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DoraAhhh, heroes! They come in so many forms, don't they? This week's Link Dump is devoted to unlikely heroes. Some of them are lab experiments, some of them are bounty hunters, and some of them do unspeakable things to peasants! Don't let the lack of gravity defying hair or a weapon bigger than their torso put you off; each and every one of these fine games features a role model waiting to happen. Or, um. Not.

  • NooBoo Mary: The Witch QueenNooBoo Mary: The Witch Queen - Apparently, Mary has a membership towards some sort of Angry-Mob-of-the-Month Club, because once again, it's up to you to do terrible things to little people until they explode like blood-filled balloons. I can't think of a more wholesome way to spend an evening!
  • Oozing ForeverOozing Forever - Warning: Some Profanity. If you're one of those people who has trouble keeping hold of your sentient goo, you might find this slippery physics adventure a little difficult. Otherwise, plunge your arms up to the elbows in the glowing green stuff as you take revenge on unscrupulous scientists! What do you mean, "EW"?
  • Galactic StampedeGalactic Stampede - You know, I always wanted to be a bounty hunter, but carbonite is so expensive, and don't even get me started on the hazards of malfunctioning rocket packs! Fortunately, not only can I pretend to be one in this point-and-click space adventure, I can be a surly, bipedal alien mouse, too! Why, it's like someone's been reading my Christmas wishlists!
  • Run, Bobby, RunRun, Bobby, Run - Awesome hair, awesome shades, awesome explosion, awesome helicopter! No, it's not the newest film by Michael Bay, but add Bruce Willis to this slick little challenge of avoidance and endurance, and you've got yourself an Oscar waiting to happen! Where do I sign?
  • Invention SuspensionInvention Suspension - Wallace and Gromit need your help to collect the parts for their newest invention, though I'm not sure why. You would think creating a helicopter you could fly with the [WASD] keys and deploy a giant magnet with the [SpaceBar] would be exciting enough. Maybe I'm just easily impressed?


Hahaha, this was a funny LDF post! Keep up the good writing.

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When I cried with excitement "I WANT HANNA IN A CHOPPA 2!!!!" didn't had this in mind.

Yes, I'm talking about "Invention Suspension" a crude copy of a perfect game...

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The Witch one is cute, although the basic gameplay - a 2D tower defense with insane clicking twist - isn't THAT well implemented. I like the setting, the theme and overall execution, but things tend to get frustrating on latter levels. Slow scrolling and the lack of tracked targeting are on the top of my "hate it" list because it is SO frustrating to play catch-up left and right and lose half of your defences due to scroll lagging or not being able to target the dangerous wizard between all the foot soldiers.

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arachne Author Profile Page May 29, 2009 10:51 AM

I hate it when clumsy controls make you lose a game. And Witch Queen could have been so nice...

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carldec Author Profile Page May 29, 2009 11:08 AM

The witch game boils down to one question: how fast can you click you mouse.

Not fun at all. What a waste of good art work and interesting tower defense concepts.

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There was a bug in the Witch Queen game that wouldn't let it end the level, even though I had gotten rid of all of the attackers. The aiming was a huge pain, too... it's too bad, I really like the spells.

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brokenrecord Author Profile Page May 29, 2009 12:04 PM

I LOVE Witch Mary! She's a badass!

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I think I'm with you there but it's so absolutely 'inspired' by "I Want Hannah in a Choppa" (read 'code for code lift')I can only hope it was the same people that made it for Aardman (Wallace&Gromit people in case anyone didn't know). The Aardman group are really nice guys so I can't imagine they would simply rip it off.

If for some reason that's the case I think it's dreadfully unfair. Information to clear this up would be greatly appreciated...

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Korpas, jim le fevre:

Aardman hired the Hanna in a Choppa author to make this game. It's all on the up and up, though it definitely would have been nice to see the credits in-game.

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zbeeblebrox Author Profile Page May 29, 2009 8:56 PM

Wow. Galactic Stampede has got some amazing animation. Not one for adventure games, but color me impressed anyway!

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The Nooboo witch game was already reviewed here, albeit in an earlier form. Last time, everyone said it was an easy clickfest with the fun being in which ways you ate the people.

Now, people who can break certain traps should be a fun addition, unless multiple different people who can break different traps pop up at once. Thanks to its 2D-ness, it's hard to click on the right people when there are five overtop of each other. Because of this, it was more fun when it was easier.

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Psychotronic - Brilliant! Thanks for clearing that up and hooray for success stories in indie game dev!

(and I agree, would have been good to have some credits on it!)

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>.> Run Bobby, Run kinda stole some music... Sonny 2 anyone? I mean, unless the song's free to download anywhere like some classical music is, but I don't believe that's the case here.

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Bethany June 4, 2009 8:22 AM

On Oozing Forever, level 13, the part where there's the line of teleports on the floor and 2 fans and the 1 lowish platform and one practically PART OF THE CEILING, how do you get on it?

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