Colour My Fate

Grinnypcolour my fate screenshotYes, Christmas has come and gone, and yet we are gifted with a little reminder of what the season was all about, courtesy of a poignant point-and-click adventure. Colour My Fate is the sequel to a charming series of adventures, Colour My Heart, Colour My World, and Colour My Dreams. Created by Silver Stitch, with haunting music by Coin, we dive once again into a world without color (or colour, as the title indicates).

The world of the Colour My series is a cold, bleak place; monotone, full of sharp edges and no human contact. Our nameless hero is once again on a quest to bring color to the world as he travels to complete his mission. And yes, surprisingly, there is an actual mission this time, rather than the ambiguous explorations of the first three games.

Navigation through the world is accomplished either by the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, depending on your preference, and things are again manipulated by the mouse. Sparkles indicate areas of interest, but this time around there are different colored sparkles, and you cannot use them until you have found or embraced that particular color in your heart. Black sparkles can still be manipulated whenever you find them. Some sparkles merely add color to the monochromatic landscape, others manipulate pieces of scenery allowing you to explore further.

colourmyfate_screenshot2.jpgAnalysis: Considering its predecessors, there is a surprising lack of schadenfreude in Colour My Fate. Whereas the first three games were more of an experience, here we're looking at a surprising amount of pure gameplay, with very little analysis or angst. There's still a little frisson of delight when you pull a switch and add color to the world, but as the color this time around is mostly composed of Christmas decorations, it can begin to feel a little...well, cheesy.

Purely from the gameplay aspect, this is the smoothest of the Colour titles. The choice of either the [WASD] or [arrow] keys makes the game more accessible to both right and left handed players. And for a series that usually eschewed gameplay for profundity, there's a surprising amount of gameplay to be had. In fact, with less puzzles and more pure exploration, Colour My Fate has wandered into almost pure platformer territory.

Those who play these games for the profound message may be a little disappointed with this fourth installment of the Colour series. Colour My Fate does indeed have a message, but a rather lighthearted one (at least, in comparison to the other three). The world is still bleak, but perhaps love has mellowed our little hero a bit. There is still fun to be had in this strange little world, and the visuals and music will still haunt the player long after the game is done. And, perhaps, you might find the true meaning of Christmas within.

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Walkthrough Guide

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If you wish to know where all the colors are... (Semi-Walkthrough?)


Where the signs say platforms are good for climbing, go up and left


Where the signs point to security, sky train, and underground, Go right past the elevated platform and past the green sparkles in the next screen


Where you initially dropped down, use the blue sparkles on the lever in the top right and go into the pipe on the right


From the security sign, go up twice, then left and use green to get onto the sky ship


Go back to where you initially dropped down and past the gate on the left. There is a tunnel you can open and enter on the left. Don't forget to duck at the live beam!

Gold Star

Use purple to get to the security controls, then you can use purple again to undo the "lock down." Now get on the sky train (keep going left past the sign)


I like it, the other games left me really confused and I felt a bit disatisfied when it ended, because they were so short. ._.'

But this one I can't manage to find. I can't find the purple thingy... D:

I love this game, and it slots nicely into the section of my favourites devoted to the perfect "Colour My..." series.

Hmmm. Can't seem to put the star on the tree. Have I missed something?

Argh. 98 percent done, I guess, but I can't finish.

I found all the colors and the star, and have added color to just about every panel, but I can't get the star on the top of the tree. I don't have the green ball on the branch you've used in your illustration, so I must have missed a sparkly place somewhere, but I've been through the whole game three times and can't find it. I assume I can't put the star on top till I've found everything.

Grant -- keep looking. Certain areas that were blocked off before should open up the more you click and explore, so retrace your steps from time to time.

I really liked the gameplay and the added interactivity, but the message was a bit lacking.

Carny --

Did go all the way back to the beginning and use all your colors?

I agree Duppy. That note was... sort of lame.


I never got the green ball and I was able to put the star on the tree.

Do you have the purple garland and both color balls?

I really love this series, but for some reason it's being rendered unplayable for me; after I hold a directional key down for too long, the character won't stop moving in that direction. Sometimes holding down a different key works, but not always.

The green ball in the illustration

is a pickup -- you got it early in the game and forgot about it.

I'm really stuck.

I have the yellow and blue balls, but I can't seem to get anywhere else. I see some purple sparklies, some green sparklies, and a couple red sparklies, but don't have any of those balls. I've looked everywhere several times, but nada.

I'm extremely stuck on finding the purple ball. *sigh*

Never mind, just read JS's comment. Thanks!

I can't even figure out the beginning... How do you do the lamp puzzle at the start?

@ BlueShamen: Do you

have the yellow ornament yet?

@Tom -- I have all the colors and have gone all the way through the maze several times from beginning to end touching sparkly bits, but

still can't put the star on the tree and can't find any other sparkly bits I've missed.

Purple seekers:

It's down and to the left.

Hey, "colour" is how Canadians say it. And humour

Where is the star?

If you wish to know where all the colors are... (Semi-Walkthrough?)


Where the signs say platforms are good for climbing, go up and left


Where the signs point to security, sky train, and underground, Go right past the elevated platform and past the green sparkles in the next screen


Where you initially dropped down, use the blue sparkles on the lever in the top right and go into the pipe on the right


From the security sign, go up twice, then left and use green to get onto the sky ship


Go back to where you initially dropped down and past the gate on the left. There is a tunnel you can open and enter on the left. Don't forget to duck at the live beam!

Gold Star

Use purple to get to the security controls, then you can use purple again to undo the "lock down." Now get on the sky train (keep going left past the sign)

OK, played the game on a different monitor and found two sparkly spots I couldn't see before...

including one on the tree. Makes sense you should have to use all the colors on the tree before putting the star on.

Anyway, sappy but fun!

Stuck.. I have all the colors, and have found nearly all of the sparkly spots, I also have the star, put the purple garland and one strand of lights on the tree, and set everything up by the fireplace, but can't figure anything else out! HELP!

Folks, is there any way to return back to the top once you find all the colored objects? before i knew what was going on, i found a fireplace all the way up top that needed all of the colors to activate, but i couldn't return there once i had fallen down.

Any idea what the little lever to the left of the fireplace does?

@JohnnyCaps - To get back to the fireplace:

go down to the bottom and all the way to the right. It's the same place pictured in the second image in grinnyp's review. You can climb back up from there.

For those of you curious, the quote is

"All I want for Christmas is to have you in my arms, Because when we are together time seems to slow down, As if Fate wanted it to be like this forever..."

Very cool, however it's linear yet takes a while to find out where to go even though it's obvious when you find it.


You know where you take a left at the bottom of the hole just below that first yellow light bulb? After you hit that lever, you can take a right from the bottom of that hole too.

That means to find pleasure in the misfortune of others, is that really what you meant to say?

There was a place on the ship that wasn't sparkling that I clicked on and it changed. Anyone that isn't finished should look in every nook and cranney, even if it isn't sparkling.

There are certain sparklies I can't get to do anything, for example the

button next to the elevator.

Are they dependent on something else happening first?

Meh, never mind. I have brain drain today.

Indeed, you need to have an X colored ornament before you can activate an X colored sparkly.

The two 'invisible' sparkles for me were...

On the first zone of the flying ship, I click the round window in the hull.

The second was on the bottom story of the large christmas tree in the nook between boughs on the left side. As Carny said, it didn't make sense to have every color on the tree but purple.

Now that I've gotten my stupid questions out of the way:

I have everything there is to collect. I've been everywhere. Where the heck is this tree I'm supposed to decorate?

I tried that tree-like platform you activate with green to get the red ornament, but nothing happened.

I can't even click the ornaments in my inventory. Can someone lend me a pointy finger?

*sigh* Never mind. I found it.

The leaver on the fireplace opens a door which leads to a note saying something that has something to do with colours staying with you forever.

Hmm. I can get everything, but I can't finish the game/put the star on the top of the tree. My tree has

the yellow lights and the purple garland.

Is there anything else that should be there?

I finished the game. Interesting idea with everthing being black and white. The name of the game fit with the game really well. I love the colorful sparkle and when you got to color the chimeny with decor.

You need to decorate the chimney to unlock the elavator thingy/Sliding carrage thing.

I have everything, but I can't find the darned tree! Help? ;-;

Yeah, I can't find the tree! The only tree like thing I saw was the platform thing you activate but it doesn't seem to work.
I had to ragequit.

I can't get any further than the yellow lights!!! Help me please?

To find the tree...

at the tree/platform go out the bottom right passage. Fall down through the crack. Click on the platform base (green) and Voilà...a Christmas tree.

It took me forever to find the "purple sparkly" spot on the tree (it wasn't sparkling for me). I felt like the "green sparkly" part of the sky ship hull did the whole sparkling thing just the second time I walked through (that, or my mouse happened to hover over it).

That was a blast! I had to retrace my steps a lot, because there are some doorways that aren't very obvious. Now I am eager to play the other Color My World titles. (The message is corny but the game was still a lot of fun, and I loved the little character and the way it is always in motion.)

can somebody please give me a detailed walkthrough on how to find the blue ball/dot, I cant find it

from my last comment. I have found the yellow ball but dontknow where to go next

to find the top of the tree.

go to the very top of the sky ship where you are outside, then go down and then right. the opening is right there. of course, you would've had to go to the fireplace first.

For those who are curious about the secret message - after decorating the fireplace

By know you should have realized the lengths you have to go to bring colour into your life, but should also know that when you find it, it will stay with you forever ....
.... just like love....


I found nothing remotely "cheesy" about it. Gosh Grinny, you almost seem to be apologizing for it not being morose. It's a wonderfully charming game. A good platformer that is fun and entertaining to play. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! Cheers and THANK YOU to the creators!

Hey, I can't seem to find the purple ornament... Can someone post a picture or a specific Walkthrough about that purple ornament.I can't seem to find the lever at the fireplace...the tunnel on the right of the lightbulb isn't open (bottom right) PLS HELP!

To put the star on the big Christmas tree,

top level, Red and Blue ornaments, Bottom level, yellow lights and pink/purple tinsil

Uh, I...

tampered with the Security Equipment and it locked down. How do I get out?


Sorry! Figured it out, like, two seconds after posting.

Hardest ornament to get was purple. Not much to really say, such a perfect game that I can't even make up the right words. Much lighter than the others, though I would heartily recommend Colour My Dreams (before 7:00 if you spook easily). Fairly simple. 8.5 out of 10. Nice job Silver Stitch!

how do i get the gold star

please be detailed

I noticed something very funny about the first screen with the directions. The A and D are mixed up. A goes left and D goes right, not the other way around like the diagram says. Lol

where is the skyship???

Why Dosen't Somebody just write a FULL walkthrough?!? Why!?!?

someone help me!! i could only get the yellow color

can only find yellow help!!

Can't find red anywhere!!!! Somebody please. Help!I Read the semi-walkthrough and I can't go up that high. Please somebody help!

where is the gold star????

how do i open the gate with the purple ornament behind it?

same over the pond in england
i finally finished this cute little game, but i had to use this to get the gold star!!!
that was so annoyingly hard, stupid, and obvious


I can't seem to click on the sparkles!!

Nothing happens when I click on them..


For everybody looking for the purple sparkly

There's a screen near the bottom where, if you've activated the other sparklies, there will be presents on the floor on the right, a platform and hanging rope lights.

The thing with a grey window that you assume is some kind of house that needs to be lifted a little so you can crawl under it? It's the start of a tunnel.

It's a pretty and simple game apart from that :)

Those who are stuck having only found yellow might be having the same problem as I did at first:

It took me a while to realise that there were BLACK sparkles too, that didn't require any colour to activate.

Star is on the sky TRAIN not the sky SHIP. Follow the sign.

I can't figure out how to activate the sky train...

decorating the fireplace is not working. Is there something else I need to do.....?

where do we "initially drop down" i need the purple ball cand find it anyy where!

How do I get the gold star??
I have EVERYTHING, the tree is decorated and i went through the level multiple times and completed the sparklies. Help?

Never mind.

Sky TRAIN, not SHIP. Follow the sign. Simple.

Oh I love this game! I just played it yesterday <3

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