Monkey GO Happy 2

KarlMonkey GO Happy 2 screenshotMonkey GO Happy 2 by Pencil Kids, the sequel to Monkey GO Happy, is the perfect way to get rid of the office blues. How can you resist a game where your only goal is to cheer up a pair of adorable monkeys?

At the beginning of each level, you're presented with a heart-breakingly depressed monkey duo and a puzzle to solve by clicking on different objects. Solving the puzzle makes the monkey happy! Then it's on to the next depressed monkeys. The 16 games are mostly straightforward, although some need you to think outside the box.

Each mini-game is bite-sized and only require a few clicks to solve. That's good, because your clicks are tracked, and at the end of the game you're ranked on how you did. They range from a Space Invaders clone to a safe-cracking game, and they're all fun, cute diversions. One had me hunting for a walkthrough, but the hints are linked from within the game, so you'll be back playing in no time.

Play all the Monkey GO Happy games:
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This is a coffee break game if I've ever seen one, and it doesn't take itself seriously. It's well-suited for kids, outside of one level that involves a BB gun and a shooting gallery. Even then, it's far from realistic. The graphics are bright and colourful and the sound effects sound like something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The music's upbeat and cheerful as well, although after playing it repeatedly I began to wish for a mute button. Still, the puzzles are quick and have enough variety that you won't even notice.

It might not strain your brain, but overall Monkey GO Happy 2 is a relaxing, fun diversion that's sure to lighten your mood.

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471 clicks my first time through...

It'd be nice if each level contributed about the same number of clicks to your total, rather than ridiculous juxtapositions like levels 2 and 4.

Okay I haven't even started playing yet, but Abuba getting crushed by an anvil on the loading screen just cracked me up. XD

I really enjoyed the final puzzle (the one with the big Final Puzzle button). At first it seemed kind of silly but once you dug into it a bit it was surprisingly deep. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that sort.

arg! stuck on the word puzzle Please tell answer!

I never did figure out if there was a trick to level 15. I just went through all of the iterations until I found one that worked. :-(


For the third word puzzle, the R is duplicated. Try switching the order. If you need the answers, they're below:




I enjoyed it, with the exception of the word puzzle "bug" I mentioned above, and one other thing.
Spoilers for problem #15:

The answer to the second part of the puzzle disappeared when I solved the first part, and you can't get it back without restarting the puzzle.


I looked at the walkthrough, because I was stuck too. There's some letters on the door that are capitalized, one per line, that spell ESW. The clue vanishes after you remove the door though, so by the time you need it you can't access it anymore. Poor level design.

The bug on the word stage is fixed and stage 15 is fixed too :)

@alaira: The words are also written above the doorway with the appropriate letters differentiated from the others.

The game was pretty short all in all. I liked the final puzzle - it was pretty simple. The rest... eh. I needed to consult the walkthrough on a few puzzles. And the monkeys annoyed me.

Oh, and is made obvious by the name... There's a Monkey GO Happy 1.

The big monkey, while happy, has the scariest face I've ever seen. Doesn't exactly encourage me to solve the puzzle.

Yeah, those "happy" faces are downright terrifying.

Yay! I'm a Mediocre Monkey!

That was fun. I LOVE Monkey GO Happy, and the brief cameo by Abuba was hilarious.

@V2Blast - It appears the developers fixed the level 15 issue, because those words weren't there when I played last night. It's much better now. :)

the last puzzle was ever-so-much-fun :o)

163 first time through.
None of the puzzles seemed hard - I could see the logic every time

Abuba! Made my day! XD

What do you use the key on in Stage 10?

yay! I'm a Champion Chimp! {only cuz I found all the eggs, but all the same}

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