The Light Asylum Rooms 1 & 2

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Weekday Escape

Grinnyp"Welcome subject 7." With those chilling words begins a new room escape adventure series by talented Portuguese designer Fausto Fonseca. Welcome to the Light Asylum! At least, welcome to the first two rooms.

lightasylum.jpgYou are (apparently) a mental patient in a rather odd facility who would rather be, well, anywhere but there. A disembodied voice will inform you — via text — that you must escape five rooms, starting with this one. Oh, and failure means death. No pressure there. But, the voice goes on to reassure you, this is the easy room. Oh, goody. Of course then you have to worry about the next room.

Navigation through the space is easily accomplished with arrows appearing around the edges of the screen. There is no changing cursor, so you will have to click around some to find the hotspots for close ups. Find objects that will help you solve the logic puzzle that allows you to... well, not escape, but move on to the next room.

Rooms 1 and 2 are the first in a planned series of five rooms. As with other serialized mini-games (the Being One series comes to mind) you will learn more about what, precisely, is going on as you move deeper into the Asylum. And each room will get progressively harder as you go. Of course.

Analysis: Taken together, rooms 1 and 2 of The Light Asylum show a very promising start to what looks to be an entertaining, mind-stretching series. Although there is the obligatory searching for items, the core of escaping each room is a classic logic puzzle. Breaking the story down into little bite-sized chunks makes for fantastic casual gameplay, although if you really enjoy escaping the rooms you might get a little impatient waiting for the next one to appear.

Visually the Light Asylum is a treat. Stark white-on-white decor with only minimal splashes of color highlight the feeling of being institutionalized. Room 1 is a classic of bare, minimal design, most of the color being supplied by a smiley face picture that manages to be simultaneously cheerful and creepy. Despite the almost empty space there's a lot of things to find, so you'd better get busy. Room 2 has more clutter and a little more color and it is also a bit harder than the first room. The music in each room sounds a little... familiar, so fortunately there are two handy mute buttons; one for music, the other for incidental sounds. All that is missing is a save button, although one is not really needed. Experienced gamers should be out of the first room pretty quickly. The second room will take a little longer, but still pretty quick. One thing you won't find, however, is a changing cursor, so there will be some pixel hunting involved to locate the hot spots needed. Other than that, though, there's very little to complain about.

The Light Asylum Rooms 1 and 2 are a nice start, so here's hoping that the next three continue the trend of harder, trickier puzzles as we wind our way through this strange facility. According to the designer the next room should be available by Christmas, so there's something to look forward to (you know, besides presents and all).

Okay, room escape devotees. Time to fire up the little gray cells and get started. Put your thinking caps on, hunker down, and get ready to escape the Light Asylum (at least the first two rooms)!

Play The Light Asylum Room 1

Play The Light Asylum Room 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The Light Asylum Room 1 Walkthrough

General Information / Tips

You need to find 7 tiles and place it on the panel on the door (you got tile 5 already)

There are some tiles that is very hard to see, because the colours are quite similar


You have already get IV tile in your inventory

Click door and notice the Roman numerals and places to put tiles

Turn right and click the sink

Get the key from the drain

Click the picture on the desk and then click to the left to look behind it

Get the IX tile

Click the desk drawers and then use the key to unlock the top one (get the VI tile)

Get the hammer from the bottom drawer

Back up to see the whole desk -- click under the opening where a chair would go

Get the pocket knife

Click the bed pillow -- move it to get the III tile

Click under the bed to get the VII tile

Click the vent over the bed

Use the knife on the screws (you don't have to open the knife)

Put the knife back in the inventory then click the unscrewed cover

Get the I tile

Click the floor halfway between the bottom bed rail and the corner around where the baseboard is to zoom in

Take the VIII tile from the corner

Turn right 2 times

Use the hammer on the mirror to get the II tile

Turn left and click the door puzzle

Note the XV numbers (15 in Roman numerals)

You want to place the tiles so each line (across, down, and diagonal) = 15


Or if you prefer


The door automatically opens. Click the arrow to see you need to wait for room 2

The Light Asylum Room 1 Walkthrough

  • All the tile numbers are roman numerals.

  • You begin with a tile already the number IV. Now you just have to find the other eight.

  • Examine the puzzle on the door. Notice that the number V tile is already in place. Guess we just have to find seven others, then. And doesn't that look like a math problem puzzle?

  • Turn right.

  • Click on the sink for a close up. Click again on the hole beneath the faucet for a second close up.

  • Take the key from the drain and back up.

  • Turn right to face the desk.

  • Click on the picture on the desk for a close up.

  • Click on the upper left corner of the picture to turn it around. Take the IX tile.

  • Back up then click on the desk drawers for a close up.

  • Unlock the top drawer with the key you found in the sink.

  • Take the VI tile and close the drawer.

  • Open the bottom drawer and take the hammer.

  • Back up then click in the space underneath the desk (it may take a few tries to find the hotspot).

  • Take the swiss army knife taped underneath the desk and back up.

  • Turn right.

  • Click on the pillow for a close up.

  • Click on the pillow again to move it and take the III tile.

  • Back up and click underneath the bed.

  • Take the VII tile and back up.

  • Notice the air vent above the bed?

  • Let's take a closer look.

  • Use the swiss army knife to remove the screws around the vent.

  • Remove the vent cover (return the knife to your inventory first) and take the I tile.

  • Back up.

  • Now click on the floorboard of the wall, between the end of the bed and the corner.

  • Now that the floorboard is in close up, you should see a slight irregularity on the baseboard, near the corner.

  • Click on the small white square, it is the VIII tile.

  • Back up and turn right twice until you are facing the sink again.

  • Click on the mirror for a close up.

  • It's hammer time!

  • Use the hammer to break the mirror. Take the II tile and seven years bad luck!

  • Back up and turn left.

  • Time to face the puzzle.

  • Click on the door puzzle for a close up.

  • Notice the roman numerals for 15 around the outside?

  • This is one of those "each row, column, and diagonal should add up to 15" puzzles.

  • The 5 is already placed for you.

    • If you can't figure it out, here's a solution. Top row: 8 3 4, middle row 1 5 9, bottom row 6 7 2.

  • Once the tiles are properly placed the door will open.

  • Congratulations, you are out of room 1!

The Light Asylum Room 2 Walkthrough

  • This one will be a little tougher.

  • You will start with one queen coin, all you need to do is find seven more. Simple.

  • Notice that you still have the swiss army knife and hammer from room 1.

  • To the right of the door is what looks like a picture. Click on it to zoom in.

  • Oh look, one of those puzzles.

  • You need to turn all the red points green.

  • There are lots of different ways to do this.

  • Remember, each point affects the ones around it.

    • A quick and easy way to solve: make sure the puzzle is reset before you begin. Click on the very top point and it will turn green along with the "row" of four points below it.

    • Now click on each of the four green points on that row, one at a time. When you are done they will all be red, and the row below them will be green.

    • Now go to the next row down that you just turned green. Click on each of the four on that row and they will all be red when you are done.

    • Now go to the row below that are all green, and click each one until they turn red. At this point the top of the puzzle should be green, and the bottom point and the bottom row of four points should be red.

    • Now click the bottom point and everything should turn green.

    • Once everything is green click on "open".

  • Once you open the puzzle take the queen. Back up.

  • Turn right and you are facing a model ship in a glass case.

  • Click on the bottom right of the stand that the model is on to see that side of the stand. Take the key and back up.

  • Now click around the bottom left of the stand to see that side. Look, a keyhole!

  • Use the key you just picked up to open the little cubby.

  • Take the queen and back up.

  • You know, maybe there's something on the model ship.

  • Let's get destructive, shall we?

  • Break the glass case with the hammer.

  • Click on the ship for a close up and search from bow to stern. Maybe you will find a coin.

    • The coin can be found in the bow section. Look closely on the forward deck at the bow.

  • Take the coin from the model ship and back up.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing a door with a panel to the left and a cuckoo clock to the right. Click on the panel for a close up.

  • Hmm, there's no power to operate the panel. Back up.

  • Look below and to the left of the panel, there's something on the wall there. Click on it for a close up.

  • Oh goody, screws! Use the swiss army knife to remove the screws, then remove the panel.

  • Remove the burnt out fuse.

  • Well, we don't have anything to replace it with, so back up.

  • Turn right and you are facing a couple of shelves. Hey look, there's the smiley face picture again!

  • There's a gray object on the right of the bottom shelf, pick it up. Yay, power cable!

  • Click on the left set of books for a close up. Gee, Alice in Wonderland!

  • Pick up Alice in Wonderland and read it. Is that a time clue? Where have we seen a clock...

  • Move the cursor to the right of the book and an arrow appears. Click on the arrow to turn the page.

  • Wait, the end? But, look closely! There's a suspiciously round bulge on the bottom right corner of the right page.

  • Use the swiss army knife on the bulge and collect another coin.

  • Back up until you are facing the shelves again.

  • Now click on the box on the left of the bottom shelf.

  • Okay, we need a code to open that. Nevermind. Back up.

  • Click on the books on the right of the top shelf for a close up.

  • Hey, a book on ancient Glyphs and Signs! Now that's the ticket!

  • Pick up the book and read the pages.

  • Maybe this will help open the box?

    • The dials on the box represent the letters q-u-e-e-n.

    • The first dial is Egyptian (Q), the second dial is greek (U), the third dial is Malachim (E), the fourth dial is Phoenician (E), and the fifth dial is Theban.

    • Look up the corresponding symbols then back up.

  • Back up then click on the box.

  • Set the dials to spell the word "queen" using the various alphabets in the book above.

  • Take the queen coin and back up.

  • Turn left and look at the cuckoo clock.

  • Did you read Alice in Wonderland?

    • Set the clock to 5:45 and click on the button in the center of the clock face (over the dials).

  • Take the queen coin and back up.

  • So we now have seven queen coins, just one to go!

  • What's left?

  • Oh yeah, the mysterious panel that has no power, and the power box below it with the burnt out fuse.

  • Click on the electrical panel (the smaller one that is below and to the left of the main panel) for a close up.

  • We still need something to replace the fuse.

  • How about that power cable we picked up?

  • Well, that won't work.

  • We need something metal...

    • Use the swiss army knife on the power cable to expose the wiring.

    • Put the now naked wires in the fuse holder.

  • Once you have the electrical panel working back up then click on the large panel.

  • Click on the red button to open the panel and take the last queen coin.

  • Back up.

  • Turn right twice until you are facing the door.

  • Gee, a chessboard, and we have eight queen coins.

  • I guess we should place the coins on the chessboard in some pattern.

  • Maybe if we place them so that they can't take each other in a game of chess.

  • That would mean that each piece should not be in the same column, row, or diagonal as the other.

    • This is a classic puzzle known as the "Eight Queens Puzzle".

    • There are several different patterns to place the coins, here is one:

    • Picture each row of the chessboard from top to bottom being labeled A through H.

    • Picture each column of the chessboard from left to right being labeled 1 through 8.

    • Place the coins like this: A4, B2, C7, D3, E6, F8, G5, and H1.

  • Click on the chessboard for a close up and place the coins so that no queen shares a row, column, or diagonal.

  • If you place the pieces correctly the door opens and you are out!


This music is so familiar!

room one is pretty simple...let's see how much more difficult room 2 gets.

it does seem the music is from another game...strawberry cafe perhaps or something like it.

A hint for the final puzzle

All the tiles have to add up to 15 in every direction.

Room 1 seems pretty simple but I'm stuck anyhow - I know what to do for the final puzzle, but I'm still missing

Tile VIII.

Ok, I have all the tiles except I and VIII. I figure there has to be a

screwdriver to open the air vent and probably the drain

in here somewhere, but where else can I look??

anyone in room 2 yet?

I can't find number 8 either. Any hints?

Nevermind, found it.


Search the empty corner of the room.

2 is tricky, not very far and very stuck

Man o man found it

in the floorboard at the foot of the bed

indeed :( so far i've only found

3 coins, a cord, a small key and a broken fuse

just need the crown jewel puzzel, its unsolvable...AAHHHH!

you are a gem grinny...really.

Apparently the composer has a depository of royalty free music--hence the appeal to game makers, lol. No wonder I've heard it before.

very nice games...I just need to get a little sharper for the next room.

I didn't actually read all of it grinny, but by the time I started the second paragraph it all clicked. thanx again.

Stuck in the second game

I have all the coins but one, I think it's in the cuckoo clock, but I can't figure out what time to put in it.

OK in room 2 I have

5 queens, broken fuse, electical cord, key (used)

no idea what to do with the clock, tried moving the hands but havent found the right combo yet i guess

got into the ship, but found nothing so far

Phew, that final puzzle with the chess board made my head hurt, maybe it was the white colors haha.


Thanks but...

I read quarter to 6 and set it at that and pushed the button and nothing happened. It wasn't until I set it at quarter to five that it worked. Its an issue with the placement of the hour hand.

As for the ship I have search all sections and come up with nothing, so I guess I will just have to try it again

Be aware, the site these games are hosted on,, is listed on hphosts as having pages which infect users with malware. According to Google, the last "suspicious content" found there was on 10/13, and the last time they checked was on 11/3.

[Edit: If the last time Google checked was on 11/3, but the last time suspicious content was found was back on 10/13, then the 11/3 check must have come up clean, right? In any event, we'll be hosting the games ourselves very soon instead of linking to coolbuddy. -Jay]

ok i need a hint for the ship... I have clicked everywhere and with everything...

Well I am tired and stuck so I guess I will return tomorrow

still haven't found anything on the ship
can't find anything to use as a fuse and only have 6 of 8 queens

ok found the one on the ship had to zoom in, thought I had clicked there before. And even when I knew where it was, it still took me a half dozen clicks.... geeezzz


Quarter to 6 is 5:45, so you need the big hand on the 9 and the little hand on the 5


Cords conduct electricity, if you could somehow get to the copper wire inside...

Thanks grinnyp

Anyone have any hints for the chessboard puzzle?

A note from me:

I believe the music is the same as an escape game in the CGDC#6. I don't know if anyone's found out yet, since I haven't read through all the posts :P.

Search for "eight queen puzzle" on Google. Hardly a novel puzzle.

Ah, thanks grinnyp! I wasn't familiar with that type of puzzle. Learn something new every day ;)

I'm missing VIII and IX, can someone give me a hint? Just a hint.

^Found VIII. I'm missing one tile.

I'm stuck with the coded box in room 2. I don't know the keyword, so even though I've seen the book in the shelf, I have no idea what combintation I need.

Thanks. I'll try to figure it out.


You're supposed to be collecting some *royal* coins, right?

Room 2 question:

If I'm not mistaken, are some of them hieroglyphics? o.o


I saw it. I *think* the creator just changed fonts or something. It's tricky since I don't have Word but I might be completely off. And btw, still not done with Room 1. XD I know what to do just need to get the tile. I've searched and clicked the happy face everywhere.

AH! So stoopid. I didn't realize it could scroll. ;(

Man I found every queen except one
I think it is related to:

the plant (Green Fancy?)

I have found these queens (mega spoiler):

Crown Jewel
Fuse Panel
Drawer beside ship

I even know how to solve the last puzzle, because

I wrote an 8 queens solver back in college, and I still have it!

Anyone want to give me a hint?

Nevermind, found it.

I don't like the page turning mechanism. :-(

I wasn't overly impressed by these games. Most of the puzzles were very easy, though I thought that gem puzzle on the wall in room 2 was a nice take on the light-up-the-squares puzzle you see so often.

Game two's chessboard puzzle I couldn't get without help from grinnyp and good old Wikipedia. This is probably due to my extreme lack of patience, but I also feel that the difficulty of that puzzle was on quite a higher level than the rest of the game.

Overall, I'd have liked to see some more inventiveness with the puzzles. I hope we see some as the series progresses.

And one question about game 2:

Was there anything we could do with that plant? Or was it just there for decoration?

room 2 grumble.

it took me forever to turn the pages of those books even when I knew that I could :(

Oh the "find-the-right-spot-to-click" thing is merciless. >.

Feel like I'm missing something obvious in the first one...

Tile I, any hints?

Nevermind, power of posting.
And, I just clicked an ad placed WAY too close to the game window that DOESN'T open in a new window...

The Light Asylum Room 1 Walkthrough

General Information / Tips

You need to find 7 tiles and place it on the panel on the door (you got tile 5 already)

There are some tiles that is very hard to see, because the colours are quite similar


You have already get IV tile in your inventory

Click door and notice the Roman numerals and places to put tiles

Turn right and click the sink

Get the key from the drain

Click the picture on the desk and then click to the left to look behind it

Get the IX tile

Click the desk drawers and then use the key to unlock the top one (get the VI tile)

Get the hammer from the bottom drawer

Back up to see the whole desk -- click under the opening where a chair would go

Get the pocket knife

Click the bed pillow -- move it to get the III tile

Click under the bed to get the VII tile

Click the vent over the bed

Use the knife on the screws (you don't have to open the knife)

Put the knife back in the inventory then click the unscrewed cover

Get the I tile

Click the floor halfway between the bottom bed rail and the corner around where the baseboard is to zoom in

Take the VIII tile from the corner

Turn right 2 times

Use the hammer on the mirror to get the II tile

Turn left and click the door puzzle

Note the XV numbers (15 in Roman numerals)

You want to place the tiles so each line (across, down, and diagonal) = 15


Or if you prefer


The door automatically opens. Click the arrow to see you need to wait for room 2

cool. can't wait for the walkthrough to round 2.

I'm completely stuck on the crown jewels light game thing :| No walkthroughs I found help.

I must be sort of stupid, because I'm missing one queen and I can't figure out where to use the key! It must be pretty simple because everyone else can get it.

In exchange I can tell you where I got the other queens!

RockAngel1991 - the light game is actually

supposed to be a 3d puzzle, but the solution is dead-simple. Click the reset button, and then click each point once (and only once) in any order you want.

Nevermind - the "post to JiG begging for help, and you shall finally click on the exact right pixel that you clicked on millions of times before" trick worked for me again.

Nice game :) It wasn't frustrating, but hard enough to be rewarding.

I wanted to like this series, but the pixel hunting is murder and the presumed familiarity with games like the eight queens puzzle gets in the way. Also, the puzzles are those of nearly every escape game out there. Not very good.

Pixel hunting is so annoying and frustrating. I feel this is where the authors of this genre of games get lazy. It's as if they just give up. Might as well have made a hidden object game.

Okay, I think I'm stuck exactly where OverZealous was, but I haven't had any flashes of insight about how to get the last queen. I already have:

Crown Jewel
Fuse Panel
Drawer beside ship


Oh. Nevermind, and now I see what y'all mean about the power of posting. Got it!

question about the clock in room2

I can't get the hands to move. The button pushes in but nothing else happens. Is this because I'm using Firefox, or because I'm an idiot?

I didn't find any pixel hunting issues. Maybe I'm too used to escape games, but these two rooms seemed very straightforward. There was only one solution I had to luck into:

Combining the power cord and the pocketknife to get the copper wire

Other than that, 5* and looking forward to room 3!

ps---why does the page say there's a walkthrough for both rooms here?

It would really help if people having a POP moment would then post the solution instead of saying "Got it!" so that other people getting stuck at the exact same place wouldn't have to post to say that they're stuck at the exact same place and wanted help...

question about room2

why can't I get the clock hands to move? The button pushes in, but that's all. Is it because of my browser?

The game also has a Walkthrough button on the top right corner of the screen :P


I had the same problem getting the clock hands to move. I was finally able to get them to move just by clicking near them... Can't really explain it better than that. I'm also using Firefox.

I assume the page says "The Light Asylum Rooms 1 & 2 walkthrough now available" because the title of the post is "The Light Asylum Rooms 1 & 2".

Hopefully a Room 2 walkthrough will be available soon, I'm also stuck on finding the 8th queen. :)

Walk through for Room 2. I've sorted them by Queen so that you can more easily find the one you missed, since they are fairly independent. I've also included visible titles that should give you a little hint if you just need to know where to look. Note that you start with Queen 7 in your possession, along with a hammer and a Swiss Army Knife.

Queen 1: Fuse Box

From the starting position facing the chess board, turn left to face the shelf. Take the power cord from the lower shelf.

Turn left again, where you will see a panel with a red button (the power is out) and below it, a small box.

Click on the box to zoom in. Use your Swiss Army Knife to remove the screws. Take the fuse inside.

Use your SWA to strip the power cord down to bare wire and place it where the fuse used to be. Back out, click on the panel to zoom in, and press the red button to find the coin.

Queen 2: Light puzzle

The easiest way to turn all the lights green is to just click each point once, in any order. Then click the Open button.

Queen 3: On the HMS Queen Mary

Use the hammer to break the glass and click on the ship to zoom in. Click to the left so you are looking at the front of the ship. The coin is hard to see but it's on the deck of the ship above where "QUEEN MARY" is printed

Queen 4: Hidden lock-and-key

While facing the full view of the HMS Queen Mary podium, click the gap at the lower-right of the podium to find a key. Back out and click a tiny pixel somewhere in the gap at the lower-left of the podium to find the corresponding lock

Queen 5: It's Greek to me

On the shelf to the left of the starting door, there are some books and a box with 5 different turn-wheels. Each turn wheel is in a different alphabet. You need to figure out the word and then the translation

The word: This should be easy to guess - a 5-letter word that is very important to this whole room...

The word is "QUEEN"

The translation: On the top shelf is a book called "Ancient Glyphs and Signs". You can turn the pages with the left arrow. Make sure you look up the correct letter for each alphabet system.

Open the box to find the coin.

Queen 6: Alice in Wonderland

On the shelves to the left of the starting screen, there is a stack of books where "Alice in Wonderland" is open-able. Click the right arrow to turn to the last page and use your Swiss Army Knife to open the small white indent on the bottom of the page.

Queen 8: Cucoo clock

If you are facing the door that you entered from, there is a cucoo clock on the right-hand wall. I wonder what time we need to set it too? Perhaps if you consult a book from the bookshelf (Alice in Wonderland, perhaps?)

The time mentioned in the book is 5:45. Click the hour hand to set the hour to "V" and click the minute hand to set it to "IX", then click the grey button at the base of the two hands to get the 8th coin.


Now that you have 8 coins, they need to be placed on the chessboard so that no two coins are in the same row, column, or diagonal line. I pretty much placed them randomly until I found a solution that worked, but you can find one possible solution on the wikipedia page for "8 queen problem"

Now you are free! Or are you?

The last remaining Queen Coin, I also had found the others mentioned above.

There are two books that you can open.
One has the hint for the clock and the other has the hint for the box.
Make sure that you find the last page of each book.

Take a second look at the Alice in Wonderland book.

The pages turn on this book as they did on the Glyph book. Move your mouse along the right side of the open book until you see a right pointing directional arrow.

When you see the words, "The End" on the left side, look on the right side at the bottom corner and you will see a raised up part.

Use your knife on it. A hole will be cut on the page and reveal number 6 Queen Coin.

Way too much pixel hunting.

Awful - ugly, pixel-hunting for the II, and Room 2 is only on Twitter.

The soundtrack is from Sacred Seasons! :D Or is it the other way around..

Very enjoyable! And even better because it was made by a portuguese just like me! So, if you allow me, I'll just leave a few words for the creator in our own language!

Fausto, grande jogo mesmo! É dos meus estilos de jogos preferido, e passados vários anos como frequentador assíduo deste site, é um prazer ver um conterrâneo a contribuir com uma pérola desta!

Continua o bom trabalho, espero continuar a ver aqui outras boas contribuições tuas!

Grande abraço!

Miguel Suarez

Reading the comments now I see that other people had trouble

turning the pages of the books. Normally in these games, you click on the edge of the page to turn it, and since I clicked all over that edge, I figured I wasn't supposed to turn it. It took me forever to figure out that you had to click at the edge of the screen, rather than the edge of the book. Sort of counterintuitive, if you ask me.

Ehehe. Obrigado pelo comentário Miguel:) É bom ver portugueses para variar:)

(Just thanking Miguel's comment).

The link to Room 2 pulled a severe spyware threat on Symantec - I won't dare click it again to diagnose. Not kidding here. I'd advise to have the developer check his security asap.

This particular threat btw:

[Edit: It looks like there was some suspicious files on coolbuddy within the past 90 days, but none within the last month, according to Google: So, I'm working on hosting the files myself anyways, which may help those apprehensive about it. -Jay]

Anyone played Parasite, on Nitrome, or Red Remover? Same music.

To all of you who have acknowledged or found that there was some malware on the hosting page of the game, I will just leave you with a simple advice (even though I may seem like a fanboy - which I am, none the less... =/ ):

Get a mac.

The text at the end of chapter 2

was a bit gender biased. I'm a guy and don't like being called "queen" and "lady". Maybe it should ask you your gender first?

"Hello subject 7. You are mentally ill, so we put you in a bunch of locked rooms, given you access to a knife and a hammer, and won't let you out until you solve several sets of brain teasers that require calm and focus in the first place. Oh, and the penalty for failure is death."

I really hope this turns out to not be something different, because I just can't take this at face value. Spending an hour looking for white-on-white is enough to make anyone question someone's sanity. Still, the series' best feature is how everything relates to piecing together the last puzzle of the room. It gives direction to the series, so even when you're clicking around randomly, you always know what you're looking for. It can even make the final ones seem easier, since you can think about them while you're looking elsewhere.

I also had no idea that the pages could turn, being used to the "opens-only-to-one-page" books. The alphabet book tipped me off, but the "turn page" arrow looks like the "back" arrow. Also, a possibly game-ruining bug: "Queens can't harm other queens", preventing you from putting a queen token back in your inventory on the board. You have to place it first, then pick it up again. There's a formation, using only five queens, that can threaten every space on the board, thus preventing you from being able to change the formation again.

I know where the music is from!
It's from the game Red Remover! It might also be from something else though...

Okay, the puzzles were not inventive nor original. I learned the eight queens puzzle as a child. But today, anyone can just Google it. Why even have it?

Nevertheless, as I played, I found myself enjoying it immensely. I don't know why. Practically everything from music to movies are derivative But perhaps quality is inherently enjoyable. Even if we've seen/heard it before.

That's my guess. Because I liked them both and am looking forward to more.

Where is number 8? I cant find it anywhere

The song sounds like a song on the chess level on american Mcgees alice maybe it is maybe it isnt idk:P

So, room three never arrived? I was looking forward to it.

bwaah!!! I'm going along nicely and just as I'm thinking "Oh great, this might be the first escape game I can complete without a walkthrough!" But then... It just gets harder. I really like escape games but they make me REALLY MAD!!!

STILL no room 3? These two games were posted way back in Nov 2009! More than 2 years later and I still want to try the 3rd. :-/

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