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JayYou Are Games returns with a musical challenge this week. Introducing Nudge, a simple to use musical composition webtoy that gives everyone the ability to create pleasant sounding melodies. And we want to hear what you can do with it.

We're not talking full length symphonies here. Nudge creates only short pieces consisting of 16 steps each (about 4 beats). The palette of 8 sounds available range from drums and bass to organs and harps. Just click on one of the sound matrices along the right side to select an instrument. Then click (and drag if you wish) anywhere to add notes. It's just that easy.

For each instrument you can also change the volume, panning left or right, and you can even turn the instrument off completely. This is particularly useful for when you want to make fine tuning adjustments to your composition as it can get somewhat distracting working on one instrument if you have all the others going at the same time.

A tempo control allows you to change the tempo of the entire composition. The default is 120 (beats per minute), and the range is 60 to 180.

When you are finished and satisfied with your composition, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the get + share button in the top right of the Nudge widget
  2. Click on the chain link you see on the left
  3. Click copy to copy a link to your piece
  4. Then paste it into your comment here on this review page along with a description or something that inspired you about it.

Also, please comment on the pieces of others, and if there is a consensus about a clear winner (or two), we may even offer up a prize.

I have included a sample composition that Dr. Mikey created as an example only. Please don't use it to begin your own. Start off with a blank canvas by going to the Nudge site.

Let loose your inner musician!

Play iNudge


I was just looking for something booty shaking

Something complex enough to justify not-writing papers all night.

This is my first attempt at mucking around with things. It's a little new age/background music-esque. I might try something more ambitious later. I just wanted something with a slower beat. It sounds a little like "exploring the jungle" in a video game. Too bad I don't have a game to go along with that for CDGC6!

just having fun. What a great music toy :]

Nothing fancy, but it's fun to mess with.

Just thought it might make good boss fight music

Just a try
It's good to offset some sets to make them stand out, and I didn't use all as it can become to cluttered.

I started out just trying to see if I could do "Here Comes the Bride." But it was going pretty quickly, and it developed its own beat, and then the harp melody arrived, and suddenly... this! Very cool stuff!

Think mine sounded better when tempo slowed down.
Default tempo a little fast.

I was just trying to use all the instruments. I'm always amazed at how composers can write music for entire orchestras. This was probably as close as I'm gonna get.

^_^; I kinda just made it sound good. The only inspiration comes from my head.
Very simple, but kind of catchy, I think.

I was aiming for that bouncy theme in Kill Bill during the second half of her fight against the Crazy 88, where it's all "doot - de-doot-doot, doot - de-doot-doot", but it only works exactly that far in. I now realize why the real version varies it up right after the 4th beat: looping causes its structure to break down almost immediately. Hence:
quickly begins to sound different the longer you listen to it (and quickly stabilizes - it's like what happens when you suddenly put a different force on a sewing wheel [the loop's first restart being the different force]: the wheel starts spinning in the opposite direction).

But the program is definitely fun! Here's a quick, HORRIBLE one I made the minute I got my hands on it:

(also, my first one sounds almost nothing like the theme I'm talking about :p )

((...because I suck, not because Nudge sucks))

Hastily knocked off, but sort of pleasant:

Also, I really liked MF's. Very nice.

I'm allowed to play too right? ;D

Yep, this is a fun fun toy. Too bad you can't string multiple loops together.

Wow! Great little widget! Good enough to finally get this lazy bum to make an account to comment with. Done took long enough, been following this amazing site for months! Anyways, my little itty bitty pretty diddy:

I was shooting for mellow and melodic, what do you guys think?

i wanted to mess around with arpeggios and separating the bass sounds.

pretty simple, though charming

pretty relaxing i think.

i liked that mf's felt very different from the rest the way they used the drums there

I built this with ToneMatrix ages ago and decided to flesh it out with this. Hope it's good.

I certainly cannot get any work done when there are fun web toys making me feel like a musician.

These are great! I think my favorite thus far is Jeremy's slower tempo one. I really like Kero's too, especially considering how simple it is. My only problem with that one is that it doesn't loop well. Mkelican's is good too... there's just too many to choose from!

Pah, homework forgotten, there's music to be made!

Here's my two cents:
There's only so much you can do with, essentially, the black keys of a piano (or 7 pianos), though there's certainly something novel about scribbling all over the thing. It's an improvement over the old version, especially with the added drums, but I really wish they would let you alter the scale.

I'm a dork and can't remember my info to sign in.

Anyway, a silly variation of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

This is awesome!! I really enjoyed this entry
Impending... something not good (probably).

The sound of life (also known as the sound of growing up =)

More music madness!

I wondered what would happen if you tried to express music through more than one sense at once. I guess it dosen't sound too horrible.

First post ever ever - followed this site forever, but i truly felt compelled to register to share this one :)

I love these kinds of music toys.

Woot. That was fun. I tried to make mine sound as much like Animal Collective as possible.

I just messed around. It usually comes out this way; I just click around randomly and out comes a beat.

Love this gadget! It's impossible to go wrong.

Loved this toy! It's impossible to sound bad!

Just a reminder, if you sign up for a casual gameplay account your comments will show up on the site right away. You won't need to wait for a moderator to approve it ;D

Oh man, I really love this thing.
Will not get any work done today, that's for sure.

kinda random tune made in 5 minutes:

I used the 7 times table and 9 times table 4 times in different directions.

The music of mathematics. Sounds good man.

generally a good idea, easily handable and fast results.
now what I thought while "composing" this piece? well initially not much, but I wanted to incorporate all the instruments which I think turned out quite good :)

I thought about the old adage 'less is more', but then I went with the 'kitchen sink' method.

My first time:
now to listen to the creations of others gamers :)

Haha this was great fun, here's my first go.

Listened to all posted so far, and yup - you can't go worng with this little toy - they all sounded great! My faves are Makrona's, Kvikindi's, DMJ's and CapnHulk's, in no particular order...
Fabbo :)

Slow tempo muckabout before bed:

Pretty fun webtoy. In one minute I composed a loop that sounded better than anything Nitrome could ever dream up in a year. (Thank God for their music kill switch.)

great toy, wasting lots of time playing with it;-)

I really had to fight the urge to just keep adding to it.

this is mine. ENJOY!

This is Yukito, by the way. Somehow, I haven't been able to log in.


fun. here's my Kraftwerk intro:

I did another one and took little more time

I have crashed in a jungle on Neptune looking for the rest of my crew.

There's my creation. It's fun little music tool.



Carl Sagan documentary soundtrack inspired.
I spent quite a while on this, actually

I love these games, this one is just the effect of trial and error.

Is there any chance anyone will hear ALL of these? Everyone's entries are so dang good! The key, like in Six Degrees of Separation, is to know when to "take the painting away."

I didn't take the painting away in time, there's too much on it, but lord this is fun.

Inspired by Final Fantasy's "To Zanarkand".

What a fun webtoy! Anyway, just a little abstract ... thing... while I'm sucking down some coffee.

OK this is a little better...The drums are a basic rock beat, try mute them for a measure or two then return for nice bridge.

Inspired by Final Fantasy's "To Zanarkand".

it was allot of work but i think it wa worth it
hope you guys like it
Trying something using the slowest speed

jay is games rule
sounds like this

it sounded cool, sooo.............
can i submit more than one?

I don't really have a very large attention span with these, there's so much stuff I want to try it all out. So rather than having one 'masterpiece' I have several half-cooked ones.

Two ones that go up and down the scale, so I'm saying they're both part of the same piece:

Part 1
Part 2

And one that has a bit more of a bass line to it - but I think not enough is happening in it:

My favourites of the other are Itt's and Molchanoff's.

My temptation was to make something really busy, so I decided to do the opposite. Music is sound, but also the absence of sound.

Procrastination Incarnate.

What a bunch of fun!

Actually, sorry for the double post, but disregard my last submission.

Slightly edited but groovier!

Ok, ok, finally found one I enjoy. It's's got that Beverly Hills Cop feel to it. C'mon Axel, don't put the banana in the tailpipe.

This is ridin' around with Judge Reinhold music, having just figuring out who the bad guy is.
the first is different...

Well, I tried:


I was aiming for something a bit spacey. Did I hit my mark?

In three sentences,
A people-watching, daydreaming, and writer's block-curing tune.
It's a short catchy tune that can inspire you to do something when bored.
A tune with a "just go ahead and do it!" theme.

This is so much fun!
Once I realized there were many instruments, I let go and let loose. I love the descending pattern on Saturn.

One more because it's fun. This one I went for more simplicity and used some effects. I love how you can just go with your feelings. I felt like I was using the force!!

Here's one that's thumb piano inspired...and from years of listening to Fela Kuti. Thanks for this awesome tool!

Hi everyone!

I've been visiting Jig for ages but this is my first comment. I was aiming for a fast paced hardcore techno tune but somehow ended up with this piece:

Long live Jay!

Another simple one. I keep coming back to this. IT's AWESome.

The time table is too short, i could easily use dozens of it. Nice gadget anyway, really fun to handle.

Late 90's acid anyone?

I just was bored, so I made this out of imagination.

Wow this is fantastic for something so simple!
thank you for sharing it here. I enjoyed listening to the many short pieces from others.

Here's mine:

Warning! This one is catchy for sure! ;)

Kept listening to this for like a half hour... now i have a headache!

inudge is fun!
(although the sixteen beat cap is pretty limiting)
this is one of my first efforts and it makes me happy so i'm sharing.

I made one!

took me about 5 mins XD

Cool! I'm a composer! Who knew?
Very fun, like a more complex version of ToneMatrix.

I could do this for hours.

This is really cool.

But everytime I click on a link for someone elses' melody in the comments section it takes me to the inudge site with a completely blank editor.

Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

Having the same trouble as you Kevin. Any ideas anyone?

Here's mine.

mellow for late at night!
sprinkly music? :)

What I love about Nudge is that almost no matter what you do, you can always find some way to make it sound good

I made this and I think it sounds good!

Like it?

Being an actual musician, I tend to disagree with the idea that with tools like iNudge even non-musicians can create good sounding music. The majority of loops on their site and posted here sound rather random and unorganized. I think that though the simplicity of iNudge allows everyone to get started with it, its too limiting as far as being able to produce actual music.

With that said, I was able to coax a nice sounding techno loop out of it by writing a similar bassline in the Rhodes bass and the Avatar and then panning them to different sides:

I kind of agree with you, PF, about not everyone really being able to make "good" music with this thing. Most of these are pleasing to the ear, but that's probably mostly because of the pentatonic scale. But then again, "good" is a pretty subjective word.

This program is amazing. I like this one

One I made in a few seconds.

I love when the site posts stuff like this. It's too much fun! XD

Kinda weird but I'm proud of it!

Makes me feel like I'm in Asia
Here my critically ignored contribution.
My Amazing Drum Beats :D
I only managed to make a cool sounding drum's hard to get everything to synch up!

This one sounds nifty:

That was fun to do @ 3:16 in the morning :')

just a cute little thingy.

wow! that was fun! awesome!

This was an interesting little machine. Some of the compositions can sound start to sound really good when you mess around with it for a while.

Please help me! Whenever I click on a link, it just goes to a blank nudge!

This is what i got hope yall like it!

closest i got to Moony. cool stuff!

I got a music. Not much of a thing. Done before bedtime. Enjoy!

(If you want, you can change it. I don't mind.)

now this program is fun!

a decent groove, but it seems a little repetetive... ha.

Remix of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!! :D
soo catchy.... ^__^

Based on Daft Punk's Around the World:

I can't wait for the chromatic scale and longer matrices. This thing is so fun!

A few months late, but here's mine:

I've seen a lot of people complain that it's only 4 measures, but you can increase it if you hit the "MORE" button at the bottom and then the + sign on the right side, which is what I did here for 8 measures.

Reminds me of Phase Toy. I've always been better at playing music that was already written than writing my own, but this is a lot of fun.

BEST GAME I'VE SEEN IN WEEKS!! (And I just played that Unnatural thing on this week's Link Dump!)
Now really. It's impossible to make anything that sounds bad with this!! Can't wait to show everyone I know & drive them totally nuts!! Also...I dunno if I should spoiler this, but I think I won't...
If you use the ToneMatrix right, & most of the music is in ToneMatrix, with subtle support from other parts, it sounds like a lullaby. ♪♫♫♪♪♪♫♫ No really, this is one of the very few games that truly IS PERFECT!!!!! Gotta go work on my first masterpiece ^-^

OK, I'm going to make a lot of different pieces (Browser crashed & killed my work). First, just a drum line, good for a catchy, upbeat sort of thing...
Hope it works =) Now, to make other lines of short work!! Later pplz

A Short Trip Through Fairyland:
Yep, that's the best title I can make...enjoy. Yea, it's the beginnings of a cool techno piece I've been working on :)
Firefox occasionally crashes while I work on iNudge, so I have a habit of either eMailing my links to myself, or now, posting them!! So, gah, yea. ADDICTED. Mad Drumbeat 0wnd Supah-Dupah L337 H4xx0r Tachno Tune of 0wn4g3
Yay, my masterpiece is done. Now I am at rest...
- The Addict see what you think

did a lil work herrr
It was gonna be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but... no. There weren't the right notes :(

It turned out pretty okay. It's four nudges long.

Wow, nice little toy.

I made a little something... and i didnt use hardly anything to do it.

-Molegrave, the anonymous commenter.

So here is what I came up with; I don't really know what it is, but I think it sounds pretty good (it does get a bit annoying after a while).

Yeah, this happened a long time ago, but I'm posting my attempt at music just because! :)

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