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DoraMerry Friday, gentle reader! I have a riddle for you. What do you get when you cross a goggle-eyed cow, a creep, a blob of paint, a genie, and medieval architecture? Either a lurching, stitched together monstrosity destined for a windmill and a pitchfork, or this week's Link Dump Friday! See, I asked the other reviewers what they thought you would like best, and while we all agreed a grappling hook with a built-in cotton candy dispenser and boomerang was pretty awesome, we ultimately decided that puzzles are safer and less likely to lead to criminal charges or property damage. So we've got a lot of puzzles for you to sharpen your brain on this week, and if you do well, we'll move you on to the next logical step for someone with your experience; Batman villain.

  • Zoo Escape 2Zoo Escape 2 - Some of you may be familiar with the original Zoo Escape. Some of you may also, understandably, be fans of its ridiculous and wonderful background tune. The sequel is virtually identical in every way, down to that funky (and crunky) audio, so if you thought the original needed another 30 levels of physics puzzles, rejoice! Although if these animals let themselves get captured and need rerescuing, you might want to rethink standing in the way of natural selection.
  • ShipWreckedShipWrecked - Another fine puzzle by the fine folks at SmartKit, only this time you're rearranging pictures to tell a story instead of assembling Mephistopheles' jigsaw puzzle. What happens when a shipwrecked sailor finds a genie in a bottle?... or, wait, no... is the sailor shipwrecked because of the genie? Hmmm. A mystery wrapped in an enigma wedged in a picture scramble! Sounds good and good for you to me.
  • FuliFuli - There's something vaguely hypnotic about this puzzle game that sees you filling different containers with different colours, but once you've played for five minutes, you've essentially seen all it has to offer. But its simple, sleepy presentation and zen-like gameplay are oddly addicting.
  • Wyzau Cricle Tower DefenseWyzau Circle Tower Defense - Not so much tower defense as screen defense, your goal here is to buy upgrades and towers to keep the enemy population on the screen below 100. That's right, it's mass creep-icide as your only objective. The presentation is a little rough'n'ready, but it's an interesting take on a genre that has been ground down to a fine powder. Although it falls prey to repetition, defense fans will likely keep themselves amused for a good while.
  • Cargo Bridge: Armor Games EditionCargo Bridge: Armor Games Edition - The tiny overall'd builders with the intimidating jaws are back. The Armor Games Edition doesn't add much to the established formula, but if you're a fan of sending men tottering across flimsy structures built over a fathomless abyss, chances are you stopped reading this one when you got to the title. I could say anything I wanted right now and you wouldn't care, would you? Time for me to go into my super villain monologue. Now, where did I put that embiggening ray... ?


Birdynumnum January 29, 2010 12:33 AM

Dora your reviews are heeelarious! and great Frankenstein reference btw....a chick with brains AND a sense of humour is a good, good thing.

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I LOVE the Zoo Escape 2 music! <3 <3 <3

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Just a quick correction: you spelled 'circle' incorrectly in 'Wyzau Circle Tower Defense.'

Gosh, who doesn't like that Candy Zoo song?

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Just a comment: For the Cargo Bridge description, you wrote "stopped reading this one you got" instead of "stopped reading this when you got".

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I think I'm too stupid to be able to solve ShipWrecked... Actually I'll just keep telling myself that the story doesn't make sense.

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Oh, and continuing the "Dora's typo Friday" theme, you put 'captures' instead of 'captured' in the Zoo Escape review.

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Need help on Shipwrecked

Here is what I have so far:

1. Man trips and finds the bottle
2. Man sees that he has a bottle.
3. The Genie Appears, grants three wishes.
4. First wish is food.
5. Man looks satiated with food scraps around him.
6. Second wish is gold.
7. Man jumping on top of pile of gold.
8. Third wish is a boat.
9. Man shaking hands with Genie.
10. Man throwing bottle overboard. Lightning hits it.
11. Boat surrounded by lightning.
12. Giant waves.
13. Man swimming to shore on wreckage.
14. It was all a dream, man gets bottle back.

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Anonymous January 29, 2010 7:44 AM

Hello - for those stuck on shipwrecked here's my walkthrough (first ever so bear with me!)

Here are the pictures in the correct order (listed one at a time):


Man asleep dreaming (then we see the rest of the dream)


Genie appears in puff of smoke


Man wishes for food


Man eats food - notice big belly


Man wishes for treasure


Big pile of treasure appears (man jumps for joy)


Man wishes for boat


Boat appears


Man throws bottle off boat (creates a lightning storm)


Boat in lightning storm


Enormous wave heads towards boat


Man floats on bit of wood from boat (sinking in background)


Man lands on treasure island and bumps into bottle having lost everything he wished for (or maybe wakes from dream to bang head on bottle)


Man holds bottle and looks wondering whether to open or not (with exclamation mark over head) (notice bottle now has menacing face)

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Hunky Dory January 29, 2010 8:13 AM

Did anyone solve ShipWrecked? I'm going crazy here! Any help will be highly appreciated :)

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I'm also having a hard time with ShipWrecked. I've arranged the panels in a way that makes sense to me, but apparently it's the incorrect interpretation:

1. Some man is walking on the beach, and he trips and falls on a bottle.
2. He picks it up, and looks at it, confused.
3. He takes a nap, and dreams that he's rubbing the bottle.
4. A genie pops out.
5. The man wishes for food.
6. After eating, he lounges against a tree while the genie watches.
7. The man wishes for treasure.
8. The genie gives him treasure.
9. The man wishes for a boat to carry the treasure in.
10. The genie gives the man a boat.
11. The man is sailing the boat when he sees a storm in the distance.
12. The boat is in the storm now.
13. A big wave washes over the boat.
14. The man is seen floating away on a piece of wood, while his treasure-filled boat sinks. So, it was a nightmare.

The only bits that are a bit rocky for me are the order of the frames in the storm, and that odd dream frame near the beginning. But I can't find an order that the game will tell me is "correct".

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Shipwrecked driving me crazy too! The hint on the website says

look at the face on the bottle, sometimes its happy and sometimes its angry

But Im still struggling! Any ideas?

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man dreams


genie appears


wish for food


man full-food on ground


wish for gold


man jumping on gold


wish for boat


boat appears


man throws bottle overboard


lighting around boat


wave around boat


man floating on wood


man lands on shore hits head on bottle


man looks at bottle with exclamation point

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oops the above list of 14 spoilers is for shipwrecked

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Not really getting the point of Fuli. :(

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Read all the comments here people! The solution for shipwrecked is already posted.

I had to use it myself since I saw the story unfold in a little different order.

And Dora I think your signboard should read:


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The problem with Shipwrecked is that the "correct" solution doesn't make a lot of sense, or rather yet, you can make quite a few "arrangements" which make at least as much sense as the "correct" one.

In other words, the solution isn't really satisfying.

But if you really want to solve it on your own, here are two hints what you should pay attention to:

1. Face on the bottle
2. Sailor's belly

If you still have trouble:

Dude dreams of finding a bottled genie, wishes for food, riches and a ship, then throws the bottle away which brings on a storm and sinks his ship. Then he wakes up and sees the bottle.

Told you it wasn't worth it. >:)

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The walkthroughs weren't visible at the time I made my comment. Not sure what happened there. Though I must say, I like my version of the story better.

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Thank you very much Jay & Dora for putting up the 'ShipWrecked' puzzle.

Baba44713- When creating a story puzzle like this, it's hard to foresee all alternative solutions. Would you mind sharing 1 of the other arrangements which you think make as much sense as the official answer?

Also, please explain why you think the 'correct' answer doesn't make sense?
In your last spoiler point, you say 'Then he wakes up and sees the bottle', but in that last frame, it doesn't actually show or indicate him waking up from the dream; he's just surprised at how the vengeful genie stymies his escape.


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I was put off by Wyzau tower defence as soon as I found out that the map didn't change.

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The big problem I had with ShipWrecked was with the bottle(s):

In the second to last picture, the bottle's face is the smile, which would suggest matching with the dream/the bottle throughout the beginning. In the next picture, the bottle's face is not the same (the scowl).

With the disconnect there, I never would have thought the two images were supposed to be in succession if it weren't for the walkthroughs here.

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Played some of Zoo Escape 2 and enjoyed the great music.

Closed ShipWreck after seeing it because I knew I wouldn't care enough to find the "right" order.

Fuli was strangely kinda fun, but didn't see any real point to it. Stopped after Stage 12...

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Agree Tybo, keeping the bottle angry/frowning for those 2 would improve things. thanks

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