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GrinnypAnd now for something completely different. Yes, I am that geeky that I like to quote Monty Python. This week's room escape is... well, not an escape, per se, but an adventure disguised as an escape. How quick are you? How are you at decision making? Escaping the Prison by Puffballs United will help you find out. It will also help you find out how to fail. A lot.

Escaping the PrisonRather than a classic room escape, Escaping the Prison is more of an interactive adventure, similar to those lovely "choose your adventure" books in days of yore (for the definition of "book", see Wikipedia). The story begins simply; you are some poor schlub who is in a prison cell, and you have just been given the gift of a cake. A cake that — due to the laziness of the guards — holds a surprise. Well, several surprises. Choose one of the several handy items that someone has left in the lovely pink confection and you're off on your escape!

The story is told in quirky animated scenes of remarkably expressive stick figures: the hero, the guards, and a whole host of supporting characters. Watch the animation then make a choice by clicking on a variety of objects. Each choice leads to other choices, and then other choices, and so on, and so on. Most choices will lead to a fail (back in prison) or a massive fail (death by a whole host of things), but eventually you might discover the three escape endings. Fortunately, each fail gives you an option to make a different choice, or go back to the beginning and start over. Try to find all three ending scenarios while keeping your "fail count" to a minimum.

There are no navigation controls, nor any inventory or control thereof. When you reach the end of a scene two or more items will pop up on the screen. Simply click on one to make your choice, and then sit back and watch the consequences. Occasionally your choice will not include objects but actions, and those decisions need to be made quickly, or your poor prisoner will suffer the consequences.

Analysis: Okay, yes, this is not exactly your classic point-and-click escape, but sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit. Escaping the Prison is a fun little way to while away the time, especially if you feel like plowing through every possible scenario just to see the hilarious ways you can fail. Light, fun entertainment for the mid-week, not a lot of thinking required.

The animations are amusing, but what really brings them to life is the wicked writing, the lively voice-overs, and the kicking music track that accompanies your hapless hero as he walks, crawls, argues, or runs for his freedom (or his life). It becomes so much fun watching the little guy fail, in fact, you might be more interested in finding the failures than the actual escapes. How many ways can a stick figure die, anyway?

So no, this is not technically a classic room escape. Escaping the Prison is instead mindless fun, a lively way to lighten up the mid-week blahs. Spend some time trying to find the "Lame Escape", the "Sneaky Escape", and the escape that cannot be named in a family friendly article such as this. Try a different way to escape the stresses of the week, and start Escaping the Prison!

Play Escaping the Prison

Walkthrough Guide

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Heh. People not realizing that the "opacitator" gets turned DOWN, not UP. Lol.


  1. NrG Drink

  2. Rocket Launcher

  3. Teleporter

  4. File > Window

  5. File > Cell Door > Wait

  6. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Wait

  7. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Belt of Grenades

  8. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Left

  9. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Right > Jetpack

  10. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Right > Parachute

  11. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Right > Rope

  12. Drill > Opacitator

  13. Drill > Crowbar > Wait

  14. Drill > Crowbar > Up

  15. Drill > Crowbar > Down > Wait

  16. Drill > Crowbar > Down > Down

  17. Drill > Crowbar > Down > Left > Wait

  18. Cell Phone > NOT THE BAG


Try to find all of the donuts. Click them. You'll get a surprise once you find them all!


good game. It doesn't branch very far, but that just makes it so you can explore every option.

Umm. "Opaque" means NOT transparent. The more opaque something is, the LESS light it lets through. Apparently, the game writers aren't as edumacated as they think they are.

This is indeed quite amusing!

The cell phone path won't make (as) much sense if you haven't seen the first video, "Breaking the Bank."

Also, really appreciated the sound effects from Worms. Very nice touch.

Discovering the truth about this game was like being informed that Verbal was really Keyser Soze. At first I felt gypped (or jipped, whichever you prefer) upon discovering that this was not really an escape-the-room game. However, this little gem delivered on an entirely different level. (No, I did not read the review or the analysis. I prefer to just jump in immediately. Much more fun that way. You should try it sometime.)

The first time I played it, I began to lose track of the plot, and I thought it was maybe because I'd played too many games today. Some of the other members of my family liked it, so when I played it again I came armed with a notepad and a determination not to let crucial plot points slip by me. Once again, my comprehension began to slip, and finally I wrote down: "To the degree that I do understand, I don't care." It was, however, somewhat reassuring that by the end I had, after all, understood everything I was intended to understand. It was just that there was less to understand than the game at first suggested.

The game begins "last night" in San Pedro, California, where someone has sent you, the prisoner, a mysterious package containing a cake. Who sent the cake? And why?

At first you get to choose what to get out of the cake. But then the main character starts telling a story so complicated that I finally gave up trying to keep track of it, and just filed further information under "More Complications." The story is told in flashback. We learn about a truck hijacking some weeks earlier, and the five suspects who were picked up by the police. They're a mixed bag of low-life characters, played by Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio Del Toro and Kevin Pollak, in addition to the main character (you) played by Kevin Spacey. I'm not sure if they were all involved in the hijacking, but the way Kevin Spacey tells it, in jail they began to plot a much larger crime, involving millions of dollars of cocaine.

The story builds up to a blinding revelation, which shifts the nature of all that has gone before, and the surprise filled me not with delight but with the feeling that the writers and game designers would have been better off unraveling their carefully knit sleeve of fiction and just telling us a story about their characters - those that are real, in any event. I prefer to be amazed by motivation, not manipulation.

The interrogation between the cop and Kevin Spacey falls into a monotonous pattern: friendliness, testiness, hostility, a big blow-up, threats, reconciliations and then full circle again. We hear amazing stories about Keyser Soze .....

Oh crap. Wait a minute....


I applaud your post

I second that applaud, if only for the fact that you've seen The Usual Suspects. None of my friends have and it drives me insane.

Loved the game, by the way. Got through it fast but it was delightful.

I think they got the definition of 'opaque' backwards o.0 ... cool game tho!

These are the 3 ways to win:

Option A:

1. Choose the fifth option: The Cellphhone.

2. Choose the second option: The Disguising Bag.

Option B:

1. Choose the first option: The File.

2. Choose the first option: The Cell Door.

3. Spidey Sense time: Click the warning on the left, then the right

4. Choose the second option: The Chair.

5. Go right

6. Choose the second option: The Plungers.

Option C:

1. Choose the sixth option: The Drill.

2. Choose the second option: The Crowbar.

3. Go down.

4. Go left.

5. When it says "click", click near the bottom right of the screen.

Oh man the Phoenix Wright reference was brilliant.

any walkthroughs in the works?

lol phenix wright

Did anyone catch the Neverhood music reference when using the "Opacitator"?

This game could really, really use some volume controls. Even with my computer volume down as low as it will go, it's still too loud on my headphones.

I like how you get the donut medal. To do so:

Choose "file"
Choose "door"
Quickly click on the left side of the screen, then the right when prompted.
Choose "chair"
Go left
Hover your mouse over the upper left side of the screen
When you fall, click the plate with the Donut

Nobody caught the Ace Attorney reference? The defendant's attorney in the court scene has the exact same hairstyle as Phoenix Wright(the ace attorney) and he yells OBJECTION! the same way. And when you show the evidence, he says "Take that!" just like in ace attorney. XD

Everybody caught the Ace Attorney reference. The entire game after you click on the cell phone is an Ace Attorney reference.

Oops, I meant 'anybody else', not 'nobody'.

Man I make hweird typos.

I'm pretty sure everyone has, imposter. However, the first time I reached that part, I knew it'd be a refrence because before the list of Attorneys left, I saw Phoenix Wright listed. However, I was disappointed they didn't play the default song. You know, when they're not playing the crazy "Oh-yeah-I'm-about-to-OBJECTION!-you-to-death" music.

Oh my Gawd, I love this game!

Especially the Phoenix Wright reference! EPIC!

How in the heck do you

dodge the bullets after using the drill then the crowbar?

I've clicked and used arrow keys neither have worked for me!

@a naughty mouse:
By the arrow keys do you mean keyboard keys or the on screen arrows? Because you have to click the on screen arrows. You need to click towards you (The lower arrow) first, then the arrow pointing towards the wall. You'll then do some awesome acrobatics and go to the final showdown XD

Ooh, Twist-A-Plot and Choose Your Own Adventure were my favorite types of book when I was a kid! I even tried to write a short one once for a Hypertext class I took in college. :-D

Fun game!!

Bullet time. Yeah.

BEST. FLASH. STICK. FIGURE. CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-ADVENTURE. GAME. EVER. I love the lawyer thing, even if I didn't know what it referred to. I know all 3 endings!

Lame ending:
Hit the cell phone.
Laugh at the funny trial while you:
Present the bag.
Listen to what they say, you'll get why you aren't guilty!
Go free.
Sneaky ending:
File with cell door (in some videos, you see you are on a high floor, so no window).
A signal will appear left. Click as soon as it does, then repeat on right side.
Use the chair & crawl right.
Plunge down, meaning use the plungers.
Run away.
Bad@$$ ending:
Drill down, then grab that crowbar.
Oh dear. Dodge toward the bottom of the screen, to the left of your guy.
Then go up the wall, so forward, or to the left of the screen.
A signal will appear. Click as soon as it des to dodge all the bullets & become a true bad@$$ escapee.

Great game, I love the FAIL messages, like if you use the grenades! =D
Fantastic, I'd love to see a sequel made! ^-^

Hahahaha, Phoenix Wright. That was perfect.

I thought this was a terrible game, although maybe I expected a convention 'escape' game. Possibly list this game in another genre.

Think what is a good game, have good and funny atmoshpere and more beautifull things. Perfect electro music, graphic. The game is cool

Haha! I know all three endings! also, the Phoenix Wright reference was awesome! I have all available Phoenix Wright games on my DS!

For the sneaky ending:

First choose file.
Then continuously click* to the left to whack the policeman,then continuously click* to the right to whack the other policeman.
Next, choose chair.
In the tunnel, click* the arrow pointing to the right.
After that, choose plunger.

For the bad--- ending:

First choose drill.
Then choose crowbar.
This requires timing. when the arrows come, quickly click* the arrow pointing to the bottom of the screen.
When the next set of arrows come, choose the arrow pointing to the wall.
Now watch the cutscene, but still continuously clicking* the middle of the screen.

For the lame ending:

choose cellphone.
Then, when you are told to show proof, choose the disguising bag and click present.

*clicking with mouse, not arrow keys.

Heh. People not realizing that the "opacitator" gets turned DOWN, not UP. Lol.


  1. NrG Drink

  2. Rocket Launcher

  3. Teleporter

  4. File > Window

  5. File > Cell Door > Wait

  6. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Wait

  7. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Belt of Grenades

  8. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Left

  9. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Right > Jetpack

  10. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Right > Parachute

  11. File > Cell Door > Dodge > Dodge > Chair > Right > Rope

  12. Drill > Opacitator

  13. Drill > Crowbar > Wait

  14. Drill > Crowbar > Up

  15. Drill > Crowbar > Down > Wait

  16. Drill > Crowbar > Down > Down

  17. Drill > Crowbar > Down > Left > Wait

  18. Cell Phone > NOT THE BAG


Try to find all of the donuts. Click them. You'll get a surprise once you find them all!

I did the Jet pack ending over and over, readign this two or three words at a tiem, until I got the complete message.

"FAIL. That was the lamest thing I've ever seen. The animator must have gotten REALLY lazy or something. I mean, honestly, that was probably the dumbest FAIL I've seen in this entire movie! So, anyway, what do you think about the movie so far? Enjoying it? It's taken quite a while, and as I'm typing this, it has yet to be completed. I doubt you'll be able to read all this far down unless you figure out a way to pause or do some other sneaky thing. Laaaammmmeeee!"

So, after playing through the first game, "Breaking the Bank", and this game, and the next one, "Stealing the Diamond" I have concluded the entire story. At least, I think so. I have no clue what exeterkered was talking about, it seems simple to me.

In the first interactive movie, you learn that Henry Stickman is trying to rob a bank. He injures himself several times trying, then finally gets an idea. He makes a bag materialize out of thin air, gets in it, ties it FROM THE OUTSIDE, and some guys in a truck drive by, going to the bank. They see the bag, think that it fell out of the truck somehow, and put it in the back. Henry is still in there. they put him in a vault, and he gets up, exclaiming "Yeah!" in triumph, and accidentally trips the alarm. Then, in the second one, he gets a cake with a cell phone in it. He calls his lawyer and it skips to the trial. The witness is saying that they didn't know there was a person in the bag, when Phoenix Wright yells "OBJECTION!" and says that he has proof that Henry didn't hide in the bag. He claims that since the knot was tied from the outside, and Henry was all beaten up, the witness tried to kill him, and dump the body in the bank, thinking they wouldn't find it because it's such a big bank, but that Henry was alive, and he tried to escape, and got arrested. The judge finds Henry not guilty, and he leaves. He then sees the truck he originally hid in, and chases it. What the hell!?!?
Anyway, in the third one, he tries to sneak into a museum to steal a diamond, and succeeds. that's pretty much it. :/

Sorry for the SUPER long post.

too-much-time, you do know about the key labeled PrtSc, correct? Because it makes that whole process far easier

have you clicked the sun in the sneaky ending?


Yes, super funny.

@ Too-Much-Time-on-my-hands

thanks, I looked here to find something that would tell me that.

I found a secret:

click on the sun in sneaky ending

Just to get this cleared up, I have NEVER seen Breaking the Bank, so most of the storyline is just outta here for me. But after reading the storyline, (and the many anynomous comments about Phoenix Wright, lol) it dosen't make sense. I just make good work of failing. :3

I have come to a conclusion about the storyline:

In the first episode, Breaking the Bank, Henry, the main character, tries to rob a bank and beats himself up a lot in the process. When he finally does it, he (somehow) hides in a bag and gets dragged off to the bank. When there, he accidentally sets off the alarm and gets arrested.

In the current escapade, Henry is in prison. Finding the cake, he opens it. Using the Lame/Legal ending he calls his attorney (who happens to be Phoenix Wright) and goes to court. Phoenix shows the judge a docter's anyalisis from when Henry beat himself up and says that the cops were trying to kill him. They tied him up in a bank bag and brought him to the bank, where they thought nobody would find him because the bank is so large. They thought Henry was dead. However, Henry was alive and tried to escape. He shows the judge some footage from the bank vault and makes it look like Henry is trying to climb out of the vault. Phoenix lies that Henry was arrested innocently and should be returned to public. Phoenix gets away with it, and Henry is free.

Play Breaking the Bank and then push through the Lame/Legal Ending. It's crazy!

lol.failing and letting henry die is the best!
Phoenix reference was epic!:)

To complete it choose:Cellphone (the bag one just wait for a long time and you will see the money bag)The knife one (could file) Watch out there spotting you there's two enemy's!!!!! Now don't choose Belt of grenades Use the chair Now it says left or right Try right After that don't use These three sucky things use the Plungers then you win Last one' The drill use that Then you should have two good things (but one of them is bad) use the crowbar AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Dome.Ohh i need to tell you again Press down or left Then they shoot Run up the walls Then the door opens Think fast it say get ready When it says CLICK!! you have to click Thanks for my cheats

Hey guys i connot tell u more cheats about escaping the prison cause my letter(y) doesn't work anymore

There are 3 ways to complete the escaping the prison:

1.Drill Then crowbar 2 police are spotting you
Press one of the arrow (left) then press the straight arrow Think fast Need to get ready then press click then you will get in a car


2.cellphone press the disguising bag


3.file cell door click left click right chair choose right then plungers

There are lots of ways to fail:

NrG Drink

Rocket launcher

File Then window

File then cell door. Do nothing

File then cell door. Hit the first police Wait

Drill Then Opacitator

Drill Then Crowbar. Do nothing

I will do more later

There are 3 ways to Complete Escaping the prison

Cellphone choose the money bag

File cell door left right to hit 2 police
Chair right plungers

Drill Crowbar Then left up Get ready then CLICK!

Thanks for cheats

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