Link Dump Friday

Link Dump Fridays

DoraDo you ever worry sometimes that you don't use your think-maker organ enough? You know, the one in your eyeball-holder box! Well, never fear, because this week's Link Dump Friday is here to force you to dust it off before it's too late.

  • TurnzTurnz - That purple block has been staring at us for a while now, and it's making us nervous. Just... staring! Creepy. Maybe you could help us out, you know, rotate the screen with the [Arrow Keys] or [WASD] to slide it into a target? robotJam would thank you for it..
  • The FactoryThe Factory - I may not be a teenager anymore, but I still know what's "hawt" with the kids these days! Kids like math, I'm sure of it! Use that newfangled "mouse" of yours to bounce those divisible gears around, "dude"! So, where're all the cool parties at tonight, fellow cool people? It'll be "gnarly"!
  • Cat Gets 100 StarsCat Gets 100 Stars - Cat wants stars. Cat needs stars! If you were to use your [Arrow Keys] to help Cat get all 100 of those sneaky stars, Cat would go from ":(" to ":D"!
  • Cat Cat WatermelonCat Cat Watermelon - We need more cats, and we need them balanced on towers with part of a complete breakfast, stat! So maybe you could grab the cats and the watermelons out of the sky with your mouse and use the [AS] keys or your cursor to rotate them so they'll stack. What are you asking questions for, it makes perfect sense.
  • Vector EffectVector Effect - We know what you want. You want to blow stuff up on a pulsing grid, maybe zip around in a glowing ship and release bombs for multipliers, amiright? And you especially want to be able to do it with either the [Arrow Keys] or [WASD], amiright? It's cool. We got what you need.


only 91 grrr... WHeeere :D.

Tobberian: Did you get the 8 that were

on the very top, hidden by the black score bar?

Those were the ones I had missed.

Tob- Did you get the stars that are at the top? Above the visible bricks?

I got 95 - but can't find the last 5 anywhere. Have you tried:

The top few behind the score?


Bumping various blocks mario style?


Have you noticed that there are hollow blocks in the game? In the bottom right corner, there is a hollow block and a Mario block you can jump up into, maybe that's the last 5 you're missing.

I love Cat Gets 100 Stars. It's so simple, both graphically and gameplay-wise, but it takes good advantage of what little elements it uses. And the achievements you see at the end, just perfects it.

100 :)

But the one I didn't find was: (I think :P)

The 5? star "mariobump", walking > out into air, on the 2nd metal platform etage.

Cat Gets 100 Stars is fun! Reminds me of Achievement Unlocked. :)

I currently have 95 stars, and I already found

The ones at the very top, and the block hidden in the square at the far bottom-right. I have 14 metal blocks on my screen.

Could someone please point me in the right direction? D:

Oh nevermind, I found it! :D

Dooreatoe -- care to share?

The factory would be a lot better game if your mouse was restrained to the window. it was really frustrating to be constantly outside the area and to not have any control.

Cat Gets 100 Stars is just great. It reminds me so much of Achievement Unlocked.

I was disappointed by both Cat Gets 100 Stars and Vector Effect. I'd rather play Achievement Unlocked and Geometry Wars, respectively.

On the other hand, Cat Cat Watermelon is adorable. :-D

Found a Cat Gets 100 Stars walkthrough, I was stuck on the last 5 stars too.

Turns out Turnz is really fun! It starts kinda boring, but every five levels or so, something new is thrown in the mix. So far, I've seen rocks, death blocks, teleporters, Blubs and Blobs, keys and locks, doorways... All of these sum up to make a very enjoyable game.

I also enjoy Turnz, though I'm stuck on level 39.

Vector Effect was fairly fun. The last fight was tough. I needed to take quick passes at the enemy, then wait for my shields to recharge. That made for a slow climactic fight.

Power of the post! Got through Turnz now. :)

I was stuck at 95 on Cat Gets 100 Stars too. My five were

in the bottom right corner. Jump up into the square of four blocks there.

Great game :)

Jump: 263
Walk: 23741
Time: 318 seconds


Cat Gets 100 Stars:

Jumps: 488
Walk: 32265
Time: 613

It reminded me also of Achievement Unlocked, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

I Couldn't get past #17 on Cat Cat Watermelon. Haha it was fun, but until someone posts their solutions for those visually, I'm out. :)

Cat get 100 stars is great! There aren't enough single-level games in the world. Especially not ones that make you so thoroughly explore every facet of said level. Awesome!

The other cat one with the !watermelinz! was adorable, but I got bored with it by level 2. Of course, I find stacking games totally uninteresting, so that probably had something to do with it.

Someone needs to smack whoever made Factory for not making the activity window large enough. Cool idea rendered unplayable because your mouse too easily strays outside the playing field.

Turnz would be better with physics. I say this mostly because I hate hate hate the stupid puzzle game this is based off of. Brings back bad memories of the ice levels in Zelda games. *shudder*

As for Vector Game - someone mentioned that they prefer Geometry Wars. Dude, this pretty much IS Geometry Wars. In fact, I feel like the only difference is you use a mouse instead of a 360 controller, and there's less bloom (does everything on next gen consoles need to employ freakin bloom as a requirement or something? I swear..) It was so horrifically similar, I felt like I was committing a copyright violation just for playing it.

Cat Cat Watermelon is AWESOME!!! I forget how far I am, but I can say that I found the fruit bowl part. It was cool! I also love to the finished screen knock my tower down.

Jump: 81-3 stars
Walk:6961-3 stars
Time:109-2 stars

I'm playing Cat Gets 100 Stars and I only have 62. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to the upper parts.

I have already discovered some hidden bits, so I'm on the lookout for more of the same, but I've tried everything I can think of and I'm getting nowhere!


Ha! Never mind, I got it, thanks to a boyfriend who has experience with Mario. :-P

The best thing about Cat Cat Watermelon is the 'level complete' bar smashing down your tower at the end.

Cat Cat Watermelon is only adorable until levels 16 through 20. Then it ain't so cute. Finished it, though!

Jump: 621
Walk: 54075
Time: 871

Not a bad game at all. As far as my scores, that's another matter. But I didn't read any hints. So, hey... at least I finished it on my own.

Cat gets 100 stars was great! I also went and achieved max stars in every category (not in one go though)
Here's what I got on seperate occasions as my best:

Jump: 62
Walk: 3540
Time: 44

Getting max stars on jumps was most tricky imo.

Playing cat gets 100 stars and I have 95. Where are the last 5? I already got the 5 from the bottom right corner. And the ones hidden by the score bar. help?

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