that game ends and I have to start all over again? (like new awards, buying houses again, etc?). If this happens, I'd prefer not to play the Governor and keep competing in tournaments, get all awards etc. What happens after playing the Governor?

The game freezes sometimes when you play a tournament and other players change seats, the only way is leave the table.

Cheat... when you lose the game asap quit and restart the game

i own all the yellow cities, but when i came to person who play for the wagon he says "you need to own all the yellow cities first, then i will play with you for the wagon" wtf?? i have all the yellow cities and coal-mine, i created new profile and owned all yellow cities and again, same problem? so how to fix that? t.y.
sorry for broken english :D

How do you get to the towns not accessible by train?

Same problem, ive got all yellow cities but still cant play for wagon, any idea pls?

Dude... this is poker ... you can't own the town by buying only, you need to be the NOTORIOUS player of that town, all the yellow towns then you can play for wagon.

I own the stage coach, and the riverboat. I have been playing for the wagon in Lubock, i won. But nothing happened. I own all cities along the river and the stage coach. But I cannot reach the cities which have train stations. The orange cities have unlocked, but could not manage to reach them. Any idea, how should I continue the game? What should I do? thanks.

i must be the notorious player in every yellow town and own every yellow town in order to play for the wagon?I've beaten one notorious player in a yellow town and i own all yellow towns, but still i can't play for the wagon...This is so annoying!!!

I'm stuck from Lubbock to Fort Stockton. No way to get to the cities available with railroads. I owned all cities except those with railroads. Anyone, tips for me?

How do I become a notorious player of a town? I'm notorious in Amarillo and am at a 100% reputation in the other yellow towns. However I can't seem to get a notorious reputation in the other towns no matter how many tournaments I win. What do I do next to get to play for the wagon?
P.S. I'm at number 8 on the notorious players list.

hey guys,
I was in a tournament and I busted all my opponents and took all the chips. But I dont want to get off my chair. Its like Iam stuck in there. And even when I tried clicking on "leave table" under the menu, it still didn't work.
Any help with this???

Does anyone know the answer how to reach these cities (signed by question mark):

I'm genius :D

I know how to win a wagon. When you own all yellow cities you have to sell some house in Lubock and buy it again. Then you are owner again and you can play for wagon.

Ps Sorry for my English :)

Does anyone know the answer how to reach these cities (signed by question mark):

you'll have to win transportation to get to those towns, you can win a car when you own all purple city's I think.

my question is:
I got the tournament player silver award after winning a 48 player tournament, to get the golden award you need to win a 120 player tournament.
Does anyone know where I can play a 120 player tourney?

I have bought all possible hats at amarillo and lubbock but still can't play in abilenes, killen, austin, whicita fallsand san angelo (I've owned those cities though). They keep telling that I need to buy color hat. So, how can I unlock the rest of the hat at amarillo's and lubbock's shop? Thanks!!

I own all the houses in Texas and I'm ready to play against the Governor. but it says you are at rank 6 of notorious player when you reach number 2 then come to governor. My question is how to become notorious player of the town any 1 tell me plz

If you own all the yellow cities, the guy who's playing for his wagon has two (2) exclamation marks over his head. You have to change city and rush to him (click the first exclamation mark) before the second one pops out.

Anyone figured out the way to unfreeze the program when a player changes seat in a tournament? It only happens when the player has won the round and leaves the table without collecting the pot. so annoying.

To reach cities 1 won horse, then wagon, carriage and after those you can play car. And with car you can go anywhere. My problem is I am notorius player list 3 and 2 is in waco. Ok I go waco there 1 guy have exclamination mark. He says the guy want to play at his boat or kind of smt click guy exclamination mark on his head or go buy ticket then you can challenege him. It's not making any sense I buy ticket nothing happens? And the guy just saying same -.-. Any help anybody completes this game?

I can't find a 120 person tournament. I've beaten the game but only can get up to an 80 person tournament. Anyone know how to find the 120 person tournament so I can get the gold award?

Iwan, you have to be wearing the hat with the proper color the first time you get to the city, so even if you bought them you will have to return to the hat shop and wear the one you wanna play, I mean, orange hat to orange cities, purple hat to purple cities and so on.

Iwan, you have to be wearing the hat, return to the hat shop, choose the one you wanna use and return to the city.

To all, I've tried everything to play for the wagon so then, after I answered Iwan, I thought the hat color could influence and after change to the yellow and changed cities it was done. Maybe it works for the car on the purple towns.

hey i have won all the cities, nd now m d new governor of texax city.......nd now i dont know how to go further........

pls tell me wat is next .......??
pls reply

Hey avinash, I did it too... after beat all the notorious and conquer Texas you get the option to go to the Main Menu or continue and the game itself says what's next... I guess you can play for a higher score and keep having fun till youda games come with something new... who knows? Congrats...

I am in san angelo and organised a tournament for 8, but i put 0$ for entry, just for fun and now the game is stuck. the players are just looking around! Help me please!!Thnx!

Does anyone know the answer how to reach these cities (signed by question mark):

I have the same doubt as above!!I won train,stagecoach and riverboat. I am at no.6 in notorious players list. player2 has challenged me in longview but how will i get there?? how to travel to arlington, dallas, oilfield, longview etc..???
how to win wagon?? pls explain in detail! thanks!

I'm genius :D

I know how to win a wagon. When you own all yellow cities you have to sell some house in Lubock and buy it again. Then you are owner again and you can play for wagon.

Ps Sorry for my English :)
- stefan

ok here.. i won a wagon.... thank you stefan :)

i have won a wagon and i won coppermine now am on no.5 in notorious players list.. how to win a car to travel to dallas, longview etc..?

You have to play in the right color order: yellow, orange etc. OR: you must wear the right hat with the label color. The hat's color doesn't matter, it's the price label's color you must look at.
This game is very easy when playing a 8 people tourney: just wait for others to eliminate each other and you will place 3rd easily. If only this was that easy in real life...

I have completed the game :) its very easy!! those who need Wagon, after winning all places covered by train go back to Lubbock & sell one house then buy it again, now you can play for wagon.
After wagon, win all the cities that it covers, then come back to Abilene, there you can play for carriage. Then win all cities covered by carriage, then you can play for car in Arlington.
with that you can cover all the places :)
After winning over all the notorious players, you can play against governor. Thats it! its so easy! Happy playing!!:)

Can anynone explain what is Bounty Hunter Tournament? They say you get a $ reward for anyone which will bust.
So, in order to get the reward, will you have to knock a player out personally?

^Yep, you have to knock someone out personally to receive the bounty. It was 333 bucks per knockout when I tried it, I knocked out a bunch of people and that money helped a lot in the rankings. If you knock out 2 people you get double the bounty, if you and someone else knock someone out you split the bounty.

What's cool is that you get the bounty money when the game is over plus whatever chips you may have won. Free money.

People, if you want to play for the car on a purple town, as explained above wear a purple label hat. If you want to play by the wagon, you have to be on a yellow city wearing a yellow label hat.
One trick you all may like is, if you're stuck on a match after a player won a match and left the table without collecting the pot, go to options, slow the speed of the game for its minimum. Exit the game. Restart the game after that and go back, in my case the game continued and I didn't lose the pot and the 'match'.

I own all the buildings but how do I win the stage coach and get higher than number 3 on the notorious list?

Joe, to play for the stagecoach, the train, the boat, you have to wait for the day it leaves, you've gotta have enough money to compete for it when you're traveling with one of those. The tips are always given by the exclamation guys, also pay attention to the color label on your hat.

How do I get the stars and labels? Im playing very well but never get them! I've beaten notorious players and made lots of money but no stars nor labels.

I am no 3 in the notorious list. I own all the cities,but I haven 't beaten Sam Stone (#2), so I can t play vs the governor. Where do I find Sam Stone? Which tournament should I win? Thnx in advance....

Renato, the hat with the labe you can buy on the hat shop, there are some cities with hat shops, like Lubbock and Amarillo I believe. The hat shop has an indication with a hat above the lady on its door.

kostis, did you conquered the oil field, the coalmine, goldmine, etc... you have to win all those places, not just the cities. If you own everything, you will be able to find them, the indication will be above his head with the exclamation but you will be able to check location on the notorious list. If I'm not wrong Sam (Calling Dark) Stone is one of the first, but I can be wrong, just look at all places, if you own all the yellow, purple, orange, green and purple circles you will be challenged.

Also kustis, when I finished the game I owned the riverboat, the stagecoach, the car, the wagon, the train.. I think those are all the transportation vehicles you can win, maybe you're problem can be that.

PLEASE HELP!! I've almost finished the game!! i just have to win the tounament in Dallas, the oiled field, and the governor!! but why cant I buy hats, i only have 5 or six!! how do I get'em??

The version I'm playing has a lot of bugs, maybe some of the things we can't do is because of this bugs.
One thing I didn't do is to get all the prizes availabe on the trophy room and I never tried to win the tournament in El Paso as I was stucked there when I tried. Maybe with the trophy room complete the hats will be unlocked, who knows? But the hats locked mention cities that does not have hat stores, total nonsense to me. I'll keep playing and If I find out something I'll share with you.

Maybe, I dont know cuz they say for example, win stars in the yellow ring... I have all (2) yellow stars, also the purple, green, orange...

Well, you gave me one idea... I'll try to check it out but I just started all over again.

GAME FREEZE, if you find it crashing because a player leaves table without chips (highly annoying in a 48 player game with 3 left lol) just whack the speed up to max and exit game, DO NOT LEAVE TABLE, then go back chips should fly to winner before he has the chance to bugger off :)

How do I get the other 1/2 of the purple star?

I can only travel between WF, FS, SA FW by stage coach.

Birdieman, did you try to wear the purple hat on the purple cities? Besides that, it seems your problem can be solved by traveling with the river boat, on a purple town you can play for the car and go to all other cities. Don't forget to play for the train and the wagon, you must own evertyhing.

Does anyone know exactly how to become notorious in a town??? I've finished the game beat all the notorious players and the governor but I'm only notorious in a few random towns. I'd like to know how it is done. TY.

Hey everyone,
Need help, I'm notorious player number 3, the governor is waiting for me in Dallas but i can't find notorious number 2, Naomi (the alligator) Williams. I own all cities (100% notorious), all transportations and mines, I have the best hat, I visited again and again all cities and played hundreds of tournaments to find Naomi but still no one with an exclamation mark to tell me that Naomi is waiting for me.

Arnaud, did you check the trophy room? Maybe you can find out there something that's missing. Good luck.

i also am wondering where there is a 120 player tournament in the game ?I have beaten the governor but that doesn't change anything. Can anyone advise ?

can some one give me the notorious player list location thx..

You have to take one step at a time, it won't help having the list if you're not challenged. Get the properties, the mines and transportations and you'll know where they are. It seems if you skip the wagon or some simpler transportation you'll be stucked at some of the first notorious since you won't need it anymore once you get the car. The game has some bugs, as the 120 player tournament, it seems you have to do something after conquered Texas, need to check it out.

Did anyone complete some of the items on the trophy room as 20 1st place on tournaments, 20 1st tight player awards?

can someone please help me?

I'm stuck in the tournament of el paso. i got busted but cant exit the room. theres no infotext, nothing. i can watch the whole tournament till it ends. then it just stands still. when i leave the game and join again, then the round i lost ends again, i'm losin again...and so on. if i click on leave table nothing happens.

how can i get out of there??? i dont want to start again!!! HELP!!!

The gold trophy is for who gets to beat 120/150 tournament players, not in the same tournament. Check the progress bar and you'll know how far you are to acomplish. Thing is, if you play tight is hard to get there.

so are there not any particular tournaments that have 120 players in one? What I getting at is that is there no such thing? That if I play in the tournaments with 40 people then that is a game I must play 3 or more times to beat 120 players the fastest... is that right?

I noticed some people have talked about owning the riverboat...I've beaten the governor, and I own the car, the stagecoach, and the railroad, but riverboat? I don't see a riverboat, only the riverboat stations. Help?

There is a huge BUG on this Governor of Poker 2, when in a tournament of more than one table, the game freezes anytime a player that is next to the dealer wins the hand and it gets moved to a different table(they leave without taking the pot and it just hangs there).

Also what Pinky said on octouber 6 is true, you need to sell a house, get out of the town and come back, then buy the house you sold and then go straight to the guy that is playing for the wagon), one more bug.

There is a way I figured to avoid loosing the torunament when one of the players I mentioned wins and make the game hang, if you close asap the application, you can get back in and figure out anyway to make him fold, I usually just go ALL IN and it works most of the time cuz they fold.
BTW. Thank You Pinky :D

Recently organized a tournament in Fort Stockton;
I won the tournament, but lost all the houses I owned (I owned them all.)

"Congratulations you have won $.xx"
"You have lost 19 houses"

It wasn't a CASH game and there was no way to bet the houses, I just had them taken from me.

Like I said, it was a tournament that I organized. Does that make a difference in the stakes, even when you win? I could see them taking your stuff if you lost, but...??

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it part of the game story?

For those with the issue of the player next to the dealer winning and leaving, or not being able to get the wagon. I had the same issues when playing with a cracked version of the game. When I paid for the game and downloaded a clean version, I no longer had those issues. So, either there was a bug in a earlier version and that was the one that was cracked, or the crack process introduced the bug. See if Youda games has an updated version, or if you are playing the cracked version, try paying for a real copy.

Here's another one....registered, purchased version...

This is a case of the game not knowing that an Ace is also low?
Or maybe the low end flush with an ace messed it's brain up.

Look at the "Last Result" at the bottom of the pic.

Straight flush lost to a lower flush.

Looove the game though.

I am in san angelo and organised a tournament for 8, but i put 0$ for entry, just for fun and now the game is stuck. the players are just looking around! Help me please!!Thnx!
Posted by: JIGuest | September 30, 2010 5:04 AM

- was this problem resolved? i'm also having this problem now. er, help anyone? thanks

Hey, I have a problem with buying hats... some of them are not available even if I go to the city where they suppose to be available. I own all the yellow and orange cities and also two purple cities, and I'm on the 9th place on the notorious players list so I can't see what the problem is.

Can anyone help pls?? Thanks

guys please does anybody know how i can save my progress in the game and when i want to play again load it?

[The game should save automatically. If it does not, you may need administrator privileges on your computer. Check out our support page for some help with this. -Jay]

Hello ,
I want to ask a question:
I have bought every city but there are cities to which there is no route.
How do you reach it ?

Kostova, you have to get a trasportation that will get you there like the car. You can get the car on a purple town. It's importante to own the wagon on the yellow cities too. Good luck.

To reach cities 1 won horse, then wagon, carriage and after those you can play car. And with car you can go anywhere. My problem is I am notorius player list 3 and 2 is in waco. Ok I go waco there 1 guy have exclamination mark. He says the guy want to play at his boat or kind of smt click guy exclamination mark on his head or go buy ticket then you can challenege him. It's not making any sense I buy ticket nothing happens? And the guy just saying same -.-. Any help anybody completes this game?

I have a problem, i lost a game and left the table,ut game still goes on and it never ends, if it ends the last player doesn't leave the table.
What to do? Please help me ;/

i'm Came From INDONESIA

I am also very happy with this game.
This is a picture of my game:

But My problem is not know where the notorius player list that should be the opponent to become No. 1 player.
Please tell me where the five kings who had the opponent.
see picture :

Contact my facebook :

To waliullah, the Governor for example is on Dallas but you still have to be challenged, i.e., you have to win all transportations, cities, fields, parks, etc to be challegend by him. Others will challenge according to your progress.

To bn, I think the problem may be the amount of money you have, maybe it's not enough or you didn't buy the cities required for the boat, if it's not that try to play another version, it's really weird.

To odinlt, if this game is on El Paso, I would give up and create a new player. I did that once and on the version I play is really a bug, maybe with the purchased version that won't help.

Now I see, waliullah... you conquered all cities in 2 days? Sorry, but I don't believe you.

This is answered for all of you who ever want to climb top 2 in notorious player list (after you have conquered all the cities).. take the riverboat and get in card game, then you should know the location of destiny ;)

Can I only raise what the game sets automatically? I have no manual as it says not available. SO, is there a way to raise as much as you want when you want? Thanks

Hi, I played this game for quite long time now and out of curiosity I visited El Paso again and entered the tournament. I lost the game but couldnot leave the table even after the game was over. Can you guys please please help me i dont wanna start all over again.. Thanks in Advance.

To : Fabio
I have won all of transportation, cities, fields, parks, etc.

To : JIGuest
I Was a cheater, and held the city in two days And whether you look at gold I have? is very possible for me.
Do you know where the save Governor Of Poker?
I'll upload the file for you, so you can trust.
if you want to ask something to me (about games), you can contact the facebook me:

I have mastered the entire city (over the entire mine, get all the vehicles, and bought all city)

waliullah, on the yellow cities you can play for the wagon, it's the most simple transportion after the horse. It seems a lot of people skip that one, maybe that was your problem. I started the game all over recently and I was challenged by all notorious, plus, by beaten them you unlock quick game against multiple notorious that can be accessed on the start menu.

To : Fabio
I have overcome everything.
I have become king governor of poker 2.

jga I've got all the vehicles (trains, ships, etc.)

for anyone playing the 120 person trophy you need to own the saloon in one of the purple cities and organize a game instead of joining the pre-set-up one and invite 120 people

im busted in tournament of El Paso, after that its freezingggg... im tired to back from nothing.
wasting time and mind:D
solution please???

HOW TO GET THE YELLOW WAGON if you see 2 !! marks above the owners head:

- Click on map in lower left corner
- Exit map. Immediatly click on the wagon owner. It takes a seond or two before the second mark appears.

That's it! (Thanks to Steve)


How do I win the riverboat?

how do I get out of the tournament in El paso? I am stuck, I lost and all other players continue to play the game till the end, and than nothing happeneds? The winner stays in the picture and game does not continue !?!?

I can't figure out how to get on the river boat either. I beat the game once already. I'm not sure you can get on it. Where do you get on it? It is not on the map on the version that I have for GP2

I beat the flash game in 10 minutes...

I would like to play the real game, but I dont want to pay. Why not offer this as an advertising game ? Guess you could make tons of revenue for getting new players to the online poker rooms.

Hey everyone,
Need help, I'm notorious player number 3, the governor is waiting for me in Dallas but i can't find notorious number 2, Naomi (the alligator) Williams. I own all cities (100% notorious), all transportations and mines, I have the best hat, I visited again and again all cities and played hundreds of tournaments to find Naomi but still no one with an exclamation mark to tell me that Naomi is waiting for me.
Help please!

Hi All,
I have unlocked the location of a Notorious player in Waco, but if I go there and talk to the guy with the exclamation mark, he tells me that to accept the challenge I have to talk to someone with an exclamation mark! I have the right hat colour, I own all the transportation and cities except the oilfield.

eviltwin, the guy you should play with is behind the house. You think you're clicking on the right person but it's not. Try to position the cursor of the mouse a bit above this guy and to the left I think.
As for the people who think that they got all transportations I insist, you probably left the wagon on the yellow cities behind.

Fabio, thanks so much! Now I can finish the game :-)

hi guys
i seem to b having a problem with buying hats
Though i own the hats of all colors , im still unable to enter the green star tournament at galveston as it keeps showing ' u shud wear the hat with green label and come back'
pls help !

Make sure you're wearing the hat, not just buying it. You can exchange hats on the hat shops.

Hey. Does anyone know where the alligator (Naomi watson) lives?? I can't find her. Thanks

hey ! my game here is disgusting. at the start of the game i am already at the top of the list of the notorius players. now I own all of the cities, etc. NOW I CANT FIND THE GOVERNOR ! there's something wrong..... the notorius list states that i also beat the governor ! sucks

I am reasonable new to G.O.P.2 , I got my first yellow star, I own all the homes in the 2 yellow cities ( amarillo and abilene )and I own the coalmine. I cannot figure out how to earn the 2nd yellow star.
also, is there a reason why some of my trophies don't appear when I've met the requirement?

best game ever :) i have it full on my PC finally !

Im stuck in a room after winning a tournament how do i get out?

I have won the governor 3 times...I have yet to find the riverboat...three times and still can't figure that out...could someone please help?????

Hello Everyone

I'm addicted to this game ! Great game !

Problem is now I want to play against notorious player in Victoria a Green City that is. So u need the car but for winning that car u need to own all purple cities. I own all of them besides forth worth were I own 19 houses but seems there is one that I can't buy in the corner of that wall. And so I can't own Fort Worth and I'm stuck to advance for winning the car :(

Please can somebody help me with this problem :)

how can i get the wagon..i m not able to get the second purple star pls help

I am still playing Poker 2 and enjoying it...I keep checking in here and there to see if anyone answered my question...dissapointed...please please please...How do I find the riverboat.??? I have won 4 times and still have not been able to find the riverboat...oh where oh where are you Riverboat?????HELP...please????

mojojo...The Gov. can be found in Dallas. You have to win just about everything including the train and stagecoach and have bought up all of the properties. Another have to be at the top of the notorious list. Once you win the train and the stage coach those things are revealed...There is one more place to go even after you have won the Gov...back to El Paso...another fun game. Hope this helps

Actually i got cheat for max money long time ago, but i dnt know where i must share
You must use cheat engine whatever version, i suggest 5.0++.
First open the game n play then setting window mode n off automatic pause, then open cheat engine. Next u must click computer icon then chose governor of poker 2, next u insert ur total money (ur money * 8) then insert that number in "value box" then click first scan. After that u back to game n buy some house then insert ur remnant money * 8 in value box then click next scan. When u found 2 address double click that address and checklist the frozen n change the value up to you but max 8 digit then back to game n sell the house. Look what happen...
Ur money become so much!!!
Sory for broken english

Still looking for the riverboat...I really would like my question answered...Riverboat troubles...cannot find the darned thing...won everything in 4 tries..Puleeeezzzz...someone answer.

JI Guest, the riverboat can be found on cities on the way of the the river.
Lubbock, Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston and Galveston. You'll probably be on Galveston at the end of the game, look for the guy with the anchor on his head.

I love this game!!!
I've just got it through for the first time...
but I have to say I'm very disappointed xDD
because I beat the Governor in 2 hands oO'

but WHO CARES? Let's start over :D

Anyone know where Naomi (the alligator) Williams is?

bought all houses and defeated all notoriuos players except sam (calling dark) stone he isn't challengable for me :( travelled to all cities again tried to sell 1 house and rebuying but no luck in unlocking the challenge of him.

Where exactly can he be found? or anyone got a clue what went wrong?


jupiler, you probably did not win a transportation. You can get to the last cities without winning the wagon, a transportation that you can you win on the smaller yellow cities, Lubbock and Amarillo.
It is also tricky to be challenged to play for the wagon, maybe you'll have to play from the begin all over again. But it will be fun, I guarantee that. Good luck, and don't forget to play for the wagon on the yellow cities.

Same here.. I have all the cities, all the transport, everything, and can't find sam (calling dark) stone..
Also noticed 1 strange thing, On the mines, which I won, I still see the star and title "you have to have a star to play this event". Bug?

I'm playing to win the tournament and to own the
riverboat.. now im stuck with a bug..
cause by:
when i lost once i exit immediately the game and when i open the game again and play i cant go on! the 2 player left on the table is still playing i click the leave the table under menu but does nothing still the two player playing continuously!!

i play the game and it has a lot of bugs. the last bug is i cant play anymore coz im stuck
..i advice you not to close/exit the game while playing .exit when your outside the salon

ark, the tips to leave the table worked really well with the version I'm playing. Try to get another version, the bug that does not allow you to leave the table only happens with me on El Paso, the first city.
Try to change the speed of the game as was mentioned previously for someone maybe that helps, still I think another version will work better.

I've beaten the game 100%, but some cool hats in the Hat Store are grey and cannot be bought. Has anyone got a solution?

After winning the riverboat, I was challenged by notorious player number 2, Chuck(the quite one)Walker. I had to leave and closed the game. The challenge was to be in Longview. I have played him in many tournaments there, but can not get the challenge again. Any help or advice?

Dennis, I think on the Extras menu you can unblock other things. There are some differente challenges, never tried though.
mozzio, try to look at the map or something, leave the city and come back, maybe it will help. There is the menu also, the notorious, maybe by clicking there you'll get a clue.

BUG players keep playing after you lose and you cant leave the table. What i have done now is i have copys of my saves so when the game buggs. Then i just overright the save with an older copy of it. This is the only way. because ur save is destroyed. The locastion of the saves is in the ?:\"your user name"\appdata\roaming\youdagames. But now i have encounterd a new bug. I cant interact with the notorious player of waco.

This game would be really good if some of the bugs were resolved. Bugs I encountered in my playthrough:

1) Can't buy the wagon until all cities are owned, but they are all owned. I was able to continue with the workaround provided in these comments.

2) Can't challenge a notorious player. I click on the only player with an exclamation over their head in the city the notorious player is located and they say "click on a player with an exclamation over their head to play a game against a notorious player" which I'm obviously doing. I'm not allowed to opt in a game and all progress halted there.

3) One notorious player wasn't in the city the list claimed they were in. They were nowhere to be found.

It's frustrating playing the game over from the beginning several times just to hit these game breaking bugs time and time again.

i've got a problem with governer of poker 2 i've just won a game but now it would not go back to the page where you can see all the houses,

can anyone help me with this

How do I get to play and organize tournaments with more than 40 people? I won the 40 people tournament, but in order to get the silver award I need to win a 48 tournament. But I just can't figure out how to do that? Organizing tournaments won't go higher than 40. Help?

ok so i bet the train owner but it did not give me the train does anyone why or how i can get it with out playing it again?

To get the train you have to play against other players on the train, don't remember if the owner was specified. Did you get the train? If you bet all the player on the train after being challenged it will be yours, but you have to be challenged to win the train and not just play for money. The number of players on the tournament also depends on the stage of the game your are, i.e., which city and conquers.

I own all the cities and locations plus all of the public transport but i can't find the governor? I went to Dallas where the governor lives but I can't find him still..somebody help me about this..

Okay...I figured out how to beat at least 80 players by playing as an expert instead of normal. However...I finished the game but I can't figure out how to beat 120 players. Organizing a tournament won't allow me to go higher than 40. Normal tournaments not even higher than 32 or something. I tried everything, I just can't figure it out. Which is frustrating, because I want to get the golden trophy!

nancy, I think this was answered before but to keep the page alive... haha.. the trophy is probably for the quantity of people you beat not in just one tournament but during the course of the game. If you think about it, it's almost impossible to beat 120 or 150 player in just one tournamant, it's hard to win without playing safe. I'm expecting GoP 3.

the stops from working when you play in elpaso (1500 tournament).. just so annoying because I have to start from the beggining.. this is a crappy game.

Sorry to whoever said you have to be the notorious player in all the yellow cities, but I've played it and tried to win a couple times, and occasionally it just doesn't let you. I think its yet another glitch in the game, totally annoyed at this point!!

Months ago when I was playing Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition I saw a Posting that Governor of Poker 3 will be out months from now, Is it out yet I am waiting I am pressed and addicted, I can not wait to play this game was this a fib to keep me hanging on please let me know so I won't be in stitches any longer, I have played the full game of Governor of Poker 1 and 2 and have won, I need a new game please let me know thank you waiting impatiently! Bootinanny

huge glitch, you dont get any income while you're traveling. Even though 5 days go past you'll have the same amount of money as you did when you started traveling

unlocking NOTORIOUS players

I get this list after get the train

How to unfreeze the game when play in a tournament.

i have won all the yellow cities, still i can't Play for wagon. I have tried many ways like selling and buying some houses in lublock. i have notorious and 100% reputation in amirallo and 100% reputation in other yellow cities, still i can't play for wagon i also have yellow label hat.

Please help

I think this is the only game with most number of bugs. And this is bugging.

I have done too many research on the internet, but still there is no solution anywhere to the bug: how to unlock all the hats. They all remain gray and unavailable. :( so frustrating.

Can anyone help?


I have finished the game. Now I am the governor of poker. I am stucked at Dallas City after final game with existing governor. After winning tht game and after being the new governor I am unable to travel between any other cities. It keep saying to travel with public transport but there is no public transport available in Dallas. It keep saying that I can't travel to a city with my existing transportation. I will be obliged if someone send me a solution for it on my email Id have requested youdagames so many times but none of my requests been replied or entertained.

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