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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBWell, would you look at that! This edition of Link Dump Friday happens to be number 101! So, if you've been a fan of LDF since the beginning, you've played over 500 games. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Feel accomplished? I sure do!

  • icon_azayaborneo.gifAzaya: Mission Borneo - A fast-paced platformer in the vein of The Fancy Pants Adventure, which is reason enough to give it a shot! Run through the forest collecting gems, wall jumping, sliding down hills, and shooting arrows at enemies.
  • icon_superd.gifSuper D - A 2.5D platform/puzzle game where you play a rolling/walking cube making his way up a rotating tower filled with locked doors. It's a bit more challenging than you might think, and boy is that background music familiar! *wink*
  • icon_runelephantrun.gifRun Elephant Run - Your objective in Run Elephant Run: run. Obstacles: things that make you not run. To win: keep running. From jmtb02, maker of Achievement Unlocked (you might recognize the elephant) and the Four Second series of games.
  • icon_crackshot.gifCrackShot - Shoot stuff! Quickly! You're a wild west gun hero! Use the mouse! Aim for the targets! Bounce bullets off of hard surfaces! Win!
  • icon_ultimatecrabbattle.gifUltimate Crab Battle - GRAAAH! It's an absurdly over-the-top battle with a giant grab! Contains nearly every weapon and pop culture reference known to mankind. PROTIP: Hold the A button to attack for MASSIVE DAMAGE.


Ultimate Crab Battle is fantastic.

Is Crab Battle beatable? I'm not going to try again, it's too annoying, but once I got to

the stupid pearl phase, I couldn't get him to die. That's enough to be too annoying for me!

You can't kill him til after the pearl phase. It's actually kinda disappointing, there are no differences in difficulty levels except for health.

For SuperD --

I got a few platforms up but then I got stuck. I've got a gold platform with an arrow that looks like it should move or something, but it doesn't appear to do anything. And I can't jump over and up to the only gap I can find. Advice?

Also I can't turn the music off. Or pause, or get to the menu -- the whole string of options in the right corner highlight when I mouse-over them, but don't do anything when I click. :( Are there keyboard shortcuts?

Ultimate Crab Battle is actually beatable, I just finished it.
I think there was a bug before.

I like how this Friday has all the crazy games in it.

this ldf is great! I specifically love run elephant run :D


Expert scores are ridiculous.. Have tried numerous times on level 4, fastest I have managed is 1.53 seconds, and that's as fast as the guns shoot. So I have least bullets possible. Least time possible (unless there's a secret shoot faster option), and no misses. hmph.

Crackshot was great fun and not too long. Once you get your bullet time up, things get maybe a bit too easy though.

meh. level 5 for the "wish i'd never commented" option.


I got expert on all of them so it's possible. Level 4 did have me puzzled for a bit though... think about which side to clear first... are you finding yourself waiting at the end?

Arrrggghh... multiple post collisions :)

Run Elephant Run is as good as always. Insane, also, is...insane.

To activate a gold platform, you have to stand right in the middle of it.

Does the fact that I love the music in "Run Elephant Run" mean that I've lost my mind? Certainly not the deepest game I've ever played, but I'm just enough of a sap that I was willing to keep trying to work out jumping elephant trajectory to get the little blue guy home to his wife.

Touching the crab does nothing to your health, so for the pearl phase you have to get really close to the crab and move in circles with it.

is azaya taking an inordanatly long time to load for anyone else?

I also had long wait for Azaya, which is to Fancy Pants adventures as wax Fruit is to real fruit. Looks great, but the texture is awful and it tastes bad. Why do you need an ammo counter for the bow and shield? Why can't we just collect things for the fun of collecting them? Having an ammo meter that constantly needs to be refilled isn't fun game play, not when you want to just be running around having fun. Also, I hate furries.

In SuperD I always went outta my head because THE ENEMIES ONLY MOVE WHEN YOU SEE THEM. So, when you run away and wait for them to come so you can jump on them, THEY WILL NEVER COME. Now THAT is a stupid feature. :C

Ultimate Crab Battle is awesome. Any game that involves a laser-shooting mutant shark fighting against an evil giant mech-crab king is bound to be great! And I loved the ending:

This is a BIG spoiler, and it might take away the fun of getting to the end by yourself. You've been warned!

"By hearing this tape, some will assume that this is over, but I am still among you. You think it's over just because I am dead. It's not over. The games have just begun."

I rather liked the first level of that furry game, but it crashes after the first level and takes forever to load. There's definitely good call for a power stat considering the shielding (it'll refill to halfway on its own), but I agree that it'd be nice to have a counter on the soul crystal things.

What's up with the Azaya game's 1st level? After I get the first rune stone thingy (almost at the end of the level, you have to glide to get it) it says there are two more "up ahead."

But there's only a big tree one way, and the end of the level the other way! Am I missing something entirely?

If you liked elephant run, you should try it's predecessor, elephant rave:

Ani: I think it means "in later levels".

Crab Battle! (Wait, every weapon/pop culture reference? Well, it sure had plenty)
It's like it's making fun of video game Final End Boss fights by using everything it can until the whole thing's one big laughable mess.

Personal Note, rather than a Spoiler:

I've always liked both crabs and sharks. At least they're not like hatchetfish... those things are just plain scary-looking.

Azaya looks like it could be good, but its good looks make it bigger and slower than, say, Fancy Pants Adventure and its minimalist style. If it played smoothly, I'd have liked it more, despite the straight-line-arrows-on-flying-in-all-direction-batsnakes problem. There are furries, but they just make me think Mario meets Sonic, only laggier.

Is anybody having luck surviving more than five seconds in elephant run? cause I just can't.

now i seee why it p was so hard. i had it on k insane. by thje way, ignore p the random k letters, I'm still h twitching. causje I beat l it.

I went to try Azaya 'cause of the furries, but it took forever to load, and has clunky controls. Didn't play very long.

Giant enemy crabs are fun, though

And I'm not very good at those elephant games, Achievement Unlocked excluded.

Awww! I loved Run Elephant Run, and I was surprised at how emotional it was, especially for a jmtb02 game. But pleasantly surprised :)

Can anyone help me with the green target on level 11 of crackshot?

how to you get pass the tractor on Azaya?

Where is that Super D background music from? It's killing me!

Reign: I'm pretty sure that the background music is from the Megaman series. I can't remember which game it's in though.

My first guess is that it's from the Wily levels in MM2, but I'm not positive.

(Actually, that's confirmed by YouTube. Hurrah for the Internet.)

Yeah, I've got Mega Man 2 on the Wii (courtesy of Virtual Console) and can confirm Jota.
I'm annoyed- I wanted to be the one to point out elephant rave! I love that game!

JoshB, did you realise that Elephant Rave was mentioned in the Achievement Unlocked review? It even had a link!

bwah! i was almost at the finish of super d when i coptered onto a free-the-sad-man-for-a-power-up square and everything froze. couldnt move or even save. sad face!


Shoot the tractor in the window by jumping

took me a while to figure out, I kept thinking I needed to blow up the power recharger thing.

In Run Elephant Run, if you don't press any key, does the elephant run left, or do I just have one of those keypress bugs?

I loved Ultimate Crab Battle, BTW.

Fighting the boss of Super D is like

trying to catch a bouncing football.

I beat the ultimate Crab. However, there was an irritating bug where if you skip the "cutscene" after using a continue the top and bottom of the screen get cut off and you don't see any of the status screens (health, ammo).

Also, it's silly that after you beat it the "A" button suddenly starts skipping the lines so you will more likely then not miss the first part of the "ending" solely because you didn't remove your finger after pressing A to shoot for like half an hour or so.

@ Seboubou: To get past the tractor, you have to

shoot the blue glowing cab until the tractor's "health bar" (top right corner) is completely drained. However, the tractor's scoop will block your arrows, so you have to figure out how to shoot around that. The best time to try is when the tractor is advancing with its scoop down.

I was literally just playing Mega Man 2 a few hours ago, so Super D's music really surprised me. An excellent choice though.

Super D: worst (non-)ending ever.

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